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August 2002

Jews Continue to Mass-Lie About Auschwitz

The soap stories were lies. The skin lampshades were lies. The death-toll plaques were lies. The newspaper stories were lies. The film reels were lies. One day soon, even the kikes will give up the ghost of the gas chamber lie. When does the world collect reparations from the Jew? We want our pound of flesh, shysterlocks. And we mean to have it. JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE. Turn on the tv, pick up the news -- a bunch of goddamned sheenies spouting fibs at you! JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE. Who will give Germany back its reputation? Who will give the world back its money? WE WILL TAKE OUR REVENGE FROM YOUR HIDE, HYMAN. JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE. Pay up, Pinchas! Pay up, Perla! Pay up every one of you dirty little kikes. DEATH TO THE JEWS. JEWS OUT OF AMERICA NOW. JOIN US IN WASHINGTON, D.C., THIS SATURDAY TO TAKE BACK YOUR COUNTRY, YOUR WORLD, YOUR FUTURE, WHITE MAN. JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE. Don't take it lying down, White man. THE FUTURE IS OURS. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. Here are some real atrocities -- committed by the Big Liars themselves. One of the smartest men the White race ever produced, a philosopher named Schopenhauer, called Jews the "great masters of the lie." JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE JEWS LIE. Look at the pictures, then go read the kike columnists and their faithful cloacattendants and listen to them tell you about supporting sick, vicious, tiny, thieving Israel - the Land Where Hate Began. $10 MILLION A DAY TO ISRAEL. These are evil people, these kikes, and we must take our country BACK from them. JEWS OUT OF AMERICA NOW. JOIN US THIS SATURDAY, WHITE MAN. This is OUR country, NOT theirs. WE built it. THEY murdered it. Now we're turning the table on them. ITZ COMING.

Accounts Payable -- Forever

Here, the immensely profitable Holocaust industry spawns yet another sub-industry. More Jews with more books to sell -- now, they're documenting the progress of their extortion! "There has been a desperate need for a comprehensive and authoritative review of Jewish losses and of the collective efforts to recover them." We ourselves have seen the crowds surging in the streets, demanding copies of "The Plunder of Jewish Property During the Holocaust: Confronting European History," and "The Victim's Fortune: Inside the Epic Battle Over The Debts of the Holocaust." Blow the shofar! Sound the alarm! "Thefticide" has been committed against God's Chosen People! There have been "two international conferences -- in London in 1997 and in Washington in 1998 -- at which more than 40 governments reported on war-era losses and their efforts to resolve Nazi victims' claims...Germany, by the end of 1997, had paid nearly $66 billion" -- yet the mad Jewish cicada-shriek for money, money, money only swells! It resounds from the treetops, drowns out our conversation -- this thrumming Jew-swarm obscures the sun, dominates our lives. EE-ee-EE-ee-EE! There are only 14 million of these miserable people in the whole world -- and the only way out lies straight through them. No Jews. Not One. Just Right.

Come Back, Ringworm -- We Miss You So

Here, outragous Jewish lie. "The Russian government is coping with the extremely negative consequences of the mass Jewish emigration of recent years. It has caused a severe brain drain in Russian science, arts, economic and other fields...The Kremlin...[is] creating its own international Jewish encourage Jewish emigrants to return to Russia." Gee, I wish I had a bad rash. Don't you?

Britain Lost World War II

Hitler was right. Churchill was wrong. Every day it grows clearer. There weren't any no-go zones for Whites in Hitler's Europe. But the whole continent was a no-go zone for kikes 'n' coloreds: doesn't that sound refreshing these days? Can I ever forget the courage of the Greeks, or the graciousness of the victorious Germans? Don't you believe it. History ain't like the jewholes tell it. And speaking of different times, do you remember a novel by Agatha Christie by the unfortunate title Ten Little Niggers? Well, it was published in 1939, and it referred to a traditional nursery rhyme in which 10 little boys die one by one. When the novel was published in America in 1940 the title was changed to Ten Little Indians. There was no racism involved. The story, a classic Christie murder mystery, is set in a hotel on an island off Devon. Ten guests are murdered one after the other in a macabre echo of the nursery rhyme. "Ten little nigger boys went out to dine; one choked his little self and then there were nine." It ends with the line, "And then there were none." We are now engaged in the Third World War, by which I mean a major worldwide conflict brought on by the same kikes who instigated the first two, using the Third World to commit demographic genocide to finish the job they began in the 20th century. NO WAY OUT BUT THROUGH THE JEW.


