Paul Craig Roberts

August 9, 2000
Our Heritage for a new majority

[Comments in blue are what the Semitically Correct conservative is afraid to tell you.]

George W. Bush will be elected president in November. It will be a hard won fight against an ideological print and TV media, not against Al Gore. For Gore to win, there would have to be a desire to continue the Clinton administration similar to the desire to continue with Reagan that elected the Republican candidate's father in 1988. There is no such desire.

In girding up to withstand the media's onslaught, however, Republicans feel compelled to abandon constitutional principles that are far more important to our future than the outcome of presidential elections. It is an alarming commentary on the state of our culture that equality in law and accountable government could be casualties of electoral politics.

Disillusionment with Clinton-Gore has spread into "racial minorities" that have traditionally been captive votes for the Democratic Party. In seizing what Republicans perceive as an opportunity to build a "new majority," Republicans are acquiescing to racial preferences or quotas. Thanks to Jewish leftists such as David Horowitz, accepted as advisers by White "conservative" pols, who advocate colorblindness by way of "compassionate" rhetoric. The result: same old, same old. If you're a White Texas high school grad in the top twenty percent of your class, you lose your spot to a Black from Houston who's in the top ten of his vastly inferior school. GWB, he jes' smile an' smile. In order to avoid controversy over abortion and other "red flag" issues, Republicans are acquiescing to kritarchy or legislation by judges.

A new Republican majority could be a wonderful thing in many ways. But it would be a failure of strategic vision if this new majority were achieved at the expense of the two greatest achievements of our civilization. The equal standing of every citizen in law with no class- or group-based preferments is the achievement of centuries of struggle. Note: Slaves not included. Real equality was limited to White males of age and attainment. Law made by elected representatives accountable to the people is the basis of self-rule or representative democracy.

Prior to the achievement in the 18th century of equality in law, legal rights depended on preferments and varied according to a person's position in life. For example, aristocrats had the right to defame commoners, but commoners who spoke ill of nobles were guilty of the modern-day crime of hate speech. In parts of Eastern Europe, offenders' tongues were cut out.

In the centuries before law was based in an elected legislature, rulers governed with edicts. Persons had no say over the laws that affected their lives and livelihoods.

These two achievements were gained because over long periods of time large numbers of people were willing to fight to the death for them. Our Founding Fathers thought that citizens of the United States would have to be forever vigilant to keep privilege from creeping back into law and to maintain the separation of powers that restricts lawmaking to Congress alone.

For the past half-century, Americans have not been vigilant in protecting these achievements. Ever since the 1954 Supreme Court desegregation decision brought about by the machinations of Jewish Justice Felix Frankfurter, judges, not legislators, have been the arbitors of social policy. Despite the strict prohibition of racial quotas by the 1964 Civil Rights Act, bureaucrats and judges have succeeded in institutionalizing quotas throughout society, thereby allowing a small Jew-led minority to dictate discrimination against Normal White America.

Privilege has reappeared in law with preferred college admissions, preferred employment, government contract set-asides for preferred groups and hate crimes that can only be committed by members of non-preferred groups against members of preferred groups. Because that's the way the Jewish hate groups who drafted the model statutes the laws are based on wanted it.

Accountable law is slowly disappearing. Judges legislate from the judicial bench and even usurp the legislative power over the purse. Unelected executive branch and independent agency bureaucrats make most of the rules under which we live. Bureaucrats have been given wide discretion by the judiciary to define the meaning of legislative statutes. Jews prefer a strong, centralized state because it is easier to dominate. It is often easier for them to achieve their goals through judicial edict than legislative jockeying.

The advocates of racial quotas asked our forbearance for the illegal and unconstitutional policy as a temporary expedient to accelerate the integration of blacks into society. The "temporary expedient" is now three decades old and has expanded to other groups. "Temporary expedient" was just a cover story. Their real agenda was the destruction of White cultural cohesion, which they achieved. The progress of Blacks was and continues to be irrelevant. People born to preferment see it as a birthright and do not willingly give it up.

Preferment has become habitual. The only way it can be removed is to neutralize it by granting identical preferment to every citizen. Republicans need to build their new majority on the two great principles of human freedom: equality, not preferment, in law, and law that flows only from elected legislators. The minute we assume that racial minorities (and women) will not support these human achievements that are the pillars of freedom, we are lost.

Indeed, we are lost. And I am rhetorically pulling back from peering into the abyss because I know what I will see: Blacks and feminists don't want equality, they are happy with the superiority they have now. It becomes clearer every day that you can have Black supremacy or White supremacy, but not equality. A new majority that has to be achieved by bargaining away our heritage is not worth having. Too late for the Republicans: they've decided they are Democrats. Who's fighting for your interests, White Man?

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