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Khameini Points Out Zionist-Nazi Connections

Blut und Eisen worked just fine for the founders of the Jewish state. They did indeed, as the Imam says, work closely with the Nazis. Another historical truth the Judeo-government "schools" and "free press" won't tell you.

New Square Vote Fraud

The yids just can't play by the rules. No Jews. Just Right. Here on Rich pardon. More here.

Prison Rape

Jew Philip Weiss interviews author of new book on the subject. It's a huge problem, and it's black on White. Prison and the army make White racists. Liberals and especially Jews lie that racism is the product of teaching. They say it isn't natural, but is spread from parents to children. The fact is that most racists are racists either because of direct personal experience with niggers or through close observation of the way niggers act, which is rather the opposite of what you see on tv and learn about in school. Reality makes racists; lies make liberals. Liberalism is spread by teaching. As always, take what the Jew-led left claims, reverse it, and you have the truth.

Feeb Republic: Controlled Media and Pavlovian Warmongering

Is the average man an idiot? Yes or no, he's rather easily led by the Judeo-governement and Judenpresse into concocted wars against his interests. Jewish propaganda is state propaganda. Many people never realize they are being lied to. We are now in the midst of a campaign to demonize China, make it the new Evil Empire, justify tens of billions in new spending and new forms of government control, restrictions on our freedom. And the mental cripples at FR applaud every step of the way, imagining they are protecting the Constitution. Of course anyone who can't figure out that the Constitution has nothing to do with the way we live today is probably going to have a difficult time understanding anything in politics. Good opinion by Thomas Fleming here. Great phrase: New Yorkers pretending to be Americans... (Why not say Jews, Fleming?)

Building Yellow Hate

ADL helps whip up a poll showing too many Americans are biased against Chinese. Oy! Another minority oppressed by the White man! Reparations needed! Affirmative action! Here poll on Muslims' attitudes toward America (they live here).

Medals Awarded to Race Riot Survivors

That would be Oklahoma, and 1921. Here on proposal to do away with D.C. income tax.

Cultural Revolution

In Venezuela and the U.S.... Here on superhigh gas prices. Europeans pay $5 a gallon, 80% of which is taxes, and there are many libs who'd like the same thing here. Yet another way populations can be controlled: making the cost of moving around, visiting, making contacts with others higher -- thereby preventing the growth of competing power centers. Do you really need to travel over more than one state line per day? Well, ok, but only if you obtain a permit and pay a small fee.


New data on initial riots in Over-the-Rhine... Here more on Jefferson staying off Hemmings. More here.

Media: Electronic Paper in the Offing

Just that -- 'electronic paper'... Here on new British mag for Americans called The Week -- a competitor with Time, Newsweek. It comes from the guy who brought us Maxim, a sophomoric but well executed monthly for American males. Interesting to see how it performs. Here on music industry and cracked crypto.

Europe: Net Control Pushed Hard

"Council of Europe deputies urged drafters of the world's first cyber crime treaty on Wednesday to include passages making it illegal to spread racist propaganda and hate messages over the Internet."

Coming Soon to a Planet Near You: Global Gun Ban

Guns are only needed by the people who hate them.

No 'Irish' Need Apply at DMV

Woman can't have 'Irish' on plate. Because if you allow Irish pride -- and Irish are the one White group somewhat allowed to exhibit ethnic pride (partly because there are many in the media) -- who knows what might follow: German pride? Aryan pride? WHITE pride? That's what the Jews behind the government and media, the creators of the Propasphere, truly fear. More and more we are seeing that any symbol (think shamrock in Boston public housing) that even hints that White people exist and are happy about it is racist and criminal and must be gassed.

Cincinnati: Buying Off the Nigs, Part 85b

They loot and burn, and civil employment is their reward. Make-work for niglets on your dime, White man. They drag you out of your car and beat you, and then the mayor and the local greaseman Sharpton forces you at gunpoint to hire 'em. Here a poll shows diversity conditioning hasn't entirely set in. Anti-gookism at 23%, according to Chinese-American poll. We are starting to see the yellows take up the yowl-howl that perpetually whines from their discolored brothers, conducted by Hymie.

EU May Sanction Israel


Reparations for Southerners?

League of the South already has ten thousand signatures... Here on FDR and his lies, new book on the subject out.

Jew Gusinsky Flees Spain for Israel

Russian-Jew media mogul on the run to avoid laundering, other charges, say genuine-Russian prosecutors.

