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FDR's "Infamy" Speech Written Before Attack

For the few of you interested in facts... Here on FDR, the traitor. It was not in America's interest to get involved in WWII, but it was in the Jews' interest.

The Invasion

Freeper comments on the destruction of White America by browns, courtesy of the Jews who dictate immigration policy. No Jews, no Mexican invaders. No other political problem can be solved until the Jewish Problem is dealt with. Here from special report by liberal hate mag Time.

Israeli Invasion Imminent?

More here.

The Authoritarian Personality

Jews opened the borders to third-world refuse. They encouraged White girls to sleep with VD-infected Negroes. Their "scientists" claimed that race doesn't exist. Their "scientists" -- here -- claimed that Normal White American Males were "authoritarian personalities" who needed to be reeducated by the government. For each aspect of White culture, Jews have a destructive final solution. Denaturing, killing is what Jews do best. Of course, none of this is really happening because you don't hear about it on tv.

Idaho: McGuckin

Mom in jail; won't leave unless charges are dropped... Interview with Steele here. Here on McVeigh.

Judeo-Government Fights to Stop Home-Schooling

They want to force you to indoctrinate your kids in their lies... Maryland pols are about as corrupt and stupid as they come.

The Real Story Behind the McGuckin Family "standoff"

Not what you read in the controlled media, of course...

"We Just Watched Him Burn"

A grabbag of recent anti-White racist "goodies" you might well have missed because the Jews editing your paper didn't see fit to report Angry White Female

Blair Upholds Jews' Right to Torture Animals

What Jews do to the animals they use for food is sickening, if you've ever read a description or seen it on film. It puts the lie to their vaunted claims to be ethically superior to other races. We've had the technology to stun animals before killing them for quite a while now. Jews say, "No thank you -- animal torture is a proud Jewish tradition. We think we'll keep it." The suckpoop White pols allow them special outs from animal-cruelty legislation, whether in Britain or America, because they are low, bought things, deserving of no-stun slaughter themselves, unlike the innocent animals they supinely refuse to defend. Just like cattle, Jews are ritually slaughtering the White West, laughing as they pull our hair back to loose the blood from our throats. This is the way of the Jew: without Jewish anti-segregation and pro-immigration politics, how many of the travesties listed on this page would have occured? Jews are the enemy, White man. Fighting the Jew must be our top priority; everything else is secondary. Here on how the Nazis treated animals. The differences between Nazis and Jews redound in the Germans' favor, as anyone who takes the trouble to research and think is likely to conclude. Did you realize that your entire view of the Nazis is funneled through Jewish papers, and that Jews treat the news the same way they treat animals: they torture it to death?

NYT on Oldham

About what you'd expect...

Classic Jewish Hypocrisy: Wieseltier and Poland

This is a perfect example of how yids think; a quotation from Jew Leon Wieseltier in The New Republic, a Jewish mag for White-hating Chosenites: If you wish to understand anti-Semitism, do not study Jews. Study non-Jews, because the fantasies and the atrocities are theirs. If you wish to understand racism, do not study blacks. Study whites, for the same reason. The notion that in some significant sense there are two sides to such questions, that prejudice has a basis in reality and oppression has a cause in the behavior of the oppressed, is itself a concession to the injustice that we both despise. How much clearer can the Jews make it?: Our actions, our behavior are not up for question. You are the perpetual guilty, and we the perpetual accusers. This against the historical fact that Jews were responsible for the communist revolutions in the Soviet Union and Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe. No Jews, no revolution. And the Jews thoroughly dominated the political police that murdered the intelligentsia of these White countries. Some 15,000 of the cream of the Polish nation were murdered at Katyn by Jewish cadres. And Jewish media organs covered up the fact for over half a century, blaming Germany. But the Jews whine like a starving dog that they have done nothing to apologize for; their hands are clean. The truth is that they are your enemy, White man. Fighting Wieseltier and the Jews is real politics; pretending they are fellow Americans is Republican politics. Racialism offers the one winning way out of our current dilemma. If we keep going down the road we are on now, we will end up just where the Wieseltiers want us: standing around a big pit waiting to be shot by hate-filled Hymies. If you think I exaggerate, it's because you are innocent of Eastern European history. Jew-led communists killed far more people than Hitler ever dreamt of, and the fact that that fact has been hidden from you makes it all that much easier for the same yiddish types to carry out the same mass murders again -- and not in Ukraine, this time, but in Indiana and Ohio. Whether the brazen Jewish lying is genetic or sheer hypocrisy doesn't matter; the result is the same. They are the vital enemy of our race, and their every political act displays their desire to destroy us. Their immigration and their "civil rights" have damaged and denatured our nation almost beyond recognition, and for us even to make an honest estimate of that damage is "racism" of which only we Whites are capable. The truth is that Jewish hate is the motor driving American politics today and for at least the last sixty years, and unless we understand it and move to stop the Jews, we are headed for extinction. Is that hyperbole? No, it isn't. The Jews are the enemy of all humanity. That's not me saying it -- that's what the Romans said two thousand years ago. Nothing has changed. It's the Jews or us, White man. And all that is necessary for the Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. What are you doing?