Their strength ebbs, and if they weren't already able to outwit them, the grubs 'n' lubbers can now outrun 'em.

Anti-Semitism Refuted -- VNN To Issue Public Apology, Shut Down

Here, the roach runs from the light. Mention that a political candidate is being supported, funded by Jews? "Jew-baiting!" "Anti-Semitism!" VNN is happy to oblige. JEW! JEW! JEW! JEW! There. "American nativism with a classic antisemitic twist," that's us. Look! Just like it says to do in the textbook, the writer shrewdly saved up his biggest lie for a crushing, unanswerable "closing point." Ready for this one? "And [sic] then I remembered what my friend Norman Abelson reminded me about antisemitism. Ultimately, antisemitism is about the needs of the oppressors, not about the behavior of Jews." Oi! Feh! Open the window! Jews really think that you believe this stuff.

The Rally

On skinheads and what they may or may not be doing.

Hit Him! Hit Him! Shout Jews From Rear Of Crowd

"Bring Palestinian Killers Of Americans to Justice!" Jews hope you'll forget that it's American support for rabid little Israel that makes the U.S. hated by a large part of the world. They also hope you won't notice that they use the terms "American" and "Jew" interchangeably -- when it suits them. Here, the yidn, pushing bravely from behind, goad us to do Izzy's dirty work -- again. "Two decades ago Congress created a special Justice Department unit, the Office of Special Investigations, to bring Nazi war criminals hiding in the United States to justice. We now need a government office to bring Palestinian killers of Americans to justice." To that end, we must pass the "Koby Mandell Act." 14-year-old Ya'acov Mandell was an "Israeli boy," some rabbi's soured, kosher offspring, "murdered by Arab terrorists (armed with rocks -- VNN) near his home in Israel...the Mandell family lived in Silver Spring until they moved to Israel five years ago." American, but Israeli, but American. DUAL CITIZENSHIP, BUT ONLY ONE LOYALTY. Now, the fun really starts! Special web site -- and hundreds and hundreds of search engine hits! He's a martyr! A legend! Oi, HE'S A GOLD MINE! Foundation! Donations! Patrons! Camp Koby! The money flows, runs -- gushes like water! Yes we're hiring more staff they're lined up around the block there's no place to even sit in here I'm going crazy we need more desks phones everything and the TV stations are yelling to come in and film and I'll never get my hair done. The usual Jewish whirlwind.We're sure that Koby's "diary" will come to light any day now -- once the carpenters are done building the attic where it will be "found." The sawyers've been told to scurry, the hammermen urged to great hustle and hurry -- for a new cause, a whole industry has sprung from nothing! Now, a whole American government agency must be formed at vast expense to satisfy the ancient Jewish tribal blood-lust, the primitive cry for reve-e-enge! We're getting hoarse repeating it -- No Jews. Just Right.

Were 1955 Child Murders A Jewish Crime?

Here, 69-year-old Richard Hansen convicted for second time in the killing of three Chicago boys. Pervert, or mere goyishe patsy, fall guy? Word has it that this was a Jewish ritual murder. My, how Jews wish that this would go away! Not on your life, Hymie. JEWISH RITUAL MURDER! Get Regina Belser's translation of Helmut Schramm's suppressed 1943 work on this subject here.

Jews Set Up, Jews Knock Down, Jews Get Paid

Here, the standard, ten-thousand-times-repeated pretense of openmindedness that is used to cover the way Jews profit from the chaos they cause. This week's variation on the theme? One Jew arranges appearance by "anti-Semite" while another Jew organizes protests! The bottom line? "Zaltzman said that as of the beginning of the week he had sold 700 tickets to the Zhirinovsky speech at $25 per ticket." It's Good For Jews!

Saudis Yank Money Out of U.S.

They recognize kikes control U.S., don't want assets seized or frozen. Here on kikes going after McKinney for daring to put America's interests before Israel's. If McKinney loses, it will be a testament to the ability of Jewish political money to team up with Jewish owned newspapers to destroy anyone who even mildly questions Jewish power in the United States. Yes, indeed: America is controlled by a hostile foreign power. Jewish papers are spreading hate as fast as their hate fingers can tap out hate columns. Here Wanniski makes some points about McKinney and Jewish hate. Stop the hate, jews. Go back to Israel, jews. What I'm afraid is happening, AIPAC people, is that you are now overplaying your hand and will live to regret it. The Jewish coalition with American blacks traces back to the New Deal, with Jews having a small number of votes and lots of money and blacks having lots of votes and no money. A perfect fit. What I believe may happen now is that Jewish members of Congress will find a certain coolness from black members of Congress. In the end, you seem to be putting the coalition at risk for very little, as these kinds of tactics will resonate throughout the black political community, from coast to coast. Here people protest against Jewish hate group ADL. Stop the hate, ADL.

