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04:35 AM ET 08/15/00

England Battles Nationalist Demons

Associated Press Writer

LONDON (AP) _ With violent crime on the rise and fears that drunken soccer hooligans outnumber bowler-hatted bankers, England appears on verge of an identity crisis _ a confusion that has caused debate on what it means to be English.

The conflict between the old empire and new England was highlighted when hundreds of combative soccer enthusiasts battled Belgian police and rival fans at the Euro 2000 tournament.

Then CBS news reported that the chance of being robbed or beaten was greater on British streets than in the United States. Many questioned those figures, but statistics reported a 16 percent increase in violent crime over the past year.

How much of that crime is colored? How much of that crime is caused by the sons of immigrants the Jew-led liberal nation-killers let into the country after World War II? How much of it is the result of the Draconian anti-gun legislation preventing the British from defending themselves? Get rid of the Wogs and the Jews and Jew-led ideologues who debased Britain, and civilization will result.

The arrest of Prime Minister Tony Blair's 16-year-old son, Euan, for being ``drunk and incapable'' in London's Leicester Square last month seemed to further underscore the idea that England is a nation of drunken yobs.

Many who remain nostalgic for more genteel days fear that visions of beer-spewing hooligans have replaced Oxford's dreaming spires as the quintessential image of England.

``The idea that football fans express something about Englishness is, unfortunately, accurate,'' said Peter Marsh, director of the Social Issues Research Center, which has studied the phenomenon of soccer violence.

``They see themselves as patriots. They reflect very strong undercurrents in society,'' Marsh said.

The country's top law enforcement official seems to agree: Last month, Home Secretary Jack Straw linked soccer violence, racism and thuggery to a warped sense of national identity.

English patriotism, he said, had been hijacked by ``racist and xenophobic white males.''

Actually, English patriotism has been declared illegal by government Jews such as Straw himself. Of course, you will note the Semitically Correct Associated Press employee does not identify Jew Straw as a Jew. But he is. He also is a strong advocate of anti-White discrimination like the Affirmative Action we know in the States. Jews anywhere allowed amongst Whites destroy their countries over time. Let this be the last Straw, White man.

``We've had all the global baggage of the empire and a lot of jingoism here. And I think it's very important that we redefine not only what it means to be British, but what it means to be English,'' Straw told GMTV television.

To Straw, being English should mean nothing more than someone physically living in what is today known as "England." And of course, as we've seen in the South -- with the removal of the flags -- and in South Africa -- with the Africanizing of place names -- that too can be changed. Maybe England -- which after all means 'land of the Angles,' (a Germanic, hence racist, tribe) -- ought to be changed to something more reflective of the modern diversity the island enjoys. Like, Wogland. Or, Paketeria. Or Chinkistan. Or Isle of Musli. Straw's English Nationalist is a straw man, of course, which he's only too happy to replace with the same multicultural consumerist his American Jew brethren hold out as the only legitimate aspiration over here.

That is an important distinction. Scotland and Wales _ which, with England, make up Britain _ expressed new cultural confidence after recently gaining their own parliaments. Now, as they debate their positions in Europe, many in England feel adrift.

``When I was a child, you didn't have to talk about who you were. You just were,'' said Chris Myant, spokesman for the government's Commission for Racial Equality. ``The teacher rolled down the map at the start of the day, and there were all those pink blobs _ the empire. You felt a sense of pride.''

Which of course is what the Jewish ideologues aimed directly to destroy.

But the changes that have transformed English society in the last few decades _ waning political influence, the collapse of traditional industries, increasing cultural diversity _ have left many people disoriented.

The result has been the emergence of groups attempting to restore ``English pride.''

The nationalist groups, bearing names such as Freedom Fighters of England, generally oppose the European Union, the European single currency and the metric system. They long for an England of community, pride, law and order.

``Some people try to claim that if you're English you must be a yob and a racist and a skinhead just as they do in America. But I know many middle-class people who are very angry,'' said Tony Linsell, who heads the printing house Anglo-Saxon Books and is a member of a group campaigning for an English parliament to complement those in Scotland and Wales.

Linsell said he is not a racist and favors a broad and inclusive Britain note same lying codewords -- AP (read: Jewish) for destruction of White communal integrity. But he feels the English are under siege and he compared their plight to those of nationless people such as the Kurds in Turkey and the Mideast.

``I think Jack Straw wants to redefine what it means to be a nation,'' he said. ``He wants to move to a North American (read: Jewish) definition, a civic definition. In Europe, we feel nations share a common history, heritage and culture. The Kurds are a people. So are the Palestinians. So are the English.'' So are the Jews. And destroying their hosts is part of these parasites' heritage. That's why whether it's Germany, America or England; South Africa, France or Australia, they pursue exactly the same policies by means of exactly the same lies.

Myant agreed that as England has changed, some white people have felt left out.

``We need to find ways of enabling them to feel they belong. We are a multiracial, multiethnic society _ the question is, how do we make it work?'' he said. England has never been so historically; only in the last fifty years have coloreds entered in appreciable numbers. Just as the U.S. was ninety percent White up until the sixties. Jews lie. Believe it. Their interests are not yours. Believe that too.

But while some English people continue to fight old battles, there are signs a younger generation has a different understanding of what it means to be English.

As evidence, Myant points to the hugely popular comic character Ali G, a wannabe gangster rapper of indeterminate racial origin from suburban England, played by a Cambridge-educated Jewish comedian. Ali G's catch phrase _ ``Is it because I is black?'' _ is parroted by stockbrokers and teen-agers alike.

This is good? This is an advance? This is the "New England" we are supposed to admire? A sandbar full of admirers of a second-rate Beastie Boy improves on the land of Shakespeare?

Myant said young English people ``have an understanding of a very different identity. My children don't have the baggage of the empire.''

``Jack Straw is absolutely right to say there are parts of the baggage of being English we have to get rid of,'' he said. ``But none of us can determine what the future of Englishness will be.''

To Jew Straw the Englishness IS the baggage. Playing with fire is this scarecrow. Lesson: In every White country there is a Jew-led minority seeking to open the borders to coloreds as a way to destroy its heritage and make Jews a less conspicuous and more difficult to root out minority. The first political problem the White West faces is retaking control of the electronic amplifiers that rule society. Jews anywhere, plus time, equals White death.

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