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Germany: MEGA Drives Around Looking for Illegal T-shirts

A Brandenburg task force against right-wing extremism and xenophobia rides around looking for kids to bust for illegal clothes and similar outrages...

Archaeology: Find in Egypt May Back Herodotus

The Greek historian said the Persian army simply disappeared in the sand, and recent evidence may support him.

White History: Pre-Christian Temple Found in Sweden

The pentagonal-shaped building was found at a site 25 miles south of Stockholm... It is thought to date to as far back as 200 B.C. and be the first such Iron Age temple in the land.

Swaziland: Life Among the Savages

Funny when they're in Africa.

"Diversity Is Our Greatest Strength"

Not funny when they're here, practicing their Afro-Cuban palo-mayombe (a Santeria offshoot). You are crazy to let these coloreds run free in your midst, White man. THE TWO RACES, EQUALLY FREE, CANNOT LIVE UNDER THE SAME GOVERNMENT, said THOMAS JEFFERSON. Ignore the liars like Jew David Horowitz who pass themselves off as conservatives. They aren't. They are anti-historical utopians whose kooky beliefs make gruesome scenes like this today's American reality.

America Is an Island Sinking Into a Third-World Sea...

...says this letter.

Next-Step Feminism Hits Campuses

Anything that makes a woman uncomfortable must be illegal. Menstruation is a male plot.

Gun Takers: Bill for Handgun Registration

Senator Reed proposes national registration, with all kinds of neat photos and cop signings and special cost-boosting taxes. Gun control is Goy control; Jews fear free White men. And here's a story about the California Senate approving licensing.

German Arrested in Lewisburg, W.V.

Watch here for further details...

Meat-Eating Underground Plant Discovered

There are still weird things in the world undiscovered or unaccounted for. The Age of Discovery is not dead.

Interview with Michael Hoffman

An unusual and interesting man, sort of like Camille Paglia in dealing with subjects sinister and mythic and Masonic. He unearths history few others know or talk about, and is truly sui generis in our mass-produced world. Read what he says and ponder it...

More On Monaghan's Catholic Law School, Ave Maria

The liberals are already spitting hate at it. This ought to be a heads-up for intelligent Whites. Build institutions that explicitly cater to right-wing youth elite and explicitly exclude Jews and you will create the preconditions for taking control of the country.

Understanding Haider and the European Right

Good Guardian article making sense of those opposing the EU and the globalists. Side note: The Guardian is a leftist paper, and openly hostile to the rightists it writes about. Note, however, that you the reader get more out of this approach than from the American papers' pretense of objectivity. Open leftism is preferable to veiled.

Germany: Right Marches in Halle

Before the judgment against skins accused of murder... Also, German judge asks for help from American ISPs in shutting down rightist websites...

The Guardian Explains Why Black Men Win All Those Races

Unbelievably moronic, sneering article, such as only the English left can provide... Read here an article on Irish racism. Seems they don't like Blacks and foreigners any better than Eastern Germans, according to this Rastaman... And here's news of a firing for making a joke about Africans.

Flag Battles and White Murders in South Africa

Lots of Black-on-White violence in this country you never hear about. (From a good local pro-White news source...)

Who Really Hates Whites?: A Review of Horowitz' Hating Whitey

Nitwit feminists and third-rate colored academics pale beside the real problem: Jews who lie that the White race doesn't exist. Horowitz, with his utopian individualism and Black relatives and lies about the racial views of the founders, is the real White hater... by J. Halliday

Gov. Calls for Active Recruitment of Foreigners to Settle Iowa

Sheer Midwestern insanity. As family farming has gone declined, population has left for the cities. The natural solution, says Vilsack, is to import tens of thousands of foreigners. Many already there to work in meat-packing show no interest in assimilating and are proud to be Mexicans.

Jewish Extortionists Turn Attention to American Companies

The greedy bloodsuckers just can't help themselves any more than ticks can. Will American companies hold a lighter up to 'em?

