Third Reich from the Sun

by Max Hadden

12 May 2004

White Nationalists today are the only ones that can help save our race, and ultimately this entire planet, from the disaster of White racial extinction, perpetual war and a global slave labor camp that is being brought upon us by the Jews. We are the generation in which our people's fate can be turned around. It is important to discuss ideas and alternatives as we endeavor to find the right way out of our predicament. There isn't always one right way, there can be several, but there is only one truth and that should be our guiding light. If we eliminate some of the untruths or half-truths, and therefore false beliefs, we can arrive at the best solutions faster and easier. The ultimate solution for the White race in AmeriKwa, and indeed, even for all the races of this tiny planet, is to change the hearts and minds of people everywhere into what I shall call a Third Reich from the Sun.


One example of how half-truths exist everywhere comes from a popular Dutch motion picture director named Paul Verhoeven. In the DVD commentary of "Starship Troopers," he first makes the comment, "The worst years of my life were under the Nazi occupation." Of course, left to stand on its own, that statement causes the all-wise American lemming to nod their head in agreement saying, "Yes, yes, I believe it. The Nazis were EVIL. We all know that." However, when a DVD co-commentator asked him WHY occupation under the Nazis was so horrible, he replied, "Because the damn Allies were bombing everything. Civilians or military, it didn't matter." ( Mr. Verhoeven went on to recount how the "evil" German occupiers were very concerned about feeding and housing the Dutch people, some who had no choice but to eat flowers to survive.

Another example dealing with the same issue is a lie I saw on the anti-Hitler Channel (The History Channel) once about how National Socialists were "looting" and had "stolen" fine works of art and stored them in caves and salt mines. Americans were shown Allied films of stacked paintings as "proof" of German "looting". It turns out that the real reason the National Socialists AND civilians had stored the works of art in these caves was NOT because of German thievery or greed, but because the damn Allies were bombing everything regardless of whether it was civilian or not and everyone (who had any sense of tradition and culture) wanted to preserve these works of art from destruction. Many priceless artistic treasures had already been destroyed in the firebombing of Dresden. It's quite apparent to anyone that underground storage affords the best protection.

The problems associated with half-truths illustrate why our courtrooms ask the question, "Do you swear to tell the truth, the WHOLE truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?" Because facts, even if they are true, when taken out of context can easily be manipulated by the skilful and immoral shysters among us, who are today, as always, mostly Jews. Jews use the half-truth and taken-out-of-content techniques to demonize Germans, Nazis and White Nationalists all the time.


Many White Nationalists often cite scientific evidence concerning racial differences. One of the most obvious ones is the IQ difference between Whites and Blacks undeniably proven in books like The Bell Curve and the book Race, Evolution and Behavior by J. Phillipe Rushton. But the fact that Whites have been so duped by Jews and have allowed them to control America, or that Whites believe Jewish lies and half-truths about racial equality and the "evil Nazis," does not mean that there's something wrong with the White race or their IQ. It's easy to say, "Well, we can't be that smart. Look at what the Jews are doing to us." But saying this is simply taking the situation out of context. In other words, Jewish domination of us does not change the truth that Whites are smarter than Blacks NOR is it even relevant to IQ.

I think we'd all agree that Ben Franklin was a genius. That should obvious from his witty remarks and brilliant inventions. But even he was subject to false beliefs by convincing oratory. The first "evangelical" Christian crusades in America began as the so-called Great Awakening in the 18th Century. One of the most successful and prominent evangelists was George Whitefield (1714-1770) who was the Billy Graham of his day. Upon attending one of his sermons, Franklin later wrote, "I perceived he intended to finish with a collection [of money], and I silently resolved he should get nothing from me, I had in my pocket a handful of copper money, three or four silver dollars, and five pistoles in gold. As he proceeded I began to soften, and concluded to give the coppers. Another stroke of his oratory made me asham'd of that, and determin'd me to give the silver; and he finish'd so admirably, that I empty'd my pocket wholly into the collector's dish, gold and all." The whole amusing and informative story is here

If a person possessing such a great mind as Franklin can be so easily persuaded, won't the average American be? A case study could be to take two brothers who have exactly the same IQ, raise one in a Pentecostal, speaking-in-tongues, dancing-in-the-spirit environment, and the other in an academic and scientific atmosphere with no religious teachings at all -- in the end, they would still have the same IQ. The Pentecostal would tell his brother and everyone he meets to support Israel at all costs, while his brother would be correct to respond that Jews are the root cause of 9/11 as well as every major problem facing Whites and have us hoodwinked. In other words, IQ tests do not measure beliefs, and it's the BELIEFS of Americans that are the problem, not their IQ.

