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Ashcroft: We Need More Mexicans in America

He has routinely voted against the interests of Whites, yet Republican fools were up in arms that he might not be appointed. When will people look at the big picture and see that pandering doesn't work -- and that the Republicans are Beanbag opposition.

School Prevents Father from Lunching with Son

The White slave and his wife both have to work, have little time for the kid. So the father can't be allowed to spend some of that little time eating lunch with junior. Yank your kid out of school, dad. Here a principal allows a Hispanic hate group to dragoon students. Here on sex ed in Britain.

Lerner on Clintons

Here a commentary from Tikkun's Michael Lerner. 'Tikkun' is a Jewish term that means the right, nay duty, of the Jew to harass non-Jews to bring about a better world. The reality is that there is something uniquely Jewish in the Jew's utter inability both to perceive himself as guilty or offensive, and his inability to see anything but foul motives driving his opponents. By their very nature Jews breed exterminationist, as they like to term it, opposition because their terms preclude legitimate disagreement. Bad is defined as disagreeing with a Jew. No middle ground for the eternal middlemen. This is why to attempt to compromise with them is useless. They must be attacked and rooted out because of what they are since there is no evidence they can change. Their racial holidays are all dancing on the graves of former enemies. What new holiday will they create when the White race goes down?

Left, Right and Green

The Nazis were environmentalists long before anyone on the left. No part of the world was ever as physically messed up as that which was politically controlled by Jews -- i.e., the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Keep that in mind. Here on kosher food. Jews impose a Jewish tax on food and other manufacturers that every consumer pays. Imagine if Baptists or Catholics wanted a mft to label a package a certain way --AND PAY THEM TENS OF THOUSANDS -- to certify that it met their religious guidelines. Yet another way in which the Jews enrich themselves at your family's expense. But they're not parasites, oh no!

The Jews Behind Clinton...

...even after he leaves office... Here Pierce on Rich, Green and others... More here, classic photo too. More here on where Israel and Jewish charities get their funding: from big-time crooks. Note that we have tried to find a link to the Jewish kiddie-porn honcho busted recently in California, but we can't find any, so well has the story been hushed on the wires... Here on Hasidim smuggling ecstasy into the country from Amsterdam, as Pierce describes. Hasids prefer Ecstasy because it is comparatively profitable and easy to conceal. More here on Israeli mob involvement with the drug. Here Jewish orgs clam up when asked whether Rich pardon was justified. Russian Jews spread like cancer in New York. Here Jews worry about rest of their crooked "Russian" brethren.

Jews and Churches and the Fedgov

No problem if Jews take your money for big purposes. Big problem if Christians get a slice of the pie. Here on Jews and the Republicans. Here a very interesting article on Jewish names and their origins. Here background on the Hasidic "New Square" scum who voted for Hillary as a payoff for getting their corrupt swindlers released.

Bush and Powell on Mexico

Barely even a pretense that we are separate nations. Repeat the old Jewish lie that it is our responsiblility to solve Mexican economic woes instead of doing something to prevent alien sewage from polluting our land. Here's photo evidence of Bush attitude toward darklings.

Victims of Jewish Persecution

Jews hate and attack pro-White people. Here's a page listing several of the most prominent defenders of the White race and the ways God's chosen cowards have attacked them.

Blacks in Movies

Interesting black perspective on the portrayal of blacks in movies. Contrast with Pierce's perspective on Save the Last Dance, which this article also discusses. Blacks don't like being portrayed as nonexistent except insofar as they can help or repair Whites (Bagger Vance, Driving Miss Daisy, Save the Last Dance, etc.); some Whites object to movies that encourage white teenaged girls to fuck niggers. Both races are subject to celluloid manipulation by greedy and politically interested Jews. Jews use Blacks and coloreds in general as a tool to crack White society, and they couldn't care less what Blacks think about it because Blacks are too stupid to organize.

