Kievsky Bells the Katz

by Andrei Kievsky

This was the event:

Jack Levin will speak on ''Violence of Hate: Racism and Anti-Semitism'' at 7 p.m. at synagogue xxxxx (somewhere in New England). Levin is one of those guys that, well, let's just say if you're reading the average USA Today article on "hate," he's probably quoted as an "expert" in it, whatever that means.

I am leaving out the name and location of the synagogue to protect its privacy, and because I don't want to be seen as even remotely inciting anything. Before I tell you about my latest exploit, I want to insert this sincere disclaimer -- attacking people and attacking property doesn't do us any good at this stage in the game. We can be far more effective, as you'll see, with words. Andrei Kievsky urges you to use words and debate, not violence or vandalism. Violence and vandalism make us look stupid and evil; but using our voice in public forums to point out Jew lies is amazingly easy and tremendously effective.

The speaker at this event was Jack Levin. Just to be clear, I won the debate against Levin. I urge you all to leave him alone, don't even waste any time to write to him, because victory over him is secured. I am not saying this tongue in cheek, I am saying this sincerely and straightforwardly, leave him alone -- don't even write to him. He doesn't even do much damage -- far less than media Jews. I sensed a certain desperation about him, a certain Sisyphusean ennui. I was very happy how you all poured it on Richard Lodge over at MetroWest News, but don't bother with Levin. The best way to continue to defeat Levin is to prove him wrong -- don't give him any ammunition to say that our growing National Socialist culture has any necessary connection to violent behavior. The only reason I am even telling you who he is is because I want you to understand that an ordinary National Alliance member easily defeated him, a professor and "hate watchdog" in debate. Here is his bio:

Jack Levin
Professor and Director
Brudnick Center on Conflict and Violence
Northeastern University

JACK LEVIN, Ph.D. is the Irving and Betty Brudnick Professor of Sociology and Criminology and director of the Brudnick Center on Conflict and Violence at Northeastern University, where he teaches courses in prejudice and violence, criminal homicide, and social psychology.

He has authored or co-authored 22 books, including
Mass Murder: America' s Growing Menace, Killer on Campus, Overkill: Mass Murder and Serial Killing Exposed, Hate Crimes: The Rising Tide of Bigotry and Bloodshed, and The Will to Kill: Making Sense of Senseless Murder.

Dr. Levin has published more than 150 articles in professional journals and newspapers, such as
The New York Times, Boston Globe, Dallas Morning News, Philadelphia Inquirer, Christian Science Monitor, Chicago Tribune, and USA Today.

He appears frequently on national television programs, including 48 Hours, 20/20, Dateline NBC, The Today Show, Oprah, Rivera Live, Larry King Live, and all network newscasts.

Dr. Levin was honored by the Massachusetts Council for Advancement and Support of Education as its "Professor of the Year." In November 1997, he spoke at the White House Conference on Hate Crimes.


I showed up a little late. When I walked in, the Jewish Human Relations Commissioner who confronted me at the December HRC meeting recognized me and pointed me out to the usher. I saw him walking across the room and he was looking at me, so he waved to me and I waved back. He was very angry.

It was quite interesting to hear Levin's perspective on us. He quote the SPLC quite liberally, and he pointed out that only 5% of "hate crimes" are committed by members of organized hate groups. Then he talked about how hate groups are smaller than ever, only 50,000 members in the whole country as compared to the millions in the Klan in the 1930s. But on the other hand, we are getting smarter and slicker and more well dressed.and this awful Resistance music publishes music advocating killing Jews and blacks. Then he mentioned the National Alliance, and talked about how the National Alliance crashed a Human Relations Commission meeting. At this point I spoke up and said, "That was me. I'm from the National Alliance." He looked at me and said, "Oh, hello!" So I said, "If you are worried about Resistance music advocating violence against blacks and Jews, why don't you ever talk about the Jew-produced gangsta rap music that has been advocating violence against Whites for the last 10 years! Now Whites are starting to strike back at the abuse directed at them!"

He said, "Oh, advocating violence is always bad!"

I let it go at that in order not to be too disruptive.

I was in a shirt, jacket and tie, so as he was describing how the hate groups have shed the hoods and the tattoos for three piece suits, I was the living example right there. Ol' Jack didn't have to describe members of hate groups as an "other" when he had an example right there. But he went with his scripted speech.

