The Legal Framework of White Oppression

Laws against "inciting racial hatred" exist in: Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Belgium and Poland.

Fact: A 1997 study by Eurobarometer, a survey on racism and xenophobia requested by the European Commission found that on average about 9% of residents of EU countries considered themselves very racist.

One case which illustrates the legal framework of persecution in nearly all European countries is that of Robert Faurisson -- a hero for our times.


From the EU's proposal. Basically says it is punishable by law to dislike someone based on their religion, race, descent or personal beliefs.

Article 4 - Offences concerning racism and xenophobia

Member States shall ensure that the following intentional conduct committed by any means is punishable as criminal offence:

(a) public incitement to violence or hatred for a racist or xenophobic purpose or to any other racist or xenophobic behaviour which may cause substantial damage to individuals or groups concerned;

(b) public insults or threats towards individuals or groups for a racist or xenophobic purpose;

(c) public condoning for a racist or xenophobic purpose of crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes as defined in Articles 6, 7 and 8 of the Statute of the International Criminal Court;

(d) public denial or trivialisation of the crimes defined in Article 6 of the Charter of the International Military Tribunal appended to the London Agreement of 8 April 1945 in a manner liable (read: interpretation of potential) to disturb the public peace;

(e) public dissemination or distribution of tracts, pictures or other material containing expressions of racism and xenophobia;

(f) directing, supporting of or participating in the activities of a racist or xenophobic group, with the intention of contributing to the organisation's criminal activities.

..."As concerns the conduct mentioned in Article 4 (d) the changes to the wording of the Joint Action of 1996 are largely inspired by the German law, which incriminates not only the denial but also the trivialisation of the crimes mentioned, if that is liable to disturb the public peace. This should be interpreted as regards to the potencial of the conduct of disturbing the public peace."

Article 6 - Penalties and sanctions

1. Member State shall ensure that the offences referred to in Articles 4 and 5 are punishable by effective, proportionate and dissuasive penalties.

2. Each Member State shall take the necessary measures to ensure that the offences referred to in Article 4 (b) to (e) are punishable at least in serious cases, by custodial sentences which can give rise to extradition or surrender.

3. Each Member State shall take the necessary measures to ensure that the offences referred to in Article 4 (a) and (I think they meant through) (f) are punishable by terms of deprivation of liberty with a maximum penalty that is not less than 2 years. (!!!)

4. Member States shall ensure that ancillary or alternative sanctions such as community service or participation in training courses, deprivation of certain civil or political rights or publication of all or part of a sentence may be imposed or foreseen for the offences referred to in Articles 4 and 5.

5. Member States shall ensure that fines can be imposed or payment for charitable purposes accepted in respect of the offences referred to in Articles 4 and 5.

6. Member States shall ensure seizure and confiscation of any material or instruments to commit and proceeds obtained from offences referred to in Articles 4 and 5.


...a) of this Convention states that States Parties "shall declare an offence punishable by law all dissemination of ideas based on racial superiority or hatred, incitement to racial discrimination, as well as actions of violence or incitement to such acts against any race or group of persons of another colour or ethnic origin, and also the provision of any assistance to racist activities, including the financing thereof".

Paragraph (a) defines "racism and xenophobia" as the belief in race, colour, descent, religion or belief, national or ethnic origin as a factor determining aversion to individuals or groups --

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