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Lithuania: Latest Jewish Persecution of Old Men

Jewish work is never done. No matter how many they arrest, no matter how ancient and doddering they are, they must be ever-vigilant. "It is of course a positive development that at least one Nazi criminal case has been completed. It is important for the community. But the level of anti-Semitism stays the same," says Jew, assured of a job for life.

Jewish Paranoia Runs Rampant

When you scheme and manipulate the whole world, people resent it. That's what computers and databases are for, tracking those people. Did a mouse ever filch a crumb out a dusty corner of a Botswana synagogue? Why, the incident is recorded here, that all posterity might thrill to the horror. Thanks for the help, Hymie...

Things You Know That Just Ain't So, #221b-18: Naked Vietnamese Girl Photo

Read and learn...

Immigration and Asian Techies

Not needed anymore it seems, after all that hue and cry about not enough White programmers... Weird new weapon here.

Mexican Pollution Sues for $505 Billion

Ever seen a bunch of ants get the better of a larger animal? That's what's going on here. The White beast is going down, and every dirt and shylock wants a piece of the carcass...

Streisand: The Song without the Soul

Prefab Babs...Go away, little girl -- and stay away. Here on Eminem South...

Jews Desert the South Africa They Destroyed

Joe Slovo, Helen Suzman, other Jews created the hell of black crime in South Africa. Thousands of Jews flee their creation every year; those who stay to suck more blood use their money to segregate, isolate, fortify. "Violent crime is a fact of life in the new South Africa, and the tight-knit Jewish community has taken note, putting up elaborate gates, barbed wire and electronic fencing. In some enclaves neighbors have hired private security firms -- 'a booming industry here' -- to close off streets to all but residents, creating islands of safety in a stormy sea. Panic buttons in the home are now standard features, like microwave ovens. Signs warning ominously of 'Armed Response' are everywhere." Who's to blame? Whites. "Violence has overtaken this society; it's spewing out from apartheid," spit Jews, blaming something that doesn't exist in the new Azania. Apartheid was a policy based on natural and ineradicable lines of demarcation between kaffirs and civilized White men. International banking and media Jewry destroyed it through decades of communist nigger incitement and round-the-clock press ridicule. Now the Jews themselves are departing the formerly proud country their tikkun olam turned into a shithole. Hymie runs to Israel...Where do you run after he destroys your country, White man? Few stories make clearer that the Jew is the enemy.

Latest on State-Murdering Monkey Mugabe

Whether he goes or stays, the deeper problem -- Whites ruled by savages -- will remain until Whites do something about it. A second article on affenocracy (rule by monkey) here: three-day work weeks, power outages, food prices through the roof, fuel problems, independent press blown up by army gang: when a five-year-old is given the car keys, no one is surprised when a trail of destruction ensues: same with African niggers. Niggers are not our equals, and to pretend they are is a stupidity that only the White man, encouraged by the enforcing Jew, believes in. Here, straight from the monkey's mouth, an attack on Whites delivered on its 77th birthday. Here Australian businesses work against One Nation.

How Jews Work

Jews are successful because they work together. Get the message, White man? The All-Stars work together to destroy our communities; we need to join forces to destroy them.

Jews Wreck Everything: Beastie Boys and Buddhism

Jews alter for the worse whatever they come in contact with. Because they couldn't possibly have anything to learn -- fixers of the world, and all -- everything new they get their feelers on they inject with their foul ideals of feminism, "civil rights" and self-righteousness. No matter what it is, Jews will keep the shell and stuff it with their poisonous filling of egalitarianism and dead slugs and feminism and toadstools and socially-conscious blather and axle grease.

The Jewish Double Standard, Part 173a: Jewish Nationalism Surges in Israel

We're awakening! We're reawakening! Inventing! Reinventing! We're just being Jews. Listen -- "Ariel Sharon's election as prime minister signals a national awakening to the importance of national identity and national will, a recognition that our security is inextricably linked to national morale and our sense of ourselves." National awakening! National will! National identity! National morale! All the things that White people aren't supposed to have. One standard for Jews, another standard for everyone else.

