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NY Blackouts This Summer?

Here Bush urged to allow oil drilling in Arctic. Ominous warning -- "California's rolling blackouts are expected to repeat themselves in New York City this summer, where a single night's power failure 23 years ago sparked widespread rioting." How much more uncivil, alien-filled is NYC today? Look out, White man.

Rich Helped KGB Create Shadow Government

Lance the abscess, the Jew-puss never stops draining. Flip the log, and watch the Jews squeak and scurry... Deeper and deeper goes the Jewish rot; here, Clinton-pardoned Jew swindler Marc Rich's involvement in Russia's KGB-shadow government. "Because of the hidden superstructure Rich and his KGB colleagues created, members of the Communist nomenklatura had put themselves in a position to become the masters of the new, 'privatized' economy."

Nogs Look to Piggyback off Jewish Holocaust Extortion

"...the time is fast approaching when Jewish organizations may be asked by African American leaders to endorse their cause and provide expertise." Did you know the NAACP was founded by Jews?

Lieberman's Big Lie

VNN hereby introduces the Lieberman Award for the biggest Jewish lie of the year. It's so hard to decide, with so many lies to choose from, but this is in the running, from Senator Lieberman's own mouth -- "The Israeli-American built on the strongest and most enduring foundation -- shared moral values." Lieberman for president? Israel and the U.S. share nothing but White earners' money. White slave money. Here Jews take millions from feds to teach American kids that Whites are evil and hateful. Here on Jewish civil rights advances. Here Jewish idea of " education." Here on Jewish idea of sex ed.

Jew Safire Says Foxy Should Resign

ADL's Abe Foxman becoming an embarassment; it's not that he's wrong, it's that he got caught. New York Times Jew Safire writes, "Mr. Foxman had been induced by a donation from Mr. Rich to lobby President Bill Clinton for forgiveness and thereby bring glee to the hearts of anti-Semites." In other words, you're making us look bad. Take some time off, Abe, go to Florida, get some sun, get out of sight for a while. Jewish "ethics" at work!

Jewish Double Standards 101: Nationalism Good for Us, Bad for You

"Blood Ties, Sacrifice, and the Building of a Nation." Horrible National Alliance pamphlet, White Nationalist "hate" material found in a New Jersey driveway? No, just routine Jewish material on respected, mainstream Jewish web site. One standard for Jews, another standard for everybody else. Here discoloreds -- Sudanese, Vietnamese, Pekingese protest English-only bill in Iowa. Here on Mengele after the war.

God's Partners Call for Worldwide Censorship

Somebody somewhere might be thinking a free thought, writing a free word, and Jewish Puritans suffer immensely from the very idea of such a thing. "Legal strategy must be developed that transcends borders" to shut down sites like VNN. Jews anywhere threaten Whites everywhere. What we need is a border-transcending policy for dealing with Hymie. You can have Jews, or you can have a free and civilized society, White man. Not both. Here Bush agrees to keep forwarding Hymie your billions, White man, no conditions attached. Jews are free to discriminate against/segregate/murder Arabs, but your boy can't attend Scout meeting at public school. What should we do about our Jewish Problem, White man? Here on censorship and crybabies at Brown. Here on rap niggers.

New Improved Semitically Correct Jesus on the Market

The savior's not a blue-eyed blond any longer -- now he's a thick, ugly yid. This is an improvement. Tikkun olam! Even Jesus is endlessly "remade" as the all-encompassing smear of Whites rolls along. Here Jew on his quest to interpret Derrida: the unspeakable digesting the inedible.

Boy Scouts Respond to Jewish Hate Campaign

Where's the Jewish respect for tolerance and diversity they're always prating about? Why, it doesn't exist. You have to think just the way they do or you are a "hater." And this in spite of the Boy Scouts' emphatic support for "diversity." If you disagree with one jot or tittle, the Jews are at your throat screaming "hate," "Nazi," "homophobe," "racist," "sexist," etc.

South Africa: White Farmers Under Siege

Group "Black Jack" organizing murder campaign against rural White farmers... More on White farmers just possibly preparing to fight back here. Says one: "If nothing comes from the government in the next few months the farmers will take matters into their own hands. We've had enough." Here on African barbarians looking north to rich, weak Europe and drooling.