Paying Minorities to Get Out

All niggers line up on the Atlantic Coast. At the sound of the gun, the superflyathlon is underway, starting with a multithousand mile swim! Winners get all the grubs they can eat! Losers go on to the second event: full-contact shark-wrangling! Here jiggies and repamarations. Who be reparmaratin' Cincinnati, dog?

Jews Are Anti-American

In the name of American ideals, Jews turn traditional American foreign policy on its head. Jews are like that. Every pudgestein blowing the bugle for your boy to shed blood for the b'nai of the cut.

Randy Weaver

His wife and others were murdered by agents of the Jews controlling America. Here Germans are sick of Germany-hating jewfag-irruminated pols. Cons and other lanky, drugstore-wigged loudmouths. Let's spend LESS on jewish indoctrination in misnomino 'public education.' The price of education is time, not dollars. Books are more or less free. Thinking is more or less free. Dimwit education majors are nitwits, not highly valuable commodities. If the schools were truly schools and truly interested in education, they wouldn't force educated people who wanted to teach to take years of bullshit mickey-mouse education course to get otherwise-worthless certificates. But schools aren't about educating people, they're about post-sorority ignoramuses teaching kidlets how to ostracize those with unfashionable opinions.

South Africa: Verwoerd

Little noted is that a greater portion of Afrikaners died in British-run concentration camps than did the Nazi's victims circa 1933-45.

By Way Of Deception

Here, Jews pretend to debunk rumor in order to start rumor. We haven't gotten any e-mails saying that Saddam Hussein is spreading West Nile virus in America. Have you? Au contraire -- we're finding material like this. "The virus has been known in Israel for decades. Outbreaks were recorded among Israeli soldiers in the 1950s and 1980s. Fifteen percent of Israelis have antibodies against the virus, indicating they had it in the past. All the wild birds tested in Israel's national parks carry the antibodies..."

The Jewish Landlord

Ignore this standard darting-here-and-there, would-be-waspish-if-I-had-intellect-rather-than-cleverness Leonard Fein column. At the bottom, it says -- "The Israeli army pays $1.9 million a year in rent -- on mostly uninhabited trailers -- to settlements in the West Bank and Gaza to house the soldiers who are there to protect the settlements." Don't make a noise. Don't scratch the walls. Put the garbage in the can. Not next to the can, not on the can, but in the can. Oh -- if the Arabs come? Save us. Jews -- ya gotta love 'em!

Jewish Culture At Its Finest -- Amy's Orgasm

It can't be! Look! Another Jew with a movie to sell, "addressing the dramas of post-feminist sex." This particular parasite, some Julie "Davis" or other, is the requisite Jewish Legend in Her Own Mind when it comes to self-promotion. "Hailed by critics as 'the female Woody Allen!'" "Davis's own life resembles a romantic comedy." Of course. The protagonist in this film? Another real surprise! "Amy is a typically neurotic, well-educated nice Jewish girl who, deep down, is looking for a nice Jewish boy (even if she regularly confesses to a priest -- hey, it's free.)" "The characters in my film are always Jewish, always will be," "Davis" assures us. Truly, all's right with the world.

The Motives of the Jews

Intersting analysis of Jewish, Russian motives in Southwestern Asia. Oy! The middle it must be, if jews are involved. More here on the anti-American jew warmongers controlling our foreign policy.

Animals Hate Jews

First up, pig suspects long saupig of being jew, attacks. Here angry grasshoppers prowl Central Florida looking for fat, slow-moving yids. Davis had made the acquaintance of an Eastern lubber, which is to grasshoppers what King Kong was to apes. Yellow with red and black markings, it's the only one of the 70 species of grasshoppers that live in Florida that defies natural predators and insecticides. It's a nasty pest. Too fat to fly, lubbers can jump high and long. When disturbed, they spread their wings and hiss. Try to touch one, and it's likely to eject a foul-smelling, irritating foam intended to keep you away. It's highly effective. Smells like competition, eh, kikn? Like jews, the lubbers have "five eyes, viselike jaws and ever-moving mouth parts."

