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ADL on Alex Curtis

And here its press release on same. And here's what Curtis says about ADL. The difference is that Curtis has never been convicted of bribing cops to spy for his odd and pernicious sect. The ADL has. Look it up on David Irving's site from our links page. Organized Jewry is a pack of vicious, murderous, anti-White liars. The ADL has given its humanitarian award to a porno king. That's just how Jews are. They aren't like us. They are the enemy.

Kennewick Man: Scientists' Case Can Go Forward, Says Judge

Finally, some good news...

Expansion of Jewish Museum in NYC

Welcome, my friends, to the show that never ends... There's a whole lotta cost out there, people, enough for everybody...

Proud to Be an American, Where At Least I Know I'm Free... agree with the government or be put on trial for sedition, as in this 1944 trial of a number of Americans who disagreed with Dictator Roosevelt.

Sam Francis Praises Denver Columbus Parade

Could spark Western revolt? Let's not go that far...

When Animals Attack

Sometimes it's gators. Sometimes it's 'groids. Sometimes it's bats. Sometimes it's boolies. Check you, 'boo!

Texas Jew Turned Perot Against Buchanan

Reform Party had a chance to become a viable third party. And then Ross Perot, who prides himself on staying in the good graces of the Semites, received a call from a Dallas friend. Soon after, his support ended, and the party disintegrated. And Pattycakes still won't openly oppose the Jewish haters who revile him, nor will he openly defend the White man. But he will win about 1% of the presidential vote. So he's got that going for him. The Jew is the enemy, White man. You can pretend otherwise, and you will fare no better than Buchanan.

Linder Letter Up at Horowitz' In Your Face

Our editor blasts a remonstrating con immigration economician; Horowitz appends cross-eyed gibberish. What happens when you hurl "anti-Semite" and nobody runs, Horowitz?

Raimondo on Fifth Column

To the single-loyalty Jews and self-blinded Christians, Israel can do no wrong, as courageous queers Vidal and Raimondo point out. Odd thing that in feminized times, queers and women tend to exhibit the real courage, while men shrink from their duties. Thinking back on R.E. Tyrrell's statement that Vidal is "evil," one turns Wilde that "evil" (he said 'immoral') "is a word used to explain the curious attractiveness of others."

Hush Crimes I: Savage Not to Be Charged with Hate Crime in Shifflett Murder

Latest on the hush crime... Here monkey Mugabe declares what the reporter calls a "virtual war against the White population." Take the country back, White man. White rule is civilized rule; colored rule is jungle rule. Here some stats on hate crimes, hush crimes and interracial crimes -- all of which bear out the truth of Jefferson's words that the black and white races, equally free, cannot live under the same government. When it comes to the issue of race, that statement is all you need to know.

Hush Crimes II: Female Savages Attack White Boy

In a different life, we had an intern from the area mentioned here, outside D.C. It's an area blacks have been moving into for the last couple decades, bringing with them the murder and rapine and general incivility coloreds always do. Our intern said her brother used to get harassed every day by niggers, and that nigger-bitches would have fights daily, with nails and extensions flying, cursing like truckers (not meaning to slur all truckers, many of whom are exceptionally intelligent, decent and humane people who deliver things to us without which our lives would be considerably poorer....See how dumb it sounds when you try not to offend, instead of focusing in, like a laser, on the truth?) Of course, that wasn't how she put it, having been dunked in Semitical Correctness from an early age at state brainwashing institutions.

White Sickness Encouraged By Ted Koppel and Foul Jews at Nightline

A Mexican gangster killed their White son. Rather than go for the juglar in revenge, they decided to forgive him. Lauded by Nightline (watch Thursday night) in a two-part series, the Whites in this story are most remarkable as exemplars of how passive the race has become. Sitting by while their world is destroyed. Mexicans, if anywhere, belong in Mexico. They are not equal to White people and can do nothing but drag them down. Read The Feathered Serpent by D.H. Lawrence if you have any doubts on this matter.