Bogus Denny's Claim Caught on Tape, Jewish Lawyer Drops Suit

Let's see, Jewish "civil rights" advocates pass laws preventing people from serving whom they wish. That's heralded as a breakthrough for freedom. Then greedy Jewish lawyers and crooked colored clients team up to make baseless claims of discrimination while the Jewish media cheer them on. In this rare case, colored plaintiffs get caught on tape. The truth is that for every Black "discriminated against" at Denny's, whatever that means, you can probably find a hundred Black dine-and-dashes.

A Thick Collection of Examples of Jewish Media Double Standards...

This person doesn't mention the Jewish angle, but does provide a good, conservative, sky-is-blue proof of bias.

Tricks of the Meat Trade

An ex-cutter tells you what to watch for. Good inside info on purchasing meat and fish. May PETA freaks everywhere gnaw their tongues for pain...

Black Whining Gets Flannery O'Connor Books Yanked from Shelves

She used the word 'niggardly' or something...

Review of Evelyn Waugh

A Semitically Correct review of a satirist who, like Shakespeare and most of our better writers, despised Jews and Blacks. (Hit "bookshelf" under "reviews"...)

The Blackest Book: Judeo-Bolshevist Crimes

A review of the Black Book of Communism by a Semitically Correct American Spectator writer who manages to complete his analysis of a tome analyzing the 80-100 million dead killed by communism without once mentioning the word "Jew." Like writing a book on the NBA without mentioning Blacks. Conservatives are not a real opposition, White man -- they are consciously or unconsciously in a league with the Jews, our enemy. The reason no one ever talks about communism's miserable record is that its theorizers, agents and coverers-up were Jews. And Jews work together no matter how many tens of millions their brethren kill. Every Goy in the world isn't worth the fingernail shard of one Jew, and that's direct Jewish doctrine. You don't care enough to look it up yourself, so you choose not to believe me. But what I say is fact. (Hit "bookshelf" under "reviews"...)

NAAWP Hands Out Supplies to White Kids

Poor kids are grateful, but Church elders won't ask the group back after they learn nature of its organization...

Germany: Whatever Are We to Do with Those Naughty Eastern Kids?

They refuse to hate Germany like all Good Germans should... A report from the New York Times (NYT), and a Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) editorial on the long, hot, right-wing summer. A hater is anyone who speaks against the liberal Jew; a criminal is anyone who acts against him. That's the doctrine according to Frank'n'wiesel. Of course the lying Jewish rag NYT was instrumental in covering up perhaps the biggest hate crime in recorded history: the Jewish murder of millions of Ukrainian Christian farmers under Stalin. It is a recorded fact that the Jews' boy Walter Duranty won a Pulitzer Prize for his coverage from the Soviet Union during the politically instigated famine. He simply lied that it wasn't happening and the editing Jews printed his lies on the front page. That's how Jews are. Even after the truth emerged, the Jews at NYT refused to renounce the prize because they are liars, and because it would damage their political agenda.

Crime Stats from FBI: Crime Drop Continues

Classic Semitically Correct report on latest national crime stats released by FBI. They show a drop for the sixth straight year. The report focuses on Blacks being the greatest victims of crime. Nary a word about the perpetrators. It is a surefire test of Semitical Correctness, this way of reporting crime by focusing on the victims instead of the perps. Odd that all these official sources claim they provide "news you can use," yet omit the truly useful information about crime. What can we do but sympathize with the victims? Yet if they broke down the criminals by race, etc., we'd actually have something we could use. But of course we already know who's causing the crime -- and who's lying about it.

Celebrate Global Governance Day!

The U.N. under the benign directorship of Kofi Annan...

Jews Carry Out Self-Survey

A $5 million study of their American community of six million.

