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The Other Red Meat, Part Deux

On the debate, well, not raging, but sort of taking place within the anthro community on the who, what, when, why and if of Anasazi and other Native Redman dietary practices.

Mexicans In America

Story about waves of Brownskins flooding over the border like untreated sewage. The INS stops 'em one place, and vaunts its numbers; the illegals simply move their crossing a few miles down the road. Here Congress, the Jew-bought body of liars that "represents" you, prepares to mint another 3.4 million discolored Americans. More Sewage-Americans living next door to you; now they have just as many rights as you -- actually more. Here labor and other pro-sewage agitators call for amnesty for Discolored-Americans. Here an article on what some of our new neighbors are brought here to do. Here an article on Vietnamese crooks in Canada. Here a memorial to pro-White martyrs. Here a story about a Harvard lawyer who has smuggled in thousands of Chinese.

Waterbug Warbling

He's all excited: Bushy might win! Whee! And his kid wants to buy Eminem. Waterbug babies get niggerized like everyone else. Refuse to become a nigger like the TV ads want you to. Be a White man. There is no other solution... Good letters to the editor here.

Technology and Traffic

Gov't happy about new monitoring tech that will let it track cell-phone conversations in cars.

Hollywood Jews Incensed Over Foster's Planned Movie About Riefenstahl

Jodie Foster is part German and all-White, and the Jews are angry that her film will portray Hitler's favorite filmmaker as the great artist and impressive person she was and is -- she is still alive.

Germany: Government Believes It Has Evidence to Ban NPD

Also, government claims it has granted green cards to more than 2,100 computer experts so far...

Broken Windows at Berlin Synagogue

Jews say recent attacks may mean need to reconsider regrowing their communities in Germany. As long as they get free money, we guess they keep coming...

Middle East Calls for Holy War Against Israel

Also, Israel withdraws for first time ever in face of violence... Here a review of book about daily life in Israel.

Pierce: Hell to Pay: Jews and Child Porno

On Jewish involvement in the child-porn ring recently busted in Russia and Italy... Of course, as with other Jewish gangsters, the media keep calling them "Russians."

Pearl Harbor and Admiral Kimmel

Read here about the latest to resuscitate his reputation. Read Stinnett's recent book and see that he was merely one of the fall guys for Roosevelt's eight-step plan to lure the Japanese into attacking us. Another lib icon, Jackanapes Kennedy, here cited by Sinatra's youngest daughter Tina as tied to the mob.

Modern Slavery: Check Your Check

Slavery: it's not just for the Sudan anymore. You pay nearly half your income to people who hate you and seek to displace you, White man. Here an interesting story about a website called teacherreview that academics wanted to silence. Here an admission of media bias in screen-portions given Bush and Gore in debate.

White Resistance: Italians to Hold Columbus Parade in Denver

The city thought it had a pack with the Italians to change the name to "Italian Pride" but it fell through. Any Red or Brown savages who don't like it can "choke on it," says organizer C.M. Mangiaracina. "My boys of Italian descent are going to be heard in this city. They are not going to do this to us any more." That's all it takes.

California Insurers Must Answer Questions About Policies for Slaveholders

"For now" California's "Department of Insurance" is only collecting information... A second article on the subject here.

U.S. Helps Jews Extort Money from Austria

A down payment on what the leeches claim they are owed... Here a Reese column on the Israeli murderers and America's support.

Similarities Between Yugoslavia and California

Race is real. Multiculturalism doesn't work. Multiracial empires fall apart.

Ireland: Vandals Attack Asylum Housing

They rightly don't want thieves and idiots and coloreds invaded the country.

Bovard on "Carnivore" and Justice Department

Fish rots from the head down. Comments on race and the election here.

Barry on Shark Movie

And here's a story about what savages like to eat when they're not eating one another.

White Archaeology: Pagan Shrine Discovered

In Eastern Europe...

Belgium: Vote Will Test Strength of Vlaams Blok

The rightist party got 28% of the vote in the last local elections in 1994. The vote will cover almost 600 town councils and the country's ten provinces. The other parties say they will not form a coalition with VB.