Villaraigosa Clams Up When Asked If He Supports Aztlan

Irredentist L.A. mayoral candidate and his people of the sewer look forward to reclaiming America for the great Septic Tank to the south. Every seen what happens when a sewer backs up on a lawn?: that's what happens when Mexico backs up and Shower-Rangers a civilized country. If Aztlan ever occurs, it will be not as the result of a battle, but merely the political recognition of a cultural fait accompli. Do any of you libertarians out there trying to understand the world one indivdiual at a time understand this? Do you understand that when you dump a load of stinky, stupid Mexicans onto a clean White nation you've denatured it? Killed it? Is that really worth $2 off your chicken dinner? White men could make Mexico one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Mexicans, human only by the loosest definition, have made it a sewer. Headed for lungs near you: tuberculosis. Thanks to Mexicans and other Jew-enabled invaders. Colored invaders with drug-resistant TB sponging up White American health dollars are the symptom; Jews are the disease. None of the TB would be in this country if we had kept the Jews out. America would still be White and civilized if not for the Jews. No Jews. Just Right. Here on colored gangs, not just for L.A. anymore; all over the heartland. Diversity is our greatest strength! Here on gang growth in Spokane. Niggers do to an area just what they do to an apartment. Rip it up, stink it up, shit it up -- then move on to the next White haven. Niggers belong in Africa, not America. Here on standoff ending.

Cincy Jig Charged with Hate Crime

First colored to be charged... Denny-style beating of truck driver by 15-year-old, part of a mob of noxious niggers. Here Raimondo on McCain, possibility he'll start new party. More here. Here a mob of niggers and bent White people denounce racism, by which they don't mean the nig rioters destroying White businesses and beating up White people. Here Mencken on Lincoln. Read this: Lincoln becomes the American solar myth, the chief butt of American credulity and sentimentality. Washington, of later years, has been perceptibly humanized; every schoolboy now knows that he used to swear a good deal, and was a sharp trader, and had a quick eye for a pretty ankle. Do you feel how good it is? How sharp and alive? How unpublishable today, crowded out by the Jewish institute monkeys and professional colored op-ed yawpers? The truth is that by the indices that matter -- not health, wealth and other incidentals -- the United States is less civilized than it was in the twenties. You are free not to believe that, and you are free to be an idiot. With all the medical and technical tools at our disposal we ought to be producing geniuses by the bushel, but we aren't. We are so many pork-pigs amply watered, futtered and air-conditioned, comfortable in our stinky stupidity. Here on yet another heroic nigger just about to turn his life around when gunned down by racist cop. Here standard Jewish dissimulation.

Ten Months for Graffiti

White man gets about same time your average nigger rapist serves. It's a federal crime to hurt nigs' feelings by painting slurs on their cars or doors. Nigs, thanks to the Jews enforcing the rules, are a higher class of people than Whites. That's what "civil rights" means. That's what "civil rights" always meant and was intended to mean: Whites second-class citizens, Jews and coloreds first class. Here a Jew explains why he's quitting the Jewish hate group ADL. Here Brit poofter-con Randy Andie Sullivan whines about sexual McCarthyism, whatever that is. Think about the "hate" crimes the flits continually whine about, then compare them with the vicious hatred he writes about here. Hate crimes against queers? What about the "love" crimes they commit on one another? Gay "love" is far more dangerous than straight "hate." Here interview with Pierce by San Diego station. Here nig sentenced for burning White.