Literature: Magical Realism Denounced

Anyone who has taken a modern lit class will appreciate this piece, wherein a South American discovers there's little market unless you knock off the junk in Garcia Marquez' horrid book.

Norway: Insane Populace Marches Against Pro-Norwegians

One nigger is killed, thousands turn out to mourn him. Dozens of Whites are attacked throughout Europe and -- nothing. Wake up, White man. It's later than you think.

France: Arab Ghetto Gangs on the Rampage

Whites are getting attacked all over the White world, whether in France, in Britain, in America, and everywhere Whites are on the defensive, portrayed as haters round the clock by the foul Jews who control the media. Death of the White civilized world gets closer every day. No way out but through the Jews.

Britain: Gook Gangs Savage Whites

Paks and Bangs responsible for massive upsurge in attacks on Whites, especially lone White men that ten of them can, usually, handle. When you invite human shit into your country, this is the result. Browns and blacks -- to the Turd World back must be our slogan. Pak your Bangs and get out!

Denmark: Liberals Urge National Suicide

Immigration equals White suicide. Those who urge it are murderers. The ringleaders are Jews, but they are just doing what vermicious knids have always done; the liberals, infant-minded and traitor alike, ought to be burned at the stake.

California Brownouts

This story may not seem important, but it is. It is the natural result of the Third World coming to America. Not just in the brownskins that have o'erflooded our once clean land, but in the buying-off of these same, along with selfish consumers, by artificially suppressing the cost of electricity to buy votes. As with any controls, the result is that suppliers quit supplying because they can't make money, and people go without the good in question, whether electricity or apartments. And the papers-pols combine to blame the market for what are the natural results of their corrupt practice. This sort of brownout combined with highly ideological characterization of the real problem -- short-sightedness, laziness and moral laxness -- practically defines the Third World. Now it's here. The greatness of a people depends on its character, and White America is now characterized by cowardice, laziness and short-term thinking. All of which leads to a flight from addressing the real problems. We can blame the Jews, and we here at VNN certainly do, but if we don't pick the leech off our leg then we are to blame. Here on "micropower," new way of supplying electricity.

Filthy Hasidim Cause Trouble in Iowa

Time for Jews to leave America... For anyone who doesn't understand how Jews are different from Whites, nor why they should wish to despoil our land with Turd-World immigration, read this paragraph from the story: Focusing on old-timers' relationship with the Jews, Bloom says that "the two communities are at war"--and he blames the Hasidim for refusing to adapt even to such small but symbolic local customs as keeping lawns trimmed with military precision. "The [Jews] have kept up walls and become a separate entity," Bloom said. "That works quite well in Los Angeles, where there are myriad separate communities. It doesn't work at all in a tiny, cohesive town of 1,500 where people depend on one another to survive." That tiny, cohesive town used to be America. And the destruction of the town is the destruction of America. And it is the reason that the Jewish presence in America must be ended.

American Roundup

First, good rant from military man... The government hates the man and the family; sex-ed is a way to attack both. As the author says, Libs see the family as a reactionary cultural institution perpetrating false gender roles, and they seek its destruction. Yet another reason to keep your children out of ZOG's public-school clutches. Here a cop's perspective on profiling and the reaction of the Negro community to cops chasing j-bunnies in the hood. Here corrupt "scholars" defend Mumia. Here good article on education, cites the Coleman study that found that pupil achievement is unrelated to the amount spent per student. The NEA, perpetrator of Jewish orthodoxies, will never stop lying that it is, however. Thus, the NEA perpetually pules for more money, lying that this will lead to better schools. It won't. It will just increase the power of the NEA and further enslave you, White man. Here marines in North Carolina come down with TB. No comment on where they got it, but NC is known to be flooded with Mexican sewage. Here the second of a two-part review of South Park, filled with delicious insider tidbits on coprophagy. Truly a bizarre story. From LoBaido, who wrote that interesting account of pending race war in Northern Europe (see Denmark in our legal section), it notes that the show depicts Saddam Hussein as the queer lover of the devil. LoBaido says Saddam was indeed gang-raped as a boy, and that Israeli intelligence says he was highly angered by his portrayal on the show. He quotes a Mossad agent claiming the depiction "seems to be" an intelligence action aimed at provoking the dictator. Also, note the wise words from the Pope at the end of the story, blaming the media for Western spiritual and moral decline. Here inside-media report from Drudge on O'Reilly, a half-conservative who has taken share from fast-spitting lib Chris Matthews.

