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Canada: Another Heroic Film Against Racism

So much hate out there, and so many valiant filmmakers...

Race in America: Georgia Sorority to Undergo Reeducation

Here on Aryan Nations demanding new trial. And here on the rift in relations between Black men and women -- yet another side-effect of Jews creating the welfare state and the bogus civil-rights crybaby complex.

Legal History of American Destruction of Property Rights

Thurgood Marshall and Jew-aided Black lawyers reversed centuries-old law securing private owners' right to determine their property's use. Plus, Joe Sobran on Christians and football prayers, and Jewish libs' silence on the canceling of the Tenth Amendment. Here an article on the lack of reaction in America to the Black Book of Communism, which was a sensation when published in France in 1997. Could it have something to do with Jewish domination of academia and media? Everything, of course, not that the article even mentions the subject.

The Army and David Irving

Interesting response to a letter... Jews tried to get Irving books banned at military colleges around the U.S. That's just how they are. The idea of freedom and respect for others isn't in them. What is in them is a desire to make themselves legally beyond criticism.

White Archaeology: Ovid's Villa Found

On banks of Tiber...

How Ads Reinforce Social Orthodoxy

Two cowishly stupid and earnest men, Black and White, decide nobody should have to choose between food and medicine. Standard Democratic demogoguery? Or a UPS print ad in National Review? By K. Tarkington

The Latest Hush Crime You Haven't Heard About

The media slid by it as an "unhappy student" crime, ignoring the racial angle they'd have trumpeted were the colors reversed. Plus, Jews can't handle the truth: more attacks on Finkelstein, who has driven the sleazy shysters wild with his criticism of their shakedown racket. And a report from the Washington Post on the ongoing Kevin Shiflett case, the eight-year-old murdered by a Black man. Of course, the Post originally covered up the anti-White animus, making this a textbook hush crime.

German Cops Troll Net for Illegal Opinion

Here's an up-close look at cops in the German democracy. Drinking coffee and shutting down anything that makes their Jewish masters uncomfortable.

Jews Lament EU's Lifting of Austrian Sanctions

They regret that business trumps morals. Yes, you read that right.

Ireland: Gov't Body Urges Anti-Racism Code for Transport

After hate-crimes conviction of bus driver (for using term 'nig-nogs'), the National Consultative Committee on Racism and Inter-culturalism advises anti-racist training and codes for transport companies. Note that the conviction was the first under the 11-year-old prohibition to incitement of hatred act. And here, complaint about the EU.

Australia: Civil War Continues to Divide One Nation

Hanson and Oldfield battle for control of the party the media hate. Plus, more than 100 illegal aliens (Middle Easterners) caught off the coast. And Jews are whining that they can't get their hooks into Kalejs quickly enough.

Race Roundup: Aryan Nations Appeals

Plus, classic liberal double standards article. Jewish kid grows up harassed by Blacks and Mexicans, wants to attend UC Santa Barbara because it has the most Whites. That makes him an evil racist and Jew mom turns him in to this columnist. Some Jews really believe their own b.s. And a swastika is found at New York college, making everybody sweat tears of horror. The odds are about even this was done by a Jew or liberal rather than the racist they seek.

Buchanan Attacks "Cultural Marxism" at Bob Jones

A second report here.

New York Minority Health Office Changes Name to "Emerging Majority"

By Jewish media rules, Whites are supposed to celebrate their cultural dispossession while minorities are supposed to celebrate -- their coming to power as the new majority. Jews are the enemy, White man. Without Jews, none of this ridiculousness is possible.

Ad Makes Slighting Reference to Diversity, AP Tries to Make National Issue

The media is always ready to whip anyone doubting the public orthodoxy set by the liberal Jews. Thus, watch for more talk about a local political ad (pro-Republican in Missouri) to go national amid whines about coded racism.

Ygg's Review of Turner Diaries

He believes the proper way to awaken White consciousness is to point out that multiracial empires everywhere and always end in secession or massacre. We must show status-conscious middle-class Whites the way to get over their fears and identify their interests with the White working class the Jewish media teaches them to hate as "white trash."

Major Publisher Issues Anti-White Screed by Negress

And if you live in Dubuque, Iowa, or some other rural cornhole, rest assured your library will buy it. The book, written by a New York Times sportswriter, is full of what even the lib reviewer calls "genial intimidation." The reviewer notes the writer's "relentless depiction of the vast incommensurability of blacks and whites." Odd word choice: incompatibility is the word the reviewer is conspicuously avoiding using. Just as Jefferson said: "[The] two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government." VNN readers should watch the "new books" section of their local libraries, where this book It's the Little Things is almost guaranteed to show up.

Jews Attack Miscegenation -- for Jews

It's great for White folks... A Jewish publication prints a couple letters by Jewish females offended by pictures of a Jewish bride with a Negro husband. One standard for Jews, another standard for everybody else.

