Saved By The Niggers

by A.P. Hill

28 June 2004

VNN readers might recall my recent article ("44 Hours In The ZOG Gulag") in which I gave a brief on my detection and arrest by police for carrying a handgun without a permit. My trial took place yesterday. I am free. You might be interested in the aftermath.

I walked into the courtroom and when I saw that stack of cases on the prosecutor's desk I knew my chances of walking were good. It was a foot high and the jewess prosecutor looked like most cunt lawyers (only that much worse as a jew) -- worn out, cunt lawyer hair, expensive suit but poorly made up. As I took a seat in the courtroom and looked around, the people awaiting judgment gave me even more heart. The place was nearly packed and I was about the only white person there. Ninety percent were niggers of the lowest sort. I couldn't believe it, or them: they were dressed like they was goin' nigging. There was no boundary in their minds between the street and the court. They had no fear of the court.

Most of the cases were traffic related, some complicated by DUI or searches that turned up controlled substances. As I listened to the charges I grew apprehensive because I didn't hear any other gun cases and did not know how my judge felt about guns. He was a white man, early fifties, very cautious looking. He treated everyone casually, not avuncularly nor sternly, just as a middle bureaucrat might treat you as you inquire about back taxes on your property. The punishment he meted was completely in the form of fines. No lectures about responsibility to society, no implications that the recusant was an asshole or dirtbag. The worst he ordered was ASAP school and supervised probation.

My initial reaction turned out to be right: the court simply didn't have time to fry me, to delve into my case. After three hours my turn came up and the judge didn't even ask why I was packing. My public defender had already worked out a deal for me: I would plea guilty and be fined a small amount. After all those weeks of tension the outcome was almost comical. My case was disposed of in less than five minutes.

My wait for my turn in the docket was not boring, however. the animal stupidity of the niggers, of each new savage who shuffled up through the swinging door and into the docket was unbelievable. One was about 17 and charged with stealing a car of something. He had the flat, hard eyes, the bearing, of the irrefragable predator. The fucking ape shuffled up when his name was called. He was wearing a t-shirt that said "Hood life" and a logo of gun or something. Imagine dressing like that going to court? The judge didn't bat an eye. He knew better than to step out of line. With the godlike power of the ACLU and the kike media hovering, the judge knew the score.... And as the animal left the docket I wondered how many white people he would hurt before his (hopefully short) life ended.

There were two other whites. One was a wild Irish punk with a diamond ear stud. He was wearing whigger clothes and his girlfriend, very good looking, was with him. The other was a woman, about 30, there on a controlled substance" rap -- marijuana, I think. No big deal. She was very attractive, but dressed on the verge of sluttiness, with a lowrider skirt, sandals, and skimpy top. One arm was in a sling. She showed up alone and her case was resolved in 90 seconds. She looked private school to me, by her insouciance. She disappointed me.

What the fuck is wrong with these people? I had dressed in my sharpest Corporate Drone suit, gotten a haircut, shaved carefully, was presenting my best to the judge... And I ended up competing, in a way, with animal niggers and whiggers... I should not sound ungrateful to Fortune, but I had arrived ready to combat the System, and all the System turned out to be was a nigger/whigger processing center, where the System steals $200 or so from each defendant and turns them loose.

But this is the Kwa. Or I should say, this is what a kwa'd area is. Most of you know what I mean because most of us live in urban areas. No, I don't feel grateful to The System. In a real white court nigger and whigger savages are afraid. and a real white court would have analyzed me and gotten to the heart of why I was carrying a pistol without a permit. And maybe the window might have appeared in which I could discreetly exp0lain why I was packing -- because, your honor, I have been threatened with death by a nigger on the streets of Baltimore. The nigger pointed a handgun at me and demanded my property, your honor. Because, your honor, this is not a civilization, but the rotting carapace of a civilization. Don't you know that, your honor?

Which brings up my other point.

My case was political. While I was in jail I was a political prisoner. Why does a white man carry a gun? To kill things. Why, in the Brasilia of the Jew Empire does a white man think to carry a gun? Washington, D.C., is the most surveilled piece of real estate in the world. There are more cops, spooks, researchers, agents provacateur, SWATs, cameras, computers, snitches, etc. here than anyplace I can think of. There has been a strict no-guns law in D.C. since the King riots of '68. Yet D.C. continues to be one of the top five murder cities in the Kwa. What is the reason, folks? The reason is niggers. The reason is 500,000 African savages at liberty... And why are these savages unafraid and at liberty? Because the jew bent our culture and subverted our laws. It is that simple. 'Nuff said. The white man in this environment is one of two types: he evades and hopes the Kwa police will "protect" him; or, resenting this, he arms himself.

Lots of white men pack in Kwa areas. The ones who do it "illegally" are better stuff than those who apply to jewed district attorney offices for a "concealed carry permit." A man doesn't need permission to survive. I say, if you can't pack a firearm, pack a blade; if not a blade, a sap or knuckles. If not these, wear heavy boots, and psych yourself up to crush a shin, wrench a nigger's head, gouge his eyeballs, snap his windpipe. Kill the fucking animal.

In the VNN letters department I read of a white woman in Ohio who was carjacked by two Africans last week. They locked her in her trunk, drove around as they pulled money with her ATM card. Then, 12 hours later, they crashed her car, doused it and burned her to death -- still in her trunk. Deliberately. No mention of this in the national media by the filthy jews. You are on your own, white man. Prepare yourself. The inner rebellion precedes the external rebellion. Prepare yourself to annihilate the filthy jew. Learn to kill -- but first, know how to evade the white ZOG security forces, and how to apply maximum damage to the jew. The day is drawing nearer when the war of annihilation commences. You won't achieve anything by "obeying the law."

In the meantime, for myself, I can thank the dominance of niggers in my area for preventing a closer look at my "crime."


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