The Legal Framework of White Oppression

Demographics: Finland has a population of around 5.2 million, of which 2.5% (over 100,000) are foreign nationals. Historically the nation has had a stricter immigration policy than its Nordic neighbors, accounting for the relatively smaller non-Finn population (compare to, say, Germany with nearly 10%). However, Finland is changing. The number of immigrants rose from 18,000 in 1987 to 90,000 at the start of 2000.

Fact: A 1997 study by Eurobarometer, a survey on racism and xenophobia requested by the European Commission, showed that 10 percent of Finns considered themselves very racist, while the average for European Union (EU) countries was nine percent.

Fact: Finland has a Labor Ministry with an ethnic relations commission. The Somali representative on that commission says: "[Racism] is a serious problem...improvement can be seen in actions by officials and media, but for ordinary people on the street, it is unbearable."

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