Did Jew Disco-Bomb Jews?

Some question... More here. Here some insight into Caucasus struggles. Learn your geography, White man. Prerequisite for understanding much political turmoil. Here a site on dictators. Here Jews want to set up museum for supposedly stolen art. The Jews call this a "moral" museum. Whatever Jews do is moral, whether they're shooting babies, covering up anti-White crimes, or promoting the "Holocaust." Here WT's Prudence Wesley, hairy-chested Arkansas he-man, suckpoops for Israel, as Joe Farah gasps in admiration, scribbles notes. Party-line prudence at its best... Here on Jews and Palestinians.

OKC Interview

A few interesting points... It seems the building was not brought down by the truck bomb alone, but by planted explosives, according to at least one expert. The ATF are nothing but a bunch of not-so-cheap crooks. And murderers. Did the ATF blow up the Murrah building to make itself look good after Waco murders? There is no question in my mind that Strassmeir either worked for our government or with the knowledge of some of the intelligence or law-enforcement agencies of our government. No question in my mind. And if you read Ambrose Evans-Pritchard's book [The Secret Life of Bill Clinton] . . . [it's] probably the best book out there on the Oklahoma City bombing. Pritchard has Strassmeir do everything except come flat out and admit that it was a sting operation that went wrong and that he clearly was an inside player. We have met Evans-Pritchard, and he does come across as credible. And you should read the book if you truly want to understand how corrupt your government is, White man. It's too bad there's already a rap group named Insane Clown Posse, because that would make a good nickname for the FBI. More here from Reed Irvine. Who the fuck is running this country? Does anybody care? The FBI and the ATF need to be put to sleep. Take the toys from the boys, let 'em do something productive. Frys need cooking, you two-bit goons.

The ADL-TRT Tiff

What's instructive here is the way the Jewish head of TRT is able to get the story framed his way: focusing on the character assassination engaged in by the ADL. If you are a pro-White, suffice it to say you will not get the same treatment. Try this at home: write a letter to the editor under your name. Then send one making similar points using a Jewish name. The latter is far likelier to get published. This is part of what is meant by Jewish media control. When ADL mud hits a Jew, it's "character assassination." When ADL mud hits you the White, it's business as usual...

Canada: Parading with the Gays

Proud to stand for queer rights, are pols these days, even -- especially? -- the cons... Here Christians infiltrate Disney's "Gay Days." Founder Doug Swallow is spittin' mad about camcorders for the Lord.

Zimbabwe: Mugabe's Top Chimp Takes Ill

Afraid his own goons have betwitched him. A very African story... Remember, these are your equals, folks... Here on docs departing, tired of monkey mayhem, low salaries. You can have niggers, or you can have civilization. You can have doctors, or you can have witch doctors.

Southern Flag and Holiday Inn

Typical battle of words... More here. Here a Tennessee niggeress doesn't want to say the Pledge. She'd rather be in Africa, eating grubs and beating skins on a rock.

White Anthropology: We Were in America First

We must make sure that we are here last... Here on Vikings' genetic legacy in Iceland. Iceland is as close to all-White as you can find these days. It has practically the first functioning parliament anywhere. It is a safe, clean, civilized society loaded with beautiful Nordic women.

Africa in America

Sexual attacks in NYC schools are up. In South Africa, raping some of the choicer young girls is considered a job benefit by ape "teachers"... Jews want to force you to mix your daughters with these apes. What should we do with the Jews, White man? Here on AIDS epidemic among New York Negroes. How come the Shower Rangers never tell you about this stuff, White girls? Are the Jews lying to you, perhaps? Fact is, AIDS and VD rates for niggers are off the chart. That's FACT. By encouraging Whites to sleep with these diseased niggers, Jews have cut themselves off from civilized folks. Jews should be ostracized, boycotted and shunned. Here chimps demand reparations from colonizers. They were happy sitting in the dirt munching grubs, then the evil paleskins had to show up and ruin everything. Here a scientific discussion of racial differences in school discipline. Nigs are more aggressive, resulting in more punishment. Even an idiot knows that if you mix the wrong fish in an aquarium, one species will eat the other. Same is true with people, but we have to pretend not to notice it until the more refined species is destroyed.