He made a big deal about how Bulgarians covered for Jews and didn't send them to the so-called "death camps," and he talked about how he met a German over in Eastern Europe who was very repentant about Nazism. By this time the synagogue people were looking at me, so I made a gesture of sticking my finger down my throat and vomiting. He mentioned the "wild conspiracy theories out there" about how only a few Jews died in the WTC attack, and "people believe all kinds of crazy things, wink wink, nudge nudge."

He talked about racial tension on campuses, and how White neighborhoods freak out when they are inundated with non-whites. The usual stuff. Finally, he opened up the forum for questions. Some other people asked forgettable, "preaching to the synagogue" questions, but then I got my chance. My first question, was not really a question, but a statement:

"You were talking about the Holocaust, but you never talk about the 10 million Ukrainians who were killed by the Soviet Communist government, which was overwhelmingly Jewish. Winston Churchill wrote an article in 1920 pointing out that 75% of the Soviet government at the time were Jews, and 6 out of 10 of the senior members of the NKVD, which carried out the liquidation of 10 million Ukrainians during the collectivization of the 1930s, were Jews. So Jews have committed Holocausts, and we Gentiles out here who actually know real history get very offended at all your talk of the Nazis, when in fact the Nazi Holocaust was a retaliation against the reign of terror and mass murder of Soviet Communism which was led by Jews and funded by Jews, and if any of you want to see the documentation I have it here in my notebook. You Jews NEVER criticize yourselves, you never talk about the atrocities that you have committed, but rather you are ALWAYS pointing the finger at everybody else."

Jack assured me that "it's always bad when people get killed."

I said, "That's not my point. You always talk about what Gentiles have done, the Jews own the media, they have an ethnic media monopoly, and they only talk about evil White people and evil Germans, and nobody I know is aware that Jewish communists murdered tens of millions of Ukrainians and Russians, because if they did, it would sort of 'balance out' the Holocaust story."

Levin looked away from me and said, "You're wrong. You're all wrong."

I said, "What am I wrong about?"

"Everything." Levin said.

"But what of my facts? Is it not a fact that Jewish communists killed 10 million Ukrainians, and the Jewish-controlled media never talks about that? The American people have no idea about any of it because the Jew media doesn't tell them?"

I cc'd Professor Levin on this so if he wants to dispute any of my account of this he should write to I can say for sure that Professor Levin had no substantial response to my charges.

There was some more question and answer, and then I got one more question in. I brought up the fact that only 4 Israelis died in the WTC attacks -- 2 who were on the airplanes and two who were visiting the WTC. Of the four thousand who were reported missing in the Jerusalem Post on September 12th, they all survived. Every single Israeli national who worked in the WTC survived. Some of the synagogue's congregants tried to say, "well lots of Jews died," and I said, "Perhaps, but only 4 Israeli nationals died, and none of them were employees of firms of the WTC. So we Gentiles out here are really wondering what's the deal."

Levin had no response to this, except the usual, "this guy is a whacko."

The question and answer ended and the rabbi (I think he was the rabbi) said to go have a social and enjoy the refreshments. I got up from my chair and walked towards the door. I had my loose leaf binder in my left hand (I keep it full of documentation to back up my assertions, in case anybody wants to actually debate me intellectually, which has never happened yet), and I had a flyer in my right hand. I was surrounded by the congregants and I offered them to take packets. One of them knocked my loose-leaf binder to the floor, so I said, "I've been assaulted!" Across the room, the rabbi and Professor Levin saw the assault and said, "hey, let him leave peacefully." One of the people surrounding me said, "have you ever heard of Hamas?" I said, "Yes, and I know that Israeli soldiers kill children and take their internal organs." Then I picked up my loose-leaf binder, and the guy who had knocked it out of my hand tried to do it again by hitting my hand, but I had a firmer grip on my binder. I said, "that's assault again! You've assaulted me twice! But I'm a nice guy, I won't press charges." Then a guy who was next to my assailant said, "Oh, we're witnesses, you hit him! I'll say it in court, you hit him!" I said, "Oh that's typical Jew conspiracy lying behaviour. I should expect as much."

I got to the reception table and I asked if I could have Levin's book. They said, "You'll have to pay 15 dollars for it like everyone else!" Then a woman said, "You should probably leave now, you aren't welcome here." I said ok and left. No one followed me, and I went home.


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