Review of MacDonald's Culture of Critique

Read this twenty times until it's ingrained in your cerebellum... MacDonald has Hymie nailed. Demonstrates beyond a shadow of doubt that the Jew kills every nation to fatten his own.

History Lesson: The Jews Who Offed the Romanovs and Loosed the Foulest Horror Ever

The truth, which you decidedly didn't learn in school...

White American Shoots Mexican Invader

Unfortunately the brown wasn't killed... The cost for his care will be $25,000, but don't worry, it will be assumed by White slaves just like you. Here three Mexican-flavored subhumans sodomized, tortured, murdered Eric Sean Jones. What kind of a corrupt system values Mexican lives equal to Whites'?

Nigger-Natives in New Zealand

Stamp out apes now...

On Ariel Sharon

The murderer likely to be the next prime minister of Israel... Here UN condemns Israel's latest border violation...

Twelve Questions for Lipstadt

Pdf download from Iving... See text here. Here to see the amount the Jews paid experts to denounce Irving.

Duke in Russia

Salon report... Not much new; typical irony of listening to a reporter tell us that Duke is retailing tired old myths about Jews controlling the media in between quotes from the ADL. If Jews don't control the media, why is the ADL quoted in almost literally every single report about the Real Right in America? What if every report on, say, the latest CD of "hate" sites put out by the ADL featured the bottom third of the story taken from a National Alliance press release describing it as a hate group and promoting itself as a civil rights group focusing on equal treatments for White Americans? Would it then be fair to say the media was controlled by Whitists? We are goldfish living in a fishbowl, but few of us realize it -- hence our webmaster's term 'Propasphere.' Think of that standard movie-director's trick where you see the action and then realize you are looking in a mirror. That's what it is to read the paper, or watch Dan Rather on TV. Do you realize it? Are you sure? No one is as easily manipulated as he who thinks he is too clever to be manipulated. Second report here.

Literary Front

On writers' notebooks... Here on the future of public intellectuals. Lots of bilge, some nuggets. Here on Martin Amis. Here on mirror neurons. Here on W.E.B. DuBois. Contrast this genuinely accomplished man with Jesse the Bastard. Not even niggers are what they used to be... Here a noble scion of Moses in full throat denouncing Southern tyranny and redneck sympathizers. The real secret to Jews' success is their genetic inability to see themselves as in the wrong -- ever.

Movies: The Magic Nigger

....Or 'Migger,' as Chris Rock calls him. To destroy traditional America, propagandize it out of natural reactions to niggers, the Jews who control the media and run Hollywood focused, in part, on persuading Whites that Negroes, while undeniably stupid, nevertheless possess a deeper, more spiritual wisdom unavailable to Whites. A discussion of this peculiar but easily explicable phenomenon here at the new site plastic.

Interview with Burdi

Read and judge for yourself...

