The Subject of "Hate"

by M.X. Rienzi

The most common accusation against racialist activists is that they are "haters," "hatemongers"; that they are motivated by "hate," rather than reason. Now, this stereotype, like all stereotypes, contains a kernel of truth. Indeed, there are racially-oriented organizations, and racialist individuals, who are motivated by hate, and whose world-view is shaped by negativism and the sense of being in opposition to the "other." One can hear views which seem to advocate the extermination of non-Whites. There are people who exhibit immense hostility to all non-Whites, and refuse to associate with these people in any way, for any reason.

This description of the hate-filled "activist" does not apply however to our world-view, the perspective of PanEuronet. Instead, we focus on positive goals, goals which have as their ultimate aim the survival and advancement of the European peoples worldwide, and of Western civilization.

Our long-term objective is the geographic and political separation of the major biocultural groups (races), self-determination and freedom from alien domination for our people (Euros), and the formation of a society and system conducive to the interests of our people. Our more short-term objective is the creation of cohesive social structures to defend the interests of our people during the period of time in which we have to continue to live in the current multiracial system, and to begin the preliminary work of constructing our future.

Note well that we have absolutely no interest in the extermination, subjugation or exploitation of any group. We harbor no animus to those who in return have no animus for us. Thus, regarding the relationship between us and our opponents, the only ones that can be said to harbor group hatred are our opponents, who seem to wish for the complete destruction of our people. We ourselves do not desire the destruction of anyone; instead, we merely desire our own preservation and self-interest.

On the personal level, we see no advantage in promoting hostility or rudeness to non-White individuals. Such behavior does not serve to solve the race problem. In fact, we believe that the opposite is the case. We need to learn about the non-White peoples, their strengths and weaknesses, what they really think about us and themselves. We need to be able to discuss issues, negotiate when necessary, and perhaps to form alliances against common foes. Therefore, establishing temporary relations based on mutual respect can be practically helpful. In addition, it can help us avoid slipping into the mindset of self-destructive and negative behavior.

Of course, we draw a line that is firm and unshakable. To maintain our biocultural integrity, we oppose all inter-racial mating and marriage. We also believe that we should help our own people first, and are against the hand-outs to non-Whites, at our expense, which has so harmed our people. But, this is not hate. It is not hate to take care of your family before you think about a stranger. On the other hand, one should not blindly hate the stranger, unless he or she poses a threat. It may be that the stranger is a friend, or an enemy. Once that is established , our behavior should reflect that fact.

In summary, we establish our perspective as one which is positive minded and open minded. We advocate pro-Euro activism out of a rational concern for our people and their culture, not out of emotional hostility to others, and not out of adherence to knee-jerk fossilized dogmas. We do not advocate a destructive attitude toward other groups, and we in fact are willing to grant others the same rights of existence and self-determination that we desire for ourselves. In addition, on an individual basis, we are open to friendly and mutually respectful relations with others, as long as the boundaries are respected, and we all work toward the goal of separation and freedom.

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