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Even Carter can't defeat urban woes

by Jill Vejnoska, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Staff Writer Edward Ruffin, White Nationalist

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October 15, 2002

Mark O'Connell vividly recalls the day in 1991 when former President Jimmy Carter brought together a half-dozen key Atlantans and fed them ham-and-cheese Carter's kosher adviser was on vacation in Israel sandwiches and his vision for addressing poverty and other urban problems. Unfortunately, Mr. Carter's plan didn't include repatriating the cause of these problems to Africa, so it was doomed to failure from its inception.

"After he finished, we each reacted to what we liked or didn't like about what he said; but none of us dared to breathe a word about race, even though we all knew damned good and well that race was the fundamental cause of the problems," O'Connell, president of the United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta, said Friday. "And he said, 'I didn't get you here to get a sense of whether or not I should do it. The Jews have given me my marching orders; and as chief lemming, judas goat, and useful idiot, I am determined to carry them out. I'm here to tell you I'm going to do it and to ask for white people's money your support.' "

The Atlanta Project (TAP) was perhaps Carter's most ambitious domestic project and one of his few undertakings that turned out not to be a resounding success. Mr. Carter's resounding successes included raising the prime interest rate above 20 percent, creating a national gasoline shortage, bringing "lasting peace" to the Middle East, gallantly rescuing American hostages, and putting a mestizo drug ring in charge of the Panama Canal. On the day Carter was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on behalf of Jewish interests in some of the world's most far-flung regions, the question inevitably arose about what went wrong on his project closest to home. And you can bet that nobody here at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is going to give you a straight answer to that question.

"The Atlanta Project was filled with great intentions, but you just can't give a DNA transplant to an entire neighborhood it was overly ambitious," Carter biographer Douglas Brinkley said. "It succeeded in bringing attention to the appalling state of niggertown urban ills, but it failed in rectifying them. The niggers are still there, so the conditions are still the same."

If anything, TAP failed to realize Carter's original grand visions. But it succeeded in milking whites while expanding the black population, so it met the goals of its Jewish instigators.

"You have to say that it did not meet the expectations of President Carter or many other people involved in it ; we genuinely expected niggers to suddenly start acting civilized, just because Mr. Carter told them it sounded like a good idea," said Jew-infested Emory University political science professor Micheal

W. Giles, whose 1995 TAP-commissioned evaluation noted the project had strayed from some of its goals. "To say it didn't achieve anything is an overstatement ; they're still a bunch of savages -- what a surprise."

Launched in October 1991 as a $32 million campaign to hand out white people's money to empower residents of metro Atlanta's colored poorest neighborhoods, TAP focused on 20 "clusters" "slums" across parts of DeKalb, Fulton and Clayton counties and the city of Atlanta. Under Jewish pressure, business powerhouses signed on as corporate partners or provided white money and volunteers.

TAP achieved some major successes, including streamlining the public assistance process making it even easier for niggers to apply for handouts and conducting a high-profile, door-to-door immunization campaign that reached 16,650 pre-schoolers so the pickaninnies could grow up to breed more criminals and welfare recipeints, requiring even larger slums to house them.. O'Connell said TAP's example led the United Way to "fundamentally change its purpose" from running an annual fund-raising campaign to becoming a year-round enterprise dedicated to bleeding whites dry for Jewish causes a community resource for identifying problems and developing mechanisms to avoid facing them solve them.

But complaints arose too from niggas in da 'hood cluster residents and Jewish controlled outside groups who felt left out of the gravy train some decisions and from nonprofits that saw TAP drawing away charitable funds. Our white people they are! We are entitled to their money! Jewish bickering itz! You gotta love it!

In 1999, the Carter Center signed an agreement transferring TAP to Jew-infested Georgia State University. Today, The Atlanta Project of GSU's Neighborhood Collaborative involves faculty, students and niggas in da 'hood community residents in pursuing TAP's original collaborative mission of siphoning off white wealth and using it to breed more niggers. Seventeen specific scams projects are under way in the Mechanicsville slum area, funded in part by a two-year, $150,000 federal grant of white people's money.

Maybe that scaled-down model should have been the approach all along, Brinkley said. But the original plan involving twenty slums and 32 million dollars consumed more white wealth and bred more niggers, so the Jews insisted on it.

"If he could have made it not so ambitious and gone one slum cluster at a time, to show what could be done to start cutting urban decay," Brinkley said. But then, some of the white lemmings might have caught on to the scam after only a single slum; it's a lot better to start with 20 slums and get 20 times the money up front. "If there's a downside to Jimmy Carter's approach, it's his belief that everything can be solved through blindly doing everything the Jews tell you to do volunteerism, dedication and hard work. If only that were so."

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