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Zimbabwe Farmers File Against Seizures

The lying Jewish media calls their murder and dispossession "land reform," when they bother to mention it.

Pipe Bombs Sent to Gays, Amnesty International in Brazil

Rightists to blame, although nobody's actually been caught yet.

Clinton to Push Hate-Crimes Bill

One last service for the Jews before leaving office. Might impress many of those (Jewish) historians who will one day determine his "legacy."

League of South Called Hate Group by SPLC

Morris Dees is doing more than any other man in the country to prove that, for civilized White men, There Is No Way Out But Through the Jews. Meanwhile, up in Idaho, judgment goes against Aryan Nations for over $6 million.

No Constitution, Please -- We're Jewish

The Constitution isn't kosher... Some comments on Norman Podhoretz and his misunderstanding of law, as reflected in his praise for '60s "civil rights" legislation. Jews like Podhoretz can't afford to look the Constitution in the face because it doesn't square with the centralized power they need to maximize their leverage. So they shrug their shoulders and reinterpret American history and Constitutional law in line with their interests.

Student Reprimanded for Confederate T-shirt

Florida highschooler is quick to assure he's not racist. And if he were?... Would that abrogate his rights? Again, we see the futility of playing the fixed liberal game as though it were clean. If we allow the Jews to control the debate, we Whites will be defined right out of the picture. As is happening now throughout the South and the rest of the country where the liberal Jews through open borders are electing a new people, as Brecht once put it.

Human Tracking Chips Coming Soon to a Donkey Near You

Gee, if they could combine this with the brain scanners for realtime updates on your racial views, what a hate-free world they could build...

Will Publishing Be Napster-ized?

This commentator thinks so.

Clinton Pushes Intrusive U.N.

Just like Superman, anywhere an innocent is threatened, it'll be there. Those who oppose its globalist intrusion "misread" history, says Boss Tuna.

Debate Over H-1B Visas Continues

The bottom line: American companies prefer cheaper Indian programmers to expensive Americans. A discussion of the problem here. And here Congressional testimony debunking the myth of a software programmer labor shortage.

Reginald Denny Attacker Charged with Murder

Good ol' "Football" Williams you might remember from the video. If he gets off, or when he gets out, he'll do it again... If million-dollar athletes with every possible incentive to stay straight can't do it, what can we expect from savages such as Williams with no incentive?

Rightists Apply to Demonstrate in Berlin

After NPD withdrew similar request, loose-knit neos want to stage protest at planned site of Holocaust memorial.

Heroic Jewish Bread-Poisoners

They made thousands of POWs sick after the war.

Savages Drive South African Farmers Off Land

Last year there were 813 attacks and 144 farm murders. It is statistically the most dangerous occupation in the country.

Spain Seeks to Crack Down on ETA

Make it easier to arrest "terrorists." Also, it is claimed that Basques were targeting judge for execution...

Secession: Coming into Vogue?

Long, somewhat interesting article, never mentions race -- the elephant in the den everyone's pretending isn't there...

The Other Red Meat: Anasazi Confirmed as Cannibals

Anthropologists are quick to explain it wasn't a regular thing... Maybe just for "special" occasions, huh? Injuns don't like this type of research at all... The Anasazi occupied the Four Corners territory from about 700 A.D. to 1300 A.D. "Skulls were scorched, and cracked open for their brains."

David Duke in Russia

And the Jews aren't liking it...

Pope Says Non-Catholic Religions Are Gravely Deficient

Amazing that a simple statement of doctrine can cause horror. Independent of the accuracy of the judgment, it's nice to see a Western Institution making a straightforward declaration.

Brain Scans Reveal Racial Reactions, Scientists Say

Whites react more positively to Whites... How long before the government forces us to come in for yearly mental "emissions" tests where if we fall outside Semitically Correct racial reaction parameters, we are fined or sent off for reeducation?

Bush's Real Feelings About NYT Reporter Slip Out

Says porcine Adam Clymer is "major-league asshole" to Cheney under his breath; now the Jewish hypocrite-liars of the Big Media are crying in their Evian. And here's a conservative media analyst's review of Clymer's work. Turns out the Kennedy biographer is extremely biased, big surprise.

