John Walker Lindh -- Betrayed by his Nation

by Jasa Petrovic Slovjanski

July 28, 2002

By now everybody knows that John Walker Lindh, the American Taliban volunteer, has pled guilty to several counts against him. The plea allows him to avoid charges of conspiracy to kill Americans, but ensures he will be forced to serve at least twenty years for his alleged crimes. It also ensures that he will not be able to retain profits from any kind of book deal, and he is also no longer able to bring up charges of mistreatment by his captors. Some Americans are happy to see the traitor punished, while more "conservative" citizens think he should be facing the needle. Has justice been served? I would say it's rather hard to tell when this "justice" comes from an institution without a shred of honor, accountability, or integrity.

John Walker Lindh is certainly not the first American to volunteer to fight overseas. In the Spanish Civil War, thousands of American Communists joined the Republican forces and are recognized as heroes of "democracy" today. During WWII a few notable Americans joined the Waffen SS, although the rumors of the so-called George Washington Brigade are most likely false. More recently, about 400 Albanian-Americans fought under the Kosovo Liberation Army, a known terrorist organization/drug cartel with numerous ties to Osama Bin Laden. Many of these Albanian-Americans were able to keep their citizenship despite their service in a terrorist guerilla army. In today's intellectual establishment, modern popular history has completely ignored all of these examples in a clear campaign to deter would-be John Walkers. The government's message is clear: We are fighting a global war on terror, and you'd better not let us catch you supporting the wrong side! Hail to our glorious leader, Comrade BUSH!

Evidence of a dirty deal is apparent based on the charges leveled at Lindh. He has admitted guilt to two felonies. Just one problem though: Lindh was in Afghanistan, serving under a foreign army. This service should have voided Lindh's citizenship. Supposedly his service was a felony because both Clinton and Bush declared the Taliban a terrorist organization. However, the Taliban was recognized by many countries as a legitimate government of Afghanistan, or at least the next best thing. While Al-Qaeda and the Taliban are obviously intimately acquainted, the Taliban was essentially a political movement. Thus the armed forces of the Taliban could logically be called the army of Afghanistan despite their questionable methods. Furthermore, the only legitimate complaint the U.S. can have against the Taliban is the fact that it gives refuge and support to Al Qaeda. To put it simply: Lindh was serving in a foreign army and thus should not be a U.S. citizen. Based on that he should not be tried according to U.S. federal law. If you don't think that is enough evidence, read on.

The other major charge that Lindh has admitted to is carrying weapons and explosives at the time of capture. To be specific, he was in possession of hand grenades and an assault rifle. Now I can understand that in the People's Republic of California such a crime is worthy of the death penalty, and possession of hand grenades is illegal in every state. But once again we must rain on Bush's victory parade and point out that LINDH WAS NOT IN THE UNITED STATES WHEN THE WEAPONS WERE FOUND IN HIS POSSESSION! That's right George, Lindh was in Afghanistan serving in the only real army it had! Soldiers tend to be equipped with such implements of destruction.

What taints this "justice" even more is the fact that Lindh now cannot accuse his Marine captors of abuse. Of course we wouldn't want the patriotic citizens of the American puppet state to lose trust in their military! Quick Hollywood, produce some more Hooray-for-USA war movies! Any American conflict can be glorified, and any American "enemy" can be turned into bloodthirsty thugs thanks to movie magic! Being a former soldier in the U.S. Army, I can say that the military is undoubtedly one of the most corrupt institutions in America. I've talked to fellow soldiers who admit to such crimes as looting in the Gulf War, stealing from civilians in Kosovo, and on one occasion an NCO threw a bottle filled with urine at a group of children in Bosnia. And the esprit de corps hasn't ended today. In Afghanistan U.S. Special Forces have been inflating their body counts, claiming 120 kills PER MAN! When foreign observers and Northern Alliance soldiers ask where all the bodies are, the army spin doctors claim that they have been incinerated by fuel air bombs. Anybody who is familiar with the effects of these bombs knows that they are not capable of completely cremating a body. But the audacity doesn't stop there. How about the numerous accidental attacks on Afghan civilian targets and allied militias, for which the U.S. military still refuses to apologize? The Americans are the "good guys"! Why should they be held responsible? America expected Russia and Serbia to fight totally clean wars in Chechnya and Kosovo respectively (and for the most part they did), but whenever Americans slaughter civilians it's always: "Hey that's war!" and "that's collateral damage." Sorry Uncle Sam (surname: Rothstein), We're Not Listening Anymore!

