by R. Belser

O tempera, o mores! . . .Cicero

The defection of George Eric Hawthorne, songwriter, guitarist and lead vocalist of the premier pro-White band Rahowa, and sometime contributor to the magazine Resistance, has stunned many in the movement. The reaction immediately following initial shock is an attempt to understand why someone apparently so deeply committed to the survival of the White race could do such a thing.

Hawthorne now calls himself "Burdi," has adopted some ersatz brand of Buddhism, and has placed himself under the ethical tutelage of a "Bernie Farber" of the Canadian Jewish Congress. According to reports (see the VNN story titled "Burdi Out in the Cold" which is presently [29 Jan 2001] on our main page, [or find it in the Archives]), Farber approached Hawthorne when the latter was facing legal problems connected with his pro-White views and activities with Resistance magazine. Apparently a deal was struck whereby Hawthorne would recant his pro-White "racist" beliefs, and Farber would see to it that Hawthorne escaped the legal miseries Farber's organization could inflict -- and in Canada those are considerable these days.

Are we to conclude, then, that Hawthorne went over to the enemy simply from a despicable and venal desire to "save his own ass"? That would be a comparatively comforting assessment, because his act could be understood as that of a man of poor character and weakly held convictions, and not a vulnerability within our movement itself. It's certainly true that such a desertion could not have happened without such failings; but there are other factors at work in a case like Hawthorne's, and in the cases of the former "neo-Nazis" and "ex-Skinheads" whose conversion -- and this is the appropriate term -- to philo-Semitic egalitarianism and universalism has unmistakeable undertones reminiscent of heretics recanting after an encounter with the Inquisition. In fact, the latter can be taken as the generic model of a type of brainwashing which, in modern times, was exemplified by the Soviet show trials, in which dissenters and even mere hapless men and women of no particular political bent but caught in the maw of the State, abjectly confessed all sorts of crimes and were reduced to a state of total self-abasement and degradation. There were certainly cases in which outright torture was used to obtain these confessions, but the true principle underlying brainwashing techniques was (and is) basically psychological: it ferrets out the most closely-held beliefs of the individual (often those not consciously held) and, combining this knowledge with an exploitation of the individual's weaknesses and flaws, produces a state of mind in which pleasing the interrogator and -- even more important -- abasing oneself masochistically before him -- becomes not only a ploy to avoid "unpleasantness" (such as torture, sleep deprivation, etc.), but even a source of comfort and "validation" in itself. Communism aimed at control not just of men's bodies and actions, but of their very souls. The predominance of the Jews in all parts of the Soviet apparatus which gave it its distinct character has been well-documented, and this includes the NKVD/KGB and its development of these techniques. But to come closer to the truth of Hawthorne's action, we must understand the environment in which it has taken place -- i.e., the New World Order. The NWO uses techniques far in advance of those used by the Communists in the Soviet system, but gets the same results. The illusion of freedom is preserved, and its superficial trappings ("representative" legislative bodies, constitutions, voting, slogans, etc.) are embellished, but the very perceptions of the masses are subject to fine-tuning by an omnipresent proselytizer -- television -- which begins its influence upon the individual from infancy and ends it only with death (which likely occurs in a hospital bed above which a television set churns out its unceasing stream of Propasphere images). It does this, not so much by means of explicitly and crudely repeated lectures, but by its presentation of reality using primarily visual rather than verbal cues. Whether commercial, "regular," or "educational" programming, a seamless, homogeneous tissue of cultural universality bathes the mental life of the population of the West. This content is hostile in the extreme to White racial preservation (to say nothing of White "interests"!) and views History (when it considers it at all) as an anti-climax centered about the "Holocaust" and Black slavery. The "values" constantly reinforced are: racial blindness for Whites; racial pride for Blacks, Asians, and Jews; up-to-the-second, be-the-first-on-your-block trendiness, and the proving of one's unreserved enthusiasm for miscegenation.