Illegals 'Raus, Says Haider

Haider is like Buchanan in that we pro-Whites are apt to read too much of ourselves into him, simply because the media hates us both. He is not one of us now. That must be clear. But, again, as with Buchanan, much of what he advocates is correct. Rumor of the day: Arnold Schwarzenegger used to be a big fan of David Duke and the true, or pro-White, right. Back in the days when he first came to this country and was attempting to move from world-champion bodybuilder into the movies this was. Not surprising since he comes from good SS stock. Despite the Jewish media lies, the SS men were hand-picked for exceptional bodies, minds and morals. True men, such as Taki, speak the truth, which is that German soldiers -- including especially the SS -- were paragons of civility in the great war (inasmuch as they could be given the vicious nature of the struggle in the East and war in general). Since then he has apparently cut all contacts, and donates much money to the lying Jews at the Wiesenthal center, who may well be aware of these facts and subtly shaking him down in return for keeping them under wraps. All speculation, of course. But from reliable sources. We're not from the government, you can trust us.

Russians Steal, Waste German "Slave Labor" Payments

Surprise, surprise...

Russians Dying Off

Biggest peacetime loss ever; male life expectancy 59 years; 1.17 kids per woman...

CDU Wrestles with Immigration: Leitkultur

Germany for Germans. Jews out. NPD pol shot here, after lengthy Schroeder-led hate campaign. More on leadup to ban here. Note that states of Hesse and Darmstadt have decided not to join ban campaign, and FDP party may not either. Here Bavarian honcho Stoiber supports ban.

Fighter's View of Zimbabwe

This guy actually fought there, and this old column (May) gives you a taste of what's really going on. Very good stats here on Zimbabwe's economic decline under rule by savages... It's not culture that matters, people, this stuff is in the bone. It's race. Race matters, no matter how many pied piper Jewish neocon liars tell you otherwise.

Le Pen Booted Out of European Parliament

After conviction for pushing incident a couple years ago, which was essentially bogus in that he and his supporters were and always have been the physically attacked party.

Mugabe Says He'll Put Ian Smith on Trial

Allowing savages political control is insanity. Whites in South Africa and Zimbabwe should ally and do whatever it takes to retake control and protect the civilized race from savage depredations. Meanwhile, de Klerk is cruising around the civilized world, in limos, eating at swanky joints, accepting plaudits for his treason. His countrymen are being raped and murdered by the bushmen he loosed on them to international Jewish media cheers.

Pro-White Runs in Northern Idaho Under Reform Banner

Name is Richard Masker.

Big Business Supports Anti-White Laws

This will be remembered. And in time reparations will be due. Here hypocrisy in Utah TV programming, as affiliate criticized for wanting less "urban" garbage programming from UPN because it doesn't appeal to the Mormon audience. As usual, Whites are damned either way.

Drudge Manifesto Review

'Drudgism: uncontrollable voices freely discussing affairs of state.' Drudge is a real man, and his detractors are Jews and worms.

White Health: 1/3 Black Students Have Herpes

Jews like Sumner Redstone (geb. Murray Rothstein), owner of MTV, would have you sleep with the savages; immerse yourself in the destructive element, as it were. Here's a good article on herpes, which has spread rapidly in recent decades under the shadow of its lethal brother, and, like most other STDs, especially rapidly in the colored population. Sex with Negroes and other coloreds is dangerous, stupid, and not in your long-term interests, White woman. Note that the figure cited in the headline was taken from a 1988 study. Do you think the number has dropped? Also note there is a new, somewhat effective vaccine for women... Think clearly, people. The Talmudvision in your den will only lie to you. Negroes aren't cool. And the Jews who sell them to you that way are your racial enemy. Whites having sex with blacks hurts your interests, but advances their interests in breaking down stable White society, just like open immigration. Do Jews really think that way? Only if you believe the evidence.

White Archaeology: Atlantis Found?

Helike, destroyed in earthquake/tidal wave in 373 B.C., is discovered after years of searching...

Germany: Historian Sentenced to Six Months for Bad Opinion

Article in German with English commentary by Irving. You can't argue with the consensus of historians; that's what freedom of speech means in today's Germany. And France. And Canada. The crime of disagreeing...the worst crime of all. Workaday Jewish lies here. Here background on the holes or absence of holes at Auschwitz. Here the Pennsylvania Bar holds a seminar on the Irving decision. His reaction here.

Mugabe Impeached, Says Whites Should Be on Trial

The confused savage says the country should track down those who fought with Smith all those years ago as genocide perpetrators.

