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Nation-Killing Christians

Criminally insane and treasonous Christian churches opening the gates of the U.S. to invasion by sewer people. "Someday this will be their Ellis Island," yeah right. Sewer people are different from Whites, they are incapable of creating another America. However, they are capable of making America another Mexico. Jews know this, but the people they are fooling, the liberals/Christians, don't get it. Maybe the latter will get it when they get their homes invaded by Mexicans, or catch tuberculosis, or their daughters get raped and infected with AIDS. Gresham's law states that bad money drives out good, and so it is everywhere else: the good cannot improve the bad, but the bad can drag down the good.

Britain: Importing New Rioters

Public angry at illegals? Make them legal! Here Church of England Archbishop endorses a new catechism which suggests that homosexuality is divinely inspired. Here biased Guardian report (to make a redundancy) on Oldham, race and the BNP, which has just had "its best-ever performance in a general election." Not a word of criticism of Asians, nor a whisper of the anti-White crimes they commit. Here on racial riots in Cardiff after WWI. Here on the recent riots from a pro-British perspective. Compare with the Guardian article. Here on nigs bein' nigs in Britain.

"Holocaust" Industry Selection...

Finkelstein on "Holocaust" hoax-literature... Jews seem to have a racial inability to tell anything straight. Exaggeration, tearful lamentations are second nature to them. More here. Here Britain marks Anne Frank Day. "It's the gift that keeps giving all year long, Clark." Here a Swiss yid shuffles off his mortal coil, involuntarily. A letter on "Holocaust" here. Here on WWII and atrocities. Here on WWII film fraud from Pinewood. Here bones, ashes of estimated 200 Jews exhumed at Jedwabne. Jewish author stated in recent book that 1,600 had been killed.


A kitten? No, a witch. ...a small kitten wandered onto the pitch while the game was in play. Elsewhere in the world such an action would have been a mild amusement. The game would be temporarily halted and referees and players would try to capture the poor animal and remove it to safety. And one would think that this is what should have happened here as well. The game did stop and players and the referee did chase the terrified kitten down. Once the referee had the animal captured, he stomped it to death. The reason: it obviously was a witch. I am not making this up. They argued that the cat was there to curse one of the teams and make them lose the game. No one was sure which team was being hexed so everyone joined together to horribly slaughter this kitten. But of course all this is simply the natural result of misguided "culture." When we let these darklings into the U.S., as we do by the millions, they immediately buy a computer and start reading Horowitz' frontpagemag and become neoconservatives and vote Republican. Here some of Soweto's finest black girls rape a deaf boy. No joke. Here see George Lincoln Rockwell's Boat Ticket to Africa.

American Roundup

Black woman fabricates racist incident. Here on recent examples of Semitical Correctness. Here Potok yips about hate groups. Here Curtis sentenced to three years. McVeigh executed. More here. Here a collection of quotes relating to blacks and Jews. Here on Jews and Poles. More here. Here on stoopid kids in S.F.

The First White Men in America

They were here before the reds, as evidence shows. Story about 18,000-year-old Cactus Hill, a site in Virginia. They also found evidence to support one of the most provocative developments of our time: the growing suspicion among physical anthropologists, archaeologists, and even geneticists that some of the first people who settled in the New World were Europeans.

Media: Paid Ads Disguised as Articles Is Rule in Russia

How often does this happen in America? Here a Russian prison; even in Russia, niggers make good criminals.

What Really Happened in Oklahoma: Tim McVeigh Was Not Alone

This is the relevant section of Ambrose Evans-Pritchard's The Secret Life of Bill Clinton. More important than even this selection is the fact that the controlled media completely ignored the leads E-P's conversation with Andreas Strassmeir presented. Blame it all on McVeigh, poison him, declare it over -- that's the government's way of handling it, and the controlled media play along. Once they had their wirephoto of the bleeding baby, it was case closed.

Spies in the Post Office

Invidious as well as incompetent, the Post Office reports know-your-customer data to the feds.

Leftists Spew Hate on Griffin in Oldham

Good photo... Griffin gets sixteen percent.

Gooks Invade Canada

Jews are hazardous to White health. They control immigration policy, which allows discoloreds to flood our land with feculent foreigners. Jews are the enemy, White man.

Jewish Hate on the Rise in Canada

Is there a more hateful and vengeful race than the Jews? Which? Title link to story about Canadian more or less hounded to death by the tolerant self-chosen; followed by a story about yids successfully pressuring the removal of yet another speaker. No criticism, please -- we're Jewish. The truth frightens us. It's against our interest that you are free to speak it. These stories help us understand why Canada is considered the least free country in the West. The Jewish religion of the "Holocaust" is state-subsidized, while Christians can't even bring books across the border that talk about Jewish crimes, such as the Holocaust of the Ukrainians, in which millions of people really were killed.

Diversity Equals Perpetual Conflict

Our greatest strength? No, our biggest lie. Here slant-eyed folk complain that there's no school named after mongol. Here on hospitals hiring foreign nurses. They'll do anything to find nurses except pay more.