Georgia Rally

Media promote anti-White message while National Alliance demonstrates...

Covering Up for Israel

The Jews who control the American media have no loyalty to America. They are only interested in how our country can be used to further their race's interests.


Here Canadian Jews profess fear of "terrorism." "[Canada] is...being used as a base to collect funding, purchase arms and mount operations in the United States and overseas." This, as Jews work to insure the Western support for Israel that guarantees Arab terrorism against the West, and as Canada's big fat kike of an Immigration Minister, Elinor Caplan, works to flood the country with the aliens who'll commit such acts. The mind boggles at Jewish destructiveness! This will lead to more gun laws, more censorship, more government power, less freedom. When it gets bad enough, when Canada has been "remade" like South Africa, Jews will trickle back to Israel, pretending reluctant goodbyes. "Israel against the nations." Sometimes we think they do this just for amusement.

Israelis: "More Racist Than The Nazis"

Here in the middle of a bunch of Jewish Passover-crying, comes a grain of truth that did not seep through the Televitz. "At the Arab Summit meeting in Amman, the president of Syria, Western-educated, presumed democracy-supporting, Bashar al-Assad, delivered the following remarks about Israel: "We say the head of the government is a racist; it's a racist government, a racist army and security force... It is a racist society and it is even more racist than the Nazis."

Jewish Extortion

Denied by Berlin court on first go-around, Slovak Jews say they'll try again. Here on Jews networking, plotting in Central America. Two Jews, three organizations. "What we are doing is guaranteeing that we have a future," they say. White idiots sit sullen, suspicious of each other. "I'm my own man, what're you, some kinda pervert? No one tells me what to do," they sulk, admiring their soon-to-be-confiscated gun and idly trash-picking bits of different ideologies to form a helpless Party of One as Jews cleave stubbornly to a single ages-old path. Is this how so few control so many?

Jewish Assassins, Jewish Terrorists

Israelis murder a "terrorist." Just another day's work in the "democracy" that "shares moral values" with America. Let a White man even pepper-spray a threatening dog and see what happens. One standard for Jews, another standard for everybody else. Here on Jewish terrorists. Imagine the outcry if Whites blew up a Palestinian-owned store here. Hate crime! FBI! Racist Jews do the same in Israel, no prob. One standard for Jews, another standard for everybody else.

More Swastikas in Binghamton

Someone's drawing swastikas on things at Binghamton University in upstate New York. News to be flashed around the world! Not only that, a paid Jewish position will result! "Binghamton's Jewish student entirely student-run. However, efforts are underway to raise money from New York-area philanthropists and Jewish federations to fund a Hillel staff person." We trust that the "staff person" will be adequately supplied with Magic Markers, to foster further hiring, publicity, hand-wringing concern. From hate, a living, it's!

PBS to Air History of American Jewry

It never ends. Now, two-part "documentary," history of Jews on this continent, to besmirch your Televitz. Turn it off, White man. Anything is better than this dreck. Even the title is an outrageous double-entendre lie. They Came For Good: A History of the Jews in the United States. Here for good, eh? Here Hymie Nicklesniff worries about possible repeal of death tax, which might mean fewer tax-writeoff donations to Jewish charities. Like crotch-sniffing dogs, H.N. never stops poking into corners, crotches, pockets, whiffing for the scent of advantage. It's good for Jews! Here's a bit of real Jewish history: Jewish hate group attempts to criminalize Christianity in the public square based on lies about Founders' beliefs. Here typical Jewish pro-diversity garbage.

Shits, Sniffers Vie for L.A. Mayor

"When voters here cast their ballots for mayor in next week's primary, they will have the chance of electing to the office the first Jew, the first Latino, the first woman, the first gay man or veteran City Councilman Joel Wachs, the first Jewish gay candidate." We can't even advise the last White to turn off the light on his way out -- the rolling blackouts are taking care of that. Ah, diversity! Thanks, Jews.

No Viagra in Leechville

Looks like the explosively-breeding, non-working-by-choice, earlocked-welfare-leech Jew-trash Hasids of Swindlerville (New Square, N.Y.) will have to keep it in their pants for a few days. Turns out Viagra isn't kosher for Passover. Oy, the complications of being Jewish! Such pain! Will they sue?

