The Legal Framework of White Oppression

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PARIS, April 3 [2004] ( - A French court on Friday, April 2, fined French comedian Dieudonne M'Bala M'Bala 10,000 dollars and convicted him of inciting ethnic hatred after criticizing the Israeli policies in one of his performances. Speaking to after the verdict, the French actor regretted that the freedom of expression in the European country has been hijacked by individuals and parties pre-occupied with blindly defending Israeli policies.


There is no freedom of speech in France. If you say the wrong thing, publish the wrong article, offend the wrong people, you are subject to prosecution.

An Act of 1949, ostensibly aimed at protecting the young, forbids certain types of materials and opinions. And the Holocaust was officially made unquestionable in the Fabius-Gayssot Act of 1990, covering press freedom.

Says a commentator, "The Fabius-Gayssot law proscribes contesting the truth of any finding in the "Crimes Against Humanity" section of the 1946 judgment in the main Nuremberg trial. It candidly expresses...what all legal moves against revisionists are trying to do: freeze received history in the state of the end of war hysteria of 1945-1946. This sort of law contrasts with the typical "human rights" legislation, since here there is no doubt what offense an accused is being charged with.

Famous cases:

Robert Faurisson

Black November for the Revisionists

Jean Plantin, editor and publisher of Akribeia (Greek for 'exactitude') in June 2000 was convicted for having named works forbidden to minors in the 1949 act, and for questioning the Shoah, thereby contravening the Fabius-Gayssot Act. In essence, he was fined 140,000 francs, or $20,000 -- not couting damages that must be paid to B'nai B'rith and LICRA (a league against racism and anti-Semitism) -- and given two six-month suspended sentences for holding illegal opinions. Furthermore, he is banned from working as an editor-publisher, his profession, for three years. Le Monde, the big-time French daily, hasn't mentioned the case.

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Michel Adam was dismissed from his job as history teacher at a middle school in Brittany and left, at 57, with no income and five kids.

Vincent Reynouard was fired from a state-sector teaching job, jailed for three months, and fined ten thousand francs for disseminating the Rudolf Report.

Jean-Marie Le Pen has been indicted in both France and Germany for holding unpopular or illegal opinions relating to details of gas chambers.

Here an internal Jewish article on "anti-Semitism" France in 2002.

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