Staples Ad: The Reinforcement of Official Dogma
by K. Tarkington

It is too crude a generalization to say that all sectors of society operate to push us in a single direction, but they do. Advertising is an important component of this machine. It reinforces the lessons imparted by the stuff-between-ads; it reinforces what school-TV-government tell you about which ideas and types of people are admirable. The new Staples ad is typical.

It shows a normal White couple doing their budget. The husband says, Boy, these bills are really beginning to mount up, referring to his wife's buying much-needed school materials for her students. She says the purchases are important, he renews his complaint, and she finally responds, with just a bit of feeling, I didn't become a teacher for the money, Steven. You know whenever Woman feels something, that's the universal signal these days to back off. There is no difference between a woman angry (or hinting at it) and the man being wrong.

Then she marches off to Staples, where they're giving a five percent rebate on your purchases to the school of your choice. The wife is in line with her stuff when she looks up and, lo and behold, there's her husband, who gives her a look signifying she's right, we really do need to help these kids, and he's chipping in his part, too. Kind of half-shrugging, sorry, and willing to take direction from his moral superiors... The White man as eternally in need of moral tutoring by his colored/Jewish/female betters...

Now, even in blackest Washington, D.C., they are spending over $10,000 a year per darkling. In real terms that's incalculably more than any of the founding fathers had spent on him. But the only line the media will tolerate is that schools are underfunded. That teachers are noble strivers, doing the best they can with what they're given, never paid enough. Any flaw in student or professor can be linked to one and only one explanation: not enough Almighty Greenbacks. You'd almost think there was no such thing as libraries, or that all reading in America was on a pay-per-book basis...

This ad reinforces every NEA-promulgated myth going: the intelligence and compassion and low-pay of the average teacher. These virtues are delusive. Public schooling is actually a bureaucratic monopoly that ought to be done away with. Average White taxpayers are enslaved to pay for the leftist indoctrination of the kids they increasingly can't afford to have. And then they are hectored by Semitically Correct private-sector companies through TV advertising into feeding whatever little bits of extra money they can keep out of the main maw of the monopoly state into one of its back-door orifices.

A truth: Anyone who speaks about "education" is 99/100 times an idiot. Anybody can buy a boxful of great literature for a couple bucks, and educate himself -- if learning be his real interest. As Oscar Wilde said, it is much more interesting to talk to someone self-cultivated than a teacher. Those truly interested in learning aren't public school teachers, and those who really care about kids aren't working for the government. Money "invested" in our kids through "education" is just the parasites' siren song to the productive. What's pitiful is that private companies sing the song on their own dime, too.

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