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Census: Whites Minority in Boston

Asians, Mexicans grow, reducing Whites to just under one in two. Here judge makes it harder to deport aliens.

Jew Sues Haider

For taking his name in vain... Haider calls the Jew unpatriotic. Here on Negro candidate in Wien (German for Vienna). Here Germany decides not to sue Yahoo for allowing Mein Kampf auctions.

New Type of Early Human Discovered

In Africa... Mummies found in Egypt.

Columbus Statue Hammerman Charged With Hate Crime

Compare Indian's treatment with Alex Curtis'.

Media: Salon Attempts to go Paid

Unlikely to work...

U.K. Jews Push Internet Censorship

Bragging about successes in Germany and France, they push the Jewish party line that anybody openly criticizing Jews or their agenda is a hater whose speech should be criminalized. Their media amplify this theme unceasingly. Note how many times in an article about "hate" literature the recipient will be quoted saying he supports freedom of speech, but not hate speech. Hate speech is a term specifically formulated by professional Jewish agitprop artists -- Ehrenburgs, we like to call them -- to label and thereby illegitimize opposition to Jewish political goals, such as keeping America White, stopping immigration, protecting the human right of self-defense, etc. The Jew is your enemy, White man. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. What are you doing? More on recent London thoughtcrimes roundup here.

The End of California

Great article. The civilized state of ten million Whites has been replaced by a nasty melange of 35 million dirtskins. The infrastructure is crumbling, not even power supply can be counted on, and atop it all sit the Jewish media droning their ceaseless lies. When future generations look back at us, they are going to think we were insane. Here SPLC on anti- immigration groups. More here. Here on blackouts in San Diego.

Global Warming: Yet Another Thing That Just Ain't So

Crisis! Crisis! Crisis! they scream. Solution? More socialism. More government. More of your money and freedom in the hands of corrupt nitwits and ne'erdowells. No evidence need apply, we're environmentalists. Real environmentalists come from the right, and they respect facts.

Judeo-government: Hymie Wants a Peek at Your Medical File

Hymie wants you to drive in the far right lane -- the other three have been reserved for cars of sixteen or more. Hymie wants you to turn in your gun. Hymie wants you to speak out against "hate" speech. Hymie wants you to embrace the Mexican with brain-burrowing parasite and TB, and pay for Mex Jr's education. Hymie wants...Socialists have long been pushing for this, and it seems, like the pardons, Clinton sneaked in some enabling rules in his final days. As with the "know your customer" banking regulations narrowly avoided, the Judeo-government -- in the name of protecting your privacy, of course -- wants to know your medical secrets. Any health info you might want to keep private will be available to careless niggers, malevolent Jews and arrogant ATF murderers. And these people will work hand in glove with their liberal reporter friends, seeing that your secrets just happen to seep out at the inopportune moment. It already works that way in the IRS. Ever seen a story about unauthorized accessing of financial returns? It's rampant. Socialists, to paraphrase Mencken, are people horrified by the thought that somebody, somewhere lives happily outside the System. Freedom, privacy, variety are nothing to these megalomaniacal Jew-led controllers, just obstacles in the way of their glorious abstract schemes. And their schemes always and only have one practical result: an impoverished and enslaved you.

Negroes Are Inferior, as Jefferson Knew -- Nobody Will Say It

The issue is not Negro inferiority, which is well known to anybody bothered by facts. The real issue is why we can't speak about it freely. (Read the title link to an oh-so-typical WSJ story to see what I mean.) The real issue is Jewish control of the media, which makes Negro inferiority and that control itself undiscussable. So for decades public "debate" circles in the same tired tracks: blacks are equal to Whites, just as intelligent, and if only we spend enough and tinker with the culture they'll prove it. It's all a big game, but as long as "senior editorial page writer" Mr. Riley's drawing a paycheck, what does he care. Cowards like Riley are the reason our country's going down the shithole, for they know better yet keep up the charade.