Pro-Germans Allowed to March

NPD and rightists will march on May Day, traditionally when the reds yip and holler.

Australia: Deracinators Bleat Immigration Lies

Denounce "Hansonism," call for Gook Nation, not One Nation. And of course, a multicultural Australia wouldn't be complete without a gun ban to prevent civilized Whites from defending themselves. And here calls for national DNA tests at birth to "reduce" crime. More here. Here on red-light cameras. See a pattern here, White man?

Britain: Attack on Vet "Not" Racist, Say Relatives

"As a family," they are afraid to call the attack what it obviously was. Just like in the Kime murder, attention is carefully focused away from the coloreds who committed the crimes, away from the Jews who rigged the rules, and focused on -- via placards placed in prayerful hands by Jew-left -- the police or abstractions or nowhere. Here nogs make up a racist crime, just like in America. Have you noticed that wherever nogs and Jews come together, the same sorts of lies and destruction ensue? The hate-crime faking nog is the symptom, White man. The Jew is the disease. Here kaffir Ghaffir gets top-cop job in London.

Nigs, Whores and Coverups in Dallas

A tale of fear and duplicity and obscenity and suppression, signifying -- the usual. Corrupt nig police honcho and his obscenity-blaring street gangsters attack a local pol and the media sit on the story. Here Jew Goldbug makes valid points on Cin race riots and media double standards, but blames White libs rather than the Semitic editors who create and enforce the double standards. Goldbug's own National Review Online forum rejected a post we sent him quoting Thomas Jefferson's "[T]he two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government." The Jews are the enemy, White man. Back in Texas, yellows learn to do the hate-crimes shuffle: "From offensive articles in college newspapers to public remarks made on radio stations, general attitudes toward Asian-Americans, especially Chinese-Americans, have never been more perilous," Mr. Li said. Be careful what you say in Oregon. Here Colorado moves to limit gun sellers. Here on the mysterious connection between ACLU press releases and wording by the Jewish big media.

Government: Slavery Today

Tax slavery, rather than chattel slavery... Here on the Baptist missionaries shot down by the narco- nitwits.

Italy: Another Mussolini Runs

Grandson... More here.

Trends for Our Times: Queer Proms

Sweeping the nation... Here what some of these nellies can look forward to after the big dance, if they get lucky. Call them love crimes. Here Salon turns to porn to stay alive... Here on the unending and unendingly stupid drug war, aka the war to expand government power and eliminate personal freedom. The way to stop drugs, the only way, is to shoot people who buy, sell and use them.

David Dressed Down for the Dumbed Down

"I didn't even know it was art," Johnson said. "To me, it's just a naked man standing on the side of the road. Once the girls saw it, I found myself in a position where I had to explain what a penis is."

Media: WorldNetDaily Sued by Gore Lackey

Farah implies that his paper's reports on Tennessee corruption cost Gore the state and the election -- and led to the $165m suit by one of Al's local operatives. Here on eMpTyVision, and its show Jackass and its copycats. America, a Jewish production...

Cincinnati: Jewish Hate Group Denies Whites Victimized

The felonious global smearmongers put out a press release attacking Whites and denying they were victims of hate crimes in the Cincinnati race riots. Hundreds of Whites were burned out, looted, smashed up, yanked out of cars and beaten by rampaging nigs, and the Jews, the traditional enemies of the truth, refer to our race's "so-called" victimization. And the Jewish media are full of talk about using the anti-White riots as a chance to heal. When do you get a chance to heal, Hymie? Perhaps sooner than you think.

Jolly Rolly Deffenbaugh's Goatherds Already in Gang War

Exotic goatherd imports in mall battle with local 'boos. Enjoy, Minnesota libs, Lutheran me-too nation-killers. Let's all hope Rolly's daughter at Princeton (or was it Yale?) gets a visit from one of these "humans." Maybe she can become the next Amy Biehl.

Russia: Putin Blasts "Racism" After Skin Attacks

"[D]ozens of skinhead nationalists were detained after violence on Adolf Hitler's birthday last Friday. Putin addressed ministers at a cabinet meeting to battle against "negative, racially motivated acts", which he said were becoming more frequent, Itar-Tass news agency reported. 'For Russia, a multi-ethnic country, this is absolutely unacceptable,' he said.

Germany: NPD Fights Ban

No final decision until next year, most likely...