The Distraction

As Jewish segregationists bulldoze people's homes and fence out undesirable racial groups, they affect disagreement amongst themselves -- not over what they're doing, but over what exactly to call the vacant lot before they build luxury condos on it. "On the right, this was ha-sh' he-meshuh.rarim, 'the liberated territories.' On the moderate left it was ha-sh' ha-muh.zakim, 'the temporarily held territories.' On the far left, it was ha-sh' ha-k'vushim, 'the conquered territories.'" This rabbinical hairsplitting is just for public consumption -- all the while, construction continues. It's Good For Jews.

Mexicans Infect Humans with TB

24% infected in San Diego. Billions to be wasted on White-hating African niggers. Here's a bona fide use for eensy freekins: entertaining humans. Go jigmy! Go jigmy! Marie Alem and nine other Pygmies came to Belgium two months ago and built a traditional village, complete with huts and life-size figures at a private nature park. If it works, Patrick Ewing and his troupe of saltating silverbacks are next. Here on the death penalty. Nigger comedy bombs - Eddie Murphy's "Pluto Nash." Sign of the times in Britain: burglar sues victim for rough handling.

White Archaeology: Ancient Graves Found

Over 100 vases have been recovered, along with terracotta figurines, copper knives, seals, gold beads and steatite pendants. They had been laid in 24 chamber graves -- up to three meters wide with approaches up to 4 meters long -- and two shaft graves, of the same type as the royal burials in Mycenae. The settlement was 300 meters away.

Media: Rose Noire

Updated. Here more CNN skepticism. Here on the political views of Tolkien.

Lewpus Frockwell #1

Give 'em credit. The site is reliable and puts out good-quality material. However, is not as good as VNN, and never was, and never will be. And the reason is that itz editor is afraid to name the jew who he well knows is at the root of our problems. VNN gives you a better, more accurate picture of the way the world works than And that is true today, when they have more readers than we do, and it will be true tomorrow, when we have more readers than they do. We're gaining on you, loopy lewpus, and when we catch you, we're going to eat you! Smack, smack, smack! Big, greasy hunks of DeCoster here, Lewpus there, that goofball Murphy over there. Chomp! Chomp! Chomp! Of course, perhaps the path of wisdom indicates we cook you at 180 for a good hour, just to kill the assorted worms metastasizing in your cerebellums, gonads and duodenums. Here on a place for suckpoops in the Senate peanut gallery. The other peanuts don't want 'em there, but they're just as salty as Sucky Joe!

Jews Shit on Catholic Church Via Radio

This is the epitome of what jewish control over mass media amounts to. The good news is that there is a neat, simple solution: NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT. Here on cultural relativism. Here on the Protocols. Produce the original, kikes, if you claim itz a forgery. Sure fits your activities.

The Rally: Cops Will Seal Streets to Prevent Violence

Police are planning to totally seal an area of park that sits between Union Station and the Capitol building, thus absolutely preventing any violence that may emerge when several hundred expected "anti-fascist" demonstrators attempt to attack as many as 1000 expected white nationalist demonstrators.

Mexicans Murder Human, Jews Cover It Up

Jews must be driven off, then Mexico must be ass-stomped. Shitty little mudhole country. What improves by adding Mexicans? I have never had anybody who can answer that question. Mexicans make everything worse. Rather like niggers in that regard. Mexicans murdering White man is symptom, JEW IS THE DISEASE. Here Jew Horowitz writes about last weeks repamarations rally in D.C., and truly, a cavalcade of dusky dunces 'twas, fun for the whole family! Human family, that iz... What little davey the kike won't tell you is: JEWS put this "you owe us" chip on the niggers shoulder. Nigger charlatans are the symptom, JEW IS THE DISEASE.

A Jew With A Book To Sell

Astonishing news! A "small, bespectacled 38-year-old Jewish man has cultivated an unlikely expertise." He's written a book! A book about why an ugly, seven-foot-tall, handgun-waving, door-kicking nigger basketball player with the maturity of a two-year-old and the brain capacity of a sparrow is, well, really an OK guy. We at VNN are breathing sighs of relief, mopping perspiration from our brows. We genuinely feared that our society would have ground to a halt were it not for the timely publication of "New Jack Jocks: Rebels, Race and the American Athlete." ""As a Jew I've always related to the underdog, perhaps," claims this "Platt." "I think there's something in my background that has made me -- maybe it's astrological because I'm a Libra -- I'm always interested in the other side." Truly, the wisdom of the ages! Thanks be to all the gods that "Platt" has condescended to share his majestic insights with mere mortals such as we. We will all sleep more soundly in our beds this eve. No Jews. Just Right.

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