What It's Like to Be a White Farmer in Zimbabwe

This is the sound of civilization dying, as the White man recedes into irrelevance and the eternal night of the Affenkultur darkens the scene. It's a very quiet sound, and only the dimmest whispers make it through the Jewish media's monoblare about hate and racism.... This letter gives you a good feel for life among the savages when there's nowhere left to run. All you cons reading this who think it's "fun" to take on the liberals, always have a good time, Hoo yah! are so many children. The stakes are higher than you imagine. This White farmer could be any White anywhere in the world. If current trends continue, he or she will be you... Here's a site with lots of good inside information on the day-by-day decline of a once-great White country, laid low by the Jewish media pushing the Biggest Lie of racial equality.

Zimbabwe: Mugabe Says Anglo American Can Keep Holdings

Anglo American is a South African-based mining conglomerate owned by Oppenheimers. The Opps own huge sugar and cattle estates in the middle of the area (in Zimbabwe) where the farms are being seized, but their property won't be taken. Its initial listing was a "mistake," the Mugabe government now says. It's one standard for Whites, another standard for Jews like the Oppenheimers.

How France Feels These Days

"Paris today is Africa." Mulatto scum robbing, threatening, stinking up the place; prostitutes; Negroes with bongs on the metro; a nice relaxed, non-cop-controlled looseness, withall, says this writer...

Resistance: Oil Tax Protests in Europe

Up to 80% of the price of gas in Europe is government taxes, which constitutes a substantial incursion on private freedom. Recently trucks have staged lane-blocking slowdowns in protest.

Italy: Cardinal Argues Against Immigration

Italy under invasion from India, China, Africa and everywhere else; cardinal doesn't want more Muslims coming in.

German Identity Reawakening; Mourning War Dead

A bit of pride starting to return, says British paper...

Passau Prevents Showing of Irving Video on Dresden Destruction

Only anti-Jewish horrors (imaginary or otherwise) can be spoken about in free and democractic Germany. (In English, this time.) Where the traditional enemies of the truth hold sway, the White man has no freedom. Here another commentary on Finkelstein.

White History They Don't Teach in School: Jews Kill the Czar, Attempt to Foment Worldwide Socialist Revolution

Here's your history lesson for the day: a discussion of the Jewish role in the Russian Revolution. Jews were the theorists and political murderers behind the Russian unrest, and the socialist revolution was widely seen (by Winston Churchill and others) as an alien affair. Today the spiritual offspring of these murderous Jews are sucking Russia pale in their new guise as "Russian" gangsters.

Canada: Africans Spread Malaria

And here's a site that tracks Canadian immigration problems.

Life Is A Self-Answering Question

So says International Military Gentleman Tom Chittum...

More on the Global Gun Grab

Again Metaksa...

Home Schooling Goes Global

Around the world, families struggle to escape Jewish indoctrination they are taxed to pay for.

Guardian on Neo-Confederates

Cribbed from the SPLC report. Why do people accept these clowns as experts rather than interviewing the confederates themselves? It's as though all reporters have to go through official channels, and then at the bottom of the page give the groups they are writing about a couple chances to say they are not whatever the SPLC and the other Jewish hate groups say they are. Odd way to report.

Barnes & Noble: A Country Run By Jews

Where the good books are yanked off the shelves, and garbage like this put up in their place.

Media Analysis: CNN

Interesting comments on Kaplan's and network management's failures to adapt to the new era of competition...

On the Neocons: Disappearing Because They Lost or Won?

Are we all neocons now? Not all! Plus, comments on Bush, Gore, and media coverage by Taki (scroll down).

Florida: Small Things Are Big Things

An article about the destruction of citrus trees in South Florida by an author who thinks the time draws nigh when we must kill the bureaucrats.

In Praise of Dallas

Interesting article in praise of the maverick spirit of Texas and Dallas. Zinsmeister notes the upside, says not a word about the downside. The vicious Black rapists and murderers you can see on COPS, the surly Mexicans sitting dirty and scowling outside 7-11, the apartment complexes gated to ward off international crime.

Interview with Author of The Exorcist

Interesting comments on the state of Georgetown University.

Germany: Vicious Leftists Attack Pro-German Demonstrators

Five hundred rightists, protesting the shutdown of their local hangout, are attacked with bottles and stones by tolerant, peace-loving, democratic leftists. Plus, foreign minister Fischer assures Jews Germany won't tolerate anything that makes them uncomfortable. Plus, Poles on trial for "neo Nazi activities." Poland is also about to launch eighty investigations into Soviet and Nazi-era crimes. Here more on the Blood & Honour bust, with figures on rightist music distribution in Europe. Plus, German authorities try to prevent showing of David Irving video here. It's a free country: you're entirely free to listen to or watch whatever the government says you can. Otherwise you get thrown in the slammer.

Guns in Switzerland

Here's what a real gun culture feels like...

Estonia, Hungary to Study Communist Crimes

Good news if Jews get exposed for the mass murderers they are. The horrors perpetrated by the Jew-led communist cadres, by the relatives of the same Jews now puling for extortion from the sons and daughters of their victims, are the worst the White world has ever seen. Someday there will exist, and White school kids will be bused to visit, the Museum of Jewish Crimes.

Irishman Convicted of Wanting to Keep Ireland Irish

O'Grady called the Gambian bus passenger a "nig-nog" and might have told him to go home. He becomes the first convicted under the "Prohibition on Incitement to Hatred Act."