The Jewish Double Standard, Part 342: Jews-Only "Public" Schools

Jewish attorney general purports to examine papers related to Kiryas Joel, another segregated "Hasidic community" in New York state. Jews are trying to fiddle census figures to get taxpayer funding for their segregated Hebrew schools. Your kids can go to school with White-stabbing Mexican gangsters, nigger rapists, anything, but every pale, smelly, pigeon-toed, mouth-breathing, earlocked yidling is a "special-needs child." Funding for them is called "the separation of church and state" that should prohibit non-Jewish groups from getting any money. See, it's "separation of church and state" when Hymie doesn't want a moment of prayer in your school, and it's "separation of church and state" when Hymie wants his own Jews-only "public" school. One standard for Jews, another standard for everyone else. (Scroll down)

Jew Pollard

Fat and sleek grows the mole, his Israeli monthlies -- yours? -- in the bank compounding hourly, awaiting his release. Read the Lamentations of Hymie, White slave. "[M]ost American Jewish leaders now agree that Pollard should be released on humanitarian grounds." Jews are loyal to Jews, and they don't give a damn about the host country beyond what they can suck from its suckers.

Good Work, Calabro

Although we do not agree with his Jew-tolerant policy, the California-based European/American Issues Forum has done good work over the last year. Pro-White activity in any form tends to be good and produce more of same, whether it's criticizing Hymie, or asking the FBI why Hispanic crime perpetrators are classified as Whites. Calabro is actually doing something, and that deserves praise. The link is to the EAIF's year-end report. Get out there and help him, California readers... Anybody who belongs to organizations, whether it's EAIF, National Alliance, or NOFEAR can contact VNN and we will post information about your meetings, marches and other activities, along with contact information. Contact us at

White Students Just Say No to Black History

Smart kids opt out of ridiculous school-enforced colored-pride agitprop... Black history? Cannibalism, voodoo, necklacking, welfare, murder, rape, bastardy, peanut butter!, etc.... In other words, five million convictions and one condiment. Second report here. Here description of savage TV show.

Judeo-Christianity: No Such Thing for Jews, Just Christian Suckers

If Jews need "antidote," Christianity must be poison. No "Judeo-Christianity" for Yids. That's nonsense they cook up to keep Holy Land Tour Guides like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson happy.

Diversity Succeeds in Borneo

Dayaks and Madurese get along choppingly well...

Jewish Civil Rights Workers Call for Arafat's Murder

The Jews know their enemy, White man. Do you know yours?

Me-Too Right: Doomed to Fail

A leftist mag documents the Beanbag Right's embrace of multicultural dogma... As if to prove the point, Reps suck up to savages here. Here McWhorter on black attitudes as the problem keeping the savages savage. Attitudes are a big problem, but aptitudes are the bigger one.

Why the Right Always Loses, #64

Just a career and a game, says British columnist in an (unintentional) essay on the subject. The public right, the Beanbag Right, is not a serious opposition. Hard-core pro-White politics is the only way to go.

Mexicans Don't Cause Pollution, Mexicans Are Pollution

White stabbed as Mexican gang sewage seeps into Oregon. Here view Afro-American flag.

Germany Forms Anti-German Gestapo

New units will crack down on anyone who doesn't submit to Semitic brainwashing...

Half-Germans Abused in Norway After WWII

Thrown in asylums, scorned and maltreated...

On Clintons and Their Noxious Defenders

Good vicious view of the corrupt...

Jews Lied About McCarthy

The real danger in this country was never McCarthyism. The real danger was and is Jews.

Armey and 'Racial McCarthyism'

The right "fights" back, using the left's own demonizing terminology. Here Horowitz' view.

German View on Media Bias

Same types, same lies as U.S. media in generating enthusiasm for illegal wars in Eastern Europe...

Bertollini Sues Silver Lake Motel

Denied pro-White group access, a civil rights violation...

