McVeigh -- Neither Hero Nor Villain

by Angry White Female

I have followed the story of the Oklahoma City bombing very closely, as have many of you. Many lessons can be learned if you turn off that Trotsky-vision and THINK about this with the brains the Gods gave you rather than the images and sounds the controlled media feed you.

The FCC-dependent media, the government (and the lemmings they lead) need to have someone to scapegoat for the actions of one frustrated former U.S. soldier. Hence, anyone to the right of Joseph Stalin is suspect, a potential terrorist (or "rebel," depending on your relationship with the U.S. government). Are these people really "paranoid conspiracy theorists"? Hardly, but I do believe the government and their lapdog media are. Do you remember the foaming hatred unleashed on "right-wingers" after the bombing? They publicly pondered their own paranoid conspiracy theories about mountain men in shacks plotting against democracy and assorted "militias" who believe in the constitution. They labeled as "extremists" all who questioned the official line or implied that the government's informants knew of the plan in advance. Now we are learning the "quacks and crazies" were correct in many instances. It is not the "right-wingers" who are paranoid, it is they who have delusions about anti-fed conspiracies hatched in cow fields and churches they call "compounds." That kind of paranoia (encouraged by the so-called "watchdogs") is what led them to massacre the people at Ruby Ridge and Waco. They were truly "paranoid," and that fact has been exposed by the revelations that their initial justifications were either totally off-base, half-true or based on delusions of right-wing conspiracies. Now their paranoid actions have prompted a reaction, and finally they have fulfilled their own prophecy predicting terrorism on U.S. soil.

The truth hurts...

Let us never forget Mr. McVeigh's use of the term "collateral damage" in reference to the kids in the day care center. The lemmings were outraged. But as McVeigh stated, the U.S. calls other people's children "collateral damage," such as the Serbian kids in the Children's Hospital that they bombed. "We regret the collateral damage" they said. I remember being outraged when they said that, just as the lemmings were when McVeigh said it. But the lemmings don't make the same connection because the television didn't point it out to them. Our government, after bombing the hospital, said the Serbian military was "using children as shields." McVeigh said the same thing about the day care center in the F.B.I. building. Instead of Saddam and Bin Laden, McVeigh's boogeymen were fellow domestic terrorists Bill Clinton and Janet Reno. The only real difference was that the latter were considered "authorities" and McVeigh was not. If McVeigh had been President and bombed that phramaceutical plant in Sudan (after having been exposed as the recipient of out-of-wedlock fellatio), the lemmings would have supported him too, provided he also claimed Bin Laden was there. But Bin Laden was not there, and the American government felt no remorse for the "collateral" damage that extended well beyond the immediate victims. And the American people did not demand accountability, as usual.

The supreme irony is that McVeigh was doing what he learned in the U.S. military, and his lack of conscience reflects that of those who direct our military to dole out the same kind of fate to the nameless, faceless multitudes in countries our government doesn't like. McVeigh believes (or believed, depending on when you read this) that the U.S. government only understands the "language of force". Ah, that's another government soundbite to justify atrocities against civilians. Atrocity? When does this government call bombings of non-allied nations "atrocities?" When has our media zoomed in on "atrocities" in non-allied nations the way they did after the recent the suicide bombing in the Israeli nightclub? Come to think of it, when have their lapdog media even filmed the bloody aftermath of the effects of U.S. made bombs dropped on refugee camps in occupied Palestine? Iraqi children dying because of our sanctions? Serbs fleeing with their children as the U.S. drops bombs on their Orthodox churches? Are these not also "atrocities?"

Two minutes hate....

Two minutes hate is what Winston of 1984 used to describe the government-mandated outpouring of pent-up lemming (whom he called "proles") anger. That is what we will see in the next few weeks.

I do sympathize with the victims of the Oklahoma City blast. I just have a hard time with reacting to it the way the establishment wants me to and an even harder time with being told which lessons I should learn from it. The outpouring of emotion and anger surrounding McVeigh's execution reminds me of those old movies where the English execute bad people in front of the vengeful and ignorant peasants. The lemmings will all be glued to their TV sets and breathe a sigh of relief that McVeigh won't be able to talk anymore. They'll vent their pent-up frustrations at a government-approved target, McVeigh and those the government and media try to link to his alleged "ideology." Yeah, we gotta root out that "anti-government" thought for fear it could lead to another Oklahoma City bombing. They don't want to hear the correlations made between the OKC bombing and drive-by bombings in Kosovo or Iraq. They don't want to hear McVeigh say, "If the F.B.I. lost over 3,000 documents in my case, what happens to the little guy?" They don't want to hear about all of the inconsistencies and they especially don't want to entertain the thought that ATF informants knew this was going to happen. If they listen to that kind of talk, they believe they are betraying the memory of the victims. The same principle applies to World War II revisionism.