South Africa: Whites Think Mbeki May Be Another Mugabe

Racial equality is the Biggest Lie. Allowing 70-IQ Blacks to vote is like giving your car keys to a five-year-old. Whites must ally, and separate themselves from Blacks or their race will die.

More Monkey Business

Western "humanitarian" aid keeps Africans alive in record numbers, allowing the destruction leading to extinction of native species. The red colobus monkey was the first such declared extinct since the 1700s. Plus, the Internet spurs sales of African animals. Also, ape virus may be poised to make leap to humans, say researchers.

American Roundup

Atlanta race discussion continues. Cops need to be more sensitive. Indians complain about treatment of their savage ancestors. And it's "Undoing Racism Day" in Kansas town, joined by two Arizona cities. Here an article on new shirts sold in Macy's and other well-known retailers. They say, "Boys are Poison." This kind of sexual division is encouraged by the Jews who write the papers and own those retail stores. I will set brother against brother, says the Jew in the Old Testament. More commentary on Buckhead.

William Pierce on Jewish Greed, Jewish Hate

Having drained Europe, the vampires turn their attention to America.

ADL, SPLC Predict Racists Move Underground

In wake of Aryan Nations trial... Here more hype about 'hate' on the web. Here commentary on SPLC report on "neo-Confederates." Here a report on rise in hate crimes in Florida.

The "Ex"-Communist Jews Who Took Over the American Right

Jew Radosh article on new book based on film on the subject. These Jews were communist sectarians in the thirties, and retain many of their beliefs as neocons today. Jews retain nostalgia for their past and their communism. No right-wing pro-White advocate may take pride in his racial heritage, because all Whitists are motivated only by hate, says the Jew. The Jew is your enemy, White man.

White Flight: Idaho Poll Shows No Great Clamor for Diversity

"Even though" the state is still mostly White. Think about that language for a moment. The writer and editor have internalized that White is something bad we need to get away from. Could the Jew-directed hate be any clearer? Here's an old article on White flight from public schools that results from immigration. Another outrageous article dealing with the same issue in Boulder schools. Coloreds immigrate here illegally, mess things up, and when Whites try to protect themselves by moving their kids to White schools, they are lambasted as haters and people who can't deal with a changing world by the Jewish papers and the Semitically Correct White liberals. Another good article on the subject, showing how Whites respond to colored invasion. A final piece of evidence from another study. Whites are moving to protect themselves and their kids because, as Thomas Jefferson observed, the "two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government." Thus, open borders is White genocide, and the Jews who are the primary supporters of it are knowingly killing off the White population, which cannot survive among coloreds. Jews are committing genocide against Whites, and any measure undertaken to oppose them is justified. There will never be freedom and peace and civilization in American until the Jews are dealt with. That's why we at VNN say: No Way Out But Through the Jews.

Mexican Goat Slaughterers Disturb American Neighbors in Georgia

Another "diversity is our greatest strength" disproof. It just leads to cross-cultural clashes. Remember, White man: Mexico is wherever Mexicans are.

Boy Scout Leader Busted for Child Sex Abuse

And here's a report of a Black blaming a White...

Twelve Most Ridiculous, Semitically Correct College Courses

Collected by Young Americans for Freedom, which, on its home page, asks viewers how the Reps can best attract Mexican voters. They know whereof they speak when it comes to idiocy.

Jews Attack Second Amendment

Jews always support that which destroys the White man's ability to live independently in freedom. They don't want him to be able to defend himself, legally or verbally or any way.

Jews Attack First Amendment

Get cher complete hate crimes bill reaction right here... ADL press release. From another Jewish group, claiming to be the largest Jewish org. Here a statement from Gore on the Hate Crimes Prevention Act, now renamed the Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Act, part of a DoD authorizations bill. Here the Interfaith Alliance (of Jewish suck-ups) chimes in.

Whites Attacked By Judicial System: Man Gets Life for A&M Pipe Bombs

No second chance for this White bomber, whose bombs injured nobody. Here a White man is sentenced to ninety days in jail and fined $750 for putting out fliers (littering), under an ordinance never before used for prosecution. (Jewish judge.) Here a Utah man gets the maximum sentence for "assault," i.e., for criticizing a mixed couple. When Jews control the courts there's one standard for Whites and another standard for Jews and coloreds. Jews do not value White lives, so they treat Whites as second-class citizens, to phrase it the way the canting Jews do as liberal Democrats.

INS Attacks Right-wing German-American

We all know how, at Gore's behest, the INS packed the country with brownskins to sway swing states to Clinton, but here' the other side of the story: the INS pursues the deportation of a married, Montana German-American for his fight against Outcome Based Education. Under the administration of the Jews and their puppets, America is to be filled with stupid, pliable coloreds while civilized Whites are harassed and discriminated against.

Racial Discussion Off Limits at Gun Rights Board

Why is it the things that matter most can never be talked about? Why is it that all these "fearless" conservatives/gun-rights people/neo-Confederates always shy at discussing Jewish and racial issues? Could it be the same reason they always lose? If you play by the terms of the Jew-rigged game, you're a fool, White man.