Germany: Resistance to Jew-Parasites Grows

Nasty letters sent to Jewish councils. Cemeteries disturbed. Rightists are sentenced. Disgusting story about filth attempting to invade Germany illegally. Isn't it funny that White countries are always filled to the gills with colored-hating racists, yet the savages keep flooding in? Why is that? The real hate out there comes from the Jews and coloreds. It is the hatred of the inferior and the ugly for their attractive and civilized hosts.

NYT on German Reunification Anniversary

Sees return of nationalism. Reporter Cohen attributes rightism to bad economics, as Jews always do. Plus, Schroeder visits fire-bombed synagogue, praises his Jewish bosses, and denounces pro-Germans.

British Push Further Gun Restrictions

Including databases. Tyrants love databases.

Oxford Withdraws Irving Invite

Claims security fears. The second canceled invitation... Reactions to Kershaw's multi-volume bio of Hitler here. Here a list of Hitler footage...

Boss Tuna Gives 15,000 Libyans Extension

Congress has yet to act to make these cannibals permanent residents...

Iran Calls for Attacks on God's Darlings

Why does everybody hate Jews? Why do Jews hate everybody? More on worldwide protests here. Israeli tactics here. Saddam speaks up here.

Foreigners Think Jews Control the U.S.

And they're right, as this JTA report signals between the lines... More on Finkelstein (auf Deutsch) here.

Debate Commentary

Paglia and others... Here waterbug commentary on why the ignorant (voters) can never be free. Of course, the founders didn't want women or savages voting either, but being a waterbug means you never dip below the surface, just ride with the tide. Here a commentator quits, sick of the lies.

Funny NYPress Media Criticism

NYP is waterbug central, but they're funny and instructive waterbugs....

Atlanta Teacher To Be Re-Educated for Using Bad Word

The pickaninnies were calling one another 'nigger.' Teach helpfully pointed out that, except for herself and the three illegal Mexicans, they're all niggers. Now she either gets fired, or sent to school to learn to love Big Brother. More on Jew-fed push for hate crimes law here. And savage indicted for Shiflett murder here. White female accomplice who lured White women for her Negro rapist boyfriend busted in Illinois... Savage still on the loose...


This is the stupidest thing we've heard of in quite a while, at least since yesterday. No-rigor, no-wrong-answer math; math-for-savages; ebonimatics...

Anti-White History: Communism in America

Focus on Herbert Aptheker and his various black and red involvements, characteristic of 20th century Jewish intellectuals, whose people don't belong in this country.

Coloreds Catching, Spreading Most HIV in U.S. Today

As with crime, we are supposed to regard the Blacks and Browns as victims of this lethal disease. But, as with crime, they are also the primary spreaders of it. Of course, the fedgov doesn't say how many of the new cases (over the last year or so) were homosexuals.

Yellow-White Hate Crimes Case

Not real clear what's going on here, but note that Yellows are learning to whine just like the darklings.

ADL Hates Phelps and His Fag-Haters

The Jewish hate group denounces Rev. Fred Phelps, whose group operates the GodHatesFags website. If the ADL hates 'em, they can't be all bad..... Here Hale's group spreads pro-White literature in Tarrytown, N.Y. Here Reno and Justice work on local cops to produce more White hate-crimes... hacked again here.

Stephen King "On Writing" Review...

Interesting article, mentions his recounting of car accident that nearly killed him...

Kennewick Man Femurs Stolen

Four of six pieces of femur have been known stolen since 1998 audit, yet we don't recall having seen this theft mentioned before.

AP Jews Spread Lies About Nazi Germany

In the context of an article about a Romanian soccer executive/publisher, one of whose publications made reference to 'dirty Jews,' the Associated Press refers to the "Nazi practice of making soap from the remains of Jews killed in World War II death camps," knowingly spreading a lie. More on Dusseldorf bombing here...

Click Here!

Anti-White Play Opens in Salt Lake

Examines the racist attitudes of White people. Never seen that before.

Sobran on the Neocon Takeover of the Right

Doesn't mention Jewish essence, but makes a few points.