Outing Racist Presidents

It's the new game in town with the announcement that Spielberg will make a movie about nigger-dissin' Abe. Easy sport since until very recently they all were... The conservatives are neatly caught in their own trap. They've all signed on to the "content of their character" b.s. from content-free King, denying the unwavering White racism of the man who founded their party. So they have no one to blame but themselves as their heroes are "demolished" by hypocritical yid moviemakers. One again we White racists come out smelling like roses. Why is that? Because, unlike the cons, we have integrity. We aren't nodding and winking and praising our own magnanimity and caring like the lying "colorblind" cons. We stick to Thomas Jefferson's truth: The two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. We stick to his truth that nature has drawn lines of indelible distinction between them. We acknowledge that Lincoln was right when he said he was in no way in favor of trying to bring about the political and social equality of the black and White races. We fully agree that Lincoln was right in demanding that the White race maintain the superior position. These beliefs are all rooted in truth. The conservatives are the type of people who look sideways and measure their ideas by their paychecks. If it's true but it threatens their wallets, the cons will turn Judas on the truth faster than Jack Kemp gladhanding a black man. More on Lincoln here. Here a good Lincoln-debunking site.

War in Macedonia

Excellent Raimondo on the lying Jew who kills nations (except Israel), Wesley Clark. Don't be shocked, Justin. Lying is what Jews do. Just like running to Feeb honcho JimRob shrieking for censorship is what libertarians do. Kidding aside, this, White man, is a perfect example of Jewish warmongers using White money and White blood to destroy our White kin in Europe (Albanians are a dubious breed of uncertain parentage) in the name of multiculturalism. Here on Susan ("white race is the cancer of human history") Sontag and Jewish hypocrisy. Here on a good British writer who opposes intervention. Here Macedonia gives Albanian rebels ultimatum.

Posse Comitatus in Canada?

Anti-tax, anti-government, anti-Jew...

Francis on Black Tuesday

Francis has a good brain. As he says, we all know black mobs targeted Whites for mayhem and murder. What he also knows -- but won't tell you -- is that it is the Jewish media that hushes this truth up. Here freeper comments, if JimRob hasn't taken his thumb out of his mouth long enough to delete them. Here more on Catholic ape-rapes in Africa.

White History: Alexander the Great

Latest discoveries...

New Hampshire: Gun Control Bill by Cohen

Similar to Turner Diaries... Wherever Jews exist, White rights soon vanish. The Judeo-government is a criminal gang that does everything it can to prevent its innocent White opponents from defending themselves, whether by word or weapon. L.A. tries for small-gun ban here. Here Heston on the "ultimate civil right."No free speech in Berkeley, but there is mandatoryqueer sensitivity training.

Venezuela: Working with Wiesenthal

Jewish hate group will help South American nation track down 18 "alleged" war criminals that "might" be living there.

Irving Enemy Reviews Trial Book

More on Guttenplan book here. More lies from inferior historians here.

Media: E-books

Changing industry, new way for non-Jews to get a word in edgewise... Here the one and only Fred Reed on Wackydemia. Jews have turned it to shit, just like everything else they've touched in our country. La Paglia here... Here on the real Oscar categories: all subgenres of hating-normal-Whites. Here Hymie scrapes the bottom of the bucket in Sopranos.

Canada: Gun Registry Costs $1 Billion -- Report

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. The price of slavery starts at $1 billion...

California: Black on Blackouts

Potential Berkeley student doesn't like anything about blackouts except the black... How long after the grid goes about before blacks like this revert to cannibalism, White man? Here African savages the Catholics dress up and call " priests" rape nuns. Niggers are niggers, call 'em citizens, call 'em priests, call 'em rappers. It doesn't have to be this way, people. It's time for Whites to re-take power, and let the Catholics and other Christians change their doctrine to fit it. And believe me, they will...

Jews Ignore Israeli Terrorism

A Jew writes on Jewish double standards...

The Horowitz Charade

Racial liberalism doesn't work. Whether it's Monkey Mugabe in Zimbabwe or the chest-beating apes at Brown, niggers aren't ready for prime time. The two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Remember that for all his whining about censorship, Horowitz washes his hands of racists like Thomas Jefferson. They speak the truth, and he can't handle it. Blacks are like five-year-olds; to try to reason with them is stupid. They only understand force. Here Lubinskas. Here some facts on interracial crime. Human nature, witch hunts and Horowitz here. On Harvard mini-flap over Asian article and apologies here. All this discombobulation, this utter lack of sense and understanding is typical of the disappearance of standards resulting from the mixing of White folk with discoloreds from the four corners of the earth. Think of your family. You all know how to act, right? You know what's tolerated, and what isn't, right? Now swap Dad for a nigger and Mom for a mestizo and make baby a yammering yid and your brother a Pinoy full of that hot Maylay blood. And you're the one White left. Is it any surprise that nobody knows how to act? That things spin out of control? Well, that's exactly what the Jews have done to our country. We need Jew control very badly in the White West. On Horowitz speech here.

