A Trip to the Local Mall in a Still-White Town

by Andrei Kievsky

July 27, 2002

I recently took my daughter to get some shoes while on a short "White vacation." I think "White vacations" are going to be part of the lexicon in the near future. A 'White vacation' is when you get away from your Diverse Hell for a weekend just to be in a traditionally White place -- a place that is uncrowded, clean, quiet, and 90% or more White. The sort of place that is fast disappearing.

The shoe stores and clothes stores all use posters and advertising to "tell a story," as I learned in my cultural anthropology and art history classes in college. Though cultural anthropology and art history departments are monopolistically Marxist, they give you tools that you can use from a White viewpoint.

We all know what I'm leading into, but I still get outraged when I go to shoe stores and clothing stores and see these epic tales of a non-existent multicultural paradise. They invariably pair up a mulatto male with an easygoing smile with an ultra-Nordic female. Any self respecting White man sees this and wants to take the advertising executives that made this campaign and give each one of them a punch in the nose, or maybe 100 punches in the nose. I can barely keep myself from saying "fuck you" at the posters out loud in the store. And the other posters inevitably sneak in lots of non-whites, even though there are barely any non-whites in this area. It's insulting on its face to the White people in this area, telling them they are somehow inadequate without non-whites.

And they do play rap music with very clear sexually explicit lyrics in some of these stores. Think about this -- auto mechanics aren't allowed to have Snap-on tool calendars showing White women in bikinis anymore, but stores in the mall play the audio-porn of non-whites. When you loudly complain to the store manager and the store employees about the rap music (be sure to repeat the grossest lyrics at a high volume), you can then say, "No wonder Black males are 15 times more likely to have AIDS than Whites, hah? This rap stuff explicitly describes and promotes AIDS-spreading behaviour. Does your store think AIDS is cool? Is that why the models are so thin? Advanced stages of AIDS wasting disease? Wow, that's so chic and cool and hip! My HIV cocktails are so complicated . . . I like know someone who still takes AZT, I said 'you're like going to die if you don't get some better HIV cocktails going, this is the 21st century after all!'"...

Look up AIDS on the web and read about all the symptons, the more disgusting the better -- go on and on with in depth descriptions, "talking shop" about AIDS -- "I know someone with Karposi's sarcoma, it's SOOOO grosss, eeeewwwwww!!" I would have done this if I weren't with my relatives. I should visit the mall more often. Better yet, a group of like thinking and aggressive WNs should visit malls and do this, right to the point of getting kicked out, then pass out business cards and/or flyers. Repeat once every two months or so, just long enough at each store so they forget about you.

Also, you can hold conversations amongst yourselves that are loud enough for others to hear, like point at inter-racial advertisements and say, "Yeechhh! Inter-racial relationships destroy evolution! Did you know that? Aren't mixed-race people funny looking? Kind of ugly and monstrous, like Frankenstein's children? I don't want a world of people that look like Tiger Woods! I prefer White people, I think pure-bred White people are the most beautiful people in the world."

There's nothing they can do about that, except react in horror. And you will plant a seed in the minds of the White salesgirls. No girls want to be ugly or have ugly children unless their minds are perverted. White beauty is an objective reality, even people who've never seen Whites before prefer the White look. They will respond to this aesthetic truth about Whites on a deep, deep level, and it may save them from race-mixing.

The last thing I thought at this trip to the mall was why don't any White businessmen step forward and open a White store that sells clothing, music, books and magazines exclusively for Whites? I have personally looked into opening clothing factories in America, and the textile executives have told me it is not financially feasible because of the cheap Asian textiles. The best we can do is open our own retail stores and get our clothes from abroad.

So long as there is a large enough White power culture to support a store, a White businessman should do this, even if he's only open on weekends. It can be like a White bazaar, with everything we need, from clothes and shoes to books and music. I think there are areas around the country with higher concentrations of racially conscious Whites that this could be done, like some places in California and Pennsylvania and Florida. Tending the store would be a good source of employment for our people too. If there is an uproar in the community over the "White store" hey thanks, free advertising!

There is a tremendous amount of White nationalists and old NSDAP artwork -- paintings, drawings, etc that can be used for advertising. Every bit of wall space can be taken up with articles, VNN promos, Herschel comics, etc. There needs to be an alternative to the multicult insanity that is the mall. I know this is already being done with "Uncle Whitey's Records" in Alaska, and I look forward to hearing about how this store is working out.

Remember, Americans get their identity from what they buy, and they are being sold their own suicide for no other reason than because there is no alternative. I hope a White businessman comes along and makes a serious White store, hopefully expanding into several stores, before some Jew comes along and smells a buck to be made.


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