Understanding Hymie: Our Ongoing Challenge

Here he uses claims of anti-Semitism to protect criminal Hasids. "How odd/Of God/To choose/The Jews -- obscure poet Ewer... Here Jews behind the scenes. Oy! Keep it in the family! What a disgusting race of cross-eyed dipsomaniacally lipped Art Buchwalds. Here good news for Boy Scouts, as Reform Jews separate. Jews, despoilers of all they touch. God thought he created them from dust, but he the dirt he scooped was dung. Human dung beetles, created he them. They believe, as this poetastress holds, that God chose them among all peoples to survive -- and that's why nothing of yours is safe in their presence. You exist to serve them, whether you realize it or not. Here typical Jewish rabbinical claims that as the people who suffered more than any other in the history of the world, Jews have a special claim on morality. That's not quite how Sid puts it, but it's what he thinks. The rest of us are perpetual cattle-schoolchildren, Hymie the sempiternal instructor. The big laugh is that Jews never were held in Egyptian bondage, at least not according to any archaeological evidence. Could it be the Bible, like the New York Times, is equally the work of Jewish liars? Perish the thought! Here Jewish fantasy. Here creepy yid Wiener whinges for Pollard release. If leeches could talk, they would sound like Jews, high-pitched and whiny. Here Hymie "worries" about intermarriage and Jewish dissolution. Always talked about, never happens. Here on a Jewish American Nazi. Guilty of self-hatred of course. When you add Jewish intelligence -- a deviation above White, just as White is a deviation above black -- with the Jewish proclivity for paranoia and bizzare behavior, you get some weird results. But as always, the only thing Jews are ever described as hating is themselves. Thanks, G-d, you assh-le.

Chicken-Finger Rambo

In case you missed it: While Jews labor mightily to fill our streets with Mexicans, Blacks, any sort of criminal, the full weight of the system is reserved for Whites shooting Mexican invaders and little White boys saying "Pow, pow, pow."

Savage Baby Rapers: Report from the Jungles of the New South Africa

Literally thousands of African savages make their way into your country each year, thanks to the Jews preventing Normal White America from shutting off immigration. Many of these savages hold the beliefs discussed in this article: you can cure AIDS by raping a kid, virgin, etc. Niggers are not our equals, and the fact that we are prevented from saying 'niggers' by the lying Jewish media is proof. Whites, thanks to the efforts of Jewish lawyers and "civil rights" toads, have been made second-class citizens in the land they built. Jews and coloreds have been made business-class citizens. Papers print anti-White slurs daily; they wouldn't think of printing the term nigger. But niggers are niggers, no matter how we scrape before the New Massah; and Jews remain the disease they've always been.

More on Pardons

Monumentally crooked Clinton...

Why the Government Hates Homeschooling

Don't expose your kids to government lies. Raise free-range kids, and teach them yourself. Don't buy nigger crap advertised on tv. Don't buy Nikes: did you know the swoosh is nothing but a glorified "I've been lobotomized" checkoff? Go to booksales and buy books at a dollar a bag, not new pifflebooks from the SC sellers. Here school suspends eight-year-old for aiming chicken finger at teacher. Free-range kids can point chicken fingers any direction they choose.

Churchill Debunked

Good stuff. Not new, but if you didn't see it before, read it now... It may well be in retrospect that his hatred of Germans ended up killing the White race.

On ADL and Other Hate Groups

A primer for cops and other interested folks... Here on the laughable implausibility of White racism as the explanation for black failure... Here on Big Brother at Super Bowl. Faces scanned, checked against Feeb and other databases... Here good compilation of quotations from Hillary Clinton's writings. Sample: "There is no such thing as other people's children." This Marxist surrounded by Jewish eunuchs could well be our presidentrix in four years. The White male is just about to go under demographically in the U.S., and this is what his country will be subjected to once he is finally displaced.

Cholera Skyrocketing in South Africa, Now that Savages at the Wheel

They are not our brothers, they are not our equals, they are savages. Red-blooded Texas cows no vegans, even-tempered for now. Germany to off 400K head. Not because there's anything wrong with them. Of course not. Duesberg has a new and radical theory on cancer. (He's the guy who claims AIDS is not caused by HIV but just a name given to a collection of diseases common among promiscuous, drug-popping homosexuals.)

The Mexican Molester: How Many Others Out There?