I feel like I am on the outside looking in at this Orwellian scene. It is so surreal. I could write the script before it happens. People will do what is expected of them, hold a candlelight vigil, cheer as he is euthanized and rail against those who criticize the U.S. government (I never should have read those Orwell books). My fascination at their herd mentality will prevent me from processing what the media tells me to think. The lemmings want to show how "good" they are. But that goodness stops when the government and media tell them sympathy is reserved only for Americans and allied nations. If the U.S. government plants a bomb, you are not supposed to cry for the innocent victims, you are supposed to rail against their leaders and blame them, the same way McVeigh blames the U.S. government.

Ugly Americans...

These "on cue" Americans are of the same ilk as those who scream obscenities at conscientious individuals who take to the streets to oppose American raids against small and powerless nations and mourn for their "collateral damage." Show the "on cue" Americans a flag and they fall into a hypnotic state. Kill a thousand foreign civilians and we are supposed to worry about the guy who is dropping bombs on third-world nations from sophistocated high-flying warplanes. I have personally seen these Ugly Americans' blinding hypocrisy in action. I recall once when protesting the Kosovo war, a little Marine started yelling at elderly Serbian refugees to go back home. These old folks (who suffered through WWII and iron-fisted communism) have seen decades of unrest and bloodshed, and should have NEVER been treated that way. This little low-IQ SHIT who wore a Marines uniform hasn't known that kind of suffering and hardship and probably never even considered what it would be like to live your entire life in the state of war on your own soil. This little SHIT didn't consider that many of these people had family members over there. I was enraged at his arrogance and hatred. He seemed genuinely suprised that this American woman would scream obscenities right back into his his face in defense of these long-suffering folks.

The lemmings will dismiss any non-conventional thought surrounding the "blinding hypocrisy" issue as the ranting of an "extremist." What they don't realize is today's labelers were yesterday's extremists. They are now the establishment, and the lemmings, as they always have, will MOO ON CUE with the rest of the herd. Thank Odin we are not all lemmings, otherwise, civilizations would have never been built and we would still be a flat-earth society.

Reflecting on the real lessons...

To me, Timothy McVeigh is neither hero nor villain. I have thought much about this. I don't see him a model of resistance and I don't see him as evil incarnate. Why? Because he at least shed a few tears in court when the children were mentioned. But those operating the U.S. government don't take responsibility, let alone shed a tear for their collateral damage. Perhaps they would if we put them on trial and described, in detail, the consequences of their actions. The bombing of the Murrah building opened my eyes to the sufferings of other people, and it has made me a more "compassionate racist." I learned a tough lesson about my own personal hypocrisy through McVeigh's actions. But when the U.S government pulls a McVeigh overseas, I learn nothing except that ugly Americans feel no compassion for people their government tells them are "bad." I will not play that game, nor will I conform to societal norms of politically correct thoughts. I will take from this a very different lesson from the lemmings (get dem right-wingers). I feel awful for the families of the clerical staff and children who died in the Oklahoma City bombing. But I will always wonder why the ATF took that fateful weekday off and why none of their children died that day. I will wonder what happened to the lady who said she saw (on the air, minutes after the blast) the bomb squad in her parking lot a few blocks away BEFORE the blast. I will wonder if Carol Howe, BATF informant, was really a nutcase or if the government really was informed this was going to happen. I will reflect on the innocent victims from David Koresh's multi-racial commune and the children who burned to death in there at the hands of the ATF. I will reflect on the victims of the Ruby Ridge massacre, now dismissed as "White supremacists." I will be enraged every time this government callously calls dead foreign children "collateral damage." I will never allow this government to tell me who my enemies are, I will make that choice for myself. I don't beieve in violence, but permit me to pray that they too will be euthanized someday for their atrocities. And that will be the image in my mind as McVeigh takes his final breath.

And the mooers can take that out to pasture and chew on it.


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