Lord of the Rings

Review of Tolkien... Here on a movie with black Adam, and "had to be Nordic" White Eve. Spreading evil, what Jews do best...

Oldham Gears Up

Home of wog mayor-to-be firebombed. Whites fighting back or Jewish set-up... Here leader of Conservative party endorses one world. Wake up White man. Time spent on kosher conservatives is time wasted... Here you are -- according to pulpit and press -- 'racist' if you don't want to send your kids to be shot in the 'hood. Judge for yourself: Even though his 17-year-old adopted son Jarvis was killed by stray gang gunfire just a few blocks from the church in 1997, St. Sabina's pastor, the Rev. Michael Pfleger, says his neighborhood is as safe as any other. Father Pfleger is well known locally as a whiny white-nigger champion of the black man, has been for years. Tobacco, liquor billboards out of black neighborhoods, cries he. (Blacks too stupid to decide for themselves.) Nigs smoking crack? Since you can't stop that, stop sales of the grain alcohol they use to light it. White freedom and safety are the price we pay to surround ourselves with colored irresponsibility. Nigs bring the heat down on everybody. Whether it's Oldham or Chicago, the problems never stop once the coloreds arrive.

Britain: Jew Straw Paves Way for National Identity Cards

They'll be voluntary of course. It's just that you won't be able to do anything unless you have one.

Canada: Malcolm Ross Case

Free speech and Canada go together like oil and water, thanks to Jewish haters. Here a rather funny story on Rep. Stark making reference to the bastard pickaninnies of Reps' house Negro Watts.

Why Don't Environmentalists Oppose Immigration?

Many of the grass-roots folk would like to stop it, but the national leadership, backed by Jews, denounces them as racists. This is how nations die, murdered by the Jew-led left. Here on Mexicans polluting national parks, making them dangerous for White visitors. Mexicans are pollution. "Human" equivalents of discarded beer cans, fast food wrappers.

Möbus on the Death of the West

Good essay by German imprisoned for political speech... Here Pierce on Whites and Redskins in early America... More on standoff here.

Click Here!

House Firebombed in Modesto

Supposedly because the couple is interracial... No rights for the father in Canada.

Jew Kaplan and the Gold Club

What was it Hitler said about every time you find some festering corruption and you cut it open you find Jews scurrying away like roaches? Here 18 Kaplans dispatched to Gehenna. What have the Jews done wrong that they are such a hated people? Here for those of you looking to meet a nice, young Jewish boy. For rental or purchase, Oy! Here the unspeakable Anthony Lewis, Jew, critcizes Israel. More here. And here. Watch for Sharon to run roughshod over the Palestinians, using this suicide bombing as a pretext. Here see gory pics of baby shot by Jews. Your tax dollars at work, White man.

Worse Is Better?

Bad situation in Argentina could spread.

South Africa and AIDS

Kid AIDS promoter dies, a nation mourns a noble niglet...

Committee on Un-Semitic Activities

McCarthyism is stronger than ever. Under the auspices of the Office of Special Investigations, a certain race carries out its private vendettas on the White man's dime, deporting, smearing, withholding evidence, due process be damned. Protest, you're denounced as an "anti-Semite" or even a Nazi. Powerful Jewish hatreds, unbounded by time or law, are truly, per Joe Sobran, the force we must all be aware of, but never Angry White Female

Germany: Profile of Merkel

She may be the next head of Germany. She may do something about excessive Turks and other immigration problems.

Pearl Harbor: Any White Men Left Who Think?

The libertarian nails it: The new movie is a "cinematic reenactment of the popular myth handed down to us by Roosevelt's hagiographers." More on Pearl Harbor here from Raimondo and the venerable John T. Flynn.


Kid seized by authorities. More here, including picture of family.

Suckpoop Joe Blames Mexican Invaders, Glory Be To God!

