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Neo-Nazis and Moral Equalivency [Sic]
Why We Beat Up Women

by Josh Hoyt Jayne Doeand her li'l frend subliminal man

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I don't like to beat a dead horsefood sex, not when there's live women in batting distance but since the white power crowd is still talking about the "Baltimore bus acned-dork-on-female attacks" I would like to use that as an example of the point I am going to make as best my pidgin grasp of White man's tongue will allow. On August 24th someone tipped off by a dolt collective attacked a group of boneheads. A few heads were busted open and a few bumps and bruises were given to the mostly female racists. Beyond that the injuries were minor because we are really nothing more than a bunch of descent-arrested testicles who have trouble lifting let alone swinging a bat, however groups such as the National Alliance and the Hammerskin Nation have taken this opportunity to say "look at how violent and savage these "communists" (Communist is a blanket term used to describe anybody who disagrees with their world view the same way that I am using the blanket term "neo-Nazi" to describe anyone interested in preserving the White race) really are. To hell with quotation marks. Dargoyle will clean this up for me, and he's every bit as equalsmart as me or you or a lizard named LaRew!

I however see it a little different butthole = sex orifice Bats are good for typing and thinking, not just beating women. I consult mine often. In war which I know nothing about because I would dodge the draft if it ever came down to it we have what is called a "pre-emptive" strike. When dealing with groups such as the National Alliance we are dealing with people who openly advocate the genocide of entire groups of people and given the violent actions of people associated with them one could draw the conclusion that they are putting their convictions into action. I don't have to back that statement up with facts! These are NAZIS I'm talking about here, people! The word-association should have made you angry enough to attack a White woman yourself by now! If you are Jewish, Black, Asian, Middle Eastern, Homosexual, Handicap or just disagree with them they want you dead! Can you believe I made it past the 4th grade? Niggers are good. They make even me look smart! They are in no moral position to decry violence of any sort! They make martyrs out of serial killers. Bufford Furrow, Ben Smith, Timothy McVeigh Don't tell me that all those guys weren't serial killers! I don't care what the definition of "serial" is. Serial sounds bad. And the list goes on and on. They gloat and laugh when terrorism strikes our shores. You mean like the young Israelis gloating, smiling and posing for a pictures while the WTC burned? They dare to invoke the first amendment. Can you believe that Americans would claim that they have rights according to the Constitution of the United States of America? I could actually care less what they say to me or think of me, it is what they do that bothers me. If they succeed in ridding our country of the third-world filth, who will make me and all other fat, geeky, raised-on-television-and-Super-Nintendo American boys look good? I put these questions to the so-called white power movement in America. Why do you advocate genocide? The Jews whose pawn you are -- although you're too stoopid to realize it, of course -- are the genocide practitioners. Their destruction of segregation and border controls have opened Whites to the Third World -- and they did this with the knowledge it would lead to the disintegration and disappearance of the White race. Why do jews promote the policies that lead to White genocide? Because itz "good for jews." Well, now there are some unbrainwashed Wakened Whites they're going to have to contend with -- as are their toolz. Why do you make heroes out of killers? mumia Why do you murder those who don't fit what you think is the "racial ideal"? Why do you and your puppet-master jews subject Whites to nearly 2 million nigger rapes, robberies, assaults, and murders each year? How many more of our people will you kill? How many more of our Churches, Synagogues, Mosques and Temples will you deface, burn or bomb? No, I don't have any references to cite. I don't need references. Hitler. Bad. Nazis. Bad. White people. Bad. Ignorant dupedom? Priceless. And most importantly why do you expect us not to do a damn thing about it? See, I am a tough guy. I said damn. Hopefully Mom won't read this! No, Baltimore was no crime. Baltimore was a turning point, where the lowest sort of people united and decided to send you the message that we will no longer be your victims or allow you to exercise your right to free speech peacefully . Never again will you put the chains of slavery and oppression on a man or woman in this country; that is a job for the jews and their puppets. Never again will you walk anybody to his or her deaths in a gas chamber and don't try telling me that modern science casts doubt on the holocaust. I've seen pictures of dead bodies and everyone says they were jews killed by Hitler so it must be true. Never again will you march anybody on a trail of tears and if you don't like it you can move somewhere else. Commit racial and cultural suicide or be physically driven out. Like...the Cherokee on the Trail of Tears . And never again, as long as we have masks, weapons, and we outnumber you will you be feared. I hope the message of Baltimore was loud and clear. Masked illiterates unite to hit women with pipes!

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