How Jews Won the West

by Douglas Wright

August 21, 2002

Jewish presence in the big cities of America is a fairly well-documented phenomenon: Chicago, Los Angeles and of course, New York City (more Jews than in Israel, the Jews always say, and they're probably not lying about that one) are overrun with the sun-and-soil-avoiding skull-capped skulkers. It stands to reason. Out in the wilds, a man would have to rely on his own two hands and his fighting spirit to survive. Rather than manipulate his fellow human for survival, he'd have to learn nature's ways. It's always struck me as fitting that the Amish, the bearded-and-bonneted Gentile sect, hacks it in rural areas, while the Orthodox Jews, the bearded-and-bewigged Jewish sect, leaches off city life.

If there's one state I don't associate with Jews, it's Idaho, formerly the site of Aryan Nations (now headquartered in Pennsylvania, I understand), Rep. Helen Chenoweth, and home to more than few White nationalists. So it came as a bit of a surprise -- or, maybe it shouldn't have, given the reaches of Jew perfidy -- to read of Jew infiltration in the state recently. Not once, but twice.

The first item should warm the cockles of even the flintiest of VNN readers: "Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial Opens." Dateline, Boise. "The nation's first permanent memorial to Anne Frank and the cause of human rights opened Friday with a theatrical performance, speeches and strong emotions," the New York Times announced on August 18. According to the story, Greg Carr, a former Prodigy executive, ponied up half a million dollars for the memorial, citing Sept. 11 as his inspiration. "It's imperative that many cultures and countries find a way to live together. Idaho has more work to do to promote the cause of human rights, and all the 50 states have more work to do." Never mind that Jewish control of American foreign policy was the primary cause of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on Sept. 11. Never mind that Jews stand alone in the world as the race adamantly unwilling to "live together" with other races, most immediately Palestinians but also Whites in America. What, exactly, is Idaho's failing on the issue of "human rights," a bullshit term cooked up by Jews to smooth the way for them and everyone else but White people? Why must kikes hammer Idaho, a state out west whose citizens are hardly responsible for anything having to do with Sept. 11? Where does Jewish arrogance end? Is it any wonder that at one point in the 20th century, one European nation became so enraged at Jews that it tried to kill as many of them as possible? Does anyone think that decades later this race of manipulators has learned its lesson?

The Anne Fink memorial, according to the article, features two 100-foot semicircular walls, inscribed with quotations from Moses, Mother Teresa and Gandhi. "Quotations from Thomas Jefferson were rejected by a committee because he was a slave owner," said Les Bock, executive director of the Idaho Human Rights Education Center. I'm not making any of this up. This is what's happening to you in your own country, White man. Your racial ancestor Thomas Jefferson is shut out of the Jew project because he was White. American Renaissance says it's irresponsible and indulgent to call for White revolution, and maybe it is. But when I see crap like this, it makes me want to pick up a gun. American Renaissance is the French on the dinner table, but VNN's the German in the kitchen. White man, you know where the food comes from.

But first, Item Two, just as unnerving. Seems a filthy rich Jew from the Rotten Apple wants to be the next Senator from Idaho. Democrat Alan Blinken, described as a long-time resident of the Upper East Side, former investment banker, former ambassador to Belgium, member of the Council on Foreign Relations and husband of the daughter of a Hollywood producer, owns a home in Sun Valley, the Idaho resort of renown, and is using this residency to push his bid for federal office. To hide his Jewishness from potential voters in the famous potato state, Blinken touts his affinity for guns. "I'm a gun nut," the New York Times quotes him as saying, in a story that ran Aug. 11, 2002. Ignore for the moment how hard liberal Jews are working at this very moment to prevent White ownership of firearms and to promote nigger ownership of same. "I own eight pistols, eight rifles, eight shotguns, and I use them all," he boasts. Reportedly, Jew Blinken has challenged Republican Senator Larry Craig to a shooting contest. Hey, Alan, I've got a shooting match idea for you. All Whites get their guns. All Jews get their guns. We start shooting, you start shooting, and we'll see what happens. Why is it that an Israeli Jew gets an Uzi delivered to his damn doorstep with clip, oil and endless bullets for free, but for me to get a 9 millimeter pistol here in the U.S. takes seventeen years, eighteen tons of paperwork and a few hundred bucks? Because there's one standard for Jews, another standard for everyone else.

The pattern here is not difficult to discern. Idaho is viewed by Jews as dangerous territory, a place where crazy White people might get the idea that they have racial rights, too, and might actually do something about it. So, they move on the state the best way they know how: by setting up tolerance museums and running for office. The ultimate goal being, smash down the rising White. Your task, White man, should you choose to accept it, is to oppose this effort. You will not be lauded in the media for your struggle. You may lose friends and you may lose your job. But the honor will be yours.


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