Unglaublich! Joe has seen the light. Will we be hearing criticism of Pets next? Is there a more perfectly named pol these days than Gray Davis? We used to produce Stonewalls and Jeffersons; now we produce Grays. He looks just like his name, too. A withering yuppie. Feeble, with bloodless lips fit only for slinging demagogic blame. ...California's population is skyrocketing despite the fact that millions are leaving because of the deteriorating state of the economy, the increasingly repressive nature of its government, the declining quality of life and the taxes, taxes, taxes. The increase in population is coupled with the changing demographics as the most productive, hardest-working people in the state flee for their livelihoods. (Joe means Whites.) He's right on: What will be left behind for the next generation is a Third-World state called California ­ if it's not there already. What's great about America was created by White people, and when they disappear, it will too. Indeed, as Farah points out, it already has.

Taki on Rome

The glory that was...

Sobran Responds to Little Jackie Backslap and His European Purse Full of Lies

"Character assassination by quotation" -- the best way to attack. If he said it, who are you to argue against it? Lincoln indeed referred to the "troublesome presence of free Negroes." He meant the niggers that kicked Kris Kime to death, and the niggers that rampaged in Cincinnati -- those kind of niggers. Lincoln thought all niggers should be shipped back to coal central. He was right, we should have. We still should. Anybody got a ship handy? Just imagine what America would be like with no niggers... Don't accept the lies of Dave Horowitz and other low folk, White man. Return to the wisdom of your Founders.

A Clockwork Orange

I was drunk the day my Mom got out of prison. And I went to pick her up in the pouring rain. But before I could make it to the station in the pickup truck. I got runned over by a damned old train... There's something in a man that can't... squashed...flat. An orange is not divisible by two. "Jobs for boys what be of job age!" The murdering, dehumanizing state. A fat woman's bottom on your face -- forever.

Juden Raus!

Jews break the laws. No worries, mate, we've got Congress twisted around our finger!

Mexicans and Blacks

No peas in pod... Here on big pimpin' in Atlanta, Negro style. The things these niggers do. Niggers are animals. Their stink, sight and speech ought to tell you that, White man. Large Negroes were taking and raping smaller Negroes, then selling them. A few years later, somebody caught on. This is what niggers do. This is what niggers are. They aren't like those happy smilies you see on the commercials. They are nig-gers. Nig-gurs. Can you say it? I know you can! Here niggers shake down Coke for nearly $200 million. Have a Coke and a smile!, black "man." This is the "largest ever" settlement in a discrimination case. Over 2,000 Negroes will receive an average of about $40,000 from the sugarwater giant. How 'bout them 'groids!

Catholics Wisely Say No to Niggers, While Rejected School Bleats 'Racism'

Racism is a sin, according to one of the probably queer priests running the nigleteria. Some of the White Catholics still have enough sense not to mix their kids with violent stupid monkeys, praise the Lord. Here on Hispanic culture.

Jews Squabble in the Rubble

Oy! The people, sure, but what about the checks! Oy! Is this one of the signs of the Apocalypse, Pat Robertson? Why would your God allow such awful things to happen to such good people?

Jews Bein' Jews

Here's some insight into how Jews, an urban race of moneychangers and entertainers, are dripping with contempt for the Aryans, who are craftsmen, warriors, naturalists, and tillers of the soil: Rakoff, reared in Toronto but oh-so-New York (he traveled far and wide for many of these essays, but he's happiest when the assignment is complete and he's in a cab headed straight back to Manhattan), is a reluctant outdoorsman, to say the least. "As far as I'm concerned, the whole point of living in New York City is indoors," he writes. "You want greenery? Order the spinach." He's also Jewish, and so is impervious to -- or, rather, slightly annoyed by -- the "Christmas-in-New-England-Warm-Hearthed-Cheery verisimilitude that Ralph Lauren would burn down a synagogue to achieve" that greets him at his bed-and-breakfast the night before the climb.

Birdman's Battle with Mensa Morons

Birdman goes on an intellectual rampage while the Mensa midgets cower under their toadstools. Read the letters and his responses here. The rest of the correspondence is here, (about 90% down the page, his main page).