This thing is real freak, a genuine pervert, videotaping itself raping babies. It looks like a Mexican version of Garrison Keillor, and that's enough to scare the socks off anyone. Let's be clear: Because of Jews and their control of the media, our country is rapidly filling with untreated anthropoid sewage like the thing in this story. Mexican child molesters are the symptom, Jews the disease. The Jew is the enemy, White man. It is time for the Jewish presence in America to end. The Jews have not demeaned themselves as good citicizens, and it is time for them to repair to Israel or parts subterranean. Here commentary on the anti-racist conference in Sweden. UN head ape Coughing Anus has been yinching about Europe's need to accept millions of zoological specimens from Africa. Not for its zoos, but for its streets. Otherwise its quality of life might decline! Yawp on, O Great Ape.

Click Here!

Canada: On Irving

Papers in the Semitically Correct land of sheeple detest anyone who questions their leaders, including Jewess letting half the Third World into the Great Brown North.

Negroes Unwelcome at North Texas

Spread your rape and murder elsewhere, thanks... Here on "too dumb to vote." "Democracy," like "education" is the mantra of idiots everywhere. Here minorities organize to sicken Salt Lake with their diversity.

Want to Talk to Wall Street Journal Editors? Clear It with Jewish Weekly Forward First...

WSJ eds. refuse to meet with Farrakhan without clearing it in advance through the yids. Think God's pets don't control the media? Read this column by Wanniski.

Immigration Lies

Why should Bill Gates be allowed to make his next billion by sickening and darkening our society through the wholesale importation of Third Worlders? Gates has proven through his donations that he hates America and Whites in particular. If he doesn't want to pay high enough salaries to attract White help, why should he be allowed to destroy our culture by hiring low-wage discolored aliens? Is this country being run for the benefit of the Gatesian elite? Or for the normal Whites who built it? The bottom line is that alienated, Jew-intimidated or -beholden White elites will be the death knell of this country.

UN Seeks Global Tax

They want you to pay not just for niggers next door, but wogs throughout the Third World. And they will lie every step of the way until they achieve it. The UN must be dissolved, withdrawn from, shrunk and attacked every way possible. It operates in the interest of the greedy Jew and the incompetent colored against the civilized minority -- the White man.

"Education" Insanity: Whole Math

Teaching kids math by putting them in groups and asking them what color math is (no typo) or how they feel about it is now the rule in many classrooms. This is the equivalent of the "whole language" method of teaching reading, whereby students are taught English as though it were Chinese: taught to recognize not individual letters with individual sounds, but to recognize complete words as though they were pictures. Because that method of reading doesn't work, a whole private industry in phonics instruction has blossomed. In a nutshell, education has been debased in the U.S. because Jew-led education theorists see schools as places for socialist indoctrination rather than places to train independent citizens. More money for teachers, smaller classes are two popular nostrums for reforming education. But studies have shown that neither is related to achievement. Killing public schooling is the deeper answer. Flushing the Jews out of America is another. The schools are adopting these radical approaches not because they think they might work, but because they know they won't work. Reading and math have been taught successfully for hundreds of years, so any system that suddenly implements methods that don't work cannot be excused on the basis of "good intentions" as the Republicans always do. The NEA and the Jewish ideologues behind this crap do not have good intentions. Their intentions are what they always are: to grow their power and diminish yours by intellectually stunting and deracinating your kids. Deprive them of that opportunity by homeschooling your offspring. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. What are you doing? Here whole math works, as clerk accepts $200 bill. Here a good column dispelling the idea that the bureaucrats and Bush are intent on reforming education. Just as in health care, government has created most of the problems it uses as a pretext to advance its latest and greatest (read: more totalitarian and more expensive) "solution." Kill the Jew in your house, keep your kid at home for school, and you will have done the two best things you can as a parent to protect your kids.

England: Coloreds Spread TB, Just Like in America

Yet another huge and unmentionable problem with importing third worlders...