Buford Furrow Gets Five Life Terms

"Mentally disturbed" White gets five life terms, "mentally disturbed" niggers are quietly released after a few years of gentle remonstrations coupled with weight-lifting and high-protein food. Double standard? Naw. Just further proof that you have to be crazy to dislike Jews, Filipinos, other dirt.

Another Attempt to "Explain" the Holocaust without Reference to Jewish Behavior

Jews endlessly pretend not to understand why people don't like them. Here, the put-on continues. "Jews were systematically murdered for no reason other than the accident of their birth." Look at the straight face, peering at you to see if they got away with it, as though butter wouldn't melt in their mouth. Why the Holocaust? Nothing to do with Jewish behavior, "Israel against the nations," nothing like that... "Jews...were associated with herbivores -- animals that, in Nazi ideology, were equated with civilization and decadence." How about this Nazi idea: "Jews as public health menace." You know, the way Jews get together and promote the idea of free speech and guns as health menaces? Why can't that tactic be turned back on the Jews? They flood our country with discoloreds who violently attack Whites at unheard-of rates. Jews endanger Whites: Jews are a public health menace. We need Jew control. We don't need a federal ID of patient data, we need a federal database tracking the self-Chosen. We need Jew registration. The Jews say we need gun control. What about Jew control?

The Jews Who Made Up the Bolsheviks

An accounting of the Jews behind the "Russian" revolution. Important to keep in mind: 1) this was the worst and most murderous revolution in White history; 2) without Jews it would never have occurred; 3) the whole topic is lied about by Jewish media and Judeo-government schools that harp nonstop on the Nazis.

Mexico Wants Loosened Immigration

They want laxer controls and preferential treatments for aliens already here. Big surprise.


Every college-educated idiot knows that anyone's opinion is as good as anyone else's. Here on the museum as funhouse.


Touches on the Human Genome Project and Semitical Correctness...

Why Jews Hate and Undermine Every Other Group They Come in Contact With

A Jew explains in a book that lays Hymie's every ugly recess open for public inspection... Bookmark this site and read the book at leisure. For now just read the opening anecdote and introduction by Gore Vidal. Judaism is a totalitarian hate religion, and Jews are hate people.

More on Revisionist Conference Canceled Due to Zionist Smear Campaign

Verite et Justice statement... Here U.S. vetoes U.N. troops protecting Palestinians. Jewish nut-snipers rejoice! Here Reese on U.S. acting as Israel's lackey, possibly bringing on war. "The Arabs see correctly that it is United States support -- military, financial and chief blocker at the United Nations -- that allows Israel to act in any way it pleases. Therefore, they can conclude with perfect logic that the United States is an enemy of the Arab people. The United States is willing to cause the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children in the name of enforcing "sacred" United Nations resolutions, but blocks the enforcement of more than 60 United Nations resolutions critical of Israeli actions." Will your son be killed to appease Jewish hate, White man? Here decent column on McVeigh (down) and Oklahoma Survivor Kitsch. Here on trial of Jim Bell.

Dayak Photo Exhibit

Headhunter jamboree. Nasty pictures show that diversity is indeed Borneo's greatest strength. Unlike Whites, Dayaks fight back against colored invaders.

Seattle: Two of Five Blacks too Dumb to Graduate

Just possibly this is related to Black Tuesday violence. Could it be that the stereotype is true? That blacks are inherently stupid and violent? Here the same idiotic paper laments that Seattle is "behind" in the race for diversity. Welcome to the the insanity of our times... Here Bush makes diverse appointments. The Republicans won't save you, White man. George Bush doesn't care if the country's filled with Mexicans -- he encourages it. Won't hurt him any. Just you. Here on hate crimes garbage. Here Pierce on diversity. Here on two young teens, supposedly neo-Nazis.

Colorado Judge: No Whites Need Apply

Just nogs. Here on affirmative action in basketball. Here Jesse the Bastard spits protest at UM, demanding continued discrimination against White people.

What Horowitz Won't Tell You: Jews Enslaved Blacks

Horowitz talks about White, Black and Arab slavers, but neglects his own race. Surprise, surprise -- Hymie was rather heavily involved. Oy! Destroy White America and make money at it! Not to like, what's?... Here on how the courts enslave us.