Vanbiber Back in Court

For Clearwater crime...

Bin Laden and OKC Bombing?

Reporter claims FBI not interested in evidence...

Over 80% of Freepers are Nitwits

Eighty-two point four (82.4) percent of Free Republic frequent visitors are too dim to catch unlabeled humor, new report shows. None are so gullible as those who think they can't be fooled. In other words, most of the beachball-bouncers.

Democracy in Zimbabwe

This is the cost of pretending savages are citizens: Mugabe's thugs beat and degrade opponents, force them to renounce their party as tool of British imperialists... Anyone who opposes the ape-in-chief gets beat up. All very predictable... This guy Mugabe really is an ape -- just look at the pictures closely. These niggers are beyond redemption. Nature has left them in the lurch, and any White who claims they are our equals is a dangerous liar. Anyone who helps them out of "humanitarian" concern is deeply foolish. Here nig-nogs and yellow wogs go at it in British emergency room. Diversity: cornucopia of misery... Here South African farmers prepare to protest. Here number of South Africans HIV positive even higher than thought: one in nine. But of course saltating savages shriek 'racism' when drug companies don't supply them with below-cost drugs fast enough. These are fruit flies in human form, people. As HLM said about pols, there is only one way to look at a native, and that is down. They are drowning men, 'humanitarians' -- we cannot save them, but they can drag us under. Love and compassion are the easy road -- clogged with Christian cowards. Hold yourself to a higher standard, White man -- think. It only hurts the first time.

Chicago Suburbs Worry About Rise of White Power Music

New Trier, known as one of better public highs in nation, has author warn kids about pro-White music. Hard to become a wigger when listening to it. Very interesting story because it suggets that among some of our sharper teens, pro-White is "cool" against Judeo-government, school and TV indoctrination. Genuine "alternative" music... Maybe we can get one of those Jew-beloved generational splits working for us, for a change.

Model for American Women: Pauline Hanson

The Fish-n-Chips Bitch from Ipswich, as the peace-and-love crowd cursed her, is back with a vengeance. American women take note...

Japan: Banking Crisis Grows

Not directly racial, but worth keeping an eye on, like the California blackouts. One never knows what will precipitate hard times that nobody thinks we'll ever see again. But if we do, Whites just might wake up to what's killing them... We don't have to have Jews in our country. We don't have to have Mexicans in our country. We have the ability to deport blacks back to Africa. All those things are doable. Diversity is not inevitable. Only the lies of its proponents. Diversity is a bad thing. Diversity is a weakness, not a strength. Those who oppose it must be silenced not because they are wrong, but because they are right. More on Japan banking crisis here.

German-Style "Hate Raids" in London

Thoughtcrimes police swoop down in pre-dawn arrests, detaining up to 100 people. These horrible people were "suspected" of "racist, homophobic and domestic offenses," including the "publication" of (Jew-displeasing) "material." Nothing like living in the free world, is there? This is the inevitable result of letting Jewish hate groups like the ADL write the laws. You signed your own death warrant, White man, when you admitted Jews to your country. Here English football fans will be forced to aver proper political opinions before admission. "Never, never, never shall be slaves" -- hah. Here left takes power in Paris. Here Schroeder 'proud to be German.' Only in Germany would this occasion endless debate.

Media Lies and Public Stupidity

Some thoughts on media and citizens...

Vilsack: Iowa as Turd Magnet

The state and governor go out of their way to invite Mexican invasion. Isn't it illegal for states to make their own foreign policy? Here on discoloring of Austria. Whites are the endangered species the rest depend on. Here on same in France and Britain. Note that last year Britain supposedly took in 76,000 undocumented aliens. Probably the numbers were higher. Basically, Britain is the U.S. at 1/10 scale. Enoch Powell was right... And note the logic gaps in the diversitymongers' arguments. Whites are so racist that...the turd world is falling over itself trying to mix with them. The truth is that the Jews behind the diversity agitprop (good for White lands, not for Israel) are the real racists and eternal haters. The Jew is the enemy, White man, whether you live in France, Britain, Austria or Iowa. Here on anti-White groups in Arizona helping thirsty invaders.