Jews Celebrate Their Greatest American Martyr

Oy weh, what this people has suffered...Expect Leo Frank to be built up into a hero in coming years. Perhaps mandatory "Frank" teaching in Georgia to school racist Whites in American intolerance; nice counterpart to manadatory Anne Frank-Holocaust agitprop that already exists.

Inside Media: Marcuse, Wigand and San Diego

Interesting interview with ex-60 Minutes producer about his days studying under Marcuse in San Diego, his press battles with that city's elite, and his attacks on "Big Tobacco."

Football Players Thumb Nose at Supreme Court Ruling -- And Live

Robed bozos making illegal laws don't have to be obeyed. That's the real rule you should respect, White man.

Corporations Dump Boy Scouts, Queers Cheer

The fox-faced ferrety faggoty "anarcuties" protesting "corporate" power outside the conventions ought to ask themselves who controls the corporations when they can be cowed by one percent of the population... Jew-led media is the real power in this country, and brooks no opposition, even from traditionalist Jews like Laura Schlessinger.

Southerners Press for Confederate Heritage Month in Virginia

Waste of time... Deal with the real problem, gray man: Black and White and Jew.

White History: Bronze Age Thracian Palace Discovered in Bulgaria

Latest in a series of finds...

Social Revolution Through TV: How Sports Ads 'Niggerize' America

Our own K. Tarkington looks at some recent ads and the racial message they send. Hint: it ain't cool to be White, but you can achieve grudging tolerance by aping the Affen and their Affenkultur.

Chinese Mass Troops in Sudan

Helping the Islamic government smash Christian and animist southern rebels...

What the U.N. Has in Store for You

Global taxation, among other things... Interesting words on public-private partnerships.

EU Secrecy Rules Mean the Public Doesn't Have a Right to Know

An elite corps of creeps wants to run everything behind the scenes, against the interests of the European common man...

Football Prayers: Should We Allow ACLU Jews to Dictate to the Rest of Us?

If the Jewish anti-civil liberties hate group ACLU opposes something, it's probably a good idea. If a judge says you can't pray at a graduation or over the PA at a football game -- ignore him. You are crazy to let this tiny group of hateful people impose its Semitically Correct left-wing extremist morality on you, White man.

Top Ten Incidents of Campus 'Correctness'

Accuracy in Academia, a Semitically Correct anti-P.C. conservative monitoring group, puts out its list of the ten most egregious campus examples of leftist control and double standards.

Mexican President Proposes Stuffing U.S. with Mexicans

Why not just rename the country Mexico North? Nothing Fox has proposed -- essentially he is calling for open borders -- has been shot down by either Bush or Gore.

Pierce on the Decline in Moral Fitness

Easy credit, refined sugars, TV have made us a nation of morally flabby Veruka Salt adults. Veruka, in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, sang: "Don't care how -- I want it now."

Background on Ezola Foster

Good picture of what life in multicultural L.A. is like today. Ezola gets harassed by Mexican-directed schoolkids, ends up pleading "crazy" to get worker's comp. Now says she wasn't actually crazy... Nice choice, Buchanan. Yet another guy who's reached out so far he's fallen in.

First Tobacco, Now Guns

A good example of Pierce's moral flabbiness. If we can't hold people responsible for their own choices (smoking and murder) then we have to find someone else to blame. First it was "Big" tobacco. Now it's gun manufacturers. First thing we do, let's kill all the Jewish lawyers...

Microsoft's Encarta in Battle Over Turkish Genocide

Turkey government objects to its killing of the Armenians being called the first genocide of the century. Microsoft tries to force authors to make revisions. The interesting question is whether there are Jews at work behind the scenes here. Jews wish their own Holocaust, which has brought them so much money and sympathy, to be the only queen in the room.

Silver Bullet: Not Just for Vampires Anymore

Worker hits wrong switch, floods creek with booze, and it's 1-8-7 on the underwater pez...

Black Gang Attacks White in England

Do you think Jew Straw will denounce this? Even mention it? Blacks are the symptom, Jews are the disease. Also, black panther attacks British kid. Maybe it really is the color.

