TV and Advertising

The Ongoing Campaign to 'Niggerize' America

by Kelli Tarkington

What is it with ad agencies these days? Are they merely trying to be trendy or following some obscure FCC rule that forces them to depict Whites and White males in particular as rude, crude, stupid and obnoxious in the rare cases they're not feckless wigger-wannabe wimps?

I was watching a game the other day and I noted the following anti-White ads, not at all subtle:

1) Honda -- rude White men refuse to move out of the way of young woman at baggage claim -- WHITE MALE AS ILL-MANNERED
2) Honda -- wimpy White men move their poker game to the woods out of fear of wives -- WHITE MALE AS PUSSY-WHIPPED
3) Adidas -- pimply White basketball benchwarmer cheers on black teammates, acting moronic -- WHITE MALE AS PAPULIFEROUS LOSER

As opposed to:

4) Adidas -- noble, courageous, legless female track runner runs laps -- DISABLED AS DAUNTLESS STRIVER
5) AT&T -- geeky White kid hits on chick while stupidly painting self with pool chalk -- WHITE MALE AS GOOFY SPASTIC
6) IBM -- stupid White manager makes business blunder so dumb even sage, sable female is forced to concede, "That was stupid, Bob." -- WHITE MALE AS INCOMPETENT

It is difficult for me to believe the motive driving these admakers and the companies that sign off on their products is anything but "hatred" of Whites, as the liberals have taught us to understand that term. The only White portrayed nobly in the ads is the disabled runner. Certainly if these examples involved Black males or Jews, they would be interpreted that way and yanked off the air. But that is to understate how politicized advertising has become. It would never occur to a modern ad agency to depict a Black as foolish or stupid. Meanwhile the libs prattle on about the "racism" of Jar Jar Binks and other fictional space aliens. Sometimes a thing is simply too big to be seen. That's what we call "normal."

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