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E. Peoria gets a Hale of a break but not from slimebag reporters

by Phil Luciano Rev. King Charles Smith

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January 17, 2003

Jew ass-kisser Luciano takes Urinalism to a new low. And he has the chutzpah to refer to PM Hale as "Hate Monger." So I suppose your hate is more noble than Matt's, shithead?? All I hope, Luciano, is that you live long enough to witness the day when you have to answer for your crimes against the White Race in a "real" court of law (unlike the kosher Kangaroo court where Hale is heading). If treason against one's country is worthy of death, I say treason against one's own race is too.

January 9, 2003

Phil Luciano

Aloha, RAHOWA!

Looks like East Peoria can wash its hands - at least for a couple of decades or so - of the slime known as Matt Hale, whose cry of RAHOWA (RAcial HOly WAr) won't play too well in prison.

Now, Phil, we all know that you are still bitter over your jew Mafioso grandfather Charles Luciano getting knocked off by his fellow jew criminals, but you don't have to take it out on all of us. It comes across as "touchy."

Does Hale's possible departure for the federal pen wipe out racism in a town and county historically rife with racial intolerance? Of course not.

Our movement is not about one man; it is about a greater Idea that does not falter if one person disappears from the scene politically. Trust me, similar cockroaches have said that that National Alliance would falter and fail after Dr. Pierce died, but they're still going and growing as strong as ever. The seeds that Ben Klassen planted don't disappear with age nor do they wither upon the departure of one spokesperson or one leader or one adherent from the scene. Another emerges from the shadows to take his place. We carry on in spite of the difficulties, and in fact we just had a very successful rally in Maine. The majority of the White working-class people support us there -- as they do in E. Peoria.

But with Hale facing 30 years in prison and his hate group already moved out of state, East Peoria can breathe more easily. Any red carpet for racists has been rolled up.

You forgot the consolidation program we have going on in East Peoria. There are still a sizable number of Creators there in town and we aren't going anywhere any time soon. Sorry.

"This is the 10th year I've lived in East Peoria. It's a good place to make a home: low crime, decent people, booming business. Most cities would be happy to do as well."

It's such a nice place to live because the town is 98% white. If you love niggers, koons, beaners, kikes, slants, chinks, rag heads, somonkeys, etc. so much, then why not live with them, you self-hating dog turd?

I agree with Rev. King here. Once the negroids, illegal immigrants, latrinos and asian gangs spread out into E. Peoria, you'll change your tune quite rapidly, I'm sure. Where will you run to when you have to get away from the much-lauded "diversity" and "integration"?

But amid the good oozed the stigma of Matt Hale, whose reputation hangs over the town like a vile, noxious gas.

You know, Phil, we've noticed that the stigma of Zionism and jew domination of our government and culture hangs over our nation like a vile, noxious gas. That's why we refuse to be socialized by the popular media/fad culture, and instead focus on looking at the world as it is and not through the hazy liberal hallucinations of a "greater peace" between differing, opposed races competing for the same resources.

"Any time his name is mentioned, East Peoria's is mentioned with it," says longtime East Peoria Commissioner Harold Fogelmark.

Stop it, Phil. We're in tears already.

Newspapers nationwide forever have used the tag, "white supremacist Matt Hale of East Peoria, Ill." Outsiders still wonder if everyone in East Peoria is as backward as Hale and his slack-jawed followers.

Slack-jawed? Mr., if you and I were on Jeopardy, they'd have to tie half my brain behind my back to make it fair for you.

Boo-hoo. Wait until E. Peoria experiences the "diversity" of the shiftless, slack-jawed negro or similar vermin. You might just have a change of opinion when the resultant crime and minority-inspired social decay affect your personal life.

Charlie Moore used to live in Chicago. He'd read story after story about Hale, and he'd wonder about Hale's hometown of East Peoria, Ill.

Now Moore is executive director of the East Peoria Chamber of Commerce. Moore repeatedly has had to reassure potential newcomers (business and residential) that few locals drag their knuckles as low as Matt Hale.

Knuckle dragging? Go over to south Peoria to see all the niggers dragging their knuckles like Gorillas do.

Yeah, you guys should talk. Rev. Hale has a doctorate in law; I have college degree and a near-genius IQ; I've bumped into another Creator on our message forums who will go into MENSA; a local Creator here in my neighborhood has an MBA. Pound-for-pound we come to the table with more brains, more courage, and more realism that any collection of "popular" political whores and lackeys can muster.

Moore sounded enthusiastic that Hale's arrest Wednesday could mark his slow slide into obsolescence - that Hale, who fretted about the survival of the white race, would himself face extinction for a lack of publicity in prison.

We just did a rally and we have more scheduled on the calendar. We aren't going anywhere. So sorry to piss on your parade.

"It could be something that will just go away, which is a good thing," Moore says. "It'll clear his name from East Peoria."

Maybe not, because the Church goes wherever the adherents of Creativity go. Now, you can hide under the desk, cover your eyes, and pretend we're not here but that does not change reality. As I said earlier, we are here and we are here to stay. Get over it.

That sounds almost too good to be true. But all signs point to Hale vanishing.