Zimbabwe Identifies Hundreds More Farms for Seizure

Nobody has a clue what's going on here, and that includes the Negroes "running" things.

Jews Pressure Congress to Eliminate Your Freedom

Main Jewish groups urge Congress to pass anti-White legislation quickly as possible... If you're pro-White, they want to criminalize your political speech and seize your gun. If you commit a "crime," you should do extra time because you're White. Jews are your enemy, White man.

Jew Works to Falsify New Testament

Jews may have killed Jesus, but if this Jew has his way, that's not how it will read in the Bible. You can expect to see the Bible, or at least the New Testament, denounced as "hate" literature in coming days.

Swiss Try to Cope With the Jewish Criminals Called 'Russian Mafia'

Just like here, the Jews swindle billions and the local Whites suffer. Jews seem to have a gene for swindling -- right next to the gene for covering-up. You will virtually never see it pointed out in any "respectable" publication that the Russian Mafia is run by and mostly made up of Jews. Why should Jews accept the blame when it can be fobbed off on Whites? Just like the Jew trying to rewrite Jesus' persecutors from the Jews they were into generic "religious leaders." This is how the world really works, and you'll never see a word about it on those "conservative" news sites prating their boldness and independence.

U.N.: Britain Must Do More to Stop Racism

Once a mighty empire, now a pitiful island, hectored by monkeys at the U.N. for not doing enough to combat racism. The U.N. does praise Jew Jack Straw, though, for his support for "hate" crimes legislation. Jews just always seem to do the right thing, don't they? Doesn't matter what country they're in, the majority is always evil and racist, and they are always enlightened and multicultural.

German Historical Institute Bans Access to Irving's Nazi Research Papers

He gave them to the Munich-based institute; now it won't give other scholars access to them and it won't return them.

Immigration And California

Third-world patterns being repeated, shows study... Border Patrol shoots illegal...

On Trial for Flyers...

Every seen a Jew or minority or left-wing college student on trial for this?

Rap Riots at UPN Awards Show

Hip-hop be all about the people coming together, says Coolio. Heart to heart and fist to fist as this report shows.

Chinese Family Planning Officials Murder Baby

What's interesting here are the words, actions and attitudes of the people bossing China. There are many, many libs who would love to do just this in America , not just Hillary Clinton.

Click Here!

South African Media Condemned as Racist by Human Rights Commission

The new South Africa really is what Mencken said about the democracy: a circus run from the monkey cage.

Muti: South African Blacks at Play...

See, it's progress, say the Jew-controlled media, to give these murderers who use cut-off testicles in their voodoo the same rights as you have. Just like they're your equals! What an insane thing to do... Plus, Biehls sup with the murderers of their daughter Amy: textbook liberal insanity. Also, Eugene Terre'Blanche let out of prison.

Remember the Car Flamethrower in South Africa?

It'll be in America before long. Here's the first step: Mercedes introduces armored car.

Workaday Colored-on-White Murder

A couple teens kill a car salesman in Sacramento. Nothing special, just something you wouldn't have heard about otherwise.

Drag Queens to Perform at Olympics

Aussies just say yes to freaks. It's enough to make you chunder.

Buckley Letter to Jared Taylor

We grew up reading Buckley. It's sad to see his decline. Here he laments a descent he was uniquely positioned to prevent as head of the most prominent American right-wing magazine.

Tennessee Dealer Gives Away Gun With Car Purchase

NRA member gives kids squirt guns too.

Official 800 Report

Someone fired a fuel tank at the plane, and it exploded. Something like that.

Executive Order Makes Fed Agencies Multilingual

Another milepost, per Tom Chittum of Civil War Two fame, on the way to destruction. We are not one nation, haven't been for a long time, and this is merely an obvious sign of it.

Burning Forests Result of Clinton's Federal Land Grab

If you forbid logging, you're just making the next lightning fire worse, even unstoppable. More workaday socialist stupidity from Boss Tuna and his gang of corrupt clowns.

White History: The Tragedy of the American Civil War

A right-wing Jew hits some of the relevant points about this needless war.

Spearfishing in Cajun Country

Another article by Fontova, celebrating the good things in life, which are found abundantly in Louisiana...

Sobran on Alec Guiness

It doesn't matter what his subject, Sobran is the best going. Read carefully what he says, and ponder it, for there is more in it than a hundred lesser columnists' efforts. Implicit advice for actors...

Black-White Test Gap Widens, Tools Profess Perplexity

What never ceases to amaze is that those attempting to "explain" the gap really seem to believe their own S.C. claim that it has nothing to do with genetics.

Indian Whooping It Up Atop Oklahoma Capital

If you lack the courage to be the hammer, you will end up the anvil, White man.

Don't Touch That Mexican -- You Don't Know Where He's Been...

Mexicans and South Americans and Asians come here illegally -- and bring their horrifying tropical diseases with them. Diseases our White doctors are hardly prepared to recognize, and diseases they spread to our innocent White population. To the Jews and business interests working together to keep our borders open: When Whites take power, you will hang for this.

Cavalli-Sforza Review: Tracking Human Evolution through Genes

He's at pains to confirm the Semitically Correct orthodoxy that race doesn't exist, but his data suggest otherwise. Complete Chapter One here.

Tech Future: Alles Optical

Good info on the future of technology, as our electronic networks, still based on copper, go optic. Also try this article on the new business mags covering the New Economy.

White Heritage: Beethoven Wrote Irish Jigs

To be performed in upcoming movie...

Eisenhower Ordered Murder of Lumumba

Some Cold War and Congo history.

Microchips: They're Not Just for Rover Anymore

Perry Farrell, wacked out Lollapalooza founder, sang it best: "We'll make great pets." "Extremely heartened by remarkable progress," says lead mad scientist of human implant. Supposedly the owner can turn it off. Unless that's declared illegal. The goods and bads of micro- and nanotechnology, which can both help heal and help track.

Buchanan's Acceptance Speech (Text)

Good points about bringing home the U.S. military to protect our border, but choosing a Black high school teacher for V.P. shows how far from his base Buchanan's wandered. Nothing could make it clearer he's not a racialist, and no White man should support him.

All's Fare in Love, War and Sierra Leone

Many hands make light work?...or good stew? Two stories to chew on. How many of these cannibals' relatives are living in White America?

Francis on Williamsburg Reeducation

Now the famous historical recreation focuses on slaves and how they were abused. Whites playing the owners have been physically molested. Francis' last line is state-of-the-art conservative cowardice, implying what he ought to but is afraid to state openly.

French Fried Freedom

David Irving's, among others', books have been yanked from Normandy bookshop. Note the traditional Jewish tactic of writing secret letters to libraries to get them to remove disliked material. Is this happening in your library? Meanwhile, French yahoo ruling pending...

California Crimes

A California weekend. Well, not all California. Not even all Northern California. Just one metroplex. And still only a partial menu of the minority crimes committed, including hotel robbery, bank robbery, shooting, and murder.

Latest Political News from Germany

Small towns are fed up with immigrants, and in Celle they've walled them off. Good idea! Better yet, get rid of 'em. Meanwhile the government moves closer to trying to ban the NPD. A rally against everything but the real problems is held in Munich, and USA Today reports on what it clairvoyantly calls hate crimes.

Pierce on "The Holocaust Industry"

Finkelstein's book accurately portrays the Holocaust-as-extortion-racket, but attributes this, falsely to a handful of elite Jews. The whole group benefits. Read Finkelstein's view of his book here.

Our Heritage: POW Camp at Hadrian's Wall in Scotland

Anthropological details of a Roman prison camp.

Free Country, But Hire Who We Tell You

Salon applauds an L.A. Jewish hotelier's fine for restaffing with attractive Whites.

