A Despairing Drift

by Derek Powling

I despair at what I hear about occurring in America each day. As our country drifts further and further from White, European values I can only guess what our future holds unless we reverse the tide. Not only do we drift FROM White values, we drift TOWARDS values that glamorize harm towards Whites.

I read about a large White male who was attacked at an ATM machine. The man hit the black who tried to mug him. The black fell to the ground and tried to get up while picking his knife back up. The White kicked him back down. What was the reaction of White onlookers? Why, to help the poor, injured Black of course.

In Massachusetts, some misguided White Lutherans imported a bunch of blacks. One sexually molested a teenaged White girl and tortured her with a burning cigarette. Whites quickly posted his bond, said it was all "a misunderstanding," and acted outraged by Whites who opposed the blacks' presence.

A black assaulted a White women. Her husband corrected the situation. However, since he called the black a nigger while doing so, he now faces five years in prison for committing a "hate crime." WAKE UP WHITE MAN, HOW IN THE HELL HAVE WE LET DEFENDING OUR OWN DAMN FAMILIES BECOME A CRIME! If I blast the head off of some subhuman paroled nigger who enters my home to rape my wife, am I going to prison because there is a copy of Hunter on my bookshelf? Are Whites no longer free to defend their wives and children because the criminals are minorities? DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW FAR WE HAVE DRIFTED?

We now stand at a point where homosexuals that rape a boy to death receive virtually no news coverage, but a homosexual killed by straight Whites receives endless broadcasting. We now stand at a point where a black dragged to his death represents the archetype of hate, but a small White child dragged to his death by a black carjacker and numerous other Whites killed by blacks receive no air time. WAKE UP WHITE MAN!

These acts represent just the tip of the iceberg. When will White America act to bring sanity back to our existence? Of course, the Jew-owned media give heavy coverage only to the occasional White-on-black crime, or White-on-White crime. By downplaying the much more frequent minority-on-White and black-on-black crime, we are not supposed to hear about what is propagated on our race by minorities. We are not supposed to understand blacks kill more blacks than Whites ever thought of. Because most Whites only get exposure to Jew-owned newspapers, Jew-owned magazines, Jew-owned television, and socially engineered indoctrination education programs, I can understand the average White person's ignorance of what we suffer at the hands of minorities. Understand this White man: GUNS DON'T KILL PEOPLE, BLACKS KILL PEOPLE.

What I cannot understand is the reaction to the truth after the ignorance has been abolished. When a racially aware White distributes information about grievous acts committed against Whites by minorities, why does the average White citizen act "outraged" by the "hate" messages and not feel outrage about the truths these messages relay? Does he not believe the information because it is "hateful?" Even worse, why does a White person who actually understands that the information is true ignore the truth and still act "outraged" at hearing it?

I previously believed that White America only needed to hear the truth. I believed that once we unlocked the shackles of ignorance White Americas would not stand for our current situation. I now fear otherwise. I fear White America prefers to remain ignorant. I fear even more that White America, even if deprived of the "opportunity" to remain ignorant, will refuse to fix what has gone wrong.

White America, I hope you prove me wrong.


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