White Archaeology: Viking Hoard Unearthed on Swedish Island

No banks, they used to bury their treasures under floorboards... And here is an excellent page of the last couple years of finds and stories relating to early European White men. Fascinating stuff about our ancestors.

German Cops Seize Illegal Music

Police seize 7,500 CDs, bust two distributors, claim there are another fifty to seventy in Germany. People must be prevented from listening to Bad music.

Schröder Whines About Racism

The Germans are supposed to be sheep, while Americans are bold and independent. Then why is it that Whites are routinely attacked by colored savages -- and do nothing -- while in Germany the savages run scared?

A Jewish View of Lieberman

He makes them uncomfortable. And, as this Jewish writer admits, the Jews make no distinction between their comfort and the legal basis of society.

No Right to Bear Arms

So says letter to NRA member sent by government official Seth Waxman. Take your gun and tape your mouth -- that's good government to the Jew. The Jew is your enemy, White man.

Hale On Public Cable Throws Jews in a Tizzy

They support free speech...for themselves and like-mindeds. The Jew is your enemy, White man.

Queer- and Pederast-Supporting ACLU Jews File Suit Against Boy Scouts

At last we find a freedom Jews do support: the freedom of unwanted association. The right to crash parties. In this latest Jewish attack on Normal White America, the Chosen work to prevent Scouts from using public property like everybody else. The Jews are your enemy, White man. Plus, N.O.F.E.A.R. members urged to turn out in South Florida for pro-Scout rally.

A Black Writes On Disgusting White Cowardice

Mentions the firing and groveling of D.J. "Greaseman," plus mentions the way rock 'n' roll was injected by the Jews into the cultural mainstream. There is scarcely an area of public life that isn't polluted by Jewish dominance. In a very real sense, the average American is a Jew: no dignity, no privacy, no reserve -- lots of greed and sex and faith in psychiatry.

Black Names

Amusing collection of Black female names and their "meanings."

Taylor on Buchanan: Not a Racialist

Observes he doesn't come across personally as racialist, and has never spoken that way in public. The wish is the father of the perception among White nationalists. They need to ask themselves why they are more willing to accept the lying Jewish media's mischaracterization of him than his own words. The bottom line remains -- Buchanan is not on our side; he pitches multicultural utopia just like the next "conservative."

Hoffman On Dees Vs. Aryan Nations

Says that although Christian Identity has changed from "seedline" views (Talmudic in origin, and meaning that one race or another is descended from angels/devils), the government wishes to keep this characterization alive in the public mind.

People Getting Angry in Vermont

They want to take it back from the government; the high-taxing, boss-you-around, two-queers-in-every-bedroom government. The problem is that Jews and other liberal New Yorkers have moved into and polluted with their presence what used to be a nice old-style state. People haven't been this worked up since Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys.

George Gilder Buys The American Spectator

One of our writers used to work for TAS, and will always have a soft spot for it, no matter how wrong it continues to be on race and Jews. Gilder is going to revamp the mag, reorienting its coverage toward technology and the New Economy. The Spectator began as a student paper in the sixties in Bloomington, Indiana. It was a funny and philosophical anti-radical journal which kept a small circulation up through the eighties. It really took off with the Limbaugh talk-radio revolution that lifted all conservative boats, and with its Troopergate revelations in the early Clinton years, it hit its high mark, with circulation increasing tenfold from 30,000 to around 300,000. At the same time, its coverage shifted from partly to almost purely politics. Where the old Spectator published "Booze and Pot: The Metaphysical Distinction," the newer publication became a slightly to the right New Republic. In other words, it became boring. Satire, fiction, book reviews and philosophy pretty much disappeared. In recent years TAS has fallen back to the 100,000 level. Gilder, who has his own private newsletter with 60,000 subscribers, will push for the techno-utopia of tomorrow he believes is imminent as long as we follow wise policies such as letting in boatloads of immigrant techies who will work for lower wages than natives. Gilder is a very smart man whose books are well worth reading, but a thorough neocon (Jew) on matters of race and nationalism.

How National Review Fell Apart on Race

It used to argue in defense of White rights, whether in the American South, or in South Africa, stating explicitly that civilized people had the right to do what was necessary to protect their civilization from overthrow by a numerical majority. Not anymore. Brimelow's and VDARE's perspective on the change... Good insight in both articles on just how scared the right is these days -- another way of saying, just how carefully controlled the media is -- especially on the right. Brimelow says Jared Taylor's American Renaissance is the most "daring" site he links to. Taylor is the "daring" fellow who runs like a booed-goose from any criticism of Jews. But VNN keeps the faith, and if Buckley's lost the taste for defending White civilization, we haven't.

Horowitz on Racial Profiling

Excellent collection of facts on Black crime and leftist lies hung on the news peg of recent furor over racial profiling, which is nothing more than the fish's attempt to make the cop cast into the cornfield. Horowitz implicitly proves the truth of Thomas Jefferson's assertion that [The] two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government. He just can't afford to say it, because his dogma of cultural determinism and professional and personal interests make him pretend that new social policies can clean up innate Black ills. Don't be fooled by fake conservatives, White man. Stick with those openly advocating White interests.

Divisions Within Conservatism

Brief taxonomy from Peter Brimelow... (Notes on Canada and Canadian conservatism too.)

NYT Attacks Country Singer for Racist Record

David Allen Coe released a couple "X-rated" racist records in the '80s. Now he's working with chart-topper Kid Rock, and the NYT has sniffed him out and is trying to destroy him. Note the writer's casual use of "white-trash" between his maunderings about how horror of an artist decrying niggers. That's the operating double standard at every Jewish paper out there. Check out the CD here...

Negroes at Play: The Specifics on the Toews Murder

The lead savage did 28 knee drops on the face of the comatose Toews. Toews was returning home from his second job, the money from which goes to pay off state so it can continue subsidizing worthless scum like the coloreds in the pack that murdered him. THE TWO RACES, EQUALLY FREE, CANNOT LIVE UNDER THE SAME GOVERNMENT...THOMAS JEFFERSON. This is what he was referring to. The conservative cowards pale at and censor Jefferson's words even as they blanche at the apt term nigger even as they heartily embrace the term "white trash" even as their country dissolves. If we were still a civilized country, these savages would be lynched. As it is, maybe two of the nig-pack will be charged as adults, and the rest will get away scot free. And you can bet your life they will do this kind of thing again. Maybe to you, White man.

The Plot Thickens...

The more the labyrinthine Clinton Mob interconnections are unearthed by brave (or foolhardy) investigators, the more the unthinkable becomes the undeniable...

Schröder Refuses to Back German Expellees' War Claims

Only the Jews pulling his strings can demand compensation for the (mostly imaginary) ills they've suffered, not actual Germans relocated after the war.

New, Far-Reaching Equality Law Paves Way for "Reconstruction" of South Africa

The savages will tutor the civilized, says Mbeki. Although those aren't the exact terms he uses. Meanwhile, de Klerk strokes his peace prize and bloviates about Whites needing to do more to get rid of racism. Section 13 of the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Discrimination Act places the burden of proof on the defendant to prove he hasn't discriminated. Just as in America, racial equality never works out in practice: one race is on top or the other. And when Blacks are on top -- in America or South Africa -- they immediately pule for reparations.

How Propagandized Are the Germans?

This article gives you some idea... Plus, hundreds of rightist demonstrators are stoned by non-haters as they protest the closing of a popular restaurant. See, someone on the Internet mentioned it was a good hangout, so the democratic German pols quickly revoked its license. Note too that the Ministry for the Interior has put out a call to the sixteen states for "incriminating" material helpful in banning the NPD.

Neo-Nazis Involved with Animal-Rights Movement in Britain

Odd twist; new links based on old ideas...

