Hang Together or Hang Separately

by M.X. Rienzi

Sometimes I am wrong. Sometimes I make mistakes. Yes, that is certainly true. One big mistake of mine was my belief that the European Right was better organized and more mature and far-sighted than their American counterparts. An article "Haider wants to unite Europe's far-right, but without Le Pen":


has helped me to see the error of my ways. It seems that the American "sieg heil and pass the beer" crowd are, despite all their other idiocies, a bit more reasonable than what passes for much of right-wing "thought" in Europe.

Haider of Austria announces that he would like to see right-wing unity in Europe for the European parliament elections in 2004. On the surface, a very good idea. The Right in Europe has been on the upswing recently, and success in the 2004 elections could be a big stride forward. In fact, rightist success there may help derail some of the EU's more obnoxious attacks on free speech and free elections in Europe and throughout the West.

Unfortunately, Haider - unlike some of his more sensible aides - wishes to snub Le Pen, and not allow Le Pen's Front National to participate in this coalition. Why? According to Haider, Le Pen is too "racist!" Haider says: "Le Pen has racist positions in his program...." Horrors! Well, I have to say, Mr. Haider, that far-left EU commissars couldn't have said that any better themselves! "Racist positions," indeed! Isn't that the whole point of nationalism anyway? What does Haider think - that anyone from any part of the world can be a Frenchmen if he sticks a beret on his head and celebrates Bastille day? No, Mr. Haider, that does not make one a Frenchmen, any more than speaking German and being "culturally Austrian" can make a Negro or a Chinaman into an Austrian.

But, wait, it gets better! Haider snubs Le Pen, but other "rightists" snub Haider, the circus just goes on and on! In Italy, both the Northern League and the National Alliance (the Italian party; no connection whatsover with Dr. William Pierce's group of the same name) have "ruled out any collaboration" with the French or Austrian rightists. A National Alliance spokesman is quoted as saying: "There is not the slightest possibility of collaborating either with Le Pen's party or with Haider's." Very nice, that'll really help the cause of the Right in Italy and the rest of Europe, won't it? A Northern League official said of Le Pen and Haider: "We have absolutely nothing in common with them." Very interesting. Nothing at all in common? Well then, perhaps this official can tell us exactly who or what the Northern League has something in common with?

In the Netherlands, Pim Fortuyn said that his party "does not want to associate with people like Le Pen or Haider." How nice of Pim! Doesn't he realize that the leftists of his own nation would say the same about him? Don't these timid "rightists" - apparently afraid of being "smeared" by association with Le Pen and Haider (note the irony of Le Pen and Haider being lumped together by these folks, when Haider denounces Le Pen as being too "racist") - understand that they are just giving ammunition to their own enemies? Don't they understand that by creating an atmosphere in which Le Pen and Haider are "beyond the pale" even for other rightists, that they are digging their own political graves? Don't they know that people in their own nations will begin to think the same about them, and use their own words as justification? If Bossi or Fini or Fortuyn treat Le Pen as a pariah, and if they then advocate policies not so different from Le Pen's, why shouldn't they think that others will treat THEM like pariahs as well?

Then we have the Danish People's Party, whose deputy leader said: "We have deliberately refused all contact with far-right parties," and "We defend Danish interests and we have no plans to create a pan-European party even though we have denounced the Brussels bureaucracy." Oh, that's just wonderful! These Danes go even further than the individuals discussed above! They disdain contact with any and all "far-rightists," and they suffer from the delusion that they can "defend Danish interests" without any cooperation with other Europeans - as if a nationalist Denmark could survive and promote its policies in the context of a leftist, multiracial Europe. Really, all of this short-sighted stupidity is very frightening indeed.

The ONLY folks making any sense in this article is the Vlaams Blok of Belgium, who would have no objections to alliances, and who already have "contacts" with other rightists. So, definitely, I will praise the Vlaams Blok as being sensible, intelligent, and honorable, and they deserve whatever support we can give them. I myself will look at the Vlaams Blok more closely and will support them.

As regards the others mentioned in this article, all I have to say is this: "Grow up! You are embarrassing yourselves and doing the work of your enemies! Leftists the world over know the usefulness of cooperation. Stop trying to be the lapdogs of the establishment, stop denouncing other nationalists in an attempt to win praise from the enemy, and for all our sakes - do what is right!"


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