Israel: A Nation of Swindlers

Even their own media admit: Jews are scum! They cheat whenever they can. It's the Jewish way. Read and laugh at this ugly, corrupt race. This is, after all, a country in which bending the rules is said to be a national pastime, cutting corners a way of life and cheating the authorities proof of merit. It is a country which disdains pedantry and perfectionism, where sticklers for the law are ridiculed and abused, where anyone who works by the book is branded a sap, a freier the worst insult in the modern Israeli lexicon. This is what JEWS say about Jews, White man. Imagine the real truth! Here war criminal Ariel Sharon blasts his homely Volk der Schlangen und Schwindler... " He talked about Israelis who return from abroad smirking at what they see as American or European obsessions with being "square" and doing things by the book." See, White man? You are nothing but a sucker to the yids. You play it straight, they laugh at you. What exactly was it that Hitler was wrong about? Who tells you he was wrong, anyway? Why the same cheating, chiseling, lying, swindling yids who made such a mess of Germany! What we are engaged in is a global battle to determine whether the Jewish vision of a world run by Jewish crooks or a civilized world run by White citizens will prevail. Whose side are you on, White man? How loud do they have to say it -- We are parasites! We are crooks! We will drink your blood and pervert your children! We will swindle you out of your home, history and heritage! -- before you believe them? VNN's slogan speaks an eternal truth: No Jews. Just Right. Every race of people that has run across these foul things has discovered that -- sooner or, in most cases, too late. It's later than you think, White man. When will you wake up?

Free Country? America?

Typical story: ag appointee held up because he praised ethnic homogeneity as root of farming success in rural Iowa. The truth is held against you, these days. Nothing that praises Whites or points out that White values and virtues are destroyed by mixing with coloreds can be allowed. Jews control the media, no matter how your pants-pissing cons runs from the fact.

Is Racism a Mental Illness?

We're headed toward Soviet psychiatry, folks. Pretty soon people with Semitically Incorrect opinions will be herded into mental hospitals where Jews reeducate them, reimbursed by government. Think it can't happen? Then you don't know history. Read up on what happened in Eastern Europe after the yid-led Bolshies took power. It wasn't pretty, and the same thing is happening here. It's just happening slightly more slowly and less violently, so people don't notice all at once. You can lose your job these days for stating the obvious; that's one sign that things aren't right. A guy may lose his appointment because he observes that cohesive White communities make for good farming. We didn't get into this situation overnight, folks, but we're in it, and it's only getting worse. This is the price we pay for allowing Jews in our country.

Mexicans Ain't No Republicans

Exceptionally good article. Written in moderate vein, it skewers that half-wit Semitically Correct hallucination common among Republican hierarchy that Mexicans are Republicans waiting to happen. Not so says this White man living in Mexico. Sam Francis calls the Reps the stupid party for not realizing this sort of thing, but the truly stupid parties are the ones who think Republicans are in any way interested in defending White people. They aren't. They are interested in defending those who supply them money: Jews and global corporations. The truth, as always, is that there is no way out but through the Jews. The Rep Party has been Semitized for Jews' protection, and is useless as a vehicle for White reform. Now is when the tough people, the people we want, will join the White cause. The pants-wetting Republicans and cons will join us the day after we win. Which are you, White man? Are you the summer soldier, or the winter warrior? Here Sam Francis chips in on Mexico, sacrificing a couple dozen pieces of its "human" detritus to further its political goals, the foremost of which is effacing the border with the U.S. Mexicans entering the U.S. illegally should be shot. If we were a nation, we would do that. We aren't. We are an old barn that nobody keeps up anymore. There will come a day when one too many Mexes pisses on us and we fall over. Here Fox demands U.S. give legal status to animals he and his corrupt leadership class have forwarded. Mexicans shit in our yard, want us to clean it up. Because we aren't a nation, we will. Keep in mind that none of this would be happening if not for the Jews who pushed across immigration "reform" in 1965. Mexican invaders are the symptom, but the disease is Jews. The 1964 "civil rights" act and the 1965 immigration act killed America. Both were enacted because of Jewish pressure. Neither would have been enacted without Jewish pressure. Jews murdered America.

Asian Gang Attacks Two Whites in Yorkshire

Fifteen to twenty on two: gook courage at its finest. A British reader informs us that the Asians we are talking about are Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, not Hindus or Japs, Chinks or Koreans. They are brown Asians, not yellow Asians. NYT on Oldham here.

Mississippi Reaps Rewards of Keeping Flag

Black frat cancels meeting... Black firemen have too. The good news just keeps on coming...