A case in point is Pat Tillman: the pseudo-patriotic fools in this country don't love Pat Tillman due to their low IQs, but because of their false beliefs. And the reason they have these false beliefs is because they have been deprived of the facts and brainwashed by the Marxist and Zionist lies of Jews who control our mass media of news and entertainment. Tillman's misguided beliefs were the result of Jewish brainwashing. Wherever there are any "memorials" to Pat Tillman, flowers and cards and the like, we should put a white wooden Christian cross topped by a bloody red Star of David and a sign that says, "Here Lies Pat Tillman, A Sucker for Shillmen, He Died for the Jews, And Now He's A Stillman." I'm not as musically talented as Herr Numberman, but you get the idea.

By the way, when I refer to someone with a German address (e.g. Herr or Frau) I'm showing my respect for him or her. I would never refer to our moron President with reverence. In fact, I don't think it's hard for many of us to believe that Mickey Mouse wears a George Bush watch.


Herr Ventvogel's and Herr Wright's recent excellent observations could be replicated anywhere in North AmeriKwa and in Europe. The illusion that race doesn't matter will surely come crashing down all around us when the Mexicans and Africans outnumber Whites. On this path of insanity, we are going to see an increase in shit that we now only grumble about around the water cooler. That is, more stories like the niggers with AIDS spreading it around, lawsuits against businesses for racial discrimination, the lie that our education system needs more money and that THE BIG PROBLEM is White racism, and whining cries of "anti-Semitism". ALL of these things will increase greatly as Whites are outnumbered in our own countries. South Africa is a perfect example.

The Jewish Marxist dogma about racial equality is one belief that is gravely dangerous. It's easy to dispel this myth if one simply looks at means of transportation. If everyone on this planet were restricted to travel ONLY by the means invented by their race, what would the result be? Obviously, White people would be the ONLY ones traveling by planes, trains, and automobiles, every other race would be hoofin' it or riding on backs of animals. A few races would have boats, but nothing like our ships and ocean liners. Certainly none would have F-14's, nuclear submarines, or aircraft carriers. The spook driving the BMW in the lane next to you had as much to do with its creation as the extraterrestrials who contacted Jodie Foster. BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Works. Germans make the best mass-produced automobiles on this planet. The Japanese have made some nice cars too, but they copied the Germans whom they respect and admire. We should also acknowledge that the Italians make the most beautiful handcrafted sports cars, such as Lamborghini. This says something about the Axis powers of the Second World War, doesn't it?

African descendants of slaves living in our country say that they deserve reparations and that "America was built on the backs of Africans slaves". That's not true, but assuming that it is for a moment, shouldn't we pay horses reparations too? In fact, even more, since they've been the backbone of our societies throughout history for a helluva lot longer than the Negro ever was. But if we did agree to pay back some of our alleged debt (actually extortion) to Africans living in our country, shouldn't we deduct most of the payments because of all of the so-called "Civil Rights" riots in the Sixties? Well, I guess it was only right for the Jews like Jack Greenberg ( to play such prominent roles in the Brown v. Board of Education case which set Africans loose among our children since the Jews played such a big part in African slavery outside of the African continent ( Jews have paid the Africans back by desegregating our once White society and allowing unlimited access to our White females.


Frau (or Fraulein?) Ashleigh's recent article is the reason for this essay and raised the question: how do we take our struggle to the next level? I've been pondering this problem for years now, and as Dr. Pierce said, if there was a quick and easy way to reach enough Americans with the truth so that we can get the White race headed back on the right track again, I'd do it. Apart from buying a cable television station or even radio station, which requires millions of dollars, the only way to spread the truth is by using the slow process of magazines, flyers, cultural events, occasional radio broadcasts, and especially the internet to communicate with our people. But the process by which we will ultimately achieve success has already been shown to us by the German National Socialists of the 1930's and by Commander Rockwell. I submit this plan for debate.

