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Wake Up and Smell the Anti-Semitism Wake Up and Smell the Zionism

by Jeffrey Dunetz Will F. Iron

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September 5, 2002

I have an uncontrollable urge to run up all 102 floors of the Empire State building, shimmy my way up the TV antenna and jump? start screaming damn, begging, pleading as loud as I can: "Wake up, world! The war in Israel is not just about land! It's also about hatred of the Jewish people!" Yep, itz coming! Most American Jews will probably think I'm paranoid, a person who finds a pogrom coming out of every closet. No pogroms yet, but we're working on that. But if we look at the words and deeds of Islamic activists -- in the Mideast and beyond -- we see virulent anti-Semitic messages being distributed regularly to a broad audience. If we look at the words and deeds of Zionist activists -- in the U.S. and beyond -- we see viral anti-White messages being distributed regularly to an audience of broads (feminized White men). A few hours of Internet research came up with hundreds of examples of Arab leaders and official press attacking Jews. A few hours of Internet research will come up with hundreds of examples of Kike media bosses and their PC butt-sharks pushing White miscegenation if you care to look White Man. They don't attack Israel on how it deals with Palestinian issues; this state-sponsored anti-Semitism drudges up ancient stereotyping and blood libel. Arabs attack Israel, and the U.S., because they are tired of watching OUR Apache helicopters make hamburger out of Palestinian children in Gaza and the West Bank. And this rhetoric has expanded into Europe, the U.S., and the UN and will keep expanding until we either get it or let the Zionist hate-mongers drag us into thermonuclear war--continental Europe and the U.S. are on opposing sides of the Iraqi issue...can you see another Brothers' War coming, White siblings? Itz good for the Jewz. For starters, the Palestinian media has called for the killing of all Jews. Naaaawww! In October 2000, after two Israeli solders were lynched in Ramallah, Dr. Ahmad Abu Halabiya gave a sermon on official Palestinian Authority television as opposed to official Zionist Occupied Government TV in the U.S.: "Have no mercy on the Jews no matter where they are, in any country. Fight them, wherever you are. Wherever you meet them, kill them. Wherever you are, kill those Jews and those Americans who are like them - and those who stand by them..." (translation by All because they "hate our freedom" says the grinning ventriloquist's dummy, G.W., a bald-faced lie which is just as silly, but far more damaging, than Clinton's "yeah, but I didn't inhale" crap. Doesn't sound like purely a land battle to me. You got that right, Hymie. [Snipped from original--hysterics on Syrians, Saudis and Egyptians writing about things Jews may or may not have done over the years: Jesus killed by Jews, Rabbis spiking their manna with the blood of Gentile children, the writing of the "Protocols," etc. We need care less for what Jews may or may not have done. We need only look at what they DO NOW.] CONSPIRACY THEORIES ARABS ARE REDNECKS TOO Beyond the traditional anti-Semitic slurs, there is a new strategy that strikes at the heart of our Jewish heritage, seeking to deny our history. Behind Zionism, there is an old strategy that strikes at the heart of our White heritage, seeking to deny our history. Remember the dismantling of Joseph's Tomb, the attack on Rachel's Tomb, and the ancient Jericho synagogue that was destroyed by the Palestinians? No. Listen Jew-boy: we don't give a damn about your problems. Their purpose was to turn Jewish history into a myth. As Squadron shouts in F.Y.B.R., "fuck your bloody roots." The Mufti of Jerusalem has said of the Temple Mount: "There is not the smallest indication of the existence of a Jewish temple on this place in the past." (Boston Globe, April 2001)" The same might also be said for your gas chambers, except for the little ones our Kraut brothers used to delouse your filthy underwear. The Mufti's comments have been echoed by Arafat's cabinet, and much of the official press of the Arab world. In some sort of kow-tow, sic...not hyphenated...although I really could care less about your spelling or grammar...but the ADL and SPLC pull this shit regularly, to make us Rednecks look stooooopid, so I can't help myself this time even The New York Times described the Temple Mount as what "Israel claims to have been the site of the first and second Temples." The Temple is mentioned in