British WWII Vet Attacked by Gooks

Remember those words we quoted from Churchill? About the horrors of Hitler-dominated Europe? Check out the picture and ask yourself if what's happening in Britain today isn't worse. No Paks, Bangs, Chinks -- or Jews to lie and cover their depredations up -- in Hitler's Europe. This old man was told to "get out of our area," by the gooks just before the attack. When do we return the favor, White man? WWII vet beatings are the symptom, Jews are the disease.

Britain: In Knots Over Race

Whites under physical siege by gooks and island monkeys, mental siege by Jewish cabinet ministers and White race traitors. More on "we all live in chicken tikka land now." We Americans all know about the line that America is a land of immigrants, and to wish to bar entry to the next drug-resistant-TB and brain-burrowing parasite-infected mestizo is to deny our proud traditions, but try this British leftist line on for size: "Most people living in Britain today are either immigrants or the descendants of immigrants," it says. "Everyone who lives in Britain today has origins somewhere else." Same line, same lie. We must hang together, or we will all hang separately, White man. Here more of the diversity that made Britain great.

Instant Shithole: Just Add Mexicans

Mexicans have an innate racial talent for getting drunk in public and sexually harassing and molesting young women. Have Mexicans destroyed your town, White man? Just wait...

Kaddafi: Just Say No to Bwana

White man must be driven off the Dark Continent, says Exalted Sand Flea. He's tired of indoor plumbing.

Jews Murdered Jesus, Blame Weyrich for Noticing

More here. Here on Exodus deniers.

U.S.S. Liberty: New Book Offers More Proof That Jews Knowingly Murdered Americans

How sharper than a serpent's tooth is the thankless yid...

Journalists Censor Truth About Israel, Says Fisk

Here Arafat aid wants war. I am not afraid, he answered, even if they kill me there are plenty of men I have trained who will take my place and do the same. What? I will not stop and put my hands in my pockets when the Israelis are killing us and that means that I will react. I will fight. Listen up, White man: How many of you are using your freedom to speak out against the Jew?

Springtime for "Holocaust"

All-new, first-ever Grand Opera about the "Holocaust," featuring fifty percent more soap and lampshades for your entertainment dollar.

Cincinnati: White Man Charged with Hate Crime

A couple hundred nig-on-White attacks, no hate-crimes charges until this one... Here a few of the anti-White attacks, none of which has led to any "hate" collars... Here a special report on crimes. Here Jew-controlled media staunchly refuses to admit that truth: that this was a series of race riots by White-hating Blacks. The Jews at the NYT and the me-too papers pull out all their Sunday-best verbs and adjectives to disguise what was really going on.

Warmongering in China

Reese on the armchair neocons. More here.

Government Roundup

First, on Magna Carta. Here money. Here drug war insanity. Here government indoctrination center visits Jewish sex "education" on children of unwilling parents. Here on librarians destroying history. Paving the way for the next generation of Jewish lies. If they do their work well enough, perhaps we can destroy any material evidence that civilized White America ever existed. Here on Oklahoma bombing. More here.

Anarchy School

Berkeley trains budding anarchists, rioters, disrupters...

Art: Photorealist Painting

New trends toward representation and reality and away from Jewish modernist painted words...

Media: More on China Story Flap

Between WorldNetDaily and TNR, the plagiarist... Original story here. Here new report out on lewd music. Here science confirms: men, women -- sexes -- differ. Now that's news you can use...

A Nigger's Nigger

Ol' Dirty Bastard is a nigger, a rapper, and a criminal, to be redundant. Do your kids listen to him, White man? Don't let them. Here young Negroid gentlemen comporting themselves with dignity in New Jersey.

Baboonish Babs

Taki blasts the tacky songstress-Jewess...

On Evironmentalism


Shitskins Drive Whites into Countryside

Teeming millions of turds heading this way, already here, and nobody opposing it except the majority of Whites. Turd invasion is the symptom, Jew is the disease, White man. Here on coloreds in Red Deer.

Click Here!

Jew Pulitzer: Yellow Journalist and Fomentor of Mass Immigration

A little history you didn't learn in school... Here Portland paper wins Pulitzer for expose on INS practices in " Deportland." God forbid not enough rapists, slavers, voodoo-practitioners get in. Here NYT wins for series on diversity and race in America. Semitically Correct awards for S.C. writing. Here on "mainstream" Hispanics.

Reparations and Repatriation

By Greg Krupey...

"No-Go" Zones for Whites in Oldham

Latest in ongoing saga of Asian depredations in Britain. The White man's own country is off-limits.