Gang-banger with Badge is Still a Nigger

You can put a suit on an ape, but that doesn't make him a businessman.

H. Millard in New York

Just who is this guy? Does he even exist? His work shows up everywhere, in every libertarian and con webzine -- all the places normally closed off to anyone smacking however faintly of racialism. One of life's little mysteries. Do you have the answer?... On writing here.

Another Kid, Another Name-Change Crusade

Reading Marxist liar Steven Jay Gould, tyke discovers horrible racism of man his school is named after, starts campaign to rename it after colored woman. Good job, Nathanial Vogel. Do you think this eigth-grader is a Jew?

Guyana: Diversity Friction, Not Strength

Indians vs. Africans... Here on Sharpton rousing the nigger rabble in Florida to free the moron kid who pro-wrestled the six-year-old into the grave... Here on integration in Chicago. Here NOFEAR and Seattle.

Ron Paul on the Fed

Government intervention causes economic problems...

Good News: Jewess on Trial in Peru

This "idealistic" Jewish she-communist (Nazis are never 'idealistic,' commie Jewesses always are) is on trial for being a Jewish asshole (a notorious crime in all civilized lands) and the lesser charge of abetting murderous rebels. Note that racism is always explained away, very Jewishly, as the vile bile of those lacking self-esteem and accomplishments; insecure stupid people with closed minds and no experience. But communists -- disregard their trail of, what, 100 million or so murdered last century? -- are always driven by idealism and caring and compassion and concern. Out of love and self-confidence and high esteem, they give to an undeserving world. Well, let me say from the deepest dankest darkest depths of low-esteem, no achievement hell: ho...ho....ho.

Bushmen Say No to Photo-IDs to Vote

Hottentots say they don't have photo-IDs. Will string of grubs do? Nigs hooting and chest-beating over proposal that might weed illegal votes.

Sawed-Off Peanut Confirms: Babe Ruth Was Black

First column from the pissed off midget...

Click Here!

Cons Hit on Dirkhising

Pierce was first to blast news nationally, now the cons are all over it. With their usual con stupidity and refusal to dig a half-inch beneath the surface. No kidding the media are biased. No kidding there's a double standard. But why? And who benefits? The Jews is the answer every honest questioner discovers. When's dinner? asks the conservative...

"Reason" Versus Racism

Ayn Rand's definition of reason: If I said it, it's reasonable... Contrast "objectivist" objections to racism with Pierce's recent thoughts on the dangers of individualism. How does one explain "White flight" without recourse to racial differences? The reason-worshipping unreasonables can't. Neither can they explain the failure of South Africa and Zimbabwe, ideologically self-blinded to racial reality. In a nutshell, racism is nothing but time-tested, Founder-accepted, experience-based generalization. The "worst" racist in the world accepts that some blacks are impressive, even superior. But where is the "reason"-worshipping libertarian who concedes that as a rule blacks are not equal to Whites? He doesn't exist.

Albanians Harassing Macedonia

Thanks to Jew-led U.S. policy, these criminals are raging all over Europe. What's the difference between what the Albies are trying in Macedonia, where we resist them, and what they did in Kosovo, where we aided them? More here: Good Kurds suppressed in Iraq; bad Kurds suppressed in Turkey. Good Albanians suppressed in Kosovo; bad Albanians oppressed in Macedonia. A White country, White nation, White government would stay out of this junk. A White nation with a corrupt and Jew-filled government meddles and murders. More here.

Rolling Blackouts in California

Socialists running state acknowledge neither Mexican invasion nor financial reality. Much of California is already third world, where this sort of thing is typical. More here. BBC here.

Powell Reassures Sharon: We Will Fight to the Last White to Defend Israel

See the beneficiary of affirmative action shaking hands with the war criminal. In "slip," he calls Jerusalem the capital of Israel, to Jewish cheers.

Jewish Control: Media, Money and Minds

An Israeli writer lays out the facts, pointing to recent DOD-IDF agreement on advanced helicopters that has simply been ignored by the Jew-controlled media. "Media is politics," as one baron puts it. Note what Shamir says about advertising, an important component of media control, often overlooked. Here on Jewish-promoted, -packaged and -produced rap artists who express their hatred of Whites in the "lyrics" of their "songs." Here a nice, crisp rundown of Jews at the head of media conglomerates. Those who speak of conspiracy theories miss the point: those who think alike, work in the same direction, whether or not they get together beforehand. Very interesting collection of statistics on Jews here. Here Exegesis Jews write about Jews and their destruction of America in a way the Christian coward columnists never dare.