Literary Scene: Allen Tate Bio Out

New book on one of more famous Southern Agrarians... Here on Carver and lyric suppression. Here a British article on E.O. Wilson. Here Epstein on the cultural divide. The Jewish writer makes points, but avoids discussion of the Jewish mores that define the Hollywood culture he criticizes. Here on Boadicea, violent woman who led Briton revolt against Romans. Here a review of Raymond Chandler. New book on Versailles and end of World War One here. Here on H.G. Wells and how his famous 'Outline of World History' may have been stolen from a woman named Deeks. Here on anti-anti-communism in American history departments. Yet another Jew writing about Jewish-created problems without mentioning Jews. Jews, like government, make money coming and going: they create the new movements, then they cash in on criticizing those movements, and everyone else is left bewildered and penniless. Here interesting article on Wyndham Lewis. Here on state of academic fiction. Here on Dante.

Columbia in World War One

Insufficient patriotism led to firings and censorship.

FDR and American Socialism

Rexford Tugwell and ilk remade America...

Pierce on Rich

The deeper meaning of the corruption, and why Rich ought to be hanging in an iron cage outside the White House gate...

Tulsa Recommends Race-Riot Payments

We pay to surround ourselves with the agents of our destruction.

A Black Story

"The two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government." -- Jefferson... Yet another example. Whether we dig up the stats and facts and serve them up cautiously, or cut to the chase with the slur 'nigger,' the fact is that Jefferson was right, and those who ignore him, wrong. Here on ignoble savages, and the environmental damage they wrought.

Negroes in Nascar

Jesse the Bastard praises corporate-backed black driver.

Alien Hoax Precipitates Camp-of-the-Saints-Style Reaction

Turns out the ship wasn't loaded with aliens, but Europe's reaction tells you all you need to know.

Jews Declared War on Germany

Jews caused the problems Hitler reacted to. Here Irving on revisionism...

Spreading Homosexual Agitprop in Public Schools

Jew-controlled government schools used as a vehicle for queer propaganda and other forms of anti-White hate.

Germany Tries to Buy Off Pro-Germans

Paying money to get people to change their views: democracy at work. Here on Dartmouth professors stabbed by kids who with unapproved book at home.

Christians Apologize to Redskins

The loathsome trend continues... Here Bush bawling over poor treatment of black cons...

Jews Clam Up

Their swindlers under fire, loquacious Jews go silent.

Nazi Camps Filmed on Staten Island

Jews lie. Big surprise. You can't believe what you read or see, White man.

Self-Important Canadian Jews at Odds

Squabbling between CJC and Brothers of the Cut...

Zimbabwe: Crumbling Mess

The difference between white racists and Jews and Jew-intimidated conservative cowards and libertarian morons is that our politics is based on truth. We fear no idea, and that facts of the daily world back up our claims. Zimbabwe's turn-over to savages was premised by the international media on the Biggest Lie of racial equality. And today the country lies in ruin while the Jews have scuttled off elsewhere to redeploy their favorite poison panacea. Zimbabwe's problems are not economic or political -- they are racial. Niggers treated as Whites' equals is a recipe for cultural destruction no matter where it's tried. But remember, White man: niggers are only the symptom -- the Jew is the disease. Here Mugabe blames Whites, Britain for sabotaging the economy.

South Africa: White Farmers Reject Klan Help, Prefer to Die Submissively

Whites must hang together, or they will hang separately.

Germany: Jewish Hate Group Pushes Censorship

Any criticism of Jews must be forbidden by law, wherever it appears. Nazi health scientists were well ahead of American.


Frat suspended for swastika. Here talk highlights growth, influence of white-power music. Here OJ in porno?

UK Cracks Down on Dissent

Text of new act. Is your thought, religion, group, race government-approved?

Minorities Praise Cal's Dropping of SAT

Koko makes happy-smile sign...

Out of Africa? Nope.

Parallel to the debate over Europeans, not Asians, being the first to pass through the Americas, there is growing evidence that the races do not ultimately descend from African ancestors. Here on ancient maritime activity, which may have been more extensive than thought.

Asian Gangs Spread in SoCal

Running scams in the suburbs these days...

Latvia: The Evil that Jews Do

We hear about Jewish suffering ad infinitum. We never hear about the suffering they inflict. This site addresses the horrors the Jews perpetrated in one Baltic country...