Phil, have you considered the serious implication that there is no nationalist party in America? Neither the Semo-craps nor the Republi-CONs have the testicular fortitude to stand up for the national rights of the descendants of those hardy souls that built the nation from scratch; no one has the guts to put a stop to diversity or immigration; no bribe-taking senator or representative has the courage to say "NO!" to Israel and the jew lobby. And no jew-owned newspaper will give an honest portrayal of the people who desperately want positive change for this nation.

You know what, Phil? This is fine by us.

WE will step in to fill the vacuum left by the political sheep as they follow the politically correct flock, and WE will be the voice that speaks for the White majority, since you and your pavement-intellectual trash rag will not. Already the internet has allowed people of all stripes to see the views and hear the words of White Nationalists the world over, and we will march forward regardless of whether some jew-owned Associated Press conglomerate will give us speech or not; we will build our own media from the ground up and we will give the masses a genuine alternative to the communist-marxist-zionist garbage that floats through the airwaves of the media today like the rank stench from a trash heap. Your negative portrayals just drive more people into our fold and into our welcoming arms.

Thanks a lot, Phil.

Hale had planned to run for East Peoria City Council - a no-win scenario for East Peoria. Even his probable defeat would bring outside media coverage of a campaign by "white supremacist Matt Hale of East Peoria, Ill."

Gosh, that's funny, the people on the street and even Matt's neighbors seem to think that Matt is a decent guy, even if he is politically incorrect: Seems to me that the locals don't mind him all that much. Also, I've heard from Creators in that area that about 85% of the attention he gets is overwhelmingly positive.

But he pulled out of the race to devote time to appeal the decision by a federal judge - the same judge whose murder he allegedly tried to arrange - who'd ruled another group had all rights to the name of Hale's World Church of the Creator.

Even though we were using the same name over 15 years before the jew-owned satellite "Church of the Creator" trademarked that name? Glad to see you are up to date on your trademark laws, chump. By the way, First Amendment rights trump trademark rights, and the Supreme Court backs us up on that.

Meanwhile, his group moved its headquarters out of state to Wyoming - apparently to get away from hot water here. Still, Hale vowed to continue as leader, to set policy and give speeches. That meant more of the same old "white supremacist Matt Hale of East Peoria, Ill."

The smallest violin is playing just for you, Phil.

But Hale did himself in. As Pontificus Maximus of his fools' church, he figured he could eliminate any obstacle - even, allegedly, a federal judge.

It seems odd that a man who dedicates his life to working to force the system to act for the better will suddenly cast it all side in order to supposedly commit one illegal act. Can you give us an explanation as to why Matt Hale would do such a thing, after spending years working on behalf of our Church legally and stressing legality all the way?

Also, you misspelled "Pontificus," Phil. It should be "Pontifex."

Sure, Hale is considered innocent until proven guilty. But there's a maxim among federal prosecutors: Don't indict unless your case is a slam-dunk.

No information has been demonstrated as to what evidence the government considers as the basis for this case. I've read the indictment and there is nothing there at all. Too bad a certain "journalist" I know (I use the term loosely) can't seem to do enough investigative journalism to discover the facts of the issue. Heck, he doesn't even concern himself to render the guy's title accurately.

The indictment itself lists no specific information as to "who" Matt Hale allegedly solicited and when, only vague generalities and hazy statements but no names. If I understand the law correctly, the details have to be placed before the defense for discovery by the time the bond is set; nothing of the sort has been forthcoming from the government thus far. This smacks of the new "anti-terrorism" laws where U.S. citizens can be held as "enemy combatants" and enjoy the absence of civil protections in that instance, even without a formal declaration of war or naming of the enemy. I'm glad to see that you are responsible enough in your reporting to indicate the possible long-range effects such legislation and government actions will have upon the civil liberties of your readers.

We fully expect that Rev. Hale will be found innocent of the charges, either this time around or on appeal. This case is working up to be the same sort of stuff we have seen elsewhere, e.g., the Ben Smith civil cases and the Tom Metzger trial, á la coached witnesses and lying informants. There is simply no other leg for the government case to stand on.

Consider Hale slammed and dunked, East Peoria.

Too bad East Peoria still has to tolerate you and your commie ilk. That's the big tragedy right there.

"We won't regret that," says Commissioner Fogelmark. "We'll keep our fingers crossed."

Fogelmark, you'd love to see an honest man go to jail, wouldn't you?

Forgive me if I twist my fingers into a different gesture. Good riddance, slimebag.

You'll have to pull your thumb out of your ass first, Luciano, but if we see you on the street, we'll be sure to greet you in the same fashion.

Br. Charles Smith

P.S.: One other thing I'd like to mention is that Matt Hale has displayed more courage, resolve, dedication and perseverance in the face of adversity than certain newspaper hacks I know who cower in comfy offices and make a professional career out of towing the party line. As opposed to churning out one piece of trite and utterly forgettable lefty propaganda after another, Rev. Hale actually gets out into the world and gives speeches in front of potentially hostile audiences to spread the word of what he sees as right. When was the last time you moved off your fat duff to proclaim an unpopular viewpoint in front of a crowd that might disagree with you?

P.P.S.: If you would like to see a slimebag reporter of the judeo-christ-insanity variety, just find any mirror.

* Phil Luciano is a Journal Star columnist. Write him at 1 News Plaza, Peoria, IL 61643, or call (309) 686-3155 or (800) 225-5757, Ext. 3155. E-mail him at

I think this prick needs to be emailed.

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