Neato Alternative Lifestyle Spreads Nasty Bugs

Kids, have you watched MTV's Undressed, with its oh-so-cool depiction of miscegenation, homosexuality, bestiality, etc? Here's some of the neat stuff you have to look forward to! What's the only thing worse than a black or a queer? A black queer, of course. Black flits carry fun bugs at an exceptionally high rate. They aren't cute or funny, girls, they are diseased.

White Kids Standoff

Pay attention to the way the Jewish media distort the facts. They are very free and easy with their slur terms -- mental illness, for example -- itself a dubious concept. Anti-government wackos? Or normal Whites who don't want to get waco'd? Or weaverized... AP report here. Notice that the authorities won't give details of the charges against the woman? They just claim she's 'mentally ill.' Anyone who doesn't submit immediately to the "authorities" is called mentally ill. Because who but the mentally ill would fail to comply with the dictates of the worthies who provide us with such valuable goods and services? More here, comments too.

York: Schaad Autopsy Performed

Notice that even in this article specifically about Schaad, they give the details of the negress' killing but not his. He was shot to death in a riot, they say. Well who shot him? Why? Here on black racism among Pittsburgh police. More on church vandalism in Houston that may well have been staged to pass "hate" crimes law. Here one nig is charged with a "hate" crime after Cin riots. Here on black teachers, who have nothing to sell but ignorance, if tests are any measure.

Dutch Pay Nigs to Skedaddle

Article in Dutch only...

Jewish Lies and Stupidities and Social Discord

Here Jew Rauch asks, and I paraphrase: "Why, oh why the large percentage of children growing up in single-parent homes? What could possibly account for this? It's a terrible thing, children in single parent homes are poorer and more likely to drop out of school and become teen single parents themselves. It's just awful, and nobody can figure out why this is happening." Hey Rauch, I got your answer for you! Do the names Bella Abzug, Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan ring a bell? These Marxist Jewesses "fighting for social justice" to "liberate women from the oppressive patriarchy" brought this upon us, with the backing of the Jewish media bosses, of course. Jews are a matriarchal society that is hell-bent on tikkun olam. Their shouts of "Smash the Patriarchy" meant, "Smash White Gentile civilization." Well Jew Rauch, these rotten Jewesses succeeded in their quest. Jews like Rauch know that we are stupid, that's why they tell us what to do and commit tikkun olam on our civilization. And in their righteousness, anybody who opposes tikkun olam must be censored, sanctioned, and imprisoned.

Hyping the Jewish Victims of Stalin

In addition to round-the-clock Hitler updates, we now are seeing increasing numbers of reports on the so-called "anti-Semitism" of Stalin. Hilarious start to the article: Just when it seems that every scrap of essential information about the former Soviet Union has come to light...there's a new book by a Jew about the horrors visited on Jews in the Jew-built USSR. Of course, the NYT doesn't mention that the Jews at the NYT covered up the mass starvations of Ukrainians at the hands of Jew-led political police. Far more were killed by these Jewish haters and terrorists than ever died in Nazi camps. But maybe one in a hundred Americans has ever heard about them. They don't fit the Jews-as-victims propaganda scheme.

Oldham: Riots Continue

Notice that when they describe the rioters they always say Whites and Asians, never Asians and Whites? Here's the only one we've seen that lists Asians first. Here imam condones defense of Asians. Which White pol will say the same? Which White Briton even recognizes that Whites are a people? Why should Whites stand by while Jews and race-traitors fill their countries with disputatious, gas-bomb-flinging wogs?

American Roundup

Supposed "hate" crime in Hawaii. Sobran on the leftist media and its idea of evil. Here the never-ending Lincoln battle. Here on Calhoun and getting versus keeping liberty. Here Taki on the icky uomo Cuomo. Here on Jeffords' cheap trick. Here latest celebration of Jewish convert to "conservatism." Here on Horowitz and his Hollywood conservatism. Here the hyper-masculine Prudence Wesley, talking tough about the "Japs." What about the yids 'n' nigs, Wessy? Here on McVeigh and ARA. Hype notwithstanding, this is old news. Part three of Evans-Pritchard's OKC bombing story. What was a bomb squad doing cruising around Murrah before the blast? Here Supreme Court affirms by silence that Whites are second-class citizen. McPaper approves. Here kids drive off cops.

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