Jewish Civil Rights Equals No Free Association

If you disagree with Jewish dogma, not only should you not be allowed free speech or armed self-defense, but you shouldn't be allowed to associate with others who think the way you do. One standard for Jews, another standard for everybody else. Here thoughts worth reading on irregulars in the American Revolution. Here Taki says he'll vote for Buchanan.

Linked Attacks on Moscow Jewry, Goussinsky, Claims JTA

Synagogue searched...

Austrian Holocaust Monument Spreads Anti-Jewish Sentiment

The Chosen overreach yet again, forcing an exceptionally ugly monument in the middle of city whose people despise them.

Review of Orwell

New biography out... And on Santayana here. And on Carver here.

Reaction to "" (HBO)

New pro-White site here.

Rash of Devil Movies Out of Hollywood

The devil and his "values" are hot in Tinseltown. Here on fuliginous runt's whine about Black screen depiction...

More on The Clinton Sop Movie The Contender

Edited by the Jews into a vehicle proclaiming not merely his innocence re the suckulous adultery, but his sainthood.

Gore Once Involved with God-Hates-Fags Phelps

Then he flipped to the inverts' side.

Attacks on Arab Israelis Grow

Here on bias in reporting on the Palestinian question. Here the hate group ADL puts out a release on newspapers' editorials favoring Israel. The LA Times and Denver Post were the only notable critics. The East Coast papers were solidly behind the mother country. Here on the U.S., Israel's tool, poisoning Iraqi water supplies, killing hundreds of thousands.

Leeches Gear Up to Put on the Squeeze

Ya want peace? It's gonna cost ya, say the Israelis, via Clinton, to Congress. Hundreds of millions...for now.

Paglia on Middle East and More

Criticizes our one-sided foreign policy...

Bigfoot Nearly Snagged, But They Get Butt-print

He leaned on his side to get some apples and nectarines they'd baited him with, helpfully leaving a sideprint and some hair. Then he crept back in the woods to party with Elvis and Eric Rudolph.

"Free" France: The Suppression of Jean Plantin

He was found by a court guilty of 1) mentioning books forbidden to minors, and 2) questioning the Holocaust, which is illegal in France, as in Germany and other centers of advanced thought. He was fined $20,000 (not including court costs and damages to the traditional enemies of the truth at B'nai B'rith) and given two six-month sentences. He was also forbidden to work as editor-publisher for three years. That's "free" European democracy for you these days. It is controlled by the most repugnant sort of Jewish scum, and the "best" men all go quietly for fear of offending them... Despite all this, rumor has it that Platin is preparing the first French translation of Ralph Keeling's Gruesome Harvest, which concerns the horrible conditions in "liberated" Germany.

Balfour and the Secret of the First World War

Here is a letter from a Frenchman to an English paper regarding the hidden quid pro quo between Britain and the Jews that helped determine the outcome of the First World War. The Jews got Palestine in exchange for angling in disinterested America to prevent German victory. Read and be instructed; history works rather differently from the way your professors let on, college-educated White man...

Biased Reporting Exonerates Israeli Murderers

And note that President Clinton reportedly proposed paying Palestinians $40 billion in American tax money for land stolen from them by the Jews. But "ZOG" is a myth... Even an idiot can see that there is no solution to the Middle East problem. One wins or the other; no compromise is wanted or possible. Although fake compromises along the road to a final decision -- mulcting billions from the White American slaves -- are always tasty.

Even Con Can See: Our Military Is Being Prepared to Fight Us

Decent column by Michael Pierce, ex-Rhodesian freedom fighter (that is, on the Smith side, of course). Funny column on women and the vote. Stop female suffraging now... Whom you vote for counts less than that you vote. Every vote is a vote to support the system that enslaves you. If voting changed anything, it would be illegal. Pick your cynical plaint and go with it...