Jews Demand America Provide Advanced Technology to Defend Their Racist State

What's good for Israel is bad for the rest of the world. More Jewish whining here from an employee told to dress up as Hitler. Why does 'Can dish it out but can't take it' inevitably come to mind after reading virtually any story involving Jews? One standard for Jews, another standard for everybody else. Here greedy parasites worry that with Eizenstat departing, the European blood tap will cut off. Truly, history records nothing like the Jews for greed. Here German payments delayed until at least May. Here an inside Jewish view of Clinton pardons. Jews are a brood of vipers in our midst. Here on the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council you pay for. Before departing Clinton added Bill Gates and Poetastress Maya Angelou to the Council. We need to spray down the whole East Coast with Tribe-B-Gone. Here excellent Taki on Rich-Clinton scandal. (Scroll down)... Here Scumbag Sid Blumenthal prepares to write the defining book on the Clinton administration.

Zimbabwe: Banana Freed

Good microcosmic story of that insane country... Here the rare savage confession (from prez of Senegal) that savages are the source of their own misery, not the White man. Man is a bitter and implacable foe of the truth, no matter his color. We salute this rare savage.

Bastard Hires Pervert

Just brothas bein' brothas... [T]he two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government -- Thomas Jefferson.

Sobran, South, Secession

Fight over the Civil War, over the South, over secession, is always a fight over the centralized, Jew-dominated state determining what's best for everybody else. Jews are only interested in freedom when they don't have the strength to issue Diktats to the rest of us. They were all for "free speech" in Berkeley in the sixties, but the minute they got the podium, nobody else was allowed to talk. Here on the political split between East/West in Canada: 'reconfederation' is the new buzzword.

Congoids in Norway: Minus One

Systemic hatred against Norwegian White youth trying to protect its nation...

How Jews Operate, 101: Smokescreens

Jews always operate groups "against" themselves, for the sole purpose of deceiving stupid gentiles who might be tempted by the truth: that Jews are an exceptionally cohesive and determined and intelligent minority bent on twisting the conditions of the world against Whites and in their favor. Thus Jews create groups such as JPFO (ostensibly Second Amendment defenders, but really existing to lead you-the-goy away from the truth that Jews are intent on rendering you defenseless); they write letters to editors denouncing those pointing out the dangers of organized Jewry (see the letter from Ms. Bieman published in reponse to our editor's in WND a couple days ago); they do what we see at this link: set up groups ostensibly opposed to "Jewish fascism." The only thing you need to know about Jews is that they everywhere and always follow the One Commandment they learned on momma's knee: IS IT GOOD FOR THE JEWS? They care about nothing else.

Gun Control: Latest on Jews' Attempts to Prevent Whites from Defending Themselves

Jew-led feds crack down on manufacturers and dealers; some cave, some don't. Jews are the enemy, White man. Gun control is the symptom, Jew is the disease. Here photo developer turns in gun owner possibly on verge of going postal.

Killer Dogs Trained by White Supremacists

Supposedly "Canary Island mix dogs" were trained by Aryan types to guard Mexican drug labs. Exceptionally vicious breed kills San Francisco woman. Here Georgia votes to shrink Confederate flag. Here on deadly disease killing deer, elk in Western U.S.

Earth Liberation Front and Ecotage

Supposedly responsible for at least 37 acts causing $100m in damage...

White Archaeology: Clovis Dig in Texas

It's just hinted at here, but more and more evidence is being discovered that the original inhabitants of the Americas -- called "Clovis" people after a site in New Mexico -- were Europeans, and did not come over the land bridge from Asia as is usually claimed. There is not one aspect of White existence that is not propagandized by the Jewish academy.

Bubble Gum Bad for "Honkies"

An article from a new site called, by the same type that writes suck and all the other impossibly clever young sites. Would all these cool, irreverent types use "Nigger" in a headline? No. They stay safely inside the lines of commercial acceptability because that's the kind of people they are: midgets. Here the Pravda article.


Racialist writer Irmin takes on and trounces libertarian Justin Raimondo, who is reduced to spewing epithets and puling for censorship. In other words, the bitchy queer's pseudo-rebellious and genuinely authoritarian nature Alex Linder

Pod People Imminent

Less than two years away, by this claim...