"Hate" Crimes in England

Focus on Whites, ignore the Blacks -- how the game's played here and there and everywhere.

Censoring the Net, Chinese Style

German report on the "limits of digital freedom," a topic of great interest to the slavishly philo-Semitic German ruling class. It's not the World Wide Web in China, it's the "China Wide Web." No joke.

Gun Rights Group Wraps Itself In Holocaust Mantle, Gets in Catfight with ADL

You can't use the greatest sob story ever told without express written consent.

Jews May Have 200+ Nukes

Our $300-billion bloodsucking buddies may have us in their sights, as well as their clutches. Do you suppose they threatened Switzerland or Germany to ease their bank extortions?

Fifty Years of Progress

Read the text on the right of this 1953 army document, and marvel at how much things have changed in fifty years. There's no reason they can change in a different direction in the next fifty.

Sailer on Genes and Intelligence

Ongoing article at Brimelow's site... Conclusions aren't necessarily ours, but he brings up many relevant facts ignored elsewhere.

Fear and Censorship at

They're afraid to spell out nigger in a letter-to-the-editor, but have no problem with "redneck" and "hillbilly." Even as they pretend to worship the founding fathers while denying Jefferson's words that the "...two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government." Leftist radical Jews like Horowitz lead you nowhere but destruction, White man. Don't let their self-applied "conservative" label fool you. They're four-square behind the multiculturalism that's killing the country.

Sociology: Totally Politicized

One of the most biased academic disciplines going, complains a Jewish leftist, who has written about America as the first "universal" nation. There are a few good ones left. Read Claremont McKenna's Fred Lynch, author of Invisible Victims: White Males and the Crisis of Affirmative Action.

When Animals Attack

Sometime it's buffaloes. Sometimes it's Negroes.

Women and the Vote

Interesting article on changing social trends, albeit Semitically Correct on race...

White Parents: E-School Your Kids at Home

Balk the Jews of their bauble -- your child's mind. With the technology and coursework available today, you can set up a solid educational program at home. Of course, your kid will miss out on "socialization" -- that is, being beat up by bullies and taught to put condoms on bananas...

It's A "Free" Country?

Not if you want to contract. Not if you want to make fun of "black hoes." Not if you want to put a confederate flag on your truck. But yes, if you are an Asian illegal who wants to live in Denver and join one of the many thriving gangs.

SPLC Suit Underway Against Aryan Nations

Kool Moe Dees tries to bag another bogus decision. The truth is the Idaho locals -- girls or boys -- are more endangered by Kool Moe's pathetic lusts than by the Aryans.

Anti-Jewish Sentiment Possibly Evident in Recent Acts

Never assume what the media report actually happened the way they present it. Besides an anti-Lieberman message in Chico, Calif., two kids apparently turned over nearly 100 headstones in the Jewish section of a Tulsa cemetery.

Latest from Germany: Neo-Nazis Shift Websites to U.S.

Good news is that more on the German right are acting up, as this report shows. No one should have to live in a country where Jews control public opinion. Get rid of the Jews, bring back civilization -- there's an eighty-percent overlap. Also, rallies and counter-rallies in Oslo; more on taz's printing of the 22 photos; the Philadelphia Inquirer chips in with a story on the horror of being an Angolan in Eastern Germany. Plus, German banks ban right-wing accounts to improve "political hygiene," just as the Nazis used to put it. Yet more German ideas on Web censorship here.

Russian Population Continues Decline

Fell 425,000 through first six months of 2000. They say the only fast-growing White areas are Ireland and Utah. Good for them. Let other White areas follow their example. If it breeds, it leads.

What Israel Really Costs Us: $3 Billion? Try $300 Billion...

The true figure will never be known because the Jew-controlled media avoids the issue, and much of the money delivered to the ever-greedier Israeli parasites by their American fifth-columnist cousins is off the books, hidden in black projects, slush funds or listed under misleading names. In 1999 dollars, the cost of Israel from its inception to date is probably around $300 billion, concludes this report. This is what 'ZOG, or Zionist Occupied Government' means. We need to flush these two-legged ticks.