the Jewish Bible, the Christian Bible, the Koran, and every history book of the past 3,000 years. But it is now just a claim. Yawn...where are our tears? And let's not forget how, throughout the Arab world, the World Trade Center attack was reported as a Jewish-led conspiracy. You mean, because: (1) the markets began rolling over sharply, exponentially, in the thirty or so trading days BEFORE 9/11--find yourselves some charts boys and girls, then query yourselves on who moves markets; (2) teary-eyed "victims," like that greasy-haired Heeb who runs Cantor Fitzgerald didn't show up for work that day, and whose sphincter later had a contraction after promising the families of real victims he'd shit them a bunch of cash (even O'Reilly couldn't pass that one up you greedy kikes); (3) as reported by Carl Cameron of (and later yanked by) Fox News, a cell of Israeli spies (one of many across the land) who lived only a few blocks from Mr. Attah and his buddies in Hollywood, Florida was quietly deported by ZOG after the attack; and, (4) as smoothed over by 20/20, more Israeli spies (also quietly deported) who possessed among other thin gs, a hoard of cash, an inconspicuous white van and box cutters were seen dancing with glee and photographing each other against the backdrop of a burning World Trade Center. Did Israelis conspire to attack the World Trade Center? I really doubt that, although it is feasible, at least on itz face, that Mossad agents masquerading as wealthy Jihad financiers roped and funded a bunch of Itzlamic malcontents into oblivion. However, did Israel at least KNOW beforehand? You can bet on that. At a meeting in Damascus in October 2001 with a delegation from the British Royal College of Defense Studies, Syrian Defense Minister Mustafa Tlass said the Mossad planned the ramming of two hijacked airliners into the WTC towers. He also told the British visitors that the Mossad had given thousands of Jewish employees at the towers advance warning not to go to work on September 11. (Jerusalem Post, October 19, 2001) The slander took hold as only believable slander will., a sophisticated English-language news site based in Pakistan, found that 71 percent of its readers believed the report of a September 11 "Jewish conspiracy." The Holocaust is another point to examine. You're kidding us. Izn't it always? The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, lived in Berlin from 1941-45. He was in charge of supervising Axis propaganda to Muslims all over the world. When Jews fleeing Hitler's ovens Jews fleeing manual labor were able to obtain emigration visas to Palestine, the Mufti was instrumental in getting those visas cancelled. He met several times with Hitler, and personally recruited 20,000 Muslims in Bosnia to serve in the Waffen SS. (See: Letz see: half an hour per recruit times 16 half-hours per day equals 16 recruits per day times 250 work days per year equals 4,000 recruits per year times five years equals 20,000 recruits by one guy! See how nicely that fitz? (Imagine if WE could each do a thousandth of that. Presto! Revolution!) This tradition continues today. "Mein Kampf," previously banned by Israel, has been allowed by the PA and was sixth on the Palestinian best-seller list. But Jewz say itz a rambling, boring, "pseudo-intellectual" book. A senior commander in Arafat's personal bodyguard is Fawzi Salem al-Mahdi (known as "Abu Hitler"), whose two sons bear the first names Hitler and Eichmann. Now stop, that's actually pretty funny Hymie. Heil Hitler! Your FOLK say Hitler was really a Jew, so now we have a Palestinian leader naming his kid after a Jew! The official Arab mouthpieces are among the ranks of the most stubborn Holocaust deniers all of whom Jews stubbornly refuse to debate. And American neo-Nazi and white supremacist parties have found in Muslims a new audience to advance theories discredited by Jews in the west for more than 50 years. Check out the ADL's "refutation" of these theories, available on their web-shite, which amount to nothing more than "because we say so...naaah, nah-nah-nah, naaah." BEYOND THE MIDDLE EAST EUROPEANS HATE JEWS TOO Anti-Jewish sentiments are spreading far beyond the Middle East. France has one of the largest Jewish communities in the world, and is also one of the least hospitable to its Jewish residents. Hmmm...more Jews, more anti-Semitism, imagine that! CRIF (an umbrella group of Jewish organizations in France) reported that between September 2000 and November 2001 there were 330 anti-Semitic incidents in metro Paris alone, nearly one per day. Not enough, in my opinion, but