Advocates of White Genocide: Noel Ignatiev, Founder of Race Traitor

Harvard-based Jew (?) Ignatiev advocates White genocide -- openly and with thumbs-up from Yahoo and other Jew-controlled organs. When you advocate White protection, Feebs show up at your door. When you advocate killing off the White race, Harvard helps you, Yahoo promotes you, and your mailbox's chock full of lecture invites. Title link to excellent denunciation of hapless Ignatiev by Birdman Bryant. Here Iggy gobbledygooks on Irish Catholics becoming White.

Rule by Monkey: The Case of Mugabe

P.C. Roberts gives us a little of the sad tale of Rhodesia... Roberts' history is good, but his account is marred by his Semitically Correct insistence on tying the problems in Rhodesia to liberals and Mugabe. The liberals intended the result. And whether it was Mugabe or another monkey, the result would have been the same: a civilized White country ruined by savages. The problem at base is racial, but PCR can't or won't tell you that. The libs knew it all along. They didn't give a damn what happened in Rhodesia as long as the Whites were removed from power. That's why you never hear about the place today. That's why you never hear about South Africa either. PCR is myopically fixated on his "rule of law" dogma that leaves him blind to its cultural origins. Rule of law only applies: within a White context. Savages are called savages for precisely that reason: they haven't evolved to the point where we need take them into account as individuals. Are bushmen, hottentots and pygmies individuals? Then so are the members of a troop of chimpanzees....

Germany forms Super-Union

Over three million strong...

Curtis, Etc.

Metzger comments...

Jews and Hollywood

Says Ben Stein: [I]t is extremely clear to anyone in Hollywood that Jews are, so to speak, "in charge" in Hollywood in a way that is not duplicated in any other large business... Candid article with pictures by the Jewish neocon who pennedThe View from Sunset Boulevard (see our review in book section). Here an article summarizing Michael Medved's famous 1996 Moment magazine piece on same topic. Here ADL's press release on Brando's famous comments. Here on Jews and porn. More here on weird Luke Ford. Here a ground-breaking Jewish shit site, touching on same issues. If it weren't for their nonstop hallucinations of persecution, concerned about Jews would have to be what? Here good Salon article on Jews and TV-land. Background on Ben Stein here. Yet another Jewish "conservative" who raised money for the Black Panthers. Fancy that. Here some movie reviews from our perspective. Here good Weber article on Eisner and his homo-Jews' remaking of Disney.

Blacks and Mexicans

Blacks resent Mexicans passing them in numbers, determined to hold onto Most Favored Victim status (after Jews, of course). More proof that diversity is our greatest strength. Second article, same theme, here.

Indian Hotel Owner Refuses to Rent to Whites During Savage Spring Break

Blacks don't want Whitey around while they are out a-niggering. Just possibly Patel the innkeeper is worried that niggers will beat up Whites and he will be sued. Certainly a reasonable fear. Here a collection of recent incidents of Semitical Correctness.

Jews, the New York Times and the Destruction of Civilized (White) South Africa

An old Rothbard article that, if you read between the lines, connects the dots... Wherever Jew-led communist revolutions are underway, the Jews at the NYT are there to lend a helping hand.

Professional Haters Gather in Las Vegas

Focus on spreading hatred of the White man, indoctrinating cops.

Proud to Be German? Germany Debates...

Proud to be German, or proud to be extorted by The Chosen: take your pick.

Seattle: Media, Pols Continue to Lie About Nigger Hush Crimes

More of the standard 'both parties are to blame' that we get whenever blacks attack Whites. Before Jews controlled the media and the government, blacks were afraid to attack Whites because they might be lynched in return. Today Whites stand around slackjawed while niggers murder and rape their neighbors. That's progress only to the Jew -- your enemy, White man. You should know that without ZOG and his papers, the cops -- who know very well who committed these crimes -- would go in and eliminate the guilty niggers. But in today's world, the niggers who murdered Kime will probably never do time, while Alex Curtis, guilty of nothing more than some stupid prank, will serve years in prison. We need to take the country back from the Jews, White man. Rush Limbaugh won't tell you that. David Horowitz won't tell you that. But it's true: No way out but through the Jews. Here a very Semitically Correct, affectless AP report that for some reason fails to capture the savor of the niggers stealing Brown paper and crying and chest-beating like the emotional apes they are. Contrast with some of the stories we've linked to about NA flier distribution. Typically the reporter focuses in a most ridiculous and lugubrious way (yellow journalism) on the absolute horror experienced by the scarred-for-life recipient of the literature. But here in the Brown story, why, none of that emotional coloring. All drained. The yid editors at AP take their kosher knife, slit its neck, and give you the odorless, colorless corpse of the news. Did the niggers scream and cry and steal and burn and -- let's just say: did they act like niggers? Yes, they did. Was it reported that way? No. It was hush coverage. Jews are liars, people. You cannot trust their media the way you can VNN.