Jew Laughs At Christian Suckers

Here, Jew Farber laughs up his sleeve at the stupidity of American Christians. "I have many times as an adult Jew suspended heart and pulse beats in expectation of engulfing riptides of anti-Semitism to lash out across America. I've feared thunderclaps. I've never gotten more than a butterfly's belch." "Nice going, Christian America...You didn't even give off a shudder of reaction when the Jewish head of the Brooklyn Museum of Art and the largely Jewish board of directors permitted an art exhibit portraying the Last Supper with Jesus Christ as a black woman naked." Suckers. Here on pardoned pets and the sucker-subsidized state that supports them. Here Foxman admits writing letter on Rich's behalf. Thick as thieves, the crooked Chosen. Think like a Jew: nothing is wrong if it helps our people. Read and learn why you can never trust a Jew. Here Jewish murderer freed in Israel. One standard for Jews, another standard for everybody else.

Anne Frank: Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

A musical with fetching woodsy puppets and the young yiddish heroine will appear on a Jew-run network soon. Here IBM comes out against the "Holocaust," whatever that is.

Click Here!

ADL Yids Worry that Non-Jewish Hate Groups May Get Faith-Based Money

Here another delegation of whining Jews is banging on government's door again, this time with a blacklist of groups like the Nation of Islam they don't want to get any "faith-based" charity funding. That money would be much better in safe, steady, responsible Jewish hands, right?

Savage "Farmers" Get Free Money from Agriculture

How would you like to get $50,000 tax-free from Uncle Sam just by writing a letter and getting a friend to attest to your claim that you had applied to the Department of Agriculture for a farm loan and had been turned down because of your race? Impossible, you say? Not if you were black and had joined in a class-action lawsuit known as Pigford vs. Glickman (Dan Glickman, Clinton's last secretary of agriculture); truly, as the sewage of the Jew-filled Clinton administration drains away, all sorts of filth and mutated, hook-nosed fish are left gasping for air. Jews anywhere threaten Whites everywhere. The Jew is the enemy, White man.

Germany: Yids Back Like a Bad Rash

Juden raus...

Hymie Spreads Poison in Canada

Jew immigrationists flood Canada with Arabs. Arabs beat up Jews. Anti-Semitism! For every one incident, ten go unreported, cries ADL, without any proof. Expect them to say they're not needed? Hate, a living, it's. Here, Jews lie. Kosher tax, in which all consumers pay for manufacturer to buy "kosher" label rights from Jews, is well-known, documented, plain for all to see on packages of food. Jews call it "myth." "The league also documented the proliferation of an anti-Semitic 'kosher tax' myth, which saw unsuspecting consumers being advised to go through their cupboards and estimate the worth of all groceries bearing 'hidden' kosher symbols in order to attain an alleged government tax refund."

Jew Camper Invented Aspirin?

Did a yid really invent aspirin, or just cause someone else to invent it?

Jewish Ritual Murder: Chicago

Go back and read the diamond-scam story we posted the other day, if you didn't already: Essentially, a Jew-set cartel perpetrates through advertising and supply control a massive scam that diamonds are a rare and valuable commodity. "Everybody knows" that diamonds are valuable and rare. It just happens to be a fact that they aren't. How many other things you know aren't true? we asked. Well, by the same token "everbody knows" that Jewish ritual murder is a base anti-Semitic canard, and that it never has happened. So by the same token, how many things you know aren't so -- are?

Our Times, Our Mores

They're disgusting... Latest on reparations here. The reason that reparations will succeed is the same reason so many earnest idiots write articles logically attacking them as inappropriate and undeserved. They are, but the point is that there is no counter-power to the Jew-led nigs, so they despoil our country and rob us at will. What's to stop us putting together a superior force and ending the Jewish and Negro presence in this country? Nothing. That is the only effective long-term solution.

The Pathetic Fallacy

When academia turns rotten, it begins with the soft "sciences" and when left unchecked, infects the real stuff soon enough. The touchie-feelie nonsense pervading the "Humanities" these days finally makes it to the brain -- real science -- and today's priesthood of Jew-screened "experts", while not exactly telling outright lies, compete for what Elena Haskins likes to call "status pellets" by strongly implying such absurdities as race-is-a-social-construct.

