44 Hours in the ZOG Gulag

by A.P. Hill

22 May 2004

The cops arrested me for carrying a concealed handgun. I don't carry in society. They caught me in a wooded strip along an interstate. I was emerging after relieving myself. This was in Maryland, just over the boundary from D.C. A D.C. police cruiser came in to check on my flashers, "see if I was all right." Then they asked me what was in my fanny pack. Being a fellow who hates deception, I answered, "a pistol, officer." So they slammed me and cuffed me and within minutes seven cruisers and a police helicopter arrived. The chopper kept circling, searchlighting the area.

The cops conferred while I sat there barefoot and bound in the grass beside the shoulder. The cars rubbernecked. I was not surprised by fifteen cops -- they like to swarm. It was night time. But I didn't understand the chopper. Later I learned that they thought I had capped someone and dumped the corpse.

I was on federal property, so the U.S. Park Police booked me. They confiscated my backpack and contents, wallet, cash. My pistol and revolver went into "evidence." I'm now out on PR after my hearing and am awaiting trial. They let me go because the handguns are registered to me and they were not loaded (no round chambered in the automatic; no rounds in the cylinder of the revolver). And because I have no criminal record and hold a job and am a member of a community.

That's the first and last of the story. Here are more details from between, and comments which you might find useful to your own conduct and thinking. My case is more complicated than most. I was arrested by one police department outside its jurisdiction on Federal government land, in a state. The D.C. cops who apprehended me (I learned later also) called the Pentagon and ran my name through a terrorist DB to see if I profiled. I had been under the approach to "Ronald Reagan" (formerly Washington National) Airport. The D.C. cop who arrested me was not a street cop but a desk lieutenant out for some feather time. This threw sand into the gears that otherwise would have quit turning that night and I would have walked. The Park Police wanted to charge me with a misdemeanor and release me. But the D.C. Lt. pushed the powers to book me maximally. So here was to be seen several dynamics in ZOG security policy and operations, the principal one of which for this report is competition. I see now after my time in processing and jail that criminal justice is an industry. An old black guy (over 70 years) explained it to me. He was on the bunk next to mine in the Prince George's County jail. I knew the system was rotten when I saw him in there. They had brought him in on a 10-year-old warrant. Some traffic B.S. He was a religious, thoughtful and gentle man. I liked him and listened to him ccarefully. I listened politely to his explanation of the difference between "Hebrews" and "Jews." (The Scotch and the Irish are Hebrews, by the way.) He described how the "little man," once snared by the CJ web, is pulled here and there for years. Each department and bureau takes a little bit out of him and passes him on. The CJ units need numbers -- fresh meat -- or they wither. It costs maybe $40 or $50 a day to maintain a prisoner; balance that against Department of Justice assistance fines and costs the prisoner pays. It is a profitable activity. It is a business. So actually jurisdictions don't want a "reduction" in crime, but more crime.

The street cops are always hunting for fresh meat: street trash, vagrants, wise guys. The simple and the misfit are natural fodder for the CJ industry.

My cell block in the PG jail held about 125 men. We were wearing orange scrubbies and sandals. It was overcrowded. About 85 percent were black, 10 percent latinos, the rest white, and one obvious jew. The atmosphere was low key and cooperative. I detected none of the animal/rape energy that jews present in their media. That in my opinion is meant to cow the goyim. We shuffled around, talked, slept, read (if there was anything). I was not so bad as Parris Island. Understand that this was rock bottom: car thieves, woman beaters, drunks, dealers, thugs. But there was a faint solidarity from being under the same thumb. I did not detect any racial friction, but I was there but a day. There probably is some. Of course, if one makes trouble the stay is longer. All the blacks were friendly to me. The transmutation occurs on the outside, where in freedom one exercises one's talents and hopes to enjoy the results. It is there that black becomes nigger because the nigger consumes the white man's fruits and excretes foul devastation.

Latinos are now a strong force in America and they do much crime -- greater than their proportion to the large population. They, like niggers are prone to predation here in candyland; this urge or force in them is stronger and more affecting than their productive talents. Latino workers have a generally positive reputation in our day as being hardworking and brimming with ur-American values. This will last so long as White dominates. When the latino wave finally folds over the White man we will see the inner stuff. In general I was among the men of Lothrop Stoddard's The Revolt Against Civilization. The white savage is one too, but politically manageable. The brown and black are not. Only when the ZOG goes down will white Americans be able to segregate themselves and keep the fruits of their talents.

The kwa'd areas of America are dangerous for whites in more ways, and ways more subtle, than the obvious ones: crime and tax depletion. I have in mind the bureaucracies and their ways. In each police station, holding cell, paddy wagon, jail and intake I was in, most officers were niggers. In the back rooms of the bureaucratic chain were more niggers. Understand that these bureacracies are necessary in any society. Yet the kwa'd areas are volatile and their bureaucracies are, in effect, a force-on-tap. Skilled operatives at the higher levels of national policy -- the courts, federal law enforcement, media editors -- can in effect set these bureaucracies in motion militantly against whites. The end of the line, what actually runs a country, is the state's armed agents. Therefore whoever issues their orders controls the state. This is why the National Socialists of Germany always propagandized publicly. The street is where power is to be taken or retained. Who controls the street controls the state.

By the way, I recommend that you study the greatest propagandist in history: Josef Goebbels. Read everything he wrote. It's all over the Internet, especially here: http://www.calvin.edu/academic/cas/gpa The CJ system is a machine. It must exist in all times and societies and the one we have can be turned against us.

Every white cop knows the media can destroy him. Most cops are by nature cops. Law enforcement, like submarine duty or brain surgery, is not a profession that can be feigned. The inept won't survive long. A cop, like a rose, is a cop. He will surveill and take his orders. Very few will resign on conscience. He has no other place to go. He will be told who the bad guys are he will get them.

I said that the kwa'd areas are more dangerous than whites generally perceive. The CJ factor is one way. Another is more abstract, or complex, than the intricacies of the CJ web. It is this: organic consumption. I mean the entire complex of AmeriKwan society, analyzed by a bloc method, in which white productivity and civil areas are sought out by jew, black and brown blocs. We are used to the metaphor now of black and brown as cancer. But raise it higher, to a state of non compos mentis wherein the cancer consumes white identity. It is of course more subtle than infrastructure destruction, and more subtle still than the jew march through institutions. Too much contact with niggers, jews and browns erodes whites' idea of self. The non-white absorbs the white. This empathy and openness in the white man is his Achilles heel. It is more powerful than whites realize.

I am certain now that there can be no petism. One or two black friends brings more. And more is the gate to miscegenation. So I say to you whites who want to survive and want your chain of descendents to be white, get out of the kwa'd areas! It is the place of predators and viruses. You cannot stay and remain white mentally. The noose is tightening about you. The ZOG is hungry for you. Do what it takes to get away. It is merely a strategic withdrawal until the ZOG starts losing control -- and it will. In the meantime I urge you to avoid all cops and people who live off taxes. Avoid blacks, browns, jews and marxists. This practice cannot harm your interests. Not doing it will. If you live in a kwa'd area your diminishing quality of life should jolt you into realizing that your days as a sovereign white man are waning. Speak and act discreetly unless you want to take on the ZOG.

Best, and god's love.


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