VDARE: Response to McConnell, and His Response

In which Buchanan's press agent admits a changed consciousness after his firing by the neocon-laced New York Post. Unintentionally funny stuff in this back-and-forth between McConnell and two unnamed Jews. No one can say what he really thinks, so it's all beating around the bush. The fact is that there shouldn't be any Jews or Arabs in America, and their presence is a profound and destabilizing negative. If McConnell wants to take pleasure in the fact that Arabs let in under the Jew-pushed open borders policy of the last thirty years may blow up in their face with the creation of an in-country Jew-hostile minority, that's great, but it doesn't do much for the rest of us. McConnell, like his boss, ought to oppose Jews openly. That is the path of honor and successful politics. But McConnell will remain a remonstrating waterbug, in spite of having his face rubbed in it. At the end of the day, as with all waterbugs, it's a career to him.

American Renaissance on the 1992 Los Angeles Riots

Newly archived online... Review once again the incredible media mendacity.

Yggdrasil Essay: Occupied America, Part III

Ygg is back from major surgery, so expect more from him in the future... Here he analyzes Jews, and the cons who resolutely fail to see what they are about... Social disintegration is in the interest of the Jew. That is why it continues. And the cons are too scared or stupid to notice.

Gun Control Is Goy Control

Jews are always the strongest advocates of whatever is most destructive of settled White patterns of life. Gun control, self-defense, they hate with a passion. Only Jews should be able to defend themselves. Whites owning guns isn't "good for Jews" -- the only thing Jews care about. Besides this Reese article, here's yet another by Lott, the main pro-gun White academic.

The Constitution and Political Reality

Some good stuff here in this typical con's lamenting of the destruction of the Constitution, which, to put it mildly, is last century's news.

Writers Roundup: Latest from Paglia

"Gore isn't gay, but his hothouse upbringing by his dominating parents probably produced his prissy, lisping Little Lord Fauntleroy persona, which borders on epicene." Here Walter Williams on anti-male-ism. And Gottfried on the Greeks' real attitude toward homosexuality. Plus, H.L. Mencken's "In Defense of Women" is now available free online.

Parents Get FUBU Banned

Following ban of Confederate T-shirts, White parents get For Us By Us, a savage clothing line, banned... Here exceptional Negro stupidity.

Cleopatra's Signature Found

In Berlin museum...

Norwegians Find Scharnhorst

Huge German battleship sunk by Allies in WWII now located...

Germany: Dusseldorf Synagogue Fire-bombed

No suspects yet...

Spain: Hundreds of Illegals Arrested

They keep on coming from North Africa...

Scruton on the Death of England

It died around 1963, he says... Note the anti-German bias of this review. Anti-German sentiment continues strong in England, while every other anti-ism is against the law, and has been for decades. That's part of what the death of England is all about. Longer and better review of his new book here.

Bombings in South Africa Continue

No one really knows what or why. This story has some lies and mistaken assumptions, but between the lines you can see what's going on, both in Cape Town and in the AP office. Here another apology by a pro-apartheid assassin before the Truth committee.

Minnesota Diversity: White Girl Shot by Hmong

Rival gangs of filthy Cambodians got in a gun battle and shot a three-year-old White girl at a local park. Diversity is our greatest strength. Here details on Black savage's rape-murder of 10-year-old White girl, Tiffany Long. Here Americans in the Olympics, mostly savages, act like assholes. Here about the NIH awarding special grants solely to coloreds. Is this what they mean by institutional discrimination?

California Passes "Hate Crimes" Laws

Now kindergartners can learn about the joys of queer sex, and be exposed to the anti-White lies of ADL's A World of Difference. Also, Senate approves raising H-1B visas. House passes bill condemning Turkey's "genocide" of the Armenians. Apparently the members have never been to Glendale.

Drudge Interview

"....I answer to no one and I never will." Good waterbug column on the election, the press and the general trend of things.

Harassment of Arms Manufacturers Continues

Also, a pro-gun film can be viewed here. Here on the Supreme Court giving in to gun-banners. And here on gun control and internet hoaxes.

History: CIA-Gehlen Connections

New papers reveal hidden aspects of the war...