Government Creep Tries to Debase Italian

Italy has a "Commission of Equal Opportunites." One of its nitwits wants to change the Italian language to conform with the Semitical Correctness "gender" police.

White Anthropology: Alps Man "Oetzi" To Be Unfrozen For Study

The 5,300-year-old shepard is the oldest and best preserved mummy in the world.

Click Here!

Changing U.S. Demographics

More Mexicans, more Asians. Here's a story about a county that considered, but rejected, suing the INS for the influx of Mexicans.

A Local's Perspective on Savage Rampages in Washington

He was attacked, knocked unconscious, and cops did nothing, afraid of charges of "profiling." What lesson do you suppose the 85-IQ homies take from that?

Pro-White Teen Numbers Growing in Ventura County, They Claim

Hard to separate fact from fiction here. And no perspective on "hate" crimes committed by non-Whites.

Hillary Helps Jew Pollard

Pulls strings to keep him in cushy prison...

White Slavery Is Business-As-Usual in Israel

Thousands of normal White girls are abducted, drugged and sold as prostitute slaves for greasy Jewish pimps in the parasite state, as even this Jerusalem Post columnist admits.

Ancient Jews Were Liars Too, Jewish Report Claims

Archaeological research reveals Jews were never in Egypt. Never enslaved, never wandered in the desert, made it all up. Of course, this report exploding "myths" of the Jewish patriarchs comes from a Jewish source itself, so we might be reading lies about lies. One thing that isn't a lie is that Jews are a race of nation-killing parasites.

Jews Complain About Pope Pius IX Beatification

Statement from ADL here... Jews, as they praise themselves, are constitutionally unable to mind their own business. That's why they need to be separated from civilized folk.

FBI Has Its "Press" Passes Yanked At Idaho Trial

Posing as media to photograph protesters at Aryan Nations trial. Your tax dollars at play.

Confederate Flag Raising Denounced

The same media that left the colors out of the articles on rampaging, White women-molesting Negroes at Black spring break -- held in the same general area in Mississippi -- takes pains to imply Southern-pridesters are "haters." Anyone who confutes the Jewish Orthodoxy is by definition a "hater." Note the way the photograph reinforces every stereotype about "white trash" -- shirtless, trailer home, Confederate flag -- whereas coverage of Blacks is specifically designed to create a false impression of how intelligent and civilized they are. Jews are liars, White man. Their interests are not Our interests. The sooner we are rid of them the better.

The Other Dark Meat

Yet another tale from the dark side.

Out of the Mouths of Babes...

Mulatto four-year-old prays to God to make him White...

Whites Minority in Britain by 2100

Hard to believe, but that's what the figures project... Not that the demographer making the projection withheld his name for fear of "racism." Here is a wider article about the decline of Whites in Europe. Article on odd racist sect in Britain, similar to Christian Identity.

Britain: Semitical Correctness Trumps Proper Policing

At huge "Caribbean-style" festival cops throw a tent over the circus and pretend nothing's wrong. Just like at New York City's Puerto Rican Day, wherever minorities throng, crime and lies ensue.

Interview with David Schippers: Corrupt Clinton, Corrupt Country

Excellent interview by WorldNetDaily with insider in the impeachment process. Really shows how rotten the American ruling class is. Clinton is corrupt to the bone, and the Republicans, even in the majority, don't have the guts to go after him. This is your Jew-controlled democracy at work, White man -- you know, the one you slave half your hours to pay for? Schippers comes from Chicago where he fought the mob. He says the difference between that mob and the Clinton mob is the mafia has a code of honor.

Straight-A Student Threatens Teacher, Sick of Hearing About "Holocaust"

Sends email, gets in trouble...

White Anthropology: Labs Try to Extract Kennewick Man DNA

As fed decision on bones approaches, three labs struggle to get DNA to test from this ancient skeleton.

Enviros Face Unintended Consequences in the Animal World

An animal murders his fellows. Sometimes even takes a bite of 'em.