When Whites Had Pride

They walked, rather than play team with Negro. How racist, drone the drones. But how many of the players back then were trash-talking niggers with four kids by three women by the time they were 22? Here a typical Mexican hate-Euro page. Here is "race traitor," a website promoting White genocide. What do the race-traitors believe? "The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race, which means no more and no less than abolishing the privileges of the white skin." This site openly promotes White physical and cultural genocide. But just try to find it on one of Hymie's hate lists... Note that "the good folks at Yahoo gave RACE TRAITOR a critic's pick." How about that? Whites on Yahoo aren't free to buy and sell among themselves if it offends Jews, whereas Jews are lauded by same for advocating White genocide.


Taki on some of the good points of the mountain land. Rejecting EU, for one thing...

The Invasion

WP chimes in on illegals.


White moral codes disappear along with the people who generated them... Here a complementary article on how far we've come since Birmingham. You know, how far we've come from the times when Whites were free and civilized, and savages ran scared. In other words, moral nihilism and historical nihilism served piping hot by canting Jews. Here a review of the IBM-Holocaust book. Imagine a NYT weekly editorial confab: a gaggle of skinny queers, fat Jews and sour harridans squabbling over editorial space to push the Holocau$t, Up With Niggers, AIDS funding, etc.

Media: Spielberg to Make Lincoln Film

Will reveal Abe's darker side. That is, he was an unrepentant racist who correctly estimated the dangers niggers on the loose posed to civilized society. He didn't see it the way the tribe does, so he must go down. What's interesting is that the tribe has put him down in the past by painting him in history books as something he wasn't: a racial egalitarian. Apparently someone has gotten tired of smearing him with lies, and now wants to "smear" him with truth. Why? Probably nothing more than the Jewish urge to shit on something because it's there.


Must apologize, quit publishing newsletter... Is it England or America?

Cracker Responds to Anti-White Racist Horowitz

VNN's newest writer responds to David Horowitz' cavalier anti-White racism and candid admission that he has always worked in behalf of colored minorities against White Cracker Whitman

Brown Blacks Throw Tantrums, Steal Papers

"College" shitskins make off with print run of paper with Horowitz ad. Mental children, emotional children... Say something that offends them, they have a right to steal and trash your paper. You can live in a free country, or you can live with niggers. Your choice, White man. Do we really need the not-ready-for-prime-time race around? Of course not. Only liars like that man who placed the "offensive" ad pretend we do.

Census: Interactive Chart

Nicely done by USA Today...

Pierce on Individualism

Everybody is an individual. But that doesn't mean niggers aren't niggers. You say you've met Whites who are worse than Blacks. We all have. But that doesn't negate that fact that Blacks -- and Jews -- are as a group destroying our race. The generalization will not be denied, and the fact that you move away from him at every opportunity proves that on the deepest level, you accept the truth, White man: Niggers and Jews are not like us, do not belong around us. Race mixing is the Jew's way of destroying the White race, even as he writes racist Laws of Return for Israel, bans the immigration of non-Jews, segregates Jews and Palestinians. One standard for Jews, another standard for everybody else.

Doctors Against Second Amendment

Sound public health policy requires revoking it. Not what they say. What they mean.

Curtis Plea Bargains

Pleads guilty to b.s. federal "civil rights conspiracy" charges in exchange for recommendation that he will serve "no more than three years" in prison. Has essentially given up his First Amendment rights for three years, says lawyer, Bernard Skomal. Not allowed to promote his "white supremacist" views in those years. Not allowed to associate with list of 138 people. He may go to boot camp, will be sentenced in June.

Hating Whites at UCLA

Bring back anti-White discrimination chant coloreds. Again we see high school students used as tools by their wardens.