Becker Against Immigration, Says Brimelow

Conservatives like Brimelow are odd birds. You show them a picture of -- well, let's take the three I saw in the local, rural Missouri Wal-Mart last Saturday night: young, stupid, ill-dressed -- dirty, big-hole-mesh sports jersey tank-top wearing with those nasty flared dirty jeans and stupid -- God, there is nothing as stupid as a Mexican's face -- looks and shortness and sloppy, unenunciated Spanish trickling out of their mouths. Or, take another picture -- something I saw at an amusement park as a young kid. A Mexican mother, probably about 22, which is middle-aged for that lower and quick-flowering race, pushing a kid in a stroller, and the larva asleep with dried up strings of snot down to his mouth out of each nostril. Nothing I have seen since has surpassed that scene for capturing the quintessence of the sloppy, nasty, stupid, careless and just plain off-brand people that the Mexicans are. We truly are insane to allow Jews to set the immigration policies that are killing our country by filling it with these things. But back to my point: You show Brimelow and the oddfellows that make up the conlibt ranks these pictures and -- they immediately whip out their calculators and start trying to figure out if the presence of Baby Snotnose and Oblivious Mom add a penny to the local economy. Exactly the reason we are being overrun with these off-putting creatures WHO HATE US AND SPREAD THEIR DISEASE AMONG US ON OUR DIME is that the men with the positions and abilities to do something about it sit on their mouths and talk out their asses about economics and growth and the inherent conservatism of the Mexican, who always sides with the local gang. Jewish problem first, rest of problems later. That is the winning mantra. The solution to the Mexican invasion is $25 pay-per-pelt federal policy.

Classic Conservative Cowardice Compilation

Oh, this is too good not to take top billing. Read this and laugh and laugh, and look down into the souls of some low, low men. Charlie Reese brings up about a dozen examples of classic Christian con cowardice: the incredible double standard for criticism of Arabs vs. Yahweh's bestest, most chosenest offspring, replete with quotes from brown-nosing Billy Graham's son and lick-ass Cal Thomas and lesser salad-tossers on down. Miserable curs; spoilt and cringing whelps. Pitiful, loathsome pie-in-the-sky spookmongers. You all remind me of that creature in the Bosch painting whose asshole was being used as a flower-holder by another... Worms you are, and fit for nothing better. Puppets and puppet-masters alike, beware: The free men are coming to kill you.

Two-Thirds of British Want Immigration Cut

But because the country is controlled by Jews like Jack Straw (see next story), it won't be. Jews are the enemy, White man. Here some good work by one Savage immigrant -- a doctor, no less. Savage doctors are as lousy and dangerous as savage lovers. Keep that in mind, girls.

Jew Straw Uses Web to Promote Britain's First-Ever Holocaust Memorial Day And Suppress Pro-British Websites

Latest Guardian report repeats uncritically lies from SPLC and other anti-White Jew-led hate groups. Interesting that America-based Jew-fostered agitprop is sucked up so frequently by the foreign media. Almost makes you think they are run by a small group of anti-White haters that thinks the same way and wishes to impose its pernicious dogmas on free White adults. Second report here. Note that Jew Straw was instrumental in getting approved Britain's first Holocaust Memorial Day, to be observed January 27, 2001. Jewish suffering tops all other suffering, and must be recognized as such from Polarstan to South Polarstan. Here the Jews impose on loathing Austrians the country's first Holocaust memorial. The Jews have really been at it the last few days, forcing worship of their hateful Gods, their obscene lies and myths, and censoring, suppressing and murdering anyone who would oppose them. Jews are the eternal enemy. Can it be any clearer?

Browns Busted for Selling IDs in Denver

This is the sort of story we don't usually print, because there are dozens of examples weekly to choose from. We throw it in here not because it is unusual, but because it is usual, and we need to keep that in mind. A civilized country would fight off a Mexican invasion, and would execute guilty parties such as these. These are nothing but P.R. arrests to assuage the paunch poodles in the Republican party that something is being done about the problem.

Latest from Zimbabwe

Government seizes productive White farms. Production declines. Negroes riot. Natural laws are at work here. Where the fiction of Racial Equality obtains, civilization disintegrates.

Speculation on Israel and the Cole

Here Jewish snipers shoot rock-throwers. Here some very interesting history on Amery, the British Jew behind the Balfour Declaration, which led to the creation of Israel, and huge problems for the rest of the world. And here more on Jews and child-porn and the recent bust in Italy. And here, yet again, Haskins site documenting the Jewish trade in White women. No matter what the crime -- murder, rape, kiddie porn, White slavery -- Jews excel at it. They are worse than vermin, and they are the enemy, White man.

New Zealand Immigration: Geared to Job Market, Minister Says

Immigration should always be keyed to what's best for the nation, not industry. On " overstays" and amnesty here.

Click Here!

Mysterious Death of African in America

Health officials won't say for sure it's not ebola, of which more than fifty have died in the recent outbreak in Uganda.

