Cracker Responds to Anti-White Racist Horowitz

by Cracker Whitman

In the article VNN linked to-

Jew Marxist "neoconservative" David Horowitz admits, "I have spent a lifetime and lost part of a life doing battle in behalf of minorities and of black people in particular." That makes him your deadly enemy, White man -- don't be fooled by the flag he's wrapping himself in now as camouflage. They'll do anything to live another day, to keep spreading their poison. A Jew is a Jew.

You don't see the movie running backwards now that Horowitz is pretending to be a "conservative," do you? Are the Mexicans frantically splashing backwards across the Rio Grande, putting their pants back on, and running backwards into Mexico? Are the Molotov cocktails flying back into the city-destroying niggers' hands, the crack babies popping back into their subsidized mothers' wombs?

Is the 100 billion dollars given to Israel since 1948 piling back up in your bank, the guards walking backwards from the armored car with the money bags, putting them back into the vault?

Is Kris Kime getting up off the pavement in Seattle and walking away backwards?

Of course not. The Jewish destruction of White America continues. The sudden appearance of Jewish "neoconservatives" like Horowitz merely serves, Jews hope, to divert attention, to channel aggression away from the perpetrators. Jews can well afford one Horowitz in 100,000 when the other 99,999 pull the other way. He's a throwaway, like that little noisemaker cartridge a huge submarine shoots out to distract the enemy sonarmen. The sub keeps going in the other direction, continuing on its deadly mission.

Now, Horowitz has been "hoist on his own petard," blown up by the bomb whose fuse he lit.

"In the thousands of words written in response to the 1300-word ad I attempted to place in college papers, hardly a sentence deals with the points themselves. Instead, they are attacks on my person, attempts to label my self toxic and my ideas unthinkable, and to exclude both from the arena of civilized discourse."

"I've been locked out of the Jew-controlled, censored media, rejected by Jew-inspired, politically-correct academia!" laments Horowitz!

This is Jewish chutzpah, shamelessness -- he actually expects our sympathy!

Glad to hear it. You worked to set this machinery in motion; we hope it catches your sleeve, pulls you in and crushes you. Suffer, you kike, oy, oy, oy.


-- A "cracker," as you call us

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