again, we're working on it. Mind you, if the National Alliance, for example, leaflets a White neighborhood, thatz an "anti-Semitic incident," just as with the ADL-indoctrinated Federal Bureau of Invetzdigation , beaners beating up niggers are "White on Black hate crimes," while whites beating up beaners are "White on Mestizo hate crimes." Fuck your fuzzy statistics, Kikes. The study also reported that the perpetrators are primarily young Arab immigrants. (ADL, January 2002) Your Jew-led immigration law changes let the towel heads in and now you're whining about it. Tough shit. Feel the hate! Britain's Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, has said that Jews of his country are suffering from the worst anti-Semitism since the Holocaust thanks to all the recent help from Israel, "that shitty little country." The contributing factors of this anti-Semitism have been the rise in Islamic fundamentalists who use the Israeli-Arab conflict as an excuse to create open displays of anti-Semitism. (Simon Weisental Center, February 2002) Waaahhh! Why does everybody hate us so? Fuck you Jew. (How well that rhymes!) We're not listening anymore. In December 2001, the largest neo-Nazi march since World War Two took place in Berlin. In August, 2002, the largest neo-Nazi march on U.S. soil since the second Zionist-instigated Brothers' War took place in Washington, D.C. Were you there, White Man? At the world conference on Racism in Durban this past September, literature with hook-nosed Jewish caricatures were distributed inside while thousands of South African Muslims marched outside carrying banners saying that Hitler should have finished the job. (Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, December 2001) All right already, we're working on it! Copies of the libelous "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" are selling fast in Malaysia and Pakistan. Libelous? But in an earlier paragraph (snipped--see original) you labeled the Protocols a fraud. In other words, the Heeb Elders of Zion, in the sense of the Protocols, never existed. How can one "libel" those who never existed? No matter how much you want it, Jew boy, nature says you can't have it both ways. Which is it? Fraud or no fraud? Libel or no libel? Alan Jerk-N-Twitch (Dershowitz) of Harvard has written, "I am an American Jew." Note he did NOT write, "I am a Jewish American." Here's what I write: I am a WHITE WHITE. "The Bulawayo Chronicle," which supports the government of Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe, recently published a 3,000-word article alleging Jewish responsibility for the ongoing economic problems facing the country. Some things even genocidal niggers like Mugabe understand. America is not exempt from Jewish fuzzy math, either. In the year 2000, 73 percent of all reported hate crimes on the basis of religion were against Jews more Jewry-is-a religion-not-a-race, one-standard-for-Jews-another-for-everyone-else garbage, according to FBI figures. We've already cited your blatant inconsistency above with regard to FBI "figures" on Whites and Latrinos, which is obvious from a mere glance at the related charts publicly available on the FBI's web-shite. But THAT we can see for ourselves. What is the ADL's FBI tweaking where we can't see? What other lies are you hiding? Again however, we really don't need to look at what Jews MAY be doing here, we need only look at what Jews DO. Do Jews whine more? Are whiners going to report more "hate crimes" than non-whiners? You tell me White Man. The spreaders of hate have a strong ally in the press. That's right. Zionists have a strong ally in the press. In fact they ARE the press, a tenet of the National Alliance and its forefathers for some thirty years now through Who Rules America, which Dr. William L. Pierce documented and routinely updated until his death last month (see you in Valhalla brother). Organizations such as the BBC, The New York Times and the once-proud CBS News, have subtly manipulated terminology and provided unbalanced reporting. "Once-proud CBS News?" What the hell are you sniffling and sniveling about? CBS is proud enough to continually spew your race-mixing propaganda (which Jews secretly find unattractive--look at what they DO). When Israel suffers a terrorist attack and retaliates by targeting the terrorists, it is called the "cycle of violence" -- drawing a moral equivalency between civilians and terrorists, and dehumanizing civilian victims. Waaahhh! The Jew'z puthy hurth. Check it for him while he back-doorz ya, White Man. Let's not forget how the press uses the word "terrorist." How can we, Hymie? All I see is THE WAR ON TERROSIM and THE WAR ON TERROR not only plastered across my Tel Aviv-vision [Kevin Alfred Strom] as a header but also run through the ticker tape below at an average rate of several times per hour. Fuck your terror. YOU ARE THE TERROR JEW. If a military action is targeted toward civilians anywhere in world, it is "terrorism," but somehow when it targets Jewish civilians, it is "militancy," "activism," "freedom fighting," or as The New York Times prefers: "What Israel claims is a terrorist act." Still can't find our tears. CALL FOR ACTION THAT'S RIGHT WHITE MAN--ACTION! Make no mistake about it -- this is a war about much more than land. You said it again so I'll say it again: "you got that right, Hymie." It is being waged by Islamic zealots who corrupt the name of religion to spread hate. It is being waged by Zionists zealots (a redundancy) who spread their hatred of White values by denigrating them. Upon leaving office, George Washington warned us about getting mixed up in other people's business. The anti-Zionist rhetoric is just a front for deep anti-Semitism. The anti-Semitic rhetoric is just a front for deep Zionism. See how they twist? During an appearance at Harvard University, a student stood up and asked Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to address himself to the issue of Zionism. The question was clearly hostile. I wonder if that was one of those Nation of Islam boys. Islam, by the way, is probably the best thing Blacks have latched onto. They've no problem separating themselves from us, nor we from them. King responded, "When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You are talking anti-Semitism." (San Francisco Chronicle, January 21, 2002) King knew who buttered his bread. Hippie Kikes screwed on people's lawns in Selma before and after supporting one of HIS big rallies (OUR latest rally in DC was a blast White siblings--so was the show afterwards--damn that police chopper burned a lot of taxpayer gas). Here's MLK one raucous night verily I say unto thee before his death: "I'm fucking for Jesus!" Hilarious, itz. He dith itz fo' duh puthy, muh-fuh! Do some research, White Man, you will find it. We need to wake up before it's too late. Recognize what is going on and take action. Are you listening, White Man? Write your government; tell them to take action against anti-Semitism in your county. Scrooh duh gub'ment. Write your White siblings and tell them about Zionism. Take notice of what is being said in the media. Dr. Pierce watched the media to take a pulse on what the fuckers are up to. Write letters about their inaccuracies and omissions -- not only in letters to the editor, but also to their advertisers. Works for me. Write Target and tell them what a bunch of wimps they are for pulling the "88" line of clothing because some beaner has nightmares about Hitler being under his bed every night. Target will of course, "ignore" your letter, but some White Boy may well read it, and chuckle to himself. But that's where it all starts, White Man, with a little chuckle. There is truth in all humor--as someone famous said. Sign up to Visit I srael or at least buy Israeli products (like ecstasy?); support the economy of our brethren who are on the front lines. Support YOUR economy, brethren, and kick the Jew out before: (1) you're bred out of existence or (2) your land is transformed into a giant, thermonuclear parking lot. Prior to coming to power in Germany, Hitler wrote "Mein Kampf" which outlined many of his plans, including a discussion of the "Jewish Problem." His horrible goals were laid out in black and white. Horrible for you. Despite the forewarning, most people had their heads in the sand and were surprised when Hitler followed through on his plans. Despite that forewarning, the entire planet is still under the spell of Zionism today. Now what are we going to do about it? [Author-related notes] Jeff Dunetz is a 20-year marketing veteran, and a freelance writer. He is married and the father of two kids who ask lots of questions about being Jewish that he can't answer. Daddy, why were we kicked out of so many countries? Jeff has been active in Jewish organizations since his USY days. Presently he is a Member of the Board of Trustees of the Dix Hills Jewish Center. Will F. Iron--for nom de guerre, see Blue Eyed Devils--Retribution: "a will of iron is all I need." Many credits to VNN and its editor for popularizing the idioms of revolution. Revolutionary times require revolutionary words.

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