The Smearing of Ashcroft

An honest man has no place in Washington, as this piece on the smearing of Ashcroft by the Jewish media shows. But Ashcroft isn't an honest man. He won't stand up for what he believes, and neither will his fellow Republicans stand behind him. This is why they are me-too losers who will never be anything else. The only solution is White racial identification. All the smears fade away when you say, Yes, we are racist, just like you Jews and Blacks who denounce us as "haters." But this the Republicans will never do, and this is why they are headed for oblivion on the fast train. Here the same smearers lie about guns. Why are Jews so insistent on taping White mouths and taking White guns? How much longer can we tolerate Jews among us?

Education, the State, the Internet, and Your Kids

Keep your kids free of Jewish indoctrination. Put your mind to work to find ways to teach and train them outside the System. Make your own culture, White man. A windy article, but some good ideas in it. More on Clinton scum trashing the White House. Here Bush criticized for overlooking it. Here Machiavelli's view of Clinton scum. Reaction to Dershowitz here. What kind of a god would choose Dershowitzim? Only the God of Bad Taste, we maintain... Report critical of UN policy on family...

Why No Legal Group to Take on ACLU?

Columnist wonders why no group will take up the cause against the ACLU, which is trying to destroy the Boy Scouts by building a wall of separation between them and any government building or park. The ACLU doesn't defend freedom; it defends Nazi clowns to make it look like it defends freedom. At base it's just another Jewish hate group intent on depriving normal White America of its rights that the Jews who make up its ranks may prosper.

Mandela, James Mandela...

Looks like the British may have been working in conjunction with international media to destroy South Africa. Here British reflect on horrors faced by their heroes of 30,000 feet. 'Twas a great victory when Hitler allowed the British to escape at Dunkirk, and 'twas another great victory when same returned to clambake German civilians a few years later. Now that ethnic gangs led by Jewish media/pols are taking over the scept'rd isle, how does Churchill compare to Hitler?

Gearing Up for War on Iraq

Israel has 600 nukes. Iraq is claimed to have two (highly doubtful). Bomb Iraq.

Jailed for Denouncing Spics

Judges are jackasses, and the only people in America who respect the courts are those who've never appeared in them. The state cares little for the law, nothing for justice, and much for keeping its pockets full. Here a Michigan woman is sentenced to 45 days in jail for saying she wished the stupid spics would learn English. 'Spics' is really an unnecessary slur when you think about the connotations of 'Mexican' in the mind of anyone who's encountered one.

Winrod Trial

Winrod doesn't like Jews. That's a crime these days. I mean, to not like, what's? Here on Georgia flag battles. Here a learned prof in full cant about the South. Here on Waco hearing. Here latest on Auschwitz. Here on trial of man accused of atrocities on Germans after WWII.

Gun Control Under Weimar and Nazis

One of rare pieces that actually mentions extensive gun control before Hitler. Makes sense, doesn't it? Liberal democracy swarming with Jews and communists -- gun control would be practically the first item on the agenda. Under Hitler, the average German could buy whatever weapon he wanted. Only Jews and other subversives were denied permits, as they had led a number of putsches and murderous insurrections after World War One and were the sworn enemies of the Nazis. In disarming their enemies, the Nazis were simply acting reasonably, just as the Jews who run America today are in trying to disarm you and me. They know that you are their enemy. Do you know that they are your enemy?

Colored Gang Warfare Nears Paris

Wherever coloreds show up, a "culture of violence" suddenly develops. Note the classic Jewish lie -- that colored gangs riot for sociological reasons rather than for fun and profit -- put forth by a "sociologist" at the top of the article. No matter what the nigger does, the White man is to blame. This is pure Jewish poison aimed at paralyzing Whites' will to react by playing on their public school-induced racial guilt. You can't play on Jewish racial guilt because it doesn't exist -- the history of their race is nothing but one hate crime committed by them after another. Their every holy day is a celebration of some long lost genocide committed by Jews against unchosen people.

