"We Just Watched Him Burn"

by Angry White Female

These are the words of one of a group of black racists who callously and with premeditation viciously attacked a White man and BURNED HIM ALIVE because he was White. Wardell McClain will do 80 years for his heinous crime.

On that horrible October 18th in 1995, Richard Will and a friend had been pulled over in a black community so known for violence it was nicknamed Vietnam. The driver had a warrant out for his arrest, and it is believed the two were there to purchase drugs. The police arrested the driver and forced 31-year-old Richard to find his own ride home from Chicago Heights. I suppose the (racist?) police felt that was fitting punishment since they couldn't nail him on anything. That decision played a big part in Richard losing his life that night, but I doubt the Chicago police feel any remorse for their irresponsible actions.

Walking while White...

Richard called a female friend and waited on the corner for his ride. He was then spotted by a group of racists, one of whom stated he would beat up the next "White guy" he saw. Richard, unarmed and standing alone on the street corner was the perfect target. The hate group quickly pounced on him in typical gang style. They beat him, knocked him down and kicked him as he struggled for his life. He cried out "No, not again." In response to his repeated pleas for mercy, one of the racists poured lighter fuid on him and set him ablaze. The racist McClain later said, "It looked like somebody had already beat him before. We just watched him burn."

Wow. What kind of people could just stand by in fascination and watch a human being burn to death? Moreover, what kind of people would minimize such a brutal murder? The media coverage never made it outside of Chicago. Only now after the trial do we hear of this atrocity. The media has been too busy drumming up anti-White hysteria over 30-year-old race riots and scrawlings on synagogue walls to worry about a mere White male hate crime victim. This crime, if I may be so bold to say, was 10 times more callous than the James Byrd dragging. But we couldn't ever risk jolting White zombies from their hibernation for fear that the "honkies" will get uppity.

The lone newspaper article announcing the verdict read "80 year term in brutal death." I should remind folks that there are four black racists who are still on the loose. If the Chicago Tribune reporter, Carlos Morales, were writing about a non-White victim burned alive by skinheads, the title would have read either: "Skinhead gets 80 years for hate crime," or "Four racists still on the loose." But there is not one word like bigotry, racism, hate or even ethnic intimidation in his article. How could Mr. Morales (or moralless) feel outraged over this hate crime? Richard Will was not a Chicano.

P.C. racism...

Speaking of politically correct racism, there is another trial going on right now that the public knows nothing about. In March 2000, a racist named Ronald Taylor decided he was going to go on a shooting spree, and as a result, three European-Americans were killed and two others wounded. The black racists' attorney won a decision to permit an insanity defense, which the DA is appealing at present. Again, no words like hate or bigotry were used in describing this sub-human freak. Nah. Only White people can be racist.

White children are fair game, too...

This brings me to another case, out of Houston, Texas. In April, on Confederate Memorial Day, two racists, one black and one brown, attacked a 13-year-old child because they "objected to a book Ryan was carrying home." Ryan Zane Oleichi was assigned by his school to do a book report on Robert E. Lee. The book he was carrying had the Confederate Battle Flag on the cover. The racists felt that because of that they were free to attack him and beat him unconscious. Since he required hospitalization, the racists were charged and the media reported the story. But across America, incidents like these are commonplace and go unreported or under-reported.

The media and public schools play a big part in teaching minorities that this kind of behavior is justified. They continually fan the flames of anti-White racism by their inflammatory words and selective outrage. Then they get all wide-eyed and innocent when pondering the reasons for "White flight." Yes, White people are all racists and leave these nice, gentle communitities because of subconscious racism, not constant racist gang assaults against their sons and daughters. Oh no, even though they hurl racial epithets as they attack our children, these are just "random" and indicative of a general trend. They know damn well why we move our families away from the cities, but will lose their jobs if they state the real reasons.

Given the lack of backbone and will to fight on the part of White people, I guess I should just sit back and dismiss this all as "tough love." It is the only way I can deal with the sorrow.


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