White Man Rages: Popular Hoops Coach Fired

The White man does nothing about the Jews controlling the country and flooding the country with third-worlders. But fire Bobby Knight and he's demonstrating, burning effigies, making death threats. What better proof that Whites have their priorities wrong, favoring bread and circuses over independence and self-respect?

Britain Dumps Rules of English Law to Stay Semitically Correct

Cops pursued for thought crimes as part of Stephen Lawrence inquiry. It's not part of the English judicial process to put people on trial for their thoughts, says the Electronic Telegraph. Ah, but the English don't control their judicial process any more, do they? It is part of the Semitically Correct trial process. Jews are the enemy, White man. In England, Germany and Australia, just as in the United States.

Rabbi Schiller Blasts Jews for Damaging White Civilization

One of the rare paleocon Jews -- a speaker at Jared Taylor's conference and an associate of Chronicles magazine -- goes after his coreligionists for their selfish, tribalist subversions of Western order, and suggests that Jews should apologize. Don't bother. Just leave. For all practical purposes, Rabbi Schiller is a moral and racial albino among the brothers of the cut.

Tyson Goes on Rampage at Press Conference

Proof you can take the cannibal out of the jungle, but not vice versa. "...I am a violent person, almost an animal." He's right. And he stands for all colored Americans trapped in the uncomfortable suit of civilization. His words are nothing more than the street nigger's version of Thomas Jefferson truth that the "two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government." Blacks were not meant to be around us, and the sooner they are gone from our presence, the better. Without the Jews to lie and misrepresent and set up organizations for them and pass anti-White discriminatory laws advancing them, they wouldn't be. Blacks are the symptom, Jews the disease.

Mugabe to Claim All White Farms

He told a mob of Harlem nig-nogs that he had already taken half the White land. They chanted, "Take it all, take it all." Clearly we are getting beyond race in this country. It's so immature and immoral and invidious to take race into account. We are Americans, and only evil people question the dogma of individual rights. White man, the message is clear: identify as White or be destroyed.

Chimps Threatened in Uganda

A species of African monkey was recently declared extinct. Now hungry Ugandans are poaching chimps, threatening to eliminate populations in the Western part of the country, where 98% of chimpanzees in the world reside. Despite politically correct claims about the brutality of European colonialism, the fact is that African population soared under it, so that today there are 600 million Africans. The idea that AIDS is wiping out the population over there is ludicrous. And these expanded numbers of Congoids are wiping out the continent's truly valuable inhabitants -- the wildlife.

South Africa Roundup: Farmer Attacked, Nearly Killed; Calls for Censorship

All the craziness is here. And it's just around the corner for you, White American, White European -- unless you band together as Whites with White interests.

Germany: FAZ Report on Banning of Blood & Honour

Worried about skins' NPD contacts.

Irish Hate Crimes Decision Pending

The bus driver told the 'nig-nogs' to go back where they came from, and now the court will decide if he's a criminal.

Spain Busts 19 for ETA Participation

They were doing illegal things like raising funds "and other organizational activities."

CBS Goes Spanish

Not all Mexicans are sex-crime offenders or gang members or tuberculosis spreaders -- some make bad music. Don't know if this is one of Chittum's mileposts, but CBS did its first Spanish-language prime time show ever on the so-called Latin Grammys.

NYT Sits on Anti-Gore Reports

And ABC spiked story about Lieberman stopping movie release.

Jewish Demographic Study Says Israel to Grow, U.S. to Shrink

The 80-year projections show American Jewry's numbers dropping by one-third. Eighty years is a long way to look into the future. Too long.

Hitchens on the Finkelstein Furor

Extorters, blackmailers and shakedown artists and lawyers and lawyers and lawyers...

Homogenous Trumped by Hybrid Claims WSJ Reporter's New Book

Diversity and hybridization beat trusting monocultures, he claims. See, on one hand you have virtually every multiracial empire that ever existed breaking up, and on the other hand you have immigrant Chinese and Indians in Silicon Valley who have started 2,700 firms employing 58,000 people. No doubt which is stronger, right? As Peter Brimelow of VDARE has noted, the WSJ has conceded the game -- as has the entire Jew-intimidated right -- on immigration. They have no idea what America is, so the idea of borders makes no sense to them.

Sobran on Milton

Interesting review of Protestantism of Milton and Henry VIII.

Gene Database on Sale

Celera sells human recipes.

Try A Mirror: A Review of Ron Rosenbaum's Explaining Hitler

No Jew will ever explain Hitler, because no Jew sees his people as a collective negative. Hitler holds a mirror to the Jews, but none dares look in. By Tim Crews.

South Africans Hooting Over Mandela-Monkey Clip

South African Negroes and animal rights groups are up in arms over police video clip that morphs Mandela into monkey. Subtle perhaps, but things like this are taken very seriously at headquarters, unlike rapes and murders. Repeat after me: Racial equality is the Biggest Lie...

Some Home Truths About Amy Biehl and Matt Shepard

One died HIV-positive in a robbery gone bad; the other was beaten to death by the 70-IQ Negroes whose "equality" she championed. The reality-reversing coverage of their cases is analyzed in this excellent article by Irmin, whose White nationalist page you can access here.