The Angler, the Carp and the Revisionist

Robert Faurisson's parable about the religion of Holocaustianity: its overweening arrogance, its power. . .and inevitable demise.

Yggdrasil on Barksdales and Mississippi Flag Flap

The inner party won't be content with mere destruction of symbols, it seeks to destroy a way of life, a race. White genocide is what the Jews intend.

Jews Censor: Rage Against Kevin MacDonald's Truth

No criticism, please -- we're Jewish and we can't handle it. Title link to story about last summer's campaign against Kevin MacDonald, author of a trilogy of books organized Jewry is highly afraid will be read by the public. Jews are the enemy, White man. Have you read anything today besides these words that wasn't first censored by a Jew? Are you sure?

Jews Lie: NA Leafletting an 'Act of Violence'

Lying is as Jewish as whining and swindling. In Hymie's ongoing campaign to destroy America by imposing speech codes and "hate crimes" law, one of his recent tacks has been to break down in the public's mind the difference between thoughts and words, beliefs and actions. Thus the probably Jewish editorialist Neiman in Red Deer: "An act of violence on the streets of Red Deer came to light Monday, when residents of at least one city neighbourhood walked out their doors to see their streets had been plastered with hate literature." Get that? An "act of violence" -- passing out brochures. Jews and the truth are strangers. To the Jewish Ehrenburg it's an act of violence for a White man to pass out literature. But when nig savages rip Whites out of their cars in Cincinnati and beat them senseless, the Jew reaches back in his wordbook and pulls out "harassment." To say Jew is to say liar. The Jew is the enemy, White man.

Jews Murder: Laughing Hymiettas Shatter Palestinian Skulls with Hypersonic Bullets

Grinning she-Jews sniping gonads, eyes of Palestinian kids. Jews are dangerous to children and other living things. Jews are the enemy, White man.

Jews Hate: The Grafton Library, Named After U.S.S. Liberty

Jews can't handle the truth. There's no other way to put it. They will howl to the moon, lie, cheat and steal and suppress, smear, censor and murder to prevent the truth about their foul race and its murderous swindles from getting out. Here a small town fought them and won, by naming its library after the ship of the 34 sailors murdered by Israel in one its many wars we paid for. Jews called it "anti-Semitism" to name a library in memorial to murdered Americans, because after all, they are not, truly, Americans, and don't feel it, and don't bother to disguise the fact. The Jews are few and powerful, White man, but they can be beaten. Note that the article linked to is by Ennes, who was a lieutenant on the ship when the duplicitous Israeli ingrates murdered the White Americans. The only thing Jews understand is force, White man. What are we going to do about the Jewish Problem? This is a great article to read for any of you con visitors to this site who think you are a little too smart to be taken in by idiots preaching Jewish conspiracies. Read how much force Hymie was able to leverage in short order to get the library to change its name. Could you or any group you belong to do the same? If you didn't like the name of your local library, could you arrange things so that "a solid barrage of stories about the library appeared in five area newspapers and the Chicago Tribune, along with frequent and highly caustic mention on area television news and talk shows." Gee, maybe there's something to those theories? Ever notice how in the news it's always rational Jews versus "hateful" "extremists"? How is it that your side never gets to frame the issue? And why does every paper out there shade the issues the same way? When Jews murder our fellow Americans, the media hush it up. When Americans name a tiny, itsy-bitsy library in honor of the Jew-slain, why all of a sudden Armageddon has struck. How is that possible without Jewish media string-pulling? Answer: It isn't. Jews control the media. That's why anything they favor against the wishes of the majority (affirmative action, open immigration) wins out in our "democratic" country ruled by the will of the majority. A democracy is rule by media/rule by media owners/rule by Jews. But so deep is the Jewish poison, that even Ennes refers to anti-Semitic loonies. Obviously failing to learn from his own experience. What is it about White makeup that is so slow to realize an obvious racial threat from a rabid group of haters like the Jews? Jews are the enemy, White man. You are poorer and less free because there are Jews in your country, White man.

White History: The Battle of Chalons

In the past Whites have pulled together when they needed to. So it must be today. Let us remember Chalons and keep its M.X. Rienzi

Luther on Jews

"...their blindness and arrogance are as solid as an iron mountain." Here on Jewish ritual murder.

The Sopranowitzim

Jew mobsters in America. (Old-timers, not the recent "Russian" Jewish mobsters.)

Kennedy-Clinton Cartoon

By Bergstrom, well done...

