Beliefs of Peril

by Max Hadden

24 June 2004

Some ignorant Americans who call themselves Christian White Nationalists (WN) continue to claim that it's a mistake to use National Socialism (NS) or Nazi Germany as a model or an ideal because the Germans were defeated. To them I reply, "So what if they lost?" Does military defeat by numerically superior forces mean they were wrong, or that they were liars, or that they were not the good guys? Is that what we say about the men at the Alamo? This is like saying if a gang of thugs invades my house and kills me that everything I stood for MUST have been wrong and to continue to espouse any of my beliefs, facts, or opinions is to pledge allegiance to a defeated cause. That's obviously an absurd stance to take. To ignore the achievements and truths of National Socialism simply because the Germans lost to the overwhelming forces of Jew-controlled and brainwashed masses is simply stupid. I shall dissect a few more of these beliefs of peril.

Thank God for the Russians...

Let's clarify the Christian view of the WN movement today compared to what happened in WW2. Christian WNs today claim that if we don't have Jesus on our side, then we are doomed to lose. Ignoring that this failure mentality is defeatism, let's look at what happened in WW2. The Germans were defeated, so that must mean that Jesus was not on their side. Which means that Jesus was on the Allies' side which most of all included the Soviets and in particular the Jewish atheist rulers of Russia. So America was an ally to a nation that was the most anti-Christian nation of the time, whose Jewish leaders (NKVD et al.) killed at least 25 million Christians by 1939, and who burned, closed, or converted to public latrines and storage houses every Christian church in Russia. These are the acts of the celebrated winners of WW2. And that's what Jesus wanted? Yes, he wanted the anti-Christians to conquer a White racial political state, NS Germany, full of Catholic and Lutheran Christian and pro-Christian men. Well, praise the Lord and pass the ammunition! Morons.

Nazis want power, and it'll be bad if they get it...

Then there are some of these Christian WNs that say you can't believe what those evil National Socialists or "Nazis" say because they will tell you all kinds of "little white lies" because they want power; but if the Nazis ever get power, that's when you're in trouble. In trouble for what exactly? Did the Nazis do anything against the church in Germany? No. Even after the Judeo-Masonic-infested Catholic Church decided to send encyclicals to Catholics lying about National Socialism, the Germans still didn't do anything but smash a few printing presses that were spreading Jewish lies. The only thing the National Socialists fought against were Jews, Communism, Marxism, Judaism, Capitalism, homosexuality, Gypsies, criminals and lies. They did not fight against the religion of Christianity and were largely composed of Christians as I said before.

Let's look at the part about the Christian idiots who tell people they can't trust the Nazis because they want power. Oh yeah, well, what do these idiots want? Slavery? Or do they want power too? You know the answer: they want power, they just don't want those evil "Nazis" to get into power. Of course, the reason they are idiots is not the result of their brand of Christianity as much as it is the result of the ignorant corruptors of their ranks who continue to whisper in each other's ears and nod sagely to each other believing that the Nazis who fought the real anti-Christians are somehow anti-Christian themselves. I've said this before, if people want to pray to Jesus and keep him in the loop for the WN cause, that's fine with me. It can't hurt. But they should ask their Lord some time, "What have You done for me lately?" Didn't save all those Christians who died on 9/11, did he? Didn't save Rachel Corrie, did he? Sounds like Old Scratch has been given freedom to cause bedlam. More of this kind of help we don't need, thank you.

The Nazis are a bad example, but not the Klan...

Anyway, some well-meaning folks recommend using the Klan, or its methods, as an example of how to succeed. I have nothing against the Klan. But my response to that is, really? What the hell kind of success did they ever have? And I'm referring to success at the national level. Local politics are not going to solve our national problem. The KKK never stopped any of the anti-White, pro-African, and pro-Israeli bills, laws, agreements, and acts that our federal government has been foisting on White America since at least the start of the 19th Century. Not much of a success story in my book.

So did the National Socialists succeed? You're damn right they did. As Herr Linder recently pointed out, what was the only country that defeated Jewish domination? NS Germany. Not only that, but they embarked on an economic expansion that has never seen another rival, including post-war Germany. One reason NS Germany did so well is that a National Socialist state does NOT exploit the people. It might be hard to believe for the average ignorant American, so I'll step back and explain it from a bigger picture. Many know that when Jews say that Hitler said, "the bigger a lie is the more people will believe it," it meant Hitler was advocating lying, but when one reads Mein Kampf he discovers this is not true. Hitler said the "Big Lie" was a Jewish technique to be reviled and hated. The Holocaust "6 million dead Jews" myth is the greatest modern example of the Big Lie technique.

Another misconception is that the "socialism" of "National Socialism" means socialism as defined by the Jews. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It is not taking property or business out of private hands or in any way similar to Communism. What Hitler meant by socialism is essentially this: the smallest social unit of human beings is two people working together. This can be two siblings, a husband and wife, or even two friends. These people have a bond of love that makes each want the other to do well and live to their fullest potential. When a family is in social harmony, they will do well. When the families in a community are in harmony, their village or town will do better. And when a nation of people who are distantly related and racially homogenous are in social harmony, their nation will live its best life. But it must stop at the natural border, the nation, made distinct by a people's culture (language, literature, art, music, architecture). A culture is the result of certain genetic traits of varying strength among the same race of people (black = Run DMC, white = Mozart) and this difference should be recognized and allowed to grow separately. These differences are our White "diversity" that we should love and enjoy, whether bagpipes in Scotland or lederhosen in Bavaria. We should encourage a belief in Socialism, constructive social harmony, and for each distinct culture we should embrace National Socialism.

People who bash Bush are on our side now...

In our current mass information society ,which appears to be pulling every which way with conflicting opinions and interests, one has to be somewhat of an amateur psychologist and psychoanalyze the issues in detail to understand what it all means. As I am a National Socialist, you already realize that I do not like any of our current anti-White so-called leaders in the U.S. government; that being clear, the reason that some Democrats, whether Jewish or not, will continue to slander Bush, or make anti-Bush films such as Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" crap, or bash Ashcroft or Cheney or Rumsfeld, is because they want to say to us White American males -- WHO BUSH AND THESE OTHER WHITE MALES IN OUR GOVERNMENT ARE ALLEGEDLY REPRESENTING, BUT IN REALITY THEY ARE NOT -- "See? You White men can't run your own country. You're a danger to yourself and to the rest of the world with your invasion of Iraq and all. So you MUST let us control you. Give up your reins of power. We will show you the proper way." And this ultimate control is the New World Order. The One World Government under the rule of the Jews.

Some Jews disagree with the Bush bashers and continue to back Bush because of his pro-Israel, anti-terrorist stance, but that's just because their timing is off. Many haven't jumped on the bandwagon to the new approach yet probably because they don't think it's the right time. The Jews always go through these family squabbles. They always know what's "good for Jews", but they'll argue over "what's best for Jews". Eventually, most of them will come aboard and row the boat the same direction.


These are some musings I've had recently and I felt like getting them off my chest. Please don't misunderstand me to think that I am saying that the Klan is a bad thing. I've already explained my belief in what the best approach to solving America's problems are in "Third Reich from the Sun," but many of us must also strive to avoid the previously mentioned, and other, beliefs of peril.


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