Jews Whine About St. Cloud

Self-Chosenoids not receiving the respect they think they're due. No criticism, please -- we're Jewish. What's the word for Jewish insensitivity to White culture -- you know, supporting open immigration to destroy our communities; supporting our being taxed to create Mexican, black and earlocked Hymie colonies? Oh, that's right. There isn't one. No word for Jews who hate Whites. Just 'Jew.' Nothing more insulting to a Jew than to be called one.

The Crimes of Stalin

The inheritor of a Jew-led revolution that created more misery and destruction than any other in history.

Census: Ethnic Patterns

"Often possible to get through the day without speaking English" in many areas of the U.S. -- except for the red LED sign in Pablo's car window blinking "FUCK YOU- THIS IS STILL MEXICO." Is there something you don't understand, White man? Here an interesting up-close view of life in L.A. Diversity endangers children and other living things.


Niggers, spics, gooks intertwine in trendy racial smorgasbord; offspring scratch heads as to which census boxes to check. We're White because our forebears were racist; life is so much simpler! Now, if we could just get the fedgov to stop listing Mexican crimes under "White"....

Bluegums in North Dakota

When Whites are gone, articles like this will be displayed in their Dodo exhibit.

California: Downfall through Diversity

"California's filled up," say demographers, but that won't stop the Mexasian invasion. Power failing, roads jammed, more on the way. Nearly 35 million now, projected to be 50 million soon. "The white population dropped by nearly half a million over the past decade," yet the state's population numbers explode with dirts. Santa Ana is 72% Latino. "California's white population was between 46.7% and 48.8% in 2000, down from 57.2% in 1990." As California goes, so goes the nation...thanks, Jews. Thanks, Lutheran social services. Thanks, Catholic bishops. Thanks, Dubya. Here on Gilmore's surrender in Virginia.

Iowa: Destruction through Diversity

Once-bucolic Iowa de-whitens itself, with college grads fleeing as toxic governor imports mestizos, and Hasidic Jews take over entire town. Postville residents complain bitterly about alien, uncaring Hasids, who stop their cars in the middle of the street as spiritual vagaries dictate, ignoring requests, horns, shouts. Jew author Bloom profits from NPR publicity on his book about the Postville Jew-invasion, saying, "Hasidism jump-started Postville into the 21st Century." An ancient, closed, insular sect which hasn't even changed clothing styles in 300 years is like that. Try moving to New Square, getting in on some of the leech subsidies ($800 a month rent transferred from white pockets to Hymie), and see if the Jews praise you for jump-starting the yid rats into the 21st century, or if they spit curses on you for destroying their unique and valuable Jewish way of life. The Jew is the enemy, White man. He knows it -- do you?

Jews at Work: Soros and the Lazarus Fund

Here, Jew George Soros and his immigrant-assistance fund named after Jew-poetastress Emma Lazarus -- $50 million spent to help darken America with more "wretched refuse," as racist Emma herself called 'em. Soros is 70, claims he'll give away $5 billion by the time he reaches 80. Quite possibly the World's Most Dangerous Jew.

Click Here!

The Merchants of Cool

The PBS show: you-funded idiocy... Here Farah tries to suck Paglia away from dying Salon.


Racial stats collected by a guy named Hu. Here good data and info on desegregation. Here on test scores. Here Asian-centered stats, but others included by way of comparison.

Jensen's Review of Gould's Mismeasure of Man

Skewers the canting Jew... 'Advocacy masquerading as objectivity' -- Gould's phrase, best applied to Gould and his ilk themselves... Gould is a textbook example of the obfuscating Jew, tricking the naive, duping the uninformed. Legerde-eye, ear, hand and tongue. A gesticulating Groucho of cant; darting, corruscating, corrupting, clouding, dissimulating, destroying. A Jew 'like other Jews, yet perfect among them.' Gould is a Jew and a liar. His books are available everywhere.

What the Jew Touches Turns to Shit: Schoenberg

What is it about Jews? Here the Jew that destroyed music in the 20th century.

Multicult Reading List

Decent essay collection...

Censorship in Europe

Complete text of recent American Renaissance cover story. We have entered a new Dark Age, says Jared Taylor.