Germany Bans Skinhead Group "Blood and Honour"

Not that members of the British-based group did anything wrong, they just believe things you aren't allowed to believe in Germany.

Swiss to Vote on Reducing Foreigners

A popular referendum will shortly take place. On one side are those who like Switzerland Swiss. On the other are those like "justice minister" Ruth Metzler, who I believe is Jewish, who favor increased immigration. Wherever Jews roam freely in White countries they work to undercut the ethnic and cultural basis of the nation. They can't help it, that's just the kind of animal they are. Note how the reporter for the British paper says a vote against foreigners will bring down the wrath of the world on the country. It's entirely possible, even likely, that the reporter Fiona Fleck is a Jewess herself; certainly she is a leftist. Meanwhile, Italy continues to struggle with illegal aliens.

Click Here!

Hate Crimes Bill Advances

Includes provision that no one may be hired for civil service above GS-9 without certificate attesting to homosexual activity, or at least a signed note from the rabbi. Something like that.

Lincoln: Where It All Started to Fall Apart

The consensus among the anti-statist libertarians... Here to learn about a conference put on by Lew Rockwell and the Mises Institute. Gottfried and others will discuss the rise and decline of the state. Much to be learned, although no one will discuss Jews or race openly.

Communism and American Intellectuals

Page-by-page journal paper, if you have time. Blames names. Dry, but shows you just how wormy and treacherous Jew-laced academia really is.

Misgerot: Jews Secretly Arm and Train in Your Country

And the FBI knows and does nothing... All the public Jews are in favor of gun control. But in part two of his essay, Ygg points out that in countries around the world Jewish secret militias train and cache weapons, including automatic machine guns, to use when the time is right. This is something that the professional Jews siccing the FBI on the gentile militias will never tell you about. One standard for Jews, another standard for everybody else. The only question they care about: Is it good for the Jews? They are not capable of loyalty to anyone else. The Jews are our enemy, White man. They know it -- do you?

Jesse's Illinois Punks Acting Up Again

Just like "Football" Williams, just like Rodney King, a Black punk is a Black punk. Three of the teenage brawlers defended by Jesse Jackson are in trouble again. Welcome to the jungle.

Butler Will Appeal

Will delay property seizure.

One in Ten Americans Isn't

The overclass acts as though immigration is a natural force that can't be stopped rather than a political decision by the Jew-controlled elites.

Global Gun Control

Good article on the background of this aspect of the globalists' plan to remake the world.

EU Lifts Sanctions Against Austria

They stoked nationalist sentiment, and so they must go...

Connerly Imagines Post-Racial Utopia

By the middle of this century, race won't matter. He thinks.

NYT Aids Hillary, Sits on Story

The Jewish rag has withheld from its readers the information that Hillary Clinton has been rewarding supporters with overnight White House stays, says Drudge.

West Nile Is Spread by Mammals

Contrary to certain claims, the virus has been found in a variety of mammals.

Archaeology: Black Sea Evidence May Back "Big Flood" Theory

Plus, possible discovery of Queen of Sheba's palace. And female gladiator found in London.

Get Rid of Public Education

It's built to produce drones. And here Walter Williams advocates secession.

Farah Attacks Queer Journalists

He calls them arrogant, mind-control fascists. He also says the media is controlled: That is, the same corporate media entities (ABC, CNN, etc.) that fund the National Gay and Lesbian Journalists Association conferences agree that there is only one acceptable point of view on queer issues. It's nice to see two things: that Farah agrees the media is controlled, and that he is willing to use appropriate denunciatory language in describing the controllers. But why doesn't he apply the same language when it comes to the Jews who exert across-the-board rather than single-issue domination?

AOL Prevents Ammunition Sales

Whatever the Jews want to destroy -- "hate" speech, gun rights -- AOL is quick to add to its online verboten file.

Comments from Camille Paglia

After a summer off writing books, she's back with commentary on the election and other topics. And here a music analysis of the Republican convention: nearly every background tune used to reinforce idea of "inclusiveness."

More on Buckhead

Race flares in Atlanta as Black mayor calls for the usual: dialogue, discussion, open talk about race. We know what that means: Whites shut up and accept blame for profiling and racism and anything else coloreds can load on the plate. The truth is, obviously, that the growing presence of bucks in Buckhead has exacerbated an already annoying party scene.

Nationalists' Reaction to The Ethnic Cleansing of London

BNP explains what's happening and why... And here read what White Englishmen are thinking about the deracination of their nation.

INS Holds 20k Foreign Nationals for Deportation

It costs you at least $600M a year to hold these criminals...

Gangs of Colored Queers Raping White Men in Seattle

Of course, the cops downplay the racial angle, just like they did before Toews was murdered, preventing Whites from taking precautions against local savages. Remember White man: savages are the symptom -- Jews are the disease.

How Jews Operate, Part One: Sayanim and Single Loyalty

The first of a series of classic essays by "Yggdrasil." If you haven't read this, you need to in order to understand that Jews are not merely another ethnic group. They work together to advance their interests, and as we here at VNN always repeat: Their interests are not our interests. Very incisive and thoughtful stuff. Exactly what you will never read in a mainstream publication.