Mugabe Newspeak for White Genocide: "Economic Victory"

We sent in troops for no sane reason in Somalia and saw American Whites set upon by mobs of savages as a thank-you. . .but our fedgov sheds not even a crocodile tear over the bloodbath in "Zimbabwe" and the predictable murder and rape stats in South Africa are studiously ignored by media and fedgov alike. . .to get a true picture of the dimensions of what's happening, and how nothing is being done about it by the professional do-gooder organizations, your only source is a site like this one. . . As we in the West become are becoming a minority in our own homelands, note that the demands of other races are becoming more aggressive and absurd, not less. That's what happens when savages get the scent of blood and sense the dynamics of power are shifting to their favor. Think this process isn't already in motion? Think again.

"Blood-libel" Alive and Well in Russia

. . .Or is it a case of: where there's smoke there's fire? We at VNN were suprised ourselves at how large the grain of truth attached to the "anti-Semitic canard" appears to be, and plan to soon make material available to you on-site so that you can decide.

Reparations: Million Per Nigger Sounds Good, Says Malveaux

The ugly and stupid negress typist battles Safety Valve Dave on Televitz. If every nigger in this country were given a million, you can bet that by the end of the year, 95% of them would be broke. Niggers are niggers. Jewish lies to the contrary, dumping a pile of money on them won't change that. Take a lesson from Horowitz, people. He gets right up in the ugly she-ape's face and doesn't back down. All she can do is squawk like an exceptionally fat and ugly chicken. Which she does. To no avail. These people are weak; their apparent power disappears when you confront them. Their whole program is based on bluster and moral intimidation, and the minute we don't give in to them, they lose. Aggression is the answer, White man. Aggression almost always wins.

I Love L.A.

Squatting turd-worlders...

Nazi Hotline Set Up in Germany

Does your right arm exhibit a strange proclivity for shooting upward at a 45-degree angle? You need this number!

Pardoned Pets: Hitchens on Riches

Good stuff...

BYU Report on "Hate" Crimes Defeat and National Alliance

The time has come to make things happen, White man. Joining the National Alliance and working to spread the message is one of the best things you can do to advance the white nationalist agenda. Learn more about it here. "It is not enough that you believe -- you must fight," said one successful revolutionary. Second report on failed Utah bill here.

Ridicule Heaped on Deserving Pets

Had an English teacher in the great back-when. Funny guy. Smart. Wore odd clothes. Purple suits, pink ties. Or maybe it was pink suits and purple ties. Not queer, just queer. Loved Graham Greene, almost worshipped him. Had a funny way of expressing himself. "This book I think," he'd say, is "eminently readable." Can still hear his intonation, accenting the "em" in 'eminently.' Well, the super-pets, the ethereal all-stars, the adherents of the Mosaic cosmogeny, are I think, eminently risible. EMinently. We've been laughing since day one. Others are joining in. Do you see the humor?

Army of Two -- Army of 911

The few. The proud. The -- hey, where you going with my car!

Yids Assassinating Rags, Say Leftist Creeps at Amnesty

Your dollars, their bullets, Ahab's corpses. Do you wonder that he hates you, White man? How would you feel if foreign ragtops were merrily ponying up billions to subsidize Hymie's sniping your Ryans and Codys?