Mercury-Mexican Connection: Savages' Poisonous Religious Rites Threaten White Health

Puerto Ricans, Cubans, other Third World types flooding U.S. practice weird "religions" like "santeria." Seen circles of burnt-out candles on the beach in the morning? Decapitated chickens laying in the street? We have. It's a sign that they're around. Renting an apartment? Buying a house or used car? Who owned that house or car, who lived in that apartment before you? Why? Because those who practice "santeria" SPRINKLE MERCURY AROUND THEIR DWELLING AND AUTO!... Here on the problems mercury poses. Latin savages, too stupid to know any better, think it brings health. Actually, as civilized White men have discovered, it brings nerve damage, insanity and all sorts of horrible illness. Are your kids exposed to mercury because of the Hispanics next door that the Jews let into the country? Are you sure? Here a potpourri of mercury-Hispanic stories for further reading... Why worry about "international terrorism" when you've got the Riveras living downstairs from you? Colorless, odorless... You've seen the news stories, haz-mat workers in moon-suits bagging the entire contents of homes contaminated with mercury. They rip up the carpets, tear out the walls, pack it all in drums for burial -- at vast expense. Will this happen to your building after the government makes you rent a place to spics? Silly, nervous towns, not knowing what else to do, are banning sale of mercury thermometers. Yet the primitive people who practice this poisoning are welcomed to the U.S. with open arms, urged on by President, government, church and, especially, synagogue. Diversity kills, White man -- in every way you can think of, and some you never would. STOP THIRD-WORLD IMMIGRATION NOW!

Hale Vows to Return to Connecticut

Give the boo-hoo college students something to cry about... Here on Vermont discoloring. Here great general site for NA material, Jewish stuff and lots of other good things: Very competently put together, visit and learn, people...

Seattle: 3/4 of Black Tuesday Suspects are Niggers

"That's what you stupid white people get," said one of the nigger attackers. Yep -- right up to the point you resist, White man. (By the way, when we say "White man" it covers both SEXES. Not "genders." The political and ungrammatical use of 'gender' for 'sex' comes from Jewish Big Lie that men and women are socially constructed products of their environment rather than biologically and genetically different creatures.) Police say they're not actively investigating any hate crimes. Of course they aren't. The police and Jewish media have been in collusion from day one to pretend the whole nigger rampage had nothing to do with nigger hate-packs hunting Whites. It is time for weak, corrupt, Jew-ridden leadership to give way to White men who can protect the White community. We've had enough Jewish garbage. It is time for Hymie to get out of this country and take Clan Leech back to Israel. Here's the typical and typically stupid remark from the mother of murdered Kime: "It's this senseless violence, not necessarily the people." She probably spoke those words while holding -- just like Father Kime -- the Jewish agitprop placard some yid marxist probably handed her about giving peace a chance. Brainwashed lemming White -- typical. Not even murder of own son makes her look up. And Christianity, with its ludicrous doctrine of hating the sin and not the nigger is also to blame for this kind of moronic rubbish. Take those gang-member niggers and start throwing them over tree limbs, and it would be remarkable how quick Jamal made for his cubbyhole. But again, violent niggers are merely the symptom: Jews are the disease. How much longer can we tolerate a Jewish presence among us? How many more Kris Kimes have to be murdered before we say to Hymie and the Dershowitzim, Get out of our country, you don't belong here! How many, White man?... Other comments from injured victims: "They were obviously targeting White people," (White guy with broken cheekbone). "...a lot of minorities were down there hunting White people," (White guy with broken jaw thanks to five cowardly Mexican shitskins who set on him). Shitskins and niggers are the symptom: the Jew is the disease. Coloreds hate Whites because they are inferior. They can't build the kind of society and culture we've built -- only take advantage of it and destroy it. We create and stuff the piņata -- all they can do is crack it open with a bat, eat all the candy, and go looking for the next one. This is the deep basis of their anger toward us, and it cannot be appeased or meliorated. It is purely a question of whether or not we allow their greed and hatred to destroy us. And it will if we do nothing. There is no other option. Either we accede to continued Jewish control of the country, or we end the Jewish presence and remake our nation. Second report here. Here a good transcript for anybody who thinks Risible O'Reilly isn't a big-city liberal like Geraldo and Spitter Mathews. Devil's Dictionary: stereotyping: Jamal can't type because he skipped class to boost your stereo.

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