British Paper Mentions Dirkhising and Lib Media

The hush crime vs. hate crime debate makes it across the Atlantic. Note the blindspot of the journalist interviewed who says the Dirkhising case offered no "lessons" whereas the Shepard murder did. All depends on what lessons you're trying to impart. Let alone the idea that maybe it would be better for Jew rags to print the facts and let readers puzzle it out.

Diversity Breeds Division

Diversity breeds squalor and dissension. It strengthens tendencies that pull society apart. When we are surrounded with people who neither look nor think like we do, bad things ensue. None of this is allowed to be noticed in Judeo-government schools, nor in Jew-controlled media, of course. Title link to LAT on diversity in So Cal. Here Carole Ward on Indian Country. Noble savages? Try obese drunks... We can't save the turd-world, White man -- but it can drag us down with it. Racial equality is the Jews' Biggest Lie.


Listen to the reporter go on and on about the legal fine points of hate crimes. When Whites are in the dock, the frame always fits.


Ever heard of Muti? It's traditional medicine among the savages in South Africa. All you need to heal are body parts of children, properly mixed stews, incantations, perhaps the odd bit of hopping about and chanting. In this story, two children lost their heads. No mention of whether those beheadings effected a cure.

Foot and Mouth Due to Rotten Third-World Meat

Just like the immigrants who brought it, their food is rotten, suppurating and maggot-filled. And just like White Britain, White British livestock pays the price -- with its life. The two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government -- Thomas Jefferson.

Mencken on Thomas Henry Huxley

Here more on Mencken himself, including quotations. Here good story on media hypocrisy re Jesse Jackson and the sudden "discovery" that he's a crook. He's been a crook since day one (the day after he quit his only real job, spitting in White people's food) and took up extortion. And the media knew it since day one.

Whites Fleeing South Florida

Whites can't live around coloreds. They say they aren't racist, but look at their actions. The Jews flooding the country with soot are deliberately cramping and infringing on White space, making more of it off limits to the race, pushing the White race out of existence. The Jews are committing genocide against Whites. How do you think we should respond, White man? Here minorities make Minnesota a less attractive place to live. Here on Whites as minority in California.


A profile, worth reading... Any right-wing billionaires out there who want to expand our alternative media, feel free to get in touch.


A Dayak writes about government-induced immigration and its effect on her ethnic group.

Lindbergh Documents Unsealed

The remarkable man correctly blamed Jews and Anglophiles for U.S. involvement in World War II, which he correctly advised we stay out of. Time has proved he was correct, and that his enemies and opponents were liars and deceivers who cared not a whit about America's interests. FDR and the Jews were, as he called them, "warmongers." It is now a known fact that FDR didn't merely know about but brought about the attack on Pearl Harbor; that he allowed Americans to be killed to serve the Jewish political interest in getting White Americans to spill their sons' blood to preserve European yids. These are matters of historical fact, not opinion.

Murder a Palestinian, Do Little or No Time

Israel is a democracy, where the rights of everybody are protected, especially those who kill Palestinians.


Conducted the way he intended...

Race and Alcohol

They say race is a "social construct." They lie. Another pebble on the mountain: different reactions to alcohol.

Banned from Lebanon: NPD's Horst Mahler on Jews

The paper he was to deliver at the revisionist conference until Judeo-American pressure shut it down, here for the first time translated into English by our Webmaster (German available too). Mahler offers his "Endlosung" for the Jewish power that hides itself behind a smoke-screen of benign abstractions such as "free trade," "globalization," and "human rights." Part one of 3...

Even Jews Detest ADL

Wins "Our Own Worst Enemy" Award... Couldn't go to a more deserving group of global smearmongers, as David Irving calls them -- foxmen, as it were. Describes Abe Foxman as a guy who's "not in close touch with reality." Still, at the end of the day, these Jews are thick as thieves. Neither the ADL Jews nor their opponents will countenance the expression of the truth that collectively Jews are a profound negative in White America.

Third Reich Humor

A book on the lighter side by Spitzy...

Black Tuesday: More Reverberations

Everybody's fed up with savages. Time for them to go back to the motherland. But this silly liberal female has lived a life of privilege, so far be it from her to condemn wilding niggers. That would be judgmental. Yet another reason everyone hates the media. Here on one nig they're actually considering charging with a hate crime because he stupidly opened his mouth and made it all but impossible for authorities to ignore his motivation, as they undoubtedly would have preferred.

