Professional Hate Peddlers

by Angry White Female

How many of you, like me, can magically predict the contents of the next SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) Intelligence Report?

Actually, it's pretty easy. Last time, the theme was Pan-Aryanism. The report came out on the heels of a maybe-scandal involving the "far right" British National Party, the U.K. political party that opposes immigration and outwardly celebrates White British heritage (oh NO!). For years, the European socialists (who have links to far-left Stalinist and Maoist groups) have been trying to ban this perfectly legal party. They feel it should be illegal to oppose immigration or to be pro-European.

Enter Morris Dees, millionaire lawyer and accused child molester, who took it upon himself to harass a British expatriate who was raising funds in the U.S. for Friends of the BNP. To make a long story short, the leader got into trouble (for allegedly failing to register as a foreign agent), and now trouble is brewing for the BNP in England. Some observers find it quite odd the Zionist Anti-Defamation League has not faced the same problem, despite pressure from pro-American groups.

The Law Center's Intelligence Report focused on this "Pan-Aryanism" issue and tried to cover all bases. The writers huffed and puffed until they had covered all trips to Europe and meetings between (eek!) American and European nationalists. A friend of mine who traveled to Europe to meet immigration reformers was also mentioned in this report, sandwiched between Satan and Hitler.

Terrorizing religious dissenters...

SPLC has also put out reports trying to link the religion of Odinism to terrorism and Christian Identity. Christian Identity is like Judaism in the sense that its doctrines teach that members are God's chosen people.

I should mention that Identity adherents don't perform strange rituals or have God bless their intention not to live up to the year's oaths (Kol Nidre), etc., nor have I heard of them having sex through a hole in a sheet. No wonder Jewish women led the feminist movement... Anyway, SPLC assumed all Pagan adherents to Odinism were akin to a man (who wore a Thor's Hammer) who long ago shot anti-White talk show host Alan Berg and robbed an armored truck. I feel this smear was motivated by religious bigotry, since the intended effect was to profile members of this ancient Northern European Pagan religion. Even the F.B.I. was quoting from their material, warning that Odinists are in a class with Osama bin Laden types, despite any evidence. Thanks to the false info, some Gothis (priests) were denied the right to minister to prisoners. Even after Odinist groups proved the information was false, the F.B.I. has not issued an apology or correction. They are well aware these folks are generally working-class and don't have millions to sue them with. What else can be expected of the Ruby Ridge/Waco "jack boot" crowd?

True to form, SPLC digs up crimes committed by adherents to Christian Identity, and attempts to demonize the group on the basis of the actions of a very select few. If Identity adherents do the same with regard to Jews, they are called bigots.

Theme: domestic terrorism...

The next Intelligence Report will follow the same tried-and-true fearmongering line. The September 11th attacks on the WTC and Pentagon, killing 3,000 people (Red Cross figures) is a prime propaganda tool that seems made for Morris Dees. This very paragraph could turn me into a something-denier in the eyes of SPLC, since the New York estimate was initially 7,000. Fine, call me a holocaust denier.

Look around at the fear you see. This kind of fear turns people into witch hunters. When predators see or smell fear, they move in for the kill. Morris Dees is an expert at this. He will exploit the people's fear in his quest to turn his political opponents into "domestic terrorists" and add more millions to his personal bank account. He seems to use a Freudian technique called free association to accomplish this goal. Free association is where a word (such as right) is spoken and the person is supposed to say whatever comes to mind, such as "correct." But Morris and company have already associated "right" with extremism and wing. Now we move on to "terrorist." Domestic terrorist, that is. Right-wing domestic terrorist.

Eric Rudolph loses status...

Timothy McVeigh and his falsely alleged militia connections will lead off one of the articles. Then we can expect a scientist by the name of Larry Wayne Harris to be held up as the bogeyman, since people are tired of hearing Eric Rudolph (militant "on the lam" anti-abortionist) accused of every bombing the F.B.I. could not solve (or blame on some backwoods boy named Derek or Richard). Besides, Dees has already raised millions in Rudolph's name and SPLC supporters need a new bogeyman. A "new threat." Harris is perfect for this role. He has a beard, lives in the mountains, is intelligent and owns several firearms. A right-wing Unabomber! He is a licensed bacteriologist who was arrested a couple years back for (only) mail fraud. He purchased a component that could help culture anthrax through the mail from a company that sold Sadaam Hussein (with government approval) the same substance. He was charged with mail fraud (receiving through the mail) for having it delivered, not for possession (which is legal) or intent to commit a crime. The company that sold and sent it to him? No repercussions whatsoever.

The core issue is that Larry is alleged to be a right-winger. A news article in which SPLC was quoted claimed he "stockpiled" guns, had "right wing" literature and his house stank of domestic animals (Beware of those animal lovers!). But there were no weapons charges filed against him because everything was 100% legal. Nor were there any charges related to his bacteriological research, again because he broke no laws. Truth be told, most rural people I know have at least five guns and "stockpiles" of animal antibiotics, neither of which are intended to be used to militarily take over the nation, as implied.

Harris would have avoided this if he hadn't written a book for Americans on how to protect themselves from bio-wafare, since the government has no contingency plan. He actually did lab research and published his results. From his book, we learn the doses of animal antibiotics that can be used in case of infection from several different types of bacteria. "Oh my, they must be preparing to immunize themselves while they are cooking up bubonic plague," say the real paranoids. This is actually vital information since the government doesn't even have 20-million doses of what we'll need in case of a massive biological attack, which Larry demonstrated would be quite easy given the government's lack of vigilance and outright idiotic decision to sell components to make plague and anthrax to Iraq. Harris feared this. But the SPLC implies he wrote the book to show people how to perpetrate bio-terrorism. The following is from the Winter 1997 report:

A microbiologist with neo-Nazi connections has provided the extremist underground with a detailed blueprint for waging biological terrorism.

Larry Wayne Harris, 44, of Columbus, Ohio, claims that his self-published Bacteriological Warfare: A Major Threat To North America is designed to help readers survive a biological attack. But the scope and depth of information in the book also make it an effective do-it-yourself manual for mass destruction through biological terrorism.

The big problem here: Intent to commit a terrorist act will land one in prison for life, and Larry is a free bird. SPLC cannot explain why this allegedly known domestic terrorist is not in jail.

Will this stop Morris Dees and the SPLC from repeating known lies? Don't count on it. In fact, they will use this lie to establish guilt by association. Larry is alleged to be Christian identity, and if true or not (probably not), adherents to CI will all be profiled as potential terrorists.

Will we see anything about the several separate groups of very suspicious, detained Israeli men (two cells whom reportedly worked for the same "moving company") in the Intelligence Report? Don't bet on it. But do expect them to write some article quoting an obscure anonymous White racist on a little news group calling Arabs "sand niggers" and suggesting the U.S. nuke them all, including Israel. But when you read this, remember that SPLC has several times in the past mentioned White racists who are in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle (as if being a compassionate racist is a bad thing). They too must be "domestic terrorists." As will be the rest of us who "sympathize with terrorist causes." That could be as simple as opposing aid to Israel or mentioning the Mossad's track record, or the Israeli attack on the Liberty, which they tried to blame on Arabs. Listen folks, I don't sympathize with terrorists, I sympathize with freedom fighters such as Hamas and Hizbollah. I am a nationalist, and believe every nation has a right to evict occupiers. I don't like land-grabbing terrorists such as the KLA or IDF, but the U.S. government calls them rebels or recognizes their legitimacy as law. Go figure.

In any case, if you are a White thought criminal, expect to be woven in with whomever is the subject of the professional hate peddler's "quarterly threat." Good grief, I could write it myself.


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