Race and the Olympics

Interesting article by Steve Sailer at VDARE.

Low Black Achievement Shocks Waterbugs

The libs pretend it's about discrimination and bad environment. The con waterbugs says it's about low expectations. The truth is it's about IQ.

The Presidential Race

Coverage of Buchanan. Commentary on upcoming debate here.

The Amises, Martin and Kingsley

New book out. Pretty good article talking about father and son. Caldwell claims "Lucky Jim" is widely considered the funniest post-WWII novel. Hmm.... Note that Paul Fussell -- an excellent if non-rightist writer -- has written a bio of Kingsley titled The Anti-Egoist that is undoubtedly worth reading. K.A. was a great friend of both poet Philip Larkin and Robert Conquest, one of the few Western intellectuals who thought Stalin worth criticizing.

Hopis Attack Claim Their Ancestors Practiced Cannibalism

Here read how gypsies gypped the government (you) out of $1.6 million feigning mental disabilities. Here more background on Kennewick man.

Jews Murder

They're not just liars and oppressors and stiflers of others' free speech -- they're murderers. From Ehud Barak on down. And they do it all on your dime, White man. Israeli commentary on the murder of a Palestinian kid recently. And here's more on the Arab who painted the Jewish-extortionist mural on the side of his carwash in Cleveland. The leeches are whining, and threatening to march. Here Jews closely watch Supreme Court, to make sure it doesn't allow anything not in accord with their preferences.

Germany: Quadriplegic Returns to Lead Anti-Hate March

What's interesting about this story is that it's a very long feature in an Australian paper. Imagine a foreign article lingering this long and lovingly on an anti-White crime committed by an American Negro against a White. Never happen in a million years. That's what we at VNN mean when we say the media is controlled by the Jews... Here a story about recent German literary efforts. Here funny Finkelstein comments about camp " survivors." Plus, time runs out on Irving extradition request. And here a Canadian journalist brags about getting Irving thrown out of Canada.

Race Roundup: "Virtual Hate"

Continued concern about pro-Whites using the internet to network. Title piece comes from Sojourners magazine. Longer piece on Hale. Here a Minnesota Jew writes about "hate." Here an article on " hacking and hate." Documentary on Aryan Nations being prepared. Why do all the waterbug cons call it Aryan Nation? Here a story about new documents showing different views between Hitler and Goebbels. Here on literature distributed in North Carolina (must register). Bovard on hate-crimes legislation.

Morris on Clinton: 'Hundreds of Women' While President

Trust a Jew like Dick Morris, get burned. The corrupt Clinton administration is swarming with Jews. Think there's a connection? Plus, the Supreme Court confirms Boss Tuna as military dictator, with powers to initiate war as he deems neceesary.

College Prof Denied Teaching Class on P.C.

If it doesn't really exist, then students surely can't be taught about it. Good tenor-of-our-times story. Where feminists and libs hold sway, mediocrity and groupthink are the result. But here Oxford education goes global over the internet. Meanwhile, in Mississippi Whites about to get soaked to pay for education of the largely ineducable... And here's a leftist on burgeoning home-schooling movement...

Buchanan: Don't Throw Away Your Vote on Bush

Throw it away instead on Buchanan, who knows that every featherless biped has a soul...

Supreme Court: Elementary School Can Race-Pick Students

So we're right back to where we started. Almost. Negro savages can create their own Black schools, but the same is forbidden civilized Whites. Here the Supreme Court refused to take up a case involving the suspension of a Kansas schooler for drawing a picture of a Confederate flag. Only the darklings and the Jews have the prerogative of offending. Here's a story on Britain passing a bill of rights, incorporating all the faddish "human rights" embraced by the European superstate. Lawsuits to follow...

Pierce on "Justice Vs. Power"

Listen or read... Here's the article he refers to, re a federal judge's decision that Americans held as slave laborers by the Japanese cannot seek compensation. Note that the AP writer Kravets says the men "allege" they were slave laborers. Do you recall any "allege" describing the claims made by the Jews about the Nazis? Yet another example of one standard for Jews, and another for everybody else. The Jews are the enemy, White man. They know it -- do you?

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