Kingdom Come

by Mark Rivers

Why would a racially-conscious White person actually pay money to see Kingdom Come, which is so obviously negro-based you can smell the fried-chicken fumes coming off of the celluloid?

Call it an anthropology experiment. As I witnessed the gutter negroes shucking and jiving in the aisles at the two-dollar theater, I couldn't help but be fascinated with the similar shucking and jiving of the dressed-up negroes on the screen.

Whoopi Goldberg, LL Cool J (easier to spell, you see), Vivica Fox, Toni Braxton, Jada Pinkett...every negro who can show up for work sober and string two words together was invited to work on this project. This doesn't make it entertaining for anyone but the negro rabble, however. Even liberal Whites scratch their heads at the exclusively negro gags herein.

The story centers around a dead negro (which is probably what drew me to it in the first place). His family, who hated him, drag together an assortment of cousins and associates for a typically loud and annoying negro gathering.

The negroes spend most of the movie shrieking "Lawd-a-mercy," and "Girrrrl!" The women complain about how their men are no-good drunkards and philanderers, and the men complain about how all of their women are shrewish nags with big "booties." One negro even pulls a gun on his wife, telling her he is going to kill her and their three sons (negro humor at its finest).

The climax is at the funeral itself, where the negroes attend in all their "chartreuse finery," and make a mockery of the service. The climactic gag comes when the minister, having eaten Mexican food the night before, farts loudly and repeatedly during the sermon.

In the ADV broadcast of May 5, 2001, "Feces, Fetuses, Etc," Dr. Pierce commented on the Jews' fascination with toilet humor and scatology. The negro forces at work in Hollywood are just as bad, it seems. In fact, the last movie of this genre I sat through, Friday, had no small amount of jokes revolving around public defecation, stinky bathrooms and dirty underwear.

Simple things amuse simple minds, I guess. Speaking of Friday, though, it was also the only other movie of this genre (that I've seen) which does not feature one single White person in the cast.

This means that, for once, White people will not be held up to ridicule and scorn, or portrayed as villains. However, it also means that the responsible parties are saying that an exclusively negro community is NOT riddled with crime, disease and poverty; that the absence of Whites just makes for a more "black is beautiful" world.

The responsible parties have obviously not been to sub-Saharan Africa lately; nor have most Americans, negro OR White. They simply don't know about what a hellish, deadly place the Africans have made for themselves.

Here is your homework: find a news item buried somewhere on the back page, or on the internet, involving an atrocity in Africa. There is no shortage of stories like this; in fact, you can find a new one nearly every day.

It can be the recent story about the Africans who mutilated the kitten that wandered onto the soccer field because they thought it was a witch. It can be the story about Africans raping virgins and nuns to keep from catching AIDS. It can be the story about the slave trade still flourishing among them.

Whatever it is, chances are the soccer mom next door has not heard about it. So, rather than leaving an anonymous "hate flier" on her doorstep, bring it up in conversation. "Did you hear about what happened?"

"No, what?" The soccer mom's interest will be piqued at the idea of gossip.

"A soccer game was halted because a kitten wandered out onto a field."

"Aw, how cute. Did somebody adopt it?"

"No, the players and referees chased it down and stomped it to death."

"What? That's horrible! Where was this?"


You can take it from there.

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