Carlos Porter and Real Hate Literature

The man without a country, the man who reviewed and found wanting the Nuremberg "evidence," makes a clever point comparing the drive against "hate" and earlier Jewish evasions of "obscenity" laws.

Recent Semitical Correctness Summary...

Including ACLU Jews preventing library from marking books acceptable to Christian checkers-out. Do Jews form a hate group intent on abrocating the rights of others? Of course they do.

Germany: Roundup

Title is link to, which has a summary of recent news blips with a decidedly leftist if not Jewish perspective: i.e., the idea that one should respond with horror to anyone preaching Germany stay German. The founder is "Jaye Muller," according to the site. He, she or it purports to be concerned with resurgent German nationalism. Here a recent story in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, one of the worst papers in the world. Nothing in Germany is worth reporting on except its resurgent nationalism. The Jews who edit American papers are responsible, as they might phrase it, for creating a climate of hate against Germany. These Jews are guilty. Here on an African German lecturing at Howard.

Canada: Eminem a Hate Criminal?

Toronto woman files complaint against wigger rapper... She filed it with the local cops' Hate Crime Unit. Coming soon to a precinct near you...

Intersection of Music and Racialism: Burzum Interview

"You become what you listen to (mentally), so I deem it very important that we promote Aryan music to our Aryan race. This as well, is a part of the struggle. This way we can save our collective mental and spiritual health as well. Instead of primitive, degenerate, subhuman mentality promoted by the nigger (pop) music today, we can educate and 'heal' our race with Aryan music, promoting Aryan ideals like honesty, justice, honour, faithfulness, strength, courage, respect, nature awareness and so on."

Gun Control: Attack on Heston

Pro demagogues at Handgun Control Inc. (HCI) attack NRA president for lynching language. Like Jews everywhere, no one at HCI will admit its true goal: ban on all private gun ownership.

French Communists Use Jesus to Reposition Themselves

He was the first socialist.

Grays Rally in Texas

Three hundred march against taking monuments off public buildings. They kept watch that no "haters" joined their ranks, did these heroic neo-Confederates.

Transcript of Roten Interview

The guy accused of shooting a biracial girl, whether by accident or "hate"ful intention.

Hosannahs for HBO and "Hate" Show

A long, half-witted report on the recent HBO special on "hate." Don't read if you are time-pressed, repetition of the usual lies about the nobility of Dees, etc. Note that the Hitler, excuse me, History channel will be running shows on the Nazis all week.

New Book on Pierce Out

Read summary, order online at title link... Written by Griffin, who spent considerable time with Pierce a couple summers ago...

Queers on Prime Time

Changing American attitudes praised in this entertainment article, which contains an interesting and fairly long history of the portrayal of "gays" on TV and screen. And not one of the depictions shows a 90-lb bathhouse frequenter drowning in his own lungs after contracting AIDS from the 253rd anonymous sex partner out of several thousand he'd enjoyed over the last five years. It's just a lifestyle choice. No moral judgments need apply. Deathstyle choice, actually. But just as the Jews lie about what is bad -- "haters" and Germans and Southerners and pro-Whites -- they lie about what is good -- sharers of Hepatitis, amoebiasis and rectal gonorrhea. Here response to Boy Scouts' banning of flits. Here a story on cultural change in the savage community as a result of 1.8 million young savage males in prison for selling people things they wanted to buy. Here a commentary on recent events and trends. Here funny article on animals committing hate crimes against their fellows.

Jews: The People of the Book? No. The People Who Ban Books...

They form organizations filled with all the right words -- Free Speech, Civil Liberties, American Way, etc. But when you get down to it, Jews believe any criticism of their peculiar group should be outlawed. It really is that cut and dried. Here a story about their resistance to the English version of Mein Kampf back in the thirties. And note that the Houghton Mifflin execs back then had the guts to stand up to the Jewish whiners, unlike their modern-day peers who ditched David Irving at the drop of a hat. Is it the lies in Mein Kampf they are concerned about, or the truth? Do you have an instinctive, raging need to suppress any criticism of yourself or ideas, White man? Isn't it suggestive of the differences between our races that the Jew does? The Jewish side always has to be "privileged" by law because it isn't strong enough to stand on its own. Word.