Reality Shows Reveal: The Nigger As Nigger

All niggers are good for is spreading disease, dirt and death, and swelling bellies with pickaninnies. Environment matters not a whit. You can lead a nigger to a book, but you can't make him read. Those with a Televitz, check out one of the rap-niggers proudly displaying his wares on "Crib," where J-bunnie keep he gin n juice n chill wit homeys and cuzzes. See any books? Bwahaha. They don't suddenly become civilized when they switch plains from Serengheti to North Dakota. They don't suddenly lose their tails when you put them in a house on MTV. By the way, the article in the title link is based on a totally false premise, a Jewish Big Lie: that America wants to see black villains, and that reality shows supply that need. Actually, as Ben Stein explains in his Sunset Boulevard book reviewed in our books section, quite the opposite is the case: TV almost exclusively portrays Whites, especially White Aryan businessmen, as criminals and heavies. Because the yid writers/producers believe the Evil System explains black crime stats, they give niggers a free ride in their Anti-World. But in the few shows in which blacks are allowed to act somewhat naturally, they reveal themselves savages. MTV has aired perhaps eight or nine "Real World" seasons, and in several of them a black has had to be kicked out of the group house for beating up one of his or her housemates. In other words, you take a nigger -- think pro sports, Ray Lewis, O.J., Darryl Strawberry -- with every possible financial and social incentive to curb the monkey within -- AND HE CAN'T DO IT. HE REALLY IS A MONKEY! You can take the savage out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the savage. It's not a stereotype, it's true: the nigger as nigger, not darkened whiteman. Most stereotypes are true. The only stereotypes that are false are those created by Jews for political purposes: dumb blondes, bloodthirsty racist haters; anti-Semitic militia members; sister-fucking crackers. Stereotypical niggers? No -- typical niggers in stereo. Or boosting stereos. The Jew is the purveyor of lies, and where he goes, destruction follows, as surely as the night the day. It is time for the Jewish presence in America to end. A burning bush told me you should repair to Israel, All-Stars.

More at Plastic

Check out Yggdrasil on hate crimes, posted below our editor's comments....

Diamonds: Yet Another Jew Scam

I'll bet a thousand to one odds that you, the White man reading this, are unaware that the diamond ring on your wife's finger is there because of a Jewish ad campaign. That's right: diamond engagement rings as common custom was created out of whole cloth by Jew-run cartel De Beers. Don't believe it? Try selling one back... Diamonds rare and valuable? How many other things you "know" just ain't so, White man? Read this story and begin to understand how the world works. Perhaps the advertising techniques selling soap flakes and diamonds are used by the Eternal Peddler to foist diversity and multiculturalism on you too, White man. The unfortunate truth is that we humans are too stupid too see we are being manipulated, too self-impressed even to suspect such manipulation is possible. Are you different? Will you continue wearing, buying, valuing the Jew's diamonds, tipped to his scam?

Israel, Our Noble Ally

All the details you'll need to understand yidland and its pernicious parasitism...

AIDS in Africa

The grim news: millions of savanna savages may die before Lutheran importers reach them... Somebody needs to nail about 95 of these Lutheran numbskulls to church doors. Religious folk can pretend the individual souls of these colored fruit flies are important, but they aren't. What's important is not letting the nigger and his dupes/scheming advocates destroy our societies. Keep in mind that, for all the wailing in this article, Africa's population is expanding, not contracting, no matter how many millions AIDS clears out. Read this article, and ask yourself how great the difference in behavior is between Mbungi in Bwungaland and Ja'Mal in Compton. Find out why we call them niggers -- and why you should too. "[T]he two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government" -- T. Jefferson. This is yet another aspect of what he was talking about. Nature has drawn "indelible" lines of distinction between our races. They are niggers, we are not. Second report here. Any of you nig-loving White women up for a little "dry sex"? Here American AIDS incidence charts. Here a world AIDS map.

Jews We Like

Photos of dispatched All-Stars -- child-assassins?, now practicing their swindles in Gehenna. Here Jews go after YMCA. Here direct from a Wiesenthal orifice.

Revisionists to Meet in Beirut

Links between White right and Muslims on the increase, warns Jew paper, laughably claiming that "political correctness" makes mainstream papers unwilling to cover the nexus. Typical Jewish refusal to see their group as the problem. How can such an innocent and enlightened race of superlatives be so disliked by everyone else in the world?

Jews Loving Jews

Time for the Oscars! Here, the endless Jewish self-interest, self-reference, self-promotion, and self-congratulation. Hollywood, New York, Tel Aviv. They are a separate race, an island unto themselves. "The Kindertransport film was only one of several Jewish- and Nazi-themed nominations announced Tuesday." What a surprise.

On Culture Wars

Liberal looks at the debate ten years later...