This Time It's Seattle: Savages on the Rampage

A pack of Negroes, possibly copying the group in Tacoma, went on a spree assaulting Whites. Note that the Seattle Times conceals the race of the attackers and victims -- and that the reader posts below the article point out the real truth. An America without these savages is achievable, White man -- but only after we deal with the Jews. They are the reason you haven't heard about this crime -- and if they had their way, VNN would be prevented from bringing it to you, too.

Pierce on "Chinese" Invasion

A veiled look at the Jewish issue. As reported here at VNN, Jews today have no higher political goal than clamping "hate" speech restrictions on average Whites. The Jew is your enemy, White man. He will take your gun and tape your mouth, given a chance. Odd that he sees clearly his interests lie in taking your money and ability to defend yourself with words or weapons... Every major Jewish group at this moment is using its influence to get Congress to pass anti-"hate" legislation. "Hate" is anything or body opposed to what Jews want.

Zimbabwe: 410 More Farm Seizures

The economy is crashing. Property rights form the basis of civilized society, but around Blacks, to speak of civilization is to evade the point -- to speak as though one were a Jewish liar such as David Horowitz.

Whites Increasingly Fearful, Says Nobel Prize Winner de Klerk

He sold out White South Africa by dismantling apartheid, did Mr. de Klerk. Now he strokes his Nobel and vapors on about Whites being afraid as their country disintegrates. Lesson: the Jew-controlled media is your enemy, White man. The policies they advocate will kill you and your countries. Thomas Jefferson was right when he said that [T]he two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government. No American "conservative" will ever print this truth in his column or public speech. Only VNN and the pro-Whites aren't afraid to place it before you, White man. Any movement controlled by Jews -- including the American right -- is intellectually bankrupt and socially destructive. We can never go back to America the way it was under the Founders, but we can use the timeless racial truths they respected to assert a new, post-American civilization.

There's Something About Maori II

More on idiotic pro-savage policies in New Zealand.

Safe Sex?: No Such Thing

Details on wild behavior of homosexuals. Has any queer ever stood up in public and assumed responsibility for contracting the death disease?

An English View on Whites As Newest California Minority

Obvious to outsiders: the ballyhooed diversity-as-strength masks ethnic warfare. in 1970, eight out of ten Californians were White. Think about that for a moment. Those responsible for the 1965 immigration act and the failure to enforce the borders are responsible for what California has become.

Blair Pushes for Criminal DNA Database

$200 million set aside...

Jews Attempt to Kill Fifty-Year-Old Tradition

Praying at Texas high school football games... Christians try to figure out a response.

Live Longer With Worms

Anglo-American researchers hailed for nematode breakthrough. Aging is a condition that can be treated through drug therapy, say the researchers. At least in worms...

Savages On the Loose in Tacoma: Media Jews' Latest "Hush" Crime

A gang of a Blacks with a couple Mexicans goes wilding in Washington, attacking a dozen Whites, murdering one. Happened a couple weeks ago, but the AP Jews didn't broadcast it. They were too busy reporting on their Jewish brothers supporting NAMBLA (see next story)...

Jews Side with Pederasts

You can't pray in school, but if you advocate sex with kids, the ACLU is right there to defend you. Both positions serve Jewish interests by destroying White cohesion, the eternal goal of Jewish politics.

Immigration: Elite Tool for Nation Killing

Szamuely, a Jew, gets at the right's motive for supporting open borders: cheap labor. The other side, the destruction of White cohesiveness as a Jew-leftist political goal, he ignores. Good statistics.

Barak Calls Palestinians "Crocodiles"

The murderer heading up the parasite state has a long history of what's called hate when it comes from a non-Jew.

White Raises Questions About Black Docs, Grovels After Criticism

He asked obvious questions about affirmative action for colored docs, local Black pols started crying, he quickly apologized...

Salon on Germany

Rundown on the recent murder trial, the prospective banning of the NPD, some quotes from political scientists... No one pauses to acknowledge that the neo-Negroes in any mid-sized American city murder more people annually than the "neo-Nazis" in the whole of Germany.