Brainwashed Germans Demonstrate Against Germany

Ten thousand anti-German stooges marched in Dortmund against six hundred pro-Germans. They are worried that their nation's image isn't as Semitically Correct as it should be. Next week the powers that be will decide whether or not to ask the court to ban the pro-German NPD. Meanwhile, NPD to march at Brandenburg Gate. Here state court says Lower Saxony can secretly monitor rightist Republikaner party.

Wiesenthal Whine: Jews Should Be Allowed to Murder With Impunity

A good question is, why does this workaday whingeing, as the British call it, make the paper in Ireland, of all places.

"They mostly likely died because of America's one-sided support of Israel," Says Reese

This was actually printed in an American newspaper, the Orlando Sentinel. Hard to believe. No doubt there's a Jewish hate campaign going on behind the scenes to stifle him. When will we have had enough of Jews enslaving White men to advance their foul racist interests, White man?

Oregon: Pro-Queer Governor Spews Hate on Normals

What a world we live in these days. The only thing we are allowed to express open disgust toward are those who look askance at sexual deviants.

The "New" South Africa

Rule by savages is never pretty. Here's how it looks in the prisons: overcrowded, AIDS rampant, and -- oh, yeah -- up to eighty percent of new prisoners sodomized within 48 hours. Racial equality is the Biggest Lie, White man. Even Thomas Jefferson knew that Blacks and Whites, equally free, "cannot live under the same government." But, with our Jew led sages drumming everyone else out of the media, we all know better today. We know the lying pied pipers like Horowitz are right when they claim Black people don't exist -- they're just raised that way.

The Blenders

Small differences are big differences.

Gather Ye Rosebuds...

Life is fleeting, yet often outlasts good health. A good story on Steven King and his accident and the aftermath. Carpe diem, and watch for cars, pedestrian. But those attempting to find a moral will be shot... Here Tom Wolfe battles his detractors. He has republished in Hooking Up his story Ambush at Fort Bragg, which contains criticism of Jews through the depiction of a cowardly, lying 60 Minutes-style producer named Irv Durtscher. (Interesting and suggestive, isn't it, that the men at the top and bottom of the food chain in terms of public respect -- Tom Wolfe and William Pierce -- can both afford to tell you the truth about the Jew: that he is "durt." The Semitically Correct middle-class fakes can't afford to. Ambush was originally published in Rolling Stone, and it is doubtful that anyone of lesser repute than Wolfe would have been allowed to get away with it. Wolfe, ulike those who demonize Earl, as our K. Tarkington has it, praised the valor and earthiness of good ol' military-Southern boys, a Germanic doctor, while blasting an Anglo face-fake TV hairpiece and the Jew scum behind him. The German doctors to heal, while the Jew doctors to lie. In other words, he's from the realist school of novel-writing. Jewish criticism of Wolfe here. Might even be better to read this piece first. Here criticism of Ambush. It misses the point, but provides useful background if you haven't read it. The truly remarkable thing about the story is the nearly open criticism of the Jew, and -- just as remarkable -- nearly open praise of the German-descended. It is a rare failure of the sempiternally tuned Jewish attenae that this "anti-Semitism," as they'd be sure to call it, hasn't -- as far as I've seen -- been picked up by the sempiternally whining Jewish media yumps. Is it possible the queers have overtaken them in the hypersensitivity Olympics? As with attacks on Jews by colored savages let into White countries by immigration policies Jews demanded, one feels perhaps a slight wry smile is in order.


Its soul-killing nature...

Digital Devil

They know where you are.

Khomeini Just Says No To Israel

There's still one country, at least, where it's not against the law to criticize Jews. You'll note it's not one of the "free" Western democracies. Here the UN criticizes Israel for excessive force. Not the U.S., though. The monkey never criticizes the organ grinder, just collects money for him.

Media Dot-com Layoffs

Fox News, Red Herring and others...

Ground Radar Shows No Evidence of Mass Graves at Treblinka

An initial investigation suggests that, yet again, what we have heard from the Jews is nothing more than lies furthering their interests.

Ron Rosenbaum Thinks Hitler Won

Read down his column, those of you who think Jews are White people, and see what he thinks, this would-be 'explainer of Hitler.' His people are Jews. And what's good for them is bad for you, White man. Rosenbaum forecasts a combo of Hiroshima and Auschwitz in the Middle East. The Jews are the ones with the nukes, so it's their call... I remember a friend of mine in grad school back during the war in the Persian Gulf. Said all the Jews were totally against the war, and then flipped on a dime the minute a Scud was fired at Israel. One standard for Jews, another for everybody else.

What Jews Are Like

Good story for insight into their mentality. Let's take the Jew du jour, Joe Lieberman. On the Don Imus show, asked if the Jewish religion forbids interreligious marriage, he told an outright lie. That's how Jews are. Two-faced, self-worshipping agents of destruction. And they cry crocodile tears at the drop of a hat.

Readers Laugh at Waterbug Weinkopf's Semitically Correct Immigration Drivel readers are better than the ideologues led by David Horowitz pushing mass immigration and lying about the founders' views on race. Here's a VDARE writer's response to Weinkopf's silly article. Read it first, then the responses in the title link.

Reaction to Bellesiles' Anti-Gun Book

Leftists are never too particular about the facts they use in their arguments; they don't even have to be true. Here reaction to the latest tome intent on proving that self-defense with a gun is no White right. The question to ask yourself, White man, is why does the Jew -- and the Jews are the main ones behind the gun-hatred movement, just as with the movements pushing open borders and "hate" crimes legislation and speech censorship -- feel the need to prevent you from defending yourself? Whether it's words or weapons, he wants you disarmed. Why do you suppose that is?

"The French Would Sell Out Their Family for a Contract"

Do you recall hearing about this attack on White people from ex-NYC-mayor Ed Koch at a recent pro-Israel rally in your local paper? On TV? It's always open season on Whites for Jews; but Jews are an endangered species. Except at VNN. Nowhere else on the Internet will you get honest, reliable, open criticism of the first enemy of the White race. What a race of ugly haters and cunning dissimulators the Jews are. Have you noticed that, White man? British in public, yiddish in private, they used to say. And it still holds true. The face they show you in public is not the face they show each other in private. Why is that? Here's something you can bet on: the next nuclear weapon exploded on this planet will be set off by Jews. And every nasty disloyal one of 'em here in America who works on a paper will defend it as necessary and even heroic. The only question that ever concerns the Jew is: Is it good for the Jews? Their religion countenances, nay, demands that they use you, White man, in any way that advances their interests. That's something that chinless liar Joe Lieberman will never tell you. Nor his gutless buddies among the cons such as William F. Buckley who declarerd the disgusting little Alfred E. Neuman lookalike a resplendent example of the human species. But Buckley knows who the cool people are, and the only principle he's ever stayed true to is that he belongs among them. Gutless, gutless, gutless. Not respectable. You can stick with the cowardly conservatives, or you can get your news straight from Vanguard News Network. We are here for you, not to suck up to the Jew.

Jews Hate Him, But Beautiful Women Love Irving

Who would you rather have on your side?... Quoth Twain: Haint we got all the fools in town on our side? And ain't that a big enough majority in any town?... (Not particularly relevant, but one of our favorite quotes.) Look at these very attractive women, and then call up -- carefully, now! -- Li'l Debbie Lipstadt: Did God really choose the latter? Really? Is God that blind? Can something so beautiful be wrong, and something so ugly be right? Use your sense, White man... There is good, and there is bad; there is ugly, and there is attractive; and the Jews are on one side, the Whites on the other.

Fake Rebellion: We Are All Outsiders Now

Decent article from on a variation of a theme we write about often here: the average American's never-satisfied urge to be thought rebellious or, as they see it, an "outsider," no matter how well-connected he is.

Devotion to Israel Kills Americans

The Jews are using us, Reese almost says. And they don't care how many Americans are killed to achieve their goals. When does it end, White man?

Gutless British Tory Leader Hague to Try Anew to Force Club to Admit Women

Fresh off his laughably weak objections to the new report about replacing 'Britain' with 'Community of Communities,' the leader of the British Tories will launch a new attempt to integrate the all-male Carlton Club. If you trace the etymology of the term 'conservative' back to its Greek roots, you find...the words that Judge Reinhold was wiping off the bathroom mirror in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. (If you don't know, don't ask.) An indecent term for waterbugs and cowards.

Chomsky on the Israelis' Treatment of Palestinians

Note that this is printed in a British paper, the Guardian, a paper that runs long and interesting articles, although more Semitically Correct than your local ADL hive of hatemongers.