Floyd on Cincinnati

The old chicken-on-a-stick-waver opines on the recent idiocy. "This country fears the nigger." Yep. One race is on top, or the other. No in-between. When nigs are on top, you get Zimb, SA, Cin, Det, D.C., etc. But nigs are only the symptom -- Jews are the disease.

The White Yuppie Question

The liberal White consumers who create many of the problems in the city move to the rural areas where the cycle repeats. Their stupidity and disrespect entitle them to the same-counter measures we adopt against brown Angry White Female

The Subject of "Hate"

One view of the way Whites ought to go about separating and protecting their interests.... by M.X. Rienzi

Africa or Detroit?: Either Way It's Nigastan to You, White Man

Detroit was first polluted, then destroyed by free-range niggers. "The police force has been criticized in recent months for arresting witnesses during homicide investigations, shooting an unusually large number of suspects and failing to keep accurate crime statistics. There have also been several deaths in house fires at which fire engines have been slow to arrive. Mr. Archer said he planned to address police and fire department problems soon." Sounds like Africa to me.

Jewish Goal: World Net Censorship

Here Hymie presents as given world "regulation" of the internet. Freedom is not a Jewish value. It's something Jews fear.

White Anthropology: Latest on Kennewick Man

Judge reviews decision...

Times House Negro Blames Whites for Cin Attacks

Why can't a nigger be more like a White man? Because he isn't a White man. No riddle, folks. "Black people are real(TM)." Word on the street is that nearly 200 Whites were assualted by rioting Cin jigs, even as the SC mayor apologized. Rioting Cin jigs are the symptom, Jews are the disease. The Jew is your enemy, White man. He knows it. Do you? More here.

New World Order Fan Colin Powell

Affirmative-action baby Colin Powell praises the New World Order, more specifically the drive to make an EU out of North and South America. All we have to do is fold in a few tens of millions of dirts, and civilized White America disappears. Mexican invasion is the symptom, Jews are the disease. The Jew is the enemy, White man. Do you realize that? Here Yugoslavia issues arrest warrant for Clinton. Here insane Jap pol calls for country that richest Jews would want to live in.

Race and Redistricting

Court says it can be a factor, both parties applaud. The Reps talk about individuals and color-blindness, but are more than willing to notice colored races where it will help them. The Republican Party is not the answer, White man. There is no way out but through the Jews, and only White nationalists will tell you that.

"Holocaust" (Whatever That Is) Story Du Jour

Radzilow getting lots of press these days. Poor, persecuted Jews. What noble sufferers you are. How much IBM, Corona, Germans, Poles, Spain, Italy Lapland -- all of us -- owe you. Here Jewish media baron Gusinsky stuck in Spain, which refuses to extradite him to Russia. Here is a list of skeptics who truly have been persecuted by "Holocaust" promoters. More on Russian media battles here. And here.


Some very good ones... Here on decay. Here on the Propasphere. More here.

Alaska: More "Hate" Crimes Law and Cop Indoctrination Needed, Says Pol

He was guilty of wearing White skin, the greatest crime of all. More on Red Deer here. Here an interesting satanism and ritual abuse archive. Scroll through and read some of the African examples. How many of the Africans in America believe these things and practice these practices? Here a brown pride site. Probably set up by Jews. Here on "gay-straight" alliances in schools, a milestone of decadence. Here on race and L.A. mayor's race. Here Mississippi votes to keep flag. Notice the way the story ends: "The struggle will continue." If the vote went the other way, of course, it would be portrayed as progressive and permanent. Here Louisiana darkies want Darwin done away with for being 'racist.' An unusual twist that puts liberals in a bind. Here NAACP nigs prattle about boycotting Mississippi for not adopting the chest-beating ape they favored as flag emblem. Here on odd Nazi notes in Sandusky.

Mississippi Flag

Classic Jew bias: "Faced with a choice between the Old South and the New, Mississippi voters today overwhelmingly selected a 107-year-old state flag that contains the Confederate battle cross in its upper corner, leaving their state the only one to display the divisive symbol on an official banner." It's "diverse" if it supports the yid agenda, "divisive" if it doesn't. That's what's so neat about being Jewish: if a lie advances your cause, then you lie. If the truth helps, then you speak the truth. If New Morality gets the job done, then use it. If Old Morality works, then use that. The Jew is the enemy, White man. Every two-bit Urdu-speaking goatherd has to have AFDC regulations printed in his native gurgle, but White men wishing to preserve a huge expanse of their forebears' culture are "racists" who must be euthanized. We cannot tolerate a Jewish presence in America any longer, White man. It is time for Hymie to pack his bags and go, as he has so many times before.