Cleveland Whites Move Away from Savages Too

Middle-class Whites take pains not to be called racists, but they move away from blacks every chance they get. Moving away from black savages is a natural, normal reaction that the Jew-led media condition us to regard as abnormal and evil. Jews are the enemy, White man.

Race in England

Enoch Powell was right about 'rivers of blood,' but you are stirring things up, being divisive if you observe that, says Semitically Correct BBC. Labour is indeed turning England into a foreign country, led by men such as Jew Jack Straw, sending the police out on thoughtcrimes raids to arrest people for "homophobic" material. You can have Jews in your country or you can have freedom. You can't have both. More here. Those who make accurate observations are denounced quickly by the media and their own conservative party leaders. The truth doesn't pay these days. Here one of the offenders will step down.

Austria: Haider's Party Wins 20%

Big setback, hope Jewish media...

White Behavior Niggerized Thanks to Media

Nigger music, nigger morals, nigger behavior. Hold yourself to a higher standard than the Jewish media hold out to you, White man.


All over the place trying to bribe people to support his pardon. Here Safire on Foxman and the criminal hate group ADL's donation to the swindler. More here. Here on Jesse the Spittin' Sperminator. Don't let his girlfriend offer you a popsicle.

Conservatism, These Days

Good and funny, especially the shortbusser freeper responses... Here the background on Free Republic. Try this 19th century speech against our sound-bite age. Here on a duel. Contrast the seriousness with our minivan-commerical society.

What Sam Francis Readers Think About Israel

Nobody likes the hate country... Here a letter on Israel's costs to White America...


An issue debated by those too timid to mention the Jews responsible for the turd-world immigration destroying the White West. Feel free to mail Chilton Williamson a note letting him know what you think about his article. More on immigration here. Here Jared Taylor's review of Camp of the Saints. Here it says that one in three Californians is brown. Here NYT report quoting California state employee on state being "intrinsic[ally]" Hispanic. "White hegemony" was an "aberration." Can you tell that Mexicans and liberals hate White people? How unnecessary. Ten million civilized Whites (1950), 35+ million mestizos (2000). Here Marion Barry: back in black. Living in the D.C. area when monkey Marion was mayor turned more than one dogmatic individualist into a racist. Here minorities take Mitsubishi for over a million. The price of doing business in the North American third world is paying tribute to savages. What do you call a black man with a badge? Yep...

On Roots of "Judeo-Christian" Lie

And the purposes it serves... Here on Holocaust movie. Here Bushy II working hard for Jewish boss, telling Arafat to stop the violence. Here Jewess Lewinsky, a true tribalist, compares herself to a "Holocaust" survivor, whatever that is, usually an ugly moldy-brained old person who enjoys telling stories about the Wild 'Witz to schoolkids.

Sniffing Out Statistical Brownfarts

The FBI says browns aren't a race and files their crimes under the White category. Yes, by federal law, Whites are blamed for crimes Mexicans commit. But a look at the facts about violent crime reveals incredible racial disparities that no amount of stats-jiggering can hide: blacks and browns are violent, dangerous, predatory races. Whites aren't. And the much-bruited claims that Whites predominate sex perversion, serial killing and school shooting are just as Angry White Female

Mexican Alien, American citizen -- What's the Difference?

What's American citizenship worth if a Mexican can get all of the benefits without even being a citizen? Here, nigger Illinois secretary of state moves to give driver's licenses to illegal aliens, to let burro-jockeys, goatherds, every sort of unknown quantity share the road with you, White man. 'Merican, just like you!... Note how the argument against according legal privilege to aliens is consigned to the very bottom of the story.

Haider and Vienna Election

Wien has 285,000 legal immigrants -- 18% of the capital's population.

Return of the Head Hunters!

This time it's personal... Dayaks call upon ancient practices to clear up the diversity afflicting their native land. Read and learn, White man.

Ranchers Catch Dozens of Aliens

Here on Möbus and his imprisonment conditions. Here background on murder for involvement with which he was jailed for. Here Raimondo on foreign policy. Here on Japan's political problems and U.S. exacerbation. Here on search for new ape in Africa.