Christians Aid Mexican Invaders

And when these diseased panchos settle in and begin raping and murdering their relatives, the Christians will turn the other cheek. What a pathetic lot most Christians are these days. They wouldn't stand up in public for five minutes to defend their own race, but they'll lug gallons of water to the middle of the desert and think themselves noble. If someone were telling them that the "Christian" thing to do was to protect White culture and shoot Mexican invaders, that's exactly what they'd be doing. Notice that the local INS agent says his mission is saving lives -- not defending the border. Again, the relevant question is: Why do we have mass invasion from Mexico when poll after poll shows nobody wants it? The answer is that the government is not controlled by the people; the media owners, Jews or gentiles subject to Jewish pressure, make up the de facto ruling class. Read the insane quotes from the people interviewed. Directly from the pages of Camp of the Saints.

Diversity Is Our Greatest Strength

Asians getting beat up by brown and black chimps at their local high school.

Segregation: Works for Israel

Palestinians and Jews just can't get along. So the Jews segregate the Pals. That's fine for them, perfectly moral. But when Whites demand the same for blacks, we're racists and evil. One standard for Jews, another standard for Whites. Jews march around with submachine guns, lock up Pals in tiny, nasty areas. But if you Whites want to separate drooling niggers from your young girls, you're racist, and we'll froth at the mouth denouncing you. We are Jews, we are hypocrites. We are interested only in what's good for our group, and we will never acknowledge our double standards. But we will enforce them. And since you are too cowardly to resist us, why should we change? More here.

Sheep-Row in Canada Over Honoring Mandela


Non-British Riots

Typical story about police racism and innocent coloreds. Britain, but could be America or anywhere else you've got a Jew-controlled press. More on Leeds riot here. The Paki simians throw gas bombs at the cops because...the cops are racist.

The Myths of the Sewer-People

Mexican culture? Can such a thing be? Here on political problems integrating browns and blacks.

Media: How They Lie: Blacks Aren't Violent

Does your gut tell you that blacks aren't as violent as portrayed on tv? Yeah, right. The media are so shot through with the Semitically Correct world view they can't imagine the rest of us aren't. The fact is, particuarly in entertainment, that blacks are very rarely portrayed as criminals, as Ben Stein and other analysts have noted. The Jewish writers and producers believe that although blacks make up most of our criminal class, the "system" is to blame. So they write it so that the real crooks are WASP businessmen. News, having to stick, say, ten percent closer to reality to be at all persuasive occasionally does show black criminals, although with every extenuating circumstance added to the scale.

Federal Death Penalty Biased Against Whites

Like everything else the Jew-controlled government is associated for in-depth documentation and analysis of this, plus data on current residents of death-row.

Sixties Conformity: The Rule, Not the Exception

Sobran on Dylan and protester-herds...

Roosevelt Knew

Lying movies are one thing, reality another... The truth is there for the interested, all two of you.

Bush Administration Attacks WorldNetDaily

Con or lib, what's the difference? Accusations of "neo-racism," whatever that is...

White Archaeology: The Floor of the Mediterranean

Sunken city of Herakleion... German sub found in Gulf of Mexico...

Gray's Power Grab

This is the future, people: Serried ranks of people too stupid not to be lied to by pols. Demagoguery the order of the day. The inevitable result of letting in every Mexican who can make it, and long decades of telling people what they want to hear rather than the truth.

Brown Power View of L.A. Mayoral Election

The sewer-people lambaste Jew-sellout Villaraigosa. We feel your pain, people of brown...

Kennewick Update

The latest on our ancestor, and the battle to have him studied. News report here. Other work here. More here on ancient jasper find.

White History: Egypt

It's ironic that, as the Propasphere is accelerating its campaign to disguise the fact that most world history is White history, more and more evidence is demonstrating that our role in shaping the great cultures of the earth has been greater than even white "supremacists" have imagined...

Kitty Bonzai

In case you needed additional proof that the chance to be "outraged" over Website content is just too tempting to be short-circuited by common-sense (or a sense of humor), you should know that this site -- one of the funniest we've seen -- triggered a fierce and frantic cascade of e-mail "protest."

Gypsy See, Gypsy Sue

The nimble-fingered folk watch the master swindler, file suit agin IBM... Another swindling rabbi... Oy! Freedom of religion, it's!

Standoff That Was

Libertarian comments on Idaho and the lying, incompetent government... Here on Ruby Ridge.

Ready for War

We need a White Hamas.

Infected Mexicans: Their Tuberculosis Invades Your Lungs and Wallet and Kids

The canting yids at the Wall Street Journal say these infected sewer people are our "greatest strength" and we need to tear down whatever's left of the border and let all 100m of them in. Well, not everybody likes to swim in the sewer with yids and their turd-world buddies. WSJ is just another Jewish hate paper aimed at destroying Whites by denaturing their country and turning the resultant mulatto melange over to the New World Wall Street. More Mexicans, more niggers, more areas of the U.S. off limits to Whites. It's that simple. The WSJ and the Jews who own and edit the media know and intend what is happening; they are with malice aforethought causing the genocide of the White race. And they are succeeding. We must turn the tables... Mexican fruit? May want to check for poisonous bacteria, hepatitis, salmonella. Here Aztlan defeated for now in L.A.

Cops Murder National Alliance Member

The incident was initiated when biped German shepherds went to Eric Hansen's house to arrest him because his gun permit had expired. Where in the Second Amendment does it say you need a permit? The federal government is illegitimate because it will not live by the laws it is bound by. Anything that anybody does to take it down is justified. But think before you act, White man. White men murdered by two-footed shepherds enforcing illegal laws is the symptom; Jew is the disease. Fight the Jew, White man. He is the root of the symptoms you see around you in daily life. More here.

Culