Sniffing Out Statistical Brownfarts

by Angry White Female

Today I read the "Color of Crime" report by the New Century Foundation to get a better factual grasp on the nation's racial crime data for use in future articles. Many want to know where I get my information, and my intention was to gather details about statistical compilation methods and adjustments to them. What I didn't expect was to become enraged (again) by the "statistical brownfarts" I saw upon completion of the report.

Racialists of all stripes have "sniffed out" these statistical brownfarts in the F.B.I.'s criminal data reports, and many have complained and asked for a change in the compilation methods. But the F.B.I. is not budging, because according to them, non-Caucasian browns are not a race but an ethnic group. Therefore, 91% of all Hispanic-perpetrated crime becomes "White crime" after it passes to the federal government. The 9% remainder of brown-perpetrated crime becomes "black" and "other."

There are two major federal sources of racial crime statistics. The (UCJ) Uniform Crime Reports (published by the F.B.I.), which list as perpetrators: black, white, American Indian/Eskimo and Asian/Pacific Islander. The latter two categories barely even affect the statistics because there are so few of them. However, Hispanics are 15% of the country's population and growing by leaps and bounds. Still, they are not listed in a crime perpetrator category. Despite the F.B.I's claims that they only list "racial" groups, we have "Yellows" in two separate categories, even though theoretically, the only races are black and White.

The second major statistical source is the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS). The NCVS survey is based on what Americans say, whether they reported the crime or an arrest was made or not. The UCJ is based solely on reported crimes and arrests. Still, there is little difference in the ethnic composition of crimes and victimization when the numbers of both are compared, except that the NCVS numbers are always a little higher since not all crimes are reported to the police. In the NCVS data, the racial categories are: black, White and other.

Miraculously, browns become "Hispanic" in both when victimized in bias crimes.

What I wanted to know is exactly how many crimes browns commit that the White race is framed for by the feds. Yes, we commit fewer crimes than our share of the population even with browns added in, but how many fewer do we commit before the numbers are crunched? To get an idea, one must look at California Justice Department statistics which do not list Hispanics as "White" in the crime data. I do not have the most recent data, so the crime numbers are from 1997. The ethnic percentages for the state of California are from 1996, and are as follows:

50% "White" (includes a small percentage of other non-Whites)
30% non-caucasian Browns ( Latino, Chicano, Hispanic)
08% Black (African-Americans)
12% Yellow ("other" consisting of American Indians/Eskimos and Asians/Pacific Islanders)


*Partial list, most serious crimes only*

                                          WHITE   BROWN   BLACK   YELLOW
HOMICIDE                   388            912            576            150
FORCIBLE RAPE         809         1,276         744             140
ASSAULT                    42,769      47,953      25,994         7,421
NARCOTICS               11,119     25,151     25,699        1,541
WEAPONS                   1,562      9,216         3,621         1,112
LEWD CONDUCT      1,619      1,968      625               190
OTHER SEX                1,844      1,528         873            239
HIT/RUN                   471         755            149            148

Remember that these numbers are just numbers, and don't take into account the population percentage of the perps. These numbers are consistently distorted by our enemies to make us appear criminal. When it suits the enemy, they'll find a category where our numbers are higher (not taking into account our population percentage) and claim we are dangerous based on the skewed data. No White rights activist is invited to counter the lies.

Sex and gun crimes: White crimes?...

The above numbers should lay to rest the stereotype of the "White pervert" so often cited by those desperately searching for a crime category Whites lead in. We have a higher percentage of perverts than rapists and murderers, but still that is about equal with our percentage of the population. Therefore, we are not "more likely" to be perverts and child molesters. In the federal statistics, Hispanics are callled "White" when perpetrating these crimes, therefore those numbers appear higher. As you can see above, browns are far, far more likely to commit "pervert" crimes than Whites.

The angry White gun freak...

As shown above, other races are more likely to be arrested for weapons violations, murder and other crimes possibly involving a firearm. That is contrary to the myth of the "Angry White Male" stereotype and the violent-militia-nut smear. Further, school shootings are more likely to occur in the inner city, but are not given the same coverage because it is a normal activity there. Usually, there is a sole victim, but add up the carcasses and you'll find out that White kids are NOT "more likely" to kill at school. Next time you hear someone decry "White school violence," just remember that the truth is quite the opposite. Minority schools have shootings all the time.

Other times, the allegedly "White" perpetrators of school shootings are not White at all. Dylan Klebold of Columbine fame was a Jew, and his accomplice was an anti-racist who advertised his wigger beliefs on his own web site, a fact the media conveniently left out. The most recent shooting at Granite Hills high school was not perpetrated by a White boy. He was of mixed-race origin. The suspects in the last two San Diego shootings appeared in the same court on the same day. But the White boy was flashed across the screen, in handcuffs at his arraignment several times throughout the day. The non-White boy was not. Twice, a still picture of him appeared, but no live shots shown 12 times on the hour with each "newsbreak" promo. That is especially fascinating, in light of the fact that the White boy is a minor and the non-White is 19.

White 'serial' killers?...

Often you'll hear that Whites are the more dangerous race because they have more "serial" killers. That is just plain silly, because the most important thing is the body count, and as all crime stats will show, Whites are far less likely to commit multiple murder (and murder, period) than blacks and browns. We are LESS DANGEROUS to other people.

The only difference between a White and minority mass murderer is that the White guy will evade capture for a longer period of time. He will think out his crimes and spread them apart. Why wasn't Wichita, (where 5 Whites were killed by 2 blacks) called a "serial" crime? Is that somehow less horrifying than a White guy who kills 5 people in a period of a year? Why wasn't Ted Bundy said to have gone on a "crime spree" like the Carr borthers of Wichita?

In closing, I just want to reiterate that we need to counter these hateful allegations being hurled at us. The enemy is simply trying to create "special" newsworthy categories of crime to pin on us to make other races look less violent and deranged. Note the severity and sensationalism of the crimes they accuse us of being more prominently represented in: child molestation, school shootings, hate crimes, serial crimes. All tug at the heartstrings or prey on the fears of Americans. But scratch beneath the surface, and the vast majority of the time we are underrepresented as the perps when you factor in population percentage. When the body count is in and the rape kits have been completed, we White folks should be proud. I urge all to get a copy of "Color of Crime" and use it in your efforts to defend Our Folk from the wrath of the enemy.

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