Here on the pillars of black self-pity. Here Sobran. And Peirce. Here on immigration and abortion. Here Kool Mo Dees, on the loose, spreading lies... Here on middle- ages apocalypse.

Jew on Bush

How far left are Jews? Here, one Leonard Fein illustrates -- so far left that they feel threatened by a status quo-nodding, aracial, Mexican-importing, liberal drone like George Bush.


New movie vaguely related to battle... Here Taki on same. Here, under Arab pressure, Hollywood changes bad guys from Arab terrorists to Nazis. The only two types it knows. Here U.S. does Israel's bidding.

Spain and Canada

A link to the movement in Spain. Many activities, including the most important one, every November 20, in honor of General Franco. (Aqui un buen enlace sobre el movimiento en Espana. Muchas actividades, en especial cada 20 de noviembre en honor al General Franco.) Here on pro-White oppression in Canada. More on the struggle at the Freedom Site here. Will on Japanese market tanking here.

Negrifying the Masses

Media control = political control. Control soundtracks, control minds. Here Jewess yawps inanely about Wagner. He disliked Jews. He couldn't have drawn his opinion from actual Jews and their behavior; no, he must have had deep personality problems that only Jewish psychiatric "experts" can explain. The source of Jews' strength is just that: inability to see themselves as the problem. And absolute unwillingness to allow anybody else to discuss the topic.

Jews in Soviet Union

We hear the lie that the U.S.S.R. was anti-Semitic. Actually, as befits the product of a revolution created and put through by Jewish Bolsheviks, it treated Jews considerably better than Christians. Title link to story of how Jew Communists backed Jewish theater in Soviet Union. "Freed from restraints, high-spirited young Jews acted out their rejection of the pre-Revolutionary past." But wait! When are Jews not Jews? Whenever Jews say. "Basking in the warmth of official approval, the theater was privileged through World War II as a Jewish realm untainted by religion." Is Swindlerville, New York (New Square), filled with prolifically breeding, non-working Hasids living rent-free off your tax money, a "Jewish town untainted by religion"?

Evans Reported Jews' Attack on the Liberty

Novak remembers partner Rowland Evans.

Finkelstein in Germany

Demand Holocaust reparations! No! Holocaust reparations are bad! My book says so! That'll be $29.99. Either way, the money rolls into Jewish coffers. See how they play both sides against the middle? Here, Jew Finklestein's new book on "holocaust exploitation" debuts in Berlin. It's good for Jews!

Jews Bossing Ebay

Re-do, re-make, re-print, re-sell Anne Frank material, books, movies -- T-shirts? Coffee mugs? How about ashtrays? However -- "the prospect that someone could be profiting from the sale of Nazi memorabilia is disgusting." Here Jews, having bent Yahoo to their will, now lunge after Ebay. One standard for Jews, another standard for everybody else.

Jews Defend Judeo-government Indoctrination Centers

Jew quails against any accountability for what "educators" do with all that money, any necessity to prove results. Funding we need it's, not standards!


Evil global-Jew Soros' book reviewed by Jew. It's good for Jews! "According to Soros there is no meaningful place for individual moral behavior in the context of financial markets, because such behavior has no consequence other than to reduce the financial return to the ethical actor." Gee. Soros can say that about himself, but if you call him an amoral, money-grabbing, scheming kike, you're an anti-Semite. One standard for Jews, another standard for everybody else. Not shy about one-world, "Open Society" plans that will line Jewish pockets, turn dumbed-down Western Whites into box-unpackers at K-Mart, toilet-moppers at Starbucks. Here the amoral, money-grabbing, scheming Jews's own website.

Jews Mint New Franks with the Coining of a Term

It never ends. (up sound effect -- solo violin, dark, woody, tragic, sobbing out Hatikvah as a single candle flickers) Every day, a new Holocaust comes to light, a new dimension of Jewish suffering, an entire new planet of oy, veh is mir, rotating in the sky like a great matzoh ball of pain. Here, over 1,800 hits on something you never heard of before -- The Hidden Children! Books, movies, seminars, meetings, foundations, web sites! Thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of Anne Franks! Maybe millions! Have they even begun to ask for money yet?

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