Review of new book... Here on community and its loss. Perhaps related to racial "diversity" and legal codes that prevent Whites' free association in the name of "civil rights"?

South Africa and the Fall of the West

Very interesting article from WND's LoBaido, re his novel The Third Boer War and experience with Afrikaners. He takes to Christian mysticism, but with many sidetrips into fact. He thinks religion can overcome racial and biological differences, but in other ways sticks to the truth. LoBaido names all the players except the actuating one: international Jewry. Like most Christians, he seems to have a mental block that prevents him from mentioning Jews in any connection with the horrors they've visited on White civilization.

Destroying Britain

Nogs aren't British, it doesn't matter who claims they are.

Thomas Funeral: Cin City Bids Good Riddance to Nig Rubbish

Niggers can do anything in this country and get away with it.... City says "Good-bye" reads headline. Maybe they miss him because he grew the economy, with all the police overtime his crimes made necessary, the broken and missing things that had to be replaced. Now we're going to let one of our faithful readers speak: How would you like to be the cop that had to deal with that asshole? By apologizing to the mother, the Mayor is implying that the cop is guilty. And all these guys have the same story - "He was a good boy. He was going to get a job. The only reason he was arrested (fill in the blank) times was that the police picked on him." The same thing is said about every one of these guys. The other thing is that they all have bastard kids and "planned to get married." I noticed that refrain 25 years ago when I lived in Baltimore and have been hearing it ever since. It's the same story. You just fill in the blank for the number of arrests. In rational times, that would make a fine editorial in the local daily. In Jewish-controlled Times, we listen to lugubrious laments about Noble Timmy, he died for our sins, He of the Fourteen Warrants. Sort of like a Nig Jesus, (redundant now that advanced theologians have beKiwi'd Our Saviour). Duke on Cincinnati. Here on search for hate crimes there. Here Fred Reed comments. "Nothing short of separation...will work." "The underlying problem is that blacks regard themselves as a separate people, and white police as an occupying army." "We have always been two countries. We only choose to pretend otherwise." Quite right, Fred. Blacks need to be separated from Whites, and not merely the police. How about repatriating them to Africa, as the founders intended? Sound good?

On LaRochefoucauld

Excellent, excellent... Note that our link is to the home page of New Criterion. Scroll down to find the story. Eventually it will be archived permanently on its own page. But that time is yet to be, and you should read this essay now. Also, note Kimball on tribalism at same link. Although he is, I believe, a Jew, there is at least some recognition that most of the big-name anthropologists were liars, although he fails to make clear that the lies, fathered by race-doesn't-exist Ur-Liar Boas, were put forward to advance the Jewish interest in destroying White civilization. So today, if a nigger's beating an overturned paint-drum down on the corner, why it's veriest Mozart says Academic Hymie, and only a racist would deny it.

Jews Grow Nervous

They are going to murder a lot more Arabs before they're through, but in the end, they'll lose. Americans are now using the internet -- sites like this -- to read up on what the subsidized 'nad-sniping swindlers are up to... The Jews are your enemy, White man.

Origins of Earth Day

Lenin... Here a rather odd report from LoBaido in Cambodia. Here on hate-crimes vote in Texas.

Mad Scientists Build Eelborg

Tissue and technology tied...

Media: More On TNR's Plagiarism of WND China Reporting

Jews rip off Christians...

Ashcroft to Address Jewish Hate Group

John Ashcroft will speak about "hate" crimes before the most notorious hate group in America, the global smearmongers of ADL. The Republicans aren't the answer, White man. If Christian cowardice were the solution, we wouldn't be in the mess we're in now. VNN calls on Ashcroft to cancel his appearance and formally apologize to the White race the ADL spies on and encourages discrimination against. It is most unseemly for America's first lawyer to lend his prestige to a known group of racists and haters that has been convicted of operating a private spy network. No American can feel secure in his rights knowing that you, Mr. Ashcroft, sanction the lies and persecution of the traditional enemies of the truth by honoring them with your presence.

Lone Survivor Recounts Wichita Massacre

Carefully glossed over by reporter Sylvester are the details of the sexual degradation. Whole yards of coverage would have lingered lugubriously on same were colors reversed.

Canada: NA Distributes in Red Deer

Opinion piece disguised as a news article. Here on pro-White posters now gracing Red Deer. Here in Alameda. Oy! They're everywhere...

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