The NWO's Weltanschauung is the default religion of our era. That's why its true antecedant is not the Soviet system (which is, by analogy, a collateral relative), but the Roman Catholic Church of the Middle Ages. Before saying more, I want to be clear about this: the Church and what it has meant for European Whites and their descendants has been a mixed legacy -- that's one of the reasons its hold on the Aryan psyche has been so tenacious. The Church itself (or at least its better side) has been the focus of attacks from without by the "usual suspects" and from within by their spiritual brothers (see Malachi Martin's The Jesuits for an honest and deep analysis of this) and intellectual comrades. With that caveat, and with the understanding that the Church of the Middle Ages formed a common cultural base for Europe, one of which everyone partook without reflection, we have a paradigm of the NWO.

By one of those strokes of sychronicity which happen frequently to someone reading the history of our race, when news of Hawthorne's turncoat action reached me, I was reading an account of the supression of the Templars in the first decade of the fourteenth century by Philip the Fair (Philip IV) of France and Pope Clement V. The Inquisition, which had been founded in the previous century as a means of dealing with the Cathar/Albigensian heresy after all "non-violent" means had been exhausted and failed to extirpate the threat to orthodoxy, was implemented by the Dominicans, later aptly called "the Hounds of God." Although at first the actual shedding of blood or breaking of bones during interrogations was proscribed, the ingenious fanatics displayed a Talmudic ingenuity in inventing tortures which would conform to these limitations: the rack, the strapedo, and the rubbing of fat onto the soles of the subject's feet and placing them before a fire. By the time of the Templar "investigation" fifty years later, any and all forms of torture were used. The Templars, as many readers will know, were a monastic order of knights that originated during the early part of the Crusades and that rose to a postion of wealth and influence. Due to political reasons too involved to outline here, the order had aroused the enmity of the fanatically religious Philip IV of France, and the vast wealth of the order made it a natural target for monarchs and the Church. Most of the evidence strongly suggests that the Templars were essentially innocent of the charges brought against them; most of them led lives which were ascetic even by the standards of the day, and their courage in battle had been proven many times over. The Templars were accused of Devil-worship, heresy, and sodomy. Confessions presaging those later associated with the great witch-hunts of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth centuries and involving the supposed materializations of various demons whose descriptions give us an unedifying peek into the imaginations of the interrogators were produced by torture, the threat of torture, and the techniques of sleep deprivation and marathon interrogations which have become familiar to us from Soviet practice. As for sodomy, there's little doubt it existed here and there, as it does in any environment from which women are completely excluded (and Templars were enjoined from the embraces of even a mother or sister), but it's also clear that it was not institutionalized in the order (as it was, for example, in another military society, the illustrious Theban Band), and that it actually was relatively rare and held in especial horror by most members of the order, since even under torture, members who could be induced to confess to heresy and even Devil-worship, balked at admitting sodomy.

It is notable that despite torture and every psychological tactic available to the Inquisition -- and at a time when the Church was held in genuine awe by almost everyone and its doctrines accepted as divinely inspired Truth -- dozens of Templars did not confess, but went to their deaths. . .horrible deaths by fire, which are beyond even the imagination of people brought up in an age of even painless dentistry. . .rather than lie and save their skins (most of those who produced the statements wanted by the Inquisition not only were spared death and further imprisonment, but received life-long pensions). This kind of intransigence has prevailed among our people during most of our history: "pagans" went to deaths just as terrible for refusing baptism; Christians did like-wise for refusing to acknowledge the divinity of the Roman Emperor; and later, during the Reformation and Counter-Reformation, many on both sides of the issue endured tortures and went to excruciating deaths rather than recant their beliefs. One has only to read Foxe's Acts and Monuments concerning the death of Thomas Cranmer, who had first recanted out of fear of bodily pain. . .but who finally "played the man" and went to the stake and bathed the hands which had signed the recantation in the flames as he exhorted the crowd watching to keep the faith, to realize how far we have fallen from the spirit of our ancestors; contrast Cranmer's behavior, and that of so many others down the ages, with the pathetic performance of the American pilots during the Gulf "War" (more akin to shooting ducks in a barrel than a war), who, when captured, gave confessions against their country without a glove having been laid upon them...and later received medals for their behavior! Strength of character is no longer an attribute which a significant portion of our people possesses.