Let me clarify a few things so that I don't seem bipolar. A while back, I posted an article wherein the former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov explained to Ed Griffin how Americans were being demoralized from within. His statements are true, of course, but what I disagree with was Mr. Bezmenov's statement that there's no way to deprogram or undo the brainwashing. I agree that you can't take someone who's been so thoroughly brainwashed and expect them to IMMEDIATELY agree with you when you present them with proof of what you're saying. Bodily fidgeting and hysterical outbursts are the typical responses of demoralized people hearing the truth. But they might come around to our point of view eventually. They're like the drunk who just needs time to sober up. I should know -- I was one of those people six years ago. It took me a few weeks to digest that the inequality of the races was a lie and a few months before realizing that the Jews were, "The World's Foremost Problem," as Henry Ford's publication The International Jew proclaims.

The problem is NOT that the average White person in AmeriKwa is too stupid to see the truth, but they are deprived of the facts and told so many half-truths and lies that they can't see straight. As a result, they are programmed to have certain beliefs. False beliefs. This is the problem needing a solution. The vacuum needing to be filled. Dr. Pierce realized this and spread the truth about racial inequality and the Jewish problem very well. I am one result of his labors.

One thing that doesn't work for the average lemming is expecting them to read. As Commander Rockwell said the average person will NOT study. They will not read. They'd prefer to watch television or listen to the radio. They are lazy in that way. While many are simply too busy, or believe that they're too busy, to stop and read.

This leads me to what the original White Nationalists did, the truly "Greatest Generation," the German National Socialists of the 1930s, and what we should do.


The German National Socialists were in almost exactly the same situation as Whites who know the truth are in today in AmeriKwa. They had no media access, no real freedom of the press and their opinions were thought to be intolerant, extreme and even insane, if not actually illegal. I have read Herr Goebbels' Diary, and some of the activities he mentions that lead to the final triumph of the NS Party are mentioned in Mein Kampf. A few things become very clear if one takes the NS Revolution as a whole. The main reason that they succeeded was because of their road shows. Their political speeches were made in person, traveling from town to town, and returning several times. This is obvious. What isn't obvious is why their particular method was so successful. Two reasons; 1) It eliminated the problem of reaching the masses of people who will not read and will not study. NS orators WERE THERE and grabbed the public's ear. They were not pieces of paper on lawns that can be thrown away or picked up by a neighbor or the police before anyone has received them. 2) A real revolution needs leaders. The people's natural leaders became orators. The masses of people naturally recognized these speakers as their rightful leaders and eventually followed them.

I suggest that this is exactly what we need to do to succeed. Take our show on the road. The Jews will shut off the internet eventually ( to get to this link). The ADL and other Jewish groups have already succeeded in preventing websites such as VNN from being accessed by school libraries and family computers via their filtering software. They will not be able to silence us when we're speaking in public. Sure, they'll try to shut us up, just as the Jewish Communists did in Germany, but we'll have our strong-arm security detail, stormtroopers or brownshirts if you prefer, defending our right to speak.

Another example of how it just takes a little time for the average lemming to "sober up" after they've heard the truth, was that although in Germany the town's people would gather to hear the National Socialists, the numbers were not very large the first time the Party came through, but on the return trip, their lectures were always more popular. The seeds of truth had been given a little time to grow. Word of mouth had spread. Perhaps the first time through people would sarcastically or grudgingly admit, "The National Socialists are speaking at the beer hall," but by the time they arrived for a second or third tour, many would shout, "The National Socialists are speaking at the beer hall!" with joy and anticipation. The people were hungry for the truth and for a better life.

An important point is that the NS Revolution, like any WN Revolution, is one that changes the hearts and minds of people with love and truth. It should not be, and is not intended to be a violent, destructive revolution of the variety the Jews have fomented again and again throughout our history.