Jewish Dirty Tricks: David Irving and Jewish Immigration Tampering

The Jewish way of doing things is to worry about what works, and forget rules or morality. Thus, behind the scenes Jews plant false data on Irving in INS computers, and bribe immigration officials to prevent him from entering (in this instance) Canada and the United States. Jews can't handle having their lies exposed in his speeches, so they lie and cheat to stop him.

Jewish Extortion: Neocons Worry About Consequences

A Jew warns his neocon fellows in Commentary that too much greed now could lead to problems down the road.

The Evolutionary Psychology Mailing List

One place where cutting-edge racialist academics congregate (moderated by a leftist) and are at least somewhat allowed to be heard.

Philosophy: On Recent Nietzsche Books

Decent review of recent Nietzsche books. And here a New Criterion (Roger Kimball) review of Hegel bio. Hegel is wormy. Read Nietzsche and Schopenhauer and don't worry about him.

Eagleton on Bloom

A funny Marxist comments on Camille Paglia's mentor and his latest book of lit-crit.

Stand-Up Comedians...

A funny article about the sniping, fly-by-night world of the stand-up comic.

Free Country Defined by Desperate Fear of Anything "Controversial"

Maurice Bessinger flies the Confederate flag above his restaurants. So Sam's Club yanks his barbecue bottles off their shelves. Parent company Wal-Mart considering similar maneuver. "Only in America," as they say. It's a free country as long as you talk and think like everyone else, and are always smiling and polite and never controversial. Where Jews control the courts and the media, their "personal is political" totalitarianism prevails.

NA Sets Up Hendrik Möbus Defense Fund

Address for contributions is National Alliance, POB 90, West Virginia 24946. See here for more... Latest word is he was transferred during the night to a prison in Buffalo.

More Jewish Traitors: Deutch and Specter and Lieberman Work for Israel

Right or left means nothing when speaking of Jews. The Spotlight here gives us a close look at high-ranking American Jews carrying water for Israel. The indicted John Deutch, promoted by two Jewish senators, was actively working to realign American intelligence to remove a blocking point where a non-Jew was preventing unfiltered Mossad access to satellite photos. Jews claim charges of double-loyalty are an anti-Semitic canard. They are merely the truth. In fact, double loyalty credits them with one loyalty too many. And, just like the story about Jews tapping White House phones, watch this story either never to go mainstream or to disappear rapidly. Jews are the enemy, White man. Their interests are not our interests.

America Ignoring Americans Held in Israeli Prisons, Report Alleges

Plus, Israeli introduces Knesset bill to legalize torture.

Blacks to Jews: The Right Tool for the Job

And the job was destroying the cohesion of White America. Good quotations from and about Jews and their involvement in the slave trade.

Britain Must "Accept and Embrace the Multicultural Society It Has Become"

So says Foreign Secretary Robin Cook. Of course, it never would have become multicultural except for the policies advocated by the Cookian ilk. British police have now identified 58 illegal Chinese who suffocated trying to get in....

A Colored Applauds "New" England

It's so much easier to be Black there now than forty years ago. And all those horror stories about Black crime and squalor are just that -- stories.

More on the Stasi-Neo Nazi Connection

The Stasi fomented rightists in West Germany for internal reasons...

Egyptian Mummies Discovered

A number of exciting new finds....

Out of the Mouths of Savages: Almost As Strange as What Goes In

Mbeki insists that HIV is not the sole cause of AIDS, actually quite a defensible position. AIDS is basically nothing but one or more of 25 well-known diseases plus the presence of HIV. And in some cases, not even that (i.e., people have died of AIDS without having HIV). It's funny when the savages who gain political power through the ministrations of the Jew-controlled international media prove too dumb to pick up on the politically correct shibboleths, as when the Black Christians at a recent conference denounced the legitimization of homosexuality, as is de rigueur among the fey Western liberals who run these things.

Canada: Indians to Get Out of Paying Taxes?

At least one is. She won her appeal not to pay taxes because she is an Indian. Roughly a million others could make the same claim. And here's a claim that "hate crimes" in Calgary are rising...

Jewish Media Lies: Genome, Other Research Prove Race Exists And Is Meaningless

A spate of articles has appeared in the mainstream press recently, discussing new details on race unearthed by researchers, yet at the same time claiming the new distinctions somehow reinforce their dogma that race doesn't exist. Steve Sailer points up some of the contradictions. Also, a fascinating story on physical changes induced in the mother during gestation, including two-way interaction between her and the fetus. She actually takes on, possibly for life, certain physical aspects of the father and the child.

SPLC: Academic Pillars of Racist Thought

Here's a decent review of racialist academic thought and findings, as compiled by, or for, the reality-haters at Morris Dees's Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The writer, ostensibly a Jewish academic, collects the relevant facts about the larger-than-you'd-think number of professors whose work leads them to what the media vulgarly call "racist" conclusions, although many of them are at pains not to be perceived as racists. A good introduction to some of the leading figures and institutions that stand athwart the Biggest Lie of racial equality. Plus, here's a recent SPLC report on the "neo-Confederate" movement, titled Rebels With a Cause... To keep the money flowing, Dees has to continually destroy and create new racists... And here's a Columbia, S.C., newspaper article based on the report.

