The Legal Framework of White Oppression

For general background on media/political control in Sweden, read Fredrik Haerne's "Who Rules Sweden?" here.

September 2002 Swedish Police raid world's foremost Islamic Revisionist Ahmed Rami

On 7 September, 16.30 hours, eight police officers gained entry through a window of Ahmed Rami's apartment in Stockholm and took away his RADIO ISLAM computers and other items relevant to Mr Rami's work.

In a newspaper report Justice Minister, Thomas Bodstrom, stated that the government must stop Ahmed Rami's Internet activities. Minister Bodstrom stated that he was angry with Rami and demanded he be jailed for four years.

Sweden's Public Prosecutor stated to a newspaper that Swedish police have had Rami under surveillance for many years.

On Friday, 5 September - a day before the police raid - the Swedish Jewish newspaper, Expressen, wrote that Ahmed Rami is "a criminal because he compares Zionism to Nazism".

The newspaper said this statement is defamatory against the Jewish newspaper because Zionism is Expressen's nationalism and the Jewish paper's liberation movement.

On 11 September, Ahmed Rami stated to Adelaide Institute's Fredrick T–ben that Zionism is today's Nazism "because all characteristics which Jews accused Hitler to have had now apply to Zionists' activities in Palestine and in the whole world - racism, expansionism, occupation, jungle law and arrogance".

Mr Rami stressed that Zionism is a criminal ideology which must be restrained by international law because it is a danger to world peace, justice and international law.

Mr Rami likens the confiscation of his computers to the behaviour of US President Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Sharon towards the Iraqi people - to resolve all problems with force.

"And now all Muslims stand accused as being guilty because they refuse to support Sharon and Bush's policies," said Mr Rami. "Proof of innocence is if you support Sharon and Bush! "This is a part of the Jewish humour because the Jews are occupying Palestine, and Zionism will, according to them, liberate the Jewish people from all moral and international law, and from the mutual respect and equality between peoples.

"Now the Swedish Justice Minister wants to resolve the problem through violence by sending the police to take away Radio Islam's computers," said Mr Rami. "But like in Palestine, all occupation provokes resistance. I am only a part of the Palestinian Intifada and instead of stones, I am only using words. The Muslim peoples will never capitulate to the Zionist occupation, jungle law and arrogance."

We continue to monitor the matter. Please use Google to find out more about this as it has received extensive newspaper coverage in Sweden.

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