The following is a brief explanation for how I see the best possibility of success for a VNN-led White Nationalist Road Show. Herr Linder, if he wants to, could be the director of the program and would be responsible for its funding. He's already proved himself to be quite trustworthy in matters of finance and dedicated to our race by sponsoring the Chester Doles fundraising campaign. He's also demonstrated his ability to understand difficult topics and is obviously a fair and just man and no coward. The goal of any initial fundraising would be to achieve the following;

1. The purchase of an RV to tour the country. This vehicle would give the speakers a platform and could be parked on public property where an audience is available. For example, outside universities, across from state fairs, across from news stations in the city, etc.

2. An audio PA system for the speakers. Recording equipment and computer for digitizing speeches and internet access.

3. An overhead presentation system could be used to supplement a speaker's talk, such as a slideshow, or provide different images or words, such as website addresses, if desired.

4. The speakers will be volunteers and they will not be out to sell their books or other wares. In other words, if they have books to sell, their books will not be kept in inventory during the road show. Audience will be directed to websites for ordering information via business cards or flyers.

5. I'd suggest two SUV's for security reasons and several personnel, preferably volunteers, to guard the speakers (at least 2 per speaker) and to watch the RV 24/7 (so that our Jewish friends don't sabotage or put a bomb under it).

6. Whether the speaker dates and times should be announced, I'm not sure. Security personnel (probably "skins") could go out and recruit if the crowds aren't large enough at first. They could shout, "Oy vey, the Nazis are speaking over there! Isn't six million enough already?"

7. Speakers shall be known and shall not be "walk-ons". Meaning the orators will not be unplanned or unscheduled ad hoc additions to any road show, but completely professional and planned. Rehearsed is the appropriate adjective.

8. At least 2 video cameras should be used to record the events at all times. Not to focus on the speakers, but to focus on the activities of the crowd. Our Jewish and other non-White friends will doubtless resort to violence and illegal acts and it's a good legal tactic to catch them on tape. Plus, knowing that the are being taped will act as a deterrent for many.

9. A reserve or "bail out" money for any road show personnel imprisoned will probably be necessary as the result of defending ourselves from Jewish and other non-White attacks.

10. The crew should be prepared for any eventualities for the duration of trip including having enough food and water, medical supplies, etc.

It is my honest belief that this activity will increase our numbers geometrically. Eventually, groups of people from these towns will book concert halls, fields, parks, auditoriums, etc., and invite our orators to speak to them, so that the citizens will decide VNN tour dates themselves.

We don't realistically expect ALL the masses to join our cause. Just like the Jews only had 90000 to take over Russia, and the Germans only had 1 million of the total population who became NS Party members, we only need a small percentage to get our country headed in the right direction. Further, I don't really care if other WN groups adopt this strategy and make it work beating us to the punch. Success will benefit all of us. Personally, I'd rather pursue other interests in life than trying to help save our race and solve the Jewish problem. Ignorance WAS bliss for me.


A term befitting of many of us White Nationalists could be what psychologists call the Cassandra Complex. In Greek mythology, Cassandra (or Alexandra) was the daughter of King Priam, the ruler of Troy. Apollo blessed Cassandra with the gift of prophecy, but she shunned him at the last minute, so he cursed her to tell the truth about the future, but never be believed. I'm sure many of us have experienced this ourselves when trying to tell others about what's sure to happen in this country and in Europe if our current trends continue -- White extinction.

The result of not thinking ahead about the racial future of AmeriKwa and Europe is to end up with an increase in racial conflicts and chaos in formerly all-White nations leading to a Hell on Earth for White children forced to deal with it, and finally, the extinction of White people all over the world. The reason we at VNN can predict the future is not because we're blessed with prophetic visions from a supernatural being, but because, as Dr. Pierce once said, we KNOW the Jews. We are also, as Herr Wright pointed out, free from the brainwashing, so we look clearly at the past, the present, and the future. Instead of talking to each other, we eventually need a National Socialist-type of revolution. Our message will eventually spread around the world, changing hearts and minds.

The word fatality has its root in the word fate. Instead of Whites becoming the fatalities on this planet, we should change our fates, and make this planet into a Third Reich from the Sun.


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