Savage Who Murdered Shifflett Cold-Cocks Jew Lawyer Shapiro

And for that let's cut five years off his death sentence... "Oh my lord, oh my lord, don't hurt my baby," screams Black mama in the background as multiple guards jump the fuliginous felon. "[T]he two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government," opined local Virginian Thomas Jefferson when VNN contacted him for comment.

New Zealand: There's Still Something About Maori, Part III

Indigenous abo-savages kept up their impressive criminal pace in the nineties, latest stats show.

New Vidal Novel Rips Neocons and Anglomaniacs And Shows How U.S. Became An Evil Empire

How corrupt elites grew the power of the managerial state and angled us into foolish and racially suicidal wars... The "Atlas Shrugged of historical revisionism," says Raimondo. Bob Tyrrell once told me Gore Vidal was "evil." I never heard him use that word about any other man. That alone makes the hoary Italian queer interesting, and it sounds like this novel is definitely worth reading. A decadent empire ruled by a ruthlessly manipulative elite....

Australian Jew Lauds Censorship

Jews hate and fear criticism of their strange group. Anything that muffles their opponents they support. Since Jews never hate, nothing they do ever runs afoul of the law. Neat system, ain't it? The Jew is the enemy, White man. Here the same group the Jew mentioned in the title supporting censorship belongs to -- Brothers of the Cut, or B'nai B'rith -- gives a humanitarian award to a Negro who claims he liberated Dachau, although Army records say otherwise. There you have the Jews' attitude toward the truth. If you speak the truth against them, you should be censored. If they ignore or lie about the truth, they have every right to. One standard for Jews, another for the rest of us.

Harvard Rejects Book Praising Marriage

While it loves books from the sick likes of suppurating Catharine MacKinnon...

Britain: Stirring Up Racial Tensions Immoral

So say Anglican pulpeteers re the upcoming elections. Compare to Germany where Jews, similarly, say that opposition to immigration is immoral.

Buchanan on Race

He says that civil rights laws clearly restrict the rights of individuals... and that he supports them. Buchanan is not the heroic, pugilistic defender of the White race that some continue to think he is. He is a Catholic, committed to the dogma that every featherless biped has a soul of immeasurable importance. And he reserves his truly pugilistic words for those who think like we do. That is typical conservative cowardice. Buchanan, though he has courageously stood up against Israel and the single-loyalist Jews who dominate the media in this country, is quite comfortable spewing hate on our ilk. Here an article by slob liar Michael Moore about Blacks taking over most of the committees in the House. Patriot vocabulary -- real meanings behind lib terms, at Sierra Times. Somewhat interesting if Semitically Correct. I always battle with abstractions/Because they never have reactions.

Ebola in Uganda

Flares up again.... Riots continue in Zimbabwe.

Reaction to ADL's "Hate" Symbols

Classic Jewish paranoia and fearmongering... Here Reno whines for "hate" crimes. Here French Jews clamor for government troops to protect their synagogues from people sick of their lies and parasitism. More on French incidents here.Just as in the United States, and in the novel by the French author Raspail, The Camp of the Saints, the Jews are now suffering the results of the pro-immigration policies they, above all other groups, have demanded. Whatever happens to them, they deserve, because ten times as bad -- and unlamented and unreported -- has happened to White people.

Zebra Killings Memorial in San Francisco on Friday October 20

Large number of Whites murdered by Negroes back in the seventies. For the most part successfully hushed up by the media Jews. Read and learn if you aren't already aware. Here some background on Zebras and serial killer types. Nice story about savage rapists. Accused rapists, yet, who will be playing football. Go cheer for them.

Matloff and Opposition to High-Tech Immigration (H-1B)

Here on European immigration issues. Here on German immigration politics. Here more on American political-class traitors. If these new aliens they want to legalize leave enough trees left to provide the wood, a gibbet for each in due time.

The Mexicanization of America

Ubiquitous Spanglish. They show up like skin cancer; little blots here in the honky tonk; there at the public phone in the supermarket parking lot. Discolored America equals undesirable America.

Latest American Renaissance: New Nationalist Music

New tack for Jared Taylor's Semitically Correct racialist pub? Still seeking assistant editor, apparently. You can download pdf version of page one of the latest newsletter at the title link, plus MP3s of bands cited, including Death in June, Skrewdriver and Sol Invictus.

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