What is most irritating about the Lindh case is the way the conservatives have jumped on it. They point at Lindh's "liberal" parents and say that they are to blame. Liberalism is supposedly what caused Lindh to "betray" America. I'm not buying this at all. Lindh did not betray America, America betrayed him. Yes, his parents taught him anti-American ideas, but who fed those ideas to his parents in the first place? The same media that glorify the Communist revolutionaries of the 1960s now condemn the products of their victory. Nobody seems to care that the '60s revolutionaries openly displayed Communist flags and actually sent supplies to the Vietcong and North Vietnamese Army. All the while these traitors were within our borders, and were clearly U.S. citizens. After those revolutionaries gained control of the nation, they are suddenly quick to condemn one of their offspring who turned on them. This point not only demonstrates the vengeful and hypocritical nature of the left, but also its inherit weaknesses. Leftist ideology is so destructive that it often ends up turning its own followers against their overall goal. Lindh is the perfect example.

America betrayed Lindh when it allowed his parents to be brainwashed with anti-American white guilt. Lindh was taught to hate "racism" just like every American child today, and look at the effects. Before converting to Islam, Lindh was known to visit rap-themed discussion forums and chat rooms. While on the internet, Lindh pretended to be black and used black vernacular. America taught Lindh to hate himself, to hate the fact that he was born white. The American media taught him that blacks were stronger and more noble, and that he should aspire to be as black as possible. This is no different from the propaganda being force-fed to millions of white youth today, as MTV parades black rap stars and "gangtas" in front of viewers for hours on end. In the schools white children learn that blacks are noble, wise, and most of all oppressed. What are blacks and other minorities taught? They are taught that they must be proud and unified, that there is strength in unity. The black or Latino student is taught that his peers are racial brothers, and they must unite against white oppression to achieve their goals. For white girls, motherhood and family life is portrayed as wasting one's life. For minorities, African and Mexican families are portrayed as happy and healthy. Black and Mexican mothers are treated with respect and reverence while the white mother is portrayed a traitor to her "gender" who could have been a lawyer or doctor. Nationalism for non-whites, guilt for whites. That is the nature of the constant propaganda. Lindh was only acting according to the way he was trained.

Lindh's search for identity led him into the clutches of radical Islam. He did not seek out the Muslims of Bosnia or Albania, because he was taught to hate white people. Instead he ended up in the Middle East. Allied with the Arabs he betrayed the Jews. That is Lindh's real crime. The irony is apparent; Jew-inspired guilt caused Lindh to join with Israel's worst enemy. This is somewhat encouraging, as it shows how Jewish propaganda is not perfect. Gone are the days when the Jews could rally millions under the red banner and send them to certain death at the hands of Nazi machine-gunners. When you preach pacifism too much, your supporters aren't going to have the courage to fight your war. When you rob a person of his identity and tell him to hate his "racist" country, there's a change he might decide to join another faction that supposedly hates America. Lindh was the bullet with which the Jewish-American establishment shot itself in the foot.

In closing, it is clear that Lindh is not an American traitor. The traitors are and always have been in the U.S. government, the schools, and the media. Let's save capital punishment for them. In a way, Lindh was a tragic hero. When America took away everything he should've believed in, he found something new to believe. And unlike myself, Lindh fought for what he believed in. Considering what I know from my experience in the U.S. Army, I am ashamed of my service. Had I been in a unit that actually deployed, what would I be potentially dying for? In the Balkans your choices are Muslim Bosnia and Greater Albania. In the Middle East or Afghanistan, you die for Israel. I was too young to volunteer for the Bosnian Serb forces -- as did many Russians and Greeks. I was still in junior year during the Kosovo conflict. But war will come again to the Slavic peoples, and this time I'll be there. I was more of a mercenary in the U.S. Army than I would be in a Serbian militia unit. More importantly, I would rather face certain death in the name of the Slavic nation than take minimal risk of dying for Israel.

Every proud Aryan must realize that NATO, including the U.S., is the enemy of the European race. The day will come when every true nationalist worldwide will have to level his weapon at a German, British, French, or American soldier. Germans will have to kill Germans, Czechs will have to kill Czechs, and Swedes must kill Swedes. That bloodshed will continue until either there is not one European left alive on Earth or we finally wake up and throw off the chains of Jewish ideological oppression. So until the next war is upon us, I'll be practicing my marksmanship and remembering John Walker Lindh.


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