AWOL Army Officer Turns Up In Israel, Claims He's No Spy

But his Israeli "girlfriend" says he sent her classified material.... This is part of what we get in return for our $300 billion....

Home Schoolers Beat Publics on ACT

If you care about your kids, don't subject them to the Jewish values fostered in the public schools. Today's kid-jails are the result of progressive education which was theorized and promulgated by Jews at the Columbia Teachers College earlier this century. Their express goal was what we see today: Whites who are ignorant, illiterate, promiscuous multiculturalist consumers and servants of the welfare-warfare state. Traditional American schooling was controlled locally and aimed at instilling the virtue of independence, which is best cultivated by sharpening reflective and analytical thought in the context of a disciplined character. All the modern cant about higher pay and smaller classrooms and self-esteem has nothing to do with the real battle being waged, though professional "conservatives" can't afford to see it that way.

Public Schools Are Succeeding

At creating drooling tools, because that is their goal. This conservative half-gets it after reading a new book. Of course, the Jewish angle isn't mentioned.

Flight 800: Independent Report Points to Missile

An independent report contradicts official explanation.

A Black-on-Yellow Hate Crime You Won't Hear About

The races, equally free, cannot live under the same government, said Thomas Jefferson. He's proved right every single day. And those very words are censored at Semitically Correct National Review and Free Republic.

NYT Agitprop: Genome Research Proves Racial Equality

If we are all the same, why the insistence on diversity? How will an influx of third-worlders enrich us since, under the skin, we are all genetically the same? The answer, of course, is that races do exist, they do differ markedly in intelligence, behavior and a thousand other ways bearing on culture and civilization. Having it both ways is a hallmark of the Jew-led left that has deracinated and destroyed our beautiful White country.

Women's Vote Bloats the State

Receive via pdf or email Lott's (the guns/crime guy) paper on the effect of women voting. Bad for those who like freedom, good for those who like the plus-sized managerial state.

In Brazil, Lawlessness Leads to Gun Control

Just like here. Racially and culturally, we are going the way of Brazil.

Clinton Raped Broaddrick, Has Essentially Admitted It

But the Jewish media and the cowardly Republicans have hushed the truth... Do you realize that America is a great, gross Banana Republic?

More on G. P. B&E's Fight for His (Brown) Race...

As always, the point is not the media hypocrisy, but the Jewish control of the airwaves and public mind, which results in the characterization of advocates pro-Colored agitation as noble and pro-White advocates as evil. Jews are the enemy. If you wish to understand why the country is in the state it's in, and why that state is discussed the way it's discussed, Jewish control of the media must be your starting point. Acknowledging that control and fighting it is real politics; the stuff you see on TV is for spectators -- political Monday Night Football.

American-Mexican Pinkerton Guards Steal Southern Pacific Blind

Fence 1.6 million worth of goods taken from railcars in El Paso, and in Old Mexico. Allowing Mexicans to live in this country imposes higher costs on you than you think, White man.

Brown Nationalist Comments

An opinion on the future of Southern Mexico, Northern Mexico and the Southwestern U.S. from an outspoken pro-Brown U.S. professor.

Biological Warfare: Quite Possible, Can't Be Handled

We aren't prepared for someone dumping a few hundred kilograms of anthrax over D.C. Invitations to the big party haven't even been printed...

How Buchanan Operates

Selects Ezola Foster without knowing she's a member of John Birch Society. Read press-release writer Scott McConnell's report on the choice and his Semitically Correct opinion that race doesn't matter. The guy is so brainwashed he still believes that a multicultural America can be conservative and worth preserving, even though he was fired by the New York Post because professional PRs didn't like his mild opinion that there are good reasons not to make Puerto Rico the 51st state.

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