Why We Must Draw the Line -- and Draw It Where Jews Do

Jews must be kept out of the White nationalist movement. Otherwise they will coopt and disable it, just as they've done to conservatism. Just as Jews shape and define the norms of their communities -- by racist discrimination against non-Jews -- we Whites must do whatever is necessary to retake control of our communities and set our standards without Jewish Chuck Pearson....NEW REVISED ARTICLE! FIFTEEN PERCENT MORE HUTZPAH!

"Hate" Crimes Shot Down in Utah

Despite words of crappy local me-too liberal rag, NA had a hand in the defeat. Good work, guys. Any readers in the Salt Lake area can get in contact with the Salt Lake local unit through the National Alliance headquarters here. Here Pierce compares Sharon and Haider. One is a mass murderer, butcher and war-criminal. The other is a threat to democracy and good people everywhere.

Jews Sue to Censor Pro-German Websites

Hymie's lies can't make it in a free market. So he seeks to criminalize doubt.

Disgust with Globalization in Australia

Hanson garners 9.6% as gun-owners and others flock to her party...

California Uses Classical to Drive off Colored Criminals

Like rap to the ear of a White man, so is classical to blacks and Mexicans...

Skins in Southern Utah

Fighting drugs, leader says...

How the Jews Used Immigration to Destroy the United States

If I could I would go out there into cyberia, tie each one of you to a chair, and read this aloud to you three times in a row, tapping you with a stick until you absorbed the lesson. In other words, this is must-read, people. It is written by Kevin MacDonald, famed author of the ground-breaking trilogy on Hymie and the celestial All-Stars. Don't be the typical myopic American, charging the cape, mad about seeing his country overrun with niggers and Mexicans -- read this and deeply understand how it came to be that way. Learn -- fight: the Jew is your enemy, White man.

Yids and Yiddized-Brits Pule for War

They angled us into both World Wars, and they're up to their old tricks yet again... Good article by our favorite poofter-libt Raimondo, properly noting the Washington Times, among others, suckpooping for Israel. Kind of an inside joke, if you are familiar with WT, which is edited by the heroically brave Wesley Pruden, much given to chest-thumping about what a real man he is, what superior creatures Arkansawyers and Southerners in general are, how fearless their Confederate forebears, and how eagerly his editorial writers lap up yid-spittle. For some reason, no idea here, he leaves that last one out. Good on ya, Justin: may carloads of fat young boys find their way to your tent.


It's not merely that Jews are swindlers who take to lying and deception and fraud like ducks to water, it's not just their shamelessness, their effrontery, it's not just their intellectual lies and political poisons, it's their....well, it's the distilled essence of this story: their Jewishness. Whatever is admirable, that they are not. Whatever is undevious, that they are not. Whatever is straight, that they are not. They are corrupt, crude crooks.

The Great Anthro Coverup: Government Must Release Kennewick Scans

Lies about you; lies about your ancestor. All part of Hymie's drive to expunge Whiteness, get rid of White people. We are mocked by the admakers and lied about by the academicians. This article is the latest on the scientists suing the government for the right to study Kennewick man's bones. The feds have done everything they could to prevent this, afraid of the implications of what grows increasingly likely: conclusive proof that Whites preceded Redskins in the Americas. To prevent that truth from emerging, the feds have turned over K-man to the "natives" and dumped 500 tons of rock and soil on his discovery site. This is the same government that pays off Hymie for his "Holocaust" museum, denounces Krystallnacht and Nazi book burning. In title link, a judge tries to force them to release scans of the bones. Here's a decent if Semitically Correct backgrounder shedding some light on the many competing theories. Essentially, you have old-guard archaeologists and anthropologists and politically-interested Jews fighting to suppress mounting evidence that Whites were here first. Naturally, you will never see the issue explicitly described like that except at VNN and other white-nationalist sites. Rather, you will get tepid discussion and hints about old-school/new-school antagonisms; verbiage about "complexity," etc. Read between the lines and puzzle out the implications for yourself. Jew-led leftists are not interested in history or facts that run against their Big Lie of American history: The Judaization of America and why it's a good thing: America: Founded by evilwhiteracist slaveholders; freed by noble Jew-led civil libertarians. That is their Ur-myth about our country, and they will brook no opposing view. "From Iberia, not Siberia," is the slogan that captures the emerging truth.

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