The Jesuits have been credited with the claim: "Give me a child until he is five years old, and you may have him afterwards; he will still belong to me." This is actually truer today, because the Propasphere, through all the institutions of public life, has a formative influence on the young; but its most profound impact is through television which has literally a neurological effect. Children brought up in an environment in which television is a presence never seem to develop the depth of imagination nor the allegiance to the primacy of their own minds which earlier generations have shown. To be sure, a glib and showy facility and precocious sophistication (of sorts) is theirs, but there's no depth at all to it, and their mentality, in general, is like those objects in topology which consist only of surface and have no interior. An entire racial-cultural world has been eradicated within the span of a generation; forty or fifty years ago, Aryan children -- European and American children -- were immersed in the Gothic world of Grimm's Fairy Tales, the bequest of a genuinely White culture; the activities of childhood were simultaneously very physical and imaginatively rich, and not so long ago toys as such were unknown; children actually made things from the materials at hand; a stick could serve as a sword, and a "fort" be constructed from mud and branches.

Television fosters the passive reception of information and supplies the images which people a child's mind. It has become such a sine qua non of life that obese children, once a relatively rare thing to see, have become quite common. Instead of figures from our our culture -- Richard the Lionhearted, El Cid, Charlemagne, the Viking explorers and those who followed in their spirit, such as Columbus, Henry the Navigator, Shackelton and Byrd, the historical landmarks for children in today's Propasphere public schools are Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, and a "shabbes goy" such as Schindler. The emphasis is placed, not upon learning, but upon "outcome-based education" -- which is the equivalent to good citizenship in the NWO, the anti-White, race-denying orthodoxy of the Propasphere. The ambience is aggressively touchie- feelie, and the natural vigor of boyhood is "treated" with drugs for "Hyperactivity" and "Attention Deficit Disorder" -- very often code words from psychiatry for rebelliousness and resistance against the male-hostile environment in the schools. It could hardly be otherwise in a cultural milieu where a Mr. Rogers passes for a male.

In our culture, thanks to Hollywood, the hero has been replaced by the celebrity. What is an even greater indication of pallid decadance, the Clark Gables and Gary Coopers of a generation or so ago -- male figures whose faces at least projected virility and courage -- have been replaced by men (?) with the sort of forgettable, characterless faces one used to see on matchbook covers advertising art lessons, captioned "Draw Me", while the women are baby-faced twits having all the distinction of the inflatable "dolls" advertised in the back of pulp magazines and featuring working orifices. Given all of this, the defection from our cause of a Hawthorne becomes predictable; not this particular defection, but that of some prominent figure from his age group in the pro-White music scene, which has been an expression of a genuine resurgence of the Aryan spirit and thus been rightly seen as a threat by our would-be masters. The fact that Hawthorne was facing legal problems was a lever which could be worked easily by a Bernie Farber, but it was only a lever; the fulcrum was supplied by convictions and character which -- like so much in our race these days -- had no depth. From what I have seen written about the post-Rahowa Hawthorne, he seems to be in the state of mind of someone who has been stripped of even the pretense of having real opinions of his own -- someone pathetically dependant upon the approval of his Jewish mentor, and someone who, even in his bewildered and rudderless condition, is enjoying the euphoric catharisis typically felt by those who have abandoned any semblence of pride or self-worth and have cast their lot with the enemy. That euphoric stage won't last, and as soon as his value as the current poster-child of reformed racists ebbs away, Mr. Hawthorne is going to be in for a rough time. The sad lesson here is that all that is needed to destroy the spirit of a people, is to sever the links of cultural continuity connecting one generation to another. There will inevitably be other Hawthornes. . .but there will also be a few James de Molays (the last Templar Grand Master, who burned at the stake for refusing to lie about his guilt) and Robert Mathewses (the head of a later Order -- a man in whose memory Hawthorne once wrote a song). Let's hope we have enough of the latter kind of men. . .and women.

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