South on the Rise?

Southern pride is the one unconscionable pride, these days, at least apart from White pride, which we are all trained to call "hate." Here a postscript to the Bobby Knight story. Yet another guy who lost his job because of the media, just the way Fidel Castro got his country and the way South Africa lost hers.

Negroes I Have Known

An interesting rundown, plus a new Flash show from Tsun. We call them niggers not because we enjoy it, nor because it offends people, but because it is accurate. The difference between Bill Buckley and the Beanbag Rightists and VNN is that we are horrified by what niggers do, and the BRs are horrified by our use of 'niggers.' In fact they are ten times more disturbed by the term 'nigger' than by what niggers do.

Wired on Lone Wolves

At least the reporter talks to someone besides the ADL for once...

DOD Monitoring Schoolkids Online

The Jewish form of puritanism: the haunting fear that somebody somewhere might be reading something a Jew hasn't censored... We have a department of defense to defend against those people, children though they might be. Good news here: teenage graffitist runs from police, run over by car. Hope he was a vandal-of-color.

Media: Disney Closes Down

The lying Jewish media continue to slash jobs, while VNN's readership continues to grow, thanks to all our supporters. New medium/old pap is not the formula for success. No Jews. Just Right. is.


Some thoughts on the recent defection of Rahowa bandleader George Eric R. Belser

Pierce on Cable in Staten Island

A typically biased media report...

Jews at Work: Extorting, Suppressing, Enslaving

They produce false tears, we produce extortion payoffs. We dare to complain, they try to silence us. Here on the Jewish market in White women. Thousands a year are abducted and taken to Tel Aviv and sold as cattle. Well, cattle is the definition of goyim, anyway, a sure sign of the disdain Jews have for outsiders. Shiksa is another word you might have heard from time to time, on Seinfeld or similar shows. It means 'whore,' or 'unclean meat,' and is a Jewish term of disrespect for non-Jewish women. But it's very funny when they use it on Seinfeld, I'm sure you'll agree.

Ex-Mossad Boss Demanded Rich Pardon, Clinton Complied

Further proof that Jews are crooks. And that your country is in their grip, White man. Could you call up the White House and get a billionaire swindler freed? Do you know any swindlers? "By way of deception," the Mossad and Israel and the Jews operate. Keep that in mind when you see their lips moving on TV. They can't operate above-board because their interests are opposed to ours.

Forty Percent of Russian Economy Controlled by Jewish Mafia

There's a difference between a free market and a market controlled by Jewish crooks.

Bush Attends Black Service, Sings Along with Black National Anthem

But don't worry, he's protecting White interests the other six days of the week.

Gates Donates $100M for AIDS Vaccine

A disease very easily avoided, while millions die from cancers and other causes their behavior had nothing to do with. Donating money to find a cure for AIDS -- already the recipient of vastly disproportionate government-stolen dollars -- is the equivalent of giving scholarships exclusively to minorities, which Gates has also done. What's wrong with being White and careful? Why is that type always discriminated against and portrayed as a fool on TV? Because TV is a Jewish drug intended to euthanize Whites. But I say unto you, White man, TV is the one Jew it is legal to kill. Just Do It.

Jesse The Bastard May Have Committed Multiple Drive-By Spermings

How many hate children has the Author of Bastards sired? We put the over/under at five. Jesse Jackson is what in civilized times was referred to as a nigger. Niggers are not the equals of White people, no matter how often the Jews lie to you in papers and schools and on TV that they are. To regard them as equals is a sign of lunacy and indoctrination. Jesse also repeatedly tops polls as Blacks' favorite Black, so that tells you all you need to know about the mentality of the black race. They are not fit to live among us, as Jefferson observed. The founders were racists, just like all civilized people.

Pierce: Racial Fitness and Survival

On Darwin and White fitness...

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