1993 Interview with General Otto Ernst Remer

Solid geopolitical analysis. The late Remer was one of the youngest German generals at the end of the war, and here he speaks with Ahmed Rami of the Islamic paper ALSHAAB. They say the American press is free and the Arab press censored. Which American paper would dare print this?

Basque Separatists Slay Four

They want a separate homeland covering parts of Spain and France. Who knows if their claims are reasonable? What's interesting is that White separatist movements anywhere are denounced by the Jew-controlled media, while colored rebel movements are generally approved. The reason is that the Jews look askance at anything that decentralizes power in White countries because that makes it hard for them to control.

America On the Verge of a New Dark Age?

So claims this ex-Rhodesian freedom fighter...

Another Vietnam In Colombia?

So fears Justin Raimondo....

A Heart-Warming Bedtime Story

Read it to your kids...

Interview with Ralph Steadman

Mildly interesting talk with the guy who illustrated Hunter Thompson's books...

Interview with Finkelstein: Wiesel a Pampered Fraud

A revealing, if hostile, interview with Finkelstein, who makes the point that true Jewish survivors put more faith in the German government than in their money-grubbing fellow Jews. What emerges from his picture is what a singularly greedy, dishonest, manipulative, lying pack of scoundrels make up official Jewry and Jews as a body, for that matter. Yes, Elie Wiesel really is a good representative of Jews as a class of lying, crying swine.

Worm's Eye View of Iraq Amidst American Bombing

The extortionist Jews demanding pay for the "Holocaust" are the same ones who have driven America's warring on Iraq in the Middle East. The murderous bombing continues -- though the controlled news has long since shut up about it -- to the tune of over 500,000 dead Iraqi children. Jews are lying parasites, White man. Association with them endangers your own future, because they will embroil you in a war in a minute if they think it furthers their plans. Do you wish to live in freedom and peace, White man? There Is No Way Out But Through the Jews.

Boss Tuna Using Executive Orders to Assault Gun Rights

The Democratic Party has been the tool of the Jews funding it for decades. Jews are notorious for using any means to get their way; now the legislature, now the courts -- now the executive. NRA's Metaksa illumines the details in Clinton's use of EOs to curtail the Second Amendment. Also, some numbers on crime after gun control in Australia...

Home-Schooling: A Perspective

HS is a way to keep your kids away from the destructive, anti-White, anti-civilizational lies taught in public schools. Most of the PS teachers who preach it, and most of the families and students who suffer it, aren't aware of the Jewish-leftist provenance of the garbage stuffed into their minds, they merely recognize some of the negative symptoms. The writer provides some decent, if Semitically Correct, perspective on a movement embracing 2 million kids and growing fifteen percent a year. Keep your kids away from Jew-dogma-promulgating public schools and Jewish-controlled television, and you have the building blocks for raising civilized children, White man.

Australia Says No to Bossy U.N.

Note how the leading paper immediately jumps in on the U.N.'s side after the detestable body expresses its concern over Australia-Aborigine relations...

Minorities Spread in Northwest

And in Boston, White births outnumbered by minorities for first time...

Germany: State Worker Fired for Paying Rightist for Inside Info

Typical idiocy that occurs when the government criminalizes opposition...

Judge Blocks Pro-Life License Plate

Yet another example of the leftist imposition of extremist morality. Judges today make decisions on all kinds of things where they have no business. That continues until we refuse to obey them.

Shark Kills Floridian

Also, South African Black girl painted white for shoplifting.

Minorities the Majority in California

Whites slide just under fifty percent.

Hitchens on Boss Tuna

Details on the rapist's rule as the Noriega of the North American Banana Republic... Hitchens tells Horowitz' club luncheon that Clinton is an "unusual and potentially monstrous" politician. The British half-Jew lambastes his complicit peers in the Jewish Industry. This is a deeply unfunny account of the state of the elite political and media class, which under Clinton has been characterized by the institutionalizing of the techniques of manipulation, distortion and corruption.

Russian Collapse: A Real Possibility

Sucked dry by Jewish gangsters, who knows what the future holds?

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