Idaho: More Lies and Balderdash from the Usual Suspects

Pathetic fantasies too stupid to be believed.... On one hand everybody who lives there says Northern Idaho is paradise -- full of rugged, independent un-diversitized people sparsely sprinkling snowy scenery. On the other hand, it's a racist hell because some of the groups who live there openly advocate keeping it that way. So this heaven that's really a hellhole of racism must undergo legal exorcism to remove the incorrect-thinkers, that the land may be filled with diversity consultants and Asians and transgendered queers. It's all very confusing... Here's further reaction to the trial. Here's one on who will pick up where Aryan Nations left off...

Techniques for Truth Suppression

Interesting roundup of media distortion methods.

Horowitz Letters Page: Cops Clear Minority Crime Press Releases Through NAACP

Exceptionally good series of letters, notably Carole Ward's, plus one from a cop alluded to in this title... And healthy reaction to the Tacoma Toews murder by the nig-pack.

Affirmative Action for Docs?

Another great idea. More puling for unqualified coloreds to get reserved slots...

California: Hate Crimes in Antelope Valley

Perhaps not coincidentally, Antelope Valley hate crimes were the subject of a recent A&E propaganda broadcast.

Knight Fired: The Jewish Hyenas Get Their Man

They claim til they're blue in the face it's about his actions, but it isn't: It's about the Jew-led media's attempt to belittle, humiliate, remove, destroy any dominant White man in any capacity, even if it's coaching a bunch of illiterate Negro basketball players. Those who talk about a culture war are kidding themselves. It's long since over, and the left won. Attacks on the few remaining men like Knight are merely a mop-up campaign carried out by bored Jew-hyenas caterwauling over a few remaining carcasses. Here's an article that suggests how truly pitiful the White man has become. While millions of colored illegals are pumped into this country every decade to virtually no resistance, Indiana fans are registering threats and burning in effigy the president of the university for firing the basketball coach. What clearer sign that the big decisions are in the hands of the Jewish elites, while the White man worries himself over bread and circuses. Quoth Raspail, Could this be a reason...?

Rabbi Attacks Football Owner

Wants NFL to censure Atlanta owner for criticizing Jews for bribing the governor into commuting (subsequently lynched) Leo Frank's sentence for killing Mary Phagan. Tom Watson Brown owns six percent of the Falcons, and his great-grandfather was a Senator and editorialist at the time of the lynching.

AP Jews Lie About Clinton's Hostile Reception

Workaday press misrepresentation: In New York at the U.S. Open Clinton was roundly booed. This became "star treatment" when filtered through the lying Jews at the AP wire service. To any conservatives reading this who are now shaking their heads and saying, "They just don't get it" -- Wrong. YOU just don't get it.

South Africa: the Terrors Continue

Child sex slavery, 20 percent of nurses with AIDS, and now this: 18,000 criminals to be released from jails, due to overcrowding.

Life Among the Savages: Sierra Leone

The West Side boys like to dress in women's wigs and flip flops, and shoot people. And here's a story about a female savage called "Cut Hands."

Italian Island Wants Out of the South, In with the North

Lampedusans are sick of Sicilian intrigues...

One in Five Students Foreign Born

Are there any Americans left in America? Not many... In California, the number's just shy of one in two.

Getting a Grip on the Globalists' Agenda

A nice review/primer on the big picture...

Britain to Loosen Immigration Controls

Will allow 100,000 foreign workers a year to settle, just to ensure Whites really do become the minority by 2100.

Blair Wants to Abolish Britain, Says Thatcher

He does indeed.

Haider Claims Victory, Criticizes Chirac, Schröder

An EU panel recommends lifting sanctions...

Third Spanish-Language Station to Debut in 2001

TV Azteca follows Telemundo and Univision. As the Mexicans invade northward, so do their media.

Money for the 'Stolen Generation'?

Some aborigines were taken from their homes and placed with White families. Now many Aboriginies want reparations.

Aborigines Begin Olympics Demonstrations with "Hands" Plantings

Some of the most primitive people on earth...

Black Sports Cult Denounced

Commentary on the sports-potato culture, with link to article on universities covering up Black athletes' grades.

Post-Trial Reaction from Butler

Will remain in Northern Idaho.

GWB the Liberal

And here's an article critical of his election strategy... Suggestion that he's no con savior, given his Texas judicial appointments.

Home-Schooling on the Rise

An interesting British article on American home-schooling. Today about 3% are home-schooled (1.7 million), and the number is growing at the rate of 15% a year. Keep your kids out of the clutches of the Jewish mentagogues. Here's what the NEA thinks about home-schooling.

Pierce: Möbus Case Prime Example of Media Lying

You may remember our recent report that a German national named Möbus was arrested in West Virginia. The story linked to in the headline is a good example of the way that arrest was treated by the AP and the mainstream press. Go ahead and read it... Now read William Pierce's explanation of what really happened here. Despite what the lying Jews at AP implied, Möbus was not arrested for his juvenile crime, for which he'd already served his time. He was seized by American feds at the behest of German political police for remarks he'd made in Germany. See, the American and German Gestapo's work hand-in-hand to ensure we all stay within the lines of Semitical Correctness. And you still think the First Amendment protects you, White man. Other facts the Jews withheld: the feds slammed Mobus' teeth into the hood, then twisted the skinny fellow's arm up behind his back until it broke. You'll never see the Jews report it unless his skin and political views change color overnight.

South Africa: Child Sex Rampant

What happens when Blacks are in control. The report says police, top pols and business elite are all in on the action. And then we've got Mugabe speaking at the UN about the need for the darklings to take on the "master race." Look at the photo of Mugabe and, below, his supporter, and ask yourself how the Biggest Lie of racial equality was ever put across.

California: College As Entitlement

White taxpayers about to get soaked to pay for Pedro's college education. When do you get tired of being a slave to the Jews and coloreds, White man?... Note that almost half of the kids starting school in California this year are foreign-born or have foreign-born parents.

Fight Brews Over Fed Plan to Seize Ohio Land

The feds want to build a wildlife refuge, but say they won't push the farmers -- many Amish and Mennonites -- off their land. For some reason, many farmers doubt the feds' word...

Review of New Barzun Book

On the West, from dawn to decadence...

Gottfried on Lieberman

Points out his hypocrisies and derides Jewish neocons for their ethnic obsessions and the gentile right for "indulging" them.

New World Order Ever Closer

Good article on where we are heading; the ideology and people directing us.

USA: Problems in Atlanta; ADL in Arizona

Coloreds start to invade local bar scene in rich, White Buckhead, murders follow.... The traditional enemies of freedom will install their anti-White ADL propaganda in seven Arizona schools this fall... Best commentary on GWB's "asshole" comment. Teaching the Holocaust here.

Idaho: After the Trial...

The quality of life in Coeur d'Alene and Northern Idaho is "second to none," yet the evil racists advocating the preservation of the people who made it that way are wrong. Do you get it?... Background on Richard Girnt Butler (founder of Aryan Nations) here. Background on Morris Seligman Dees here. Reaction to the verdict here. Info on the jury here.

Democracy in Action: Vote-Rigging

There are many quirks in the actions of those who praise democracy. One is that they have little trouble ignoring the will of the people when it opposes what they think it should support. Thus, Robert Stinnett writes a book documenting FDR's lying to the American public about Pearl Harbor in order to get us into World War II, and the professional democracy worshippers yawn. Vote rigging bears out a second quirk. It is a lot easier than many think, and yet is almost never discussed. Accurate vote counting being a technical requisite for democracy in theory, its abuse, or claims of it, might be expected to rouse an uproar. Never happens. In fact, when Richard Nixon declined to contest an obviously purchased and stolen 1960 presidential election, he was widely praised for supporting American democracy. Get that: a close examination of the integrity of elections is anti-democratic. It's not the vote-buying, the vote-rigging that really threatens democracy -- it's uncovering or talking about these practices! Democracy appears to be a word the few use to persuade the many they are really in control.

P.J. O'Rourke Redoes Ten Commandments

Remember H.L. Mencken redoing the Declaration in Americanese?...

Bernard Shaw Critique

An admirer of fascism and communism. Interesting review of the man himself...

Ireland: Even Small White Islands Must Be Diversified

The EU and the UN want to make the Emerald Isle the charcoal sandbar. All the diversity and multicult agitprop we're familiar with everywhere else is just starting to take hold here. Resist with all your might, Irishmen. Here a government minister sounds the Semitically Correct line about tolerance...

Germany: Insight Into NPD Personalities

The NYT tries to makes sense of things. Note the telling anecdote: Voigt's father slapped him after the kid called him a criminal after watching anti-German propaganda at school. All across the White west, White youth has been trained to hate itself through propaganda fathered by Jews.

German Appeals for Asylum

Hendrik Möbus, the one arrested in West Virginia...

Jewish Extortion Update: France Times Two

The Chosen are merry with greed as a New York City court refuses to dismiss their case against French banks and they initiate new suit against French railroads. Meanwhile, the parasites squabble over loot already in their clutches. And to a leech they complain that anti-Semitism has nothing to do with Jewish behavior.

Mugabe Preaches Black Power in Harlem Church

He offered the local Negroes the chance to come back to Zimbabwe with him, but no takers yet. Said Blacks need to stand together and take back what the White man stole from them.

South Africa: AIDS Conspiracy Theory

Dr. Impala-pumu Chitichitibangbang (or something like that), a health minister, chips in with some homespun HIV wisdom...

Australia: One Nation Riven By Internal Dispute

Hanson, underlings feud...

NPD to Soften Public Image to Escape Ban

At same time, claims talk of ban has gained it 750 new members pushing overall numbers to 6,500.

German Stonehenge Found, Predates British

Near Leipzig, about 7,000 years old vs. Stonehenge's 5,000. Made of wooden stakes that have long since disappeared...

Archaeologists Find Thracian Capital

Major Bronze Age discoveries continue in Bulgaria... A second report here. The Thracians were an ancient people of horsemen and warriors who lived in Southeastern Europe. A book about them by Hoddinott (look under European Prehistory...) is available here.

Odd Links Between Irish Communists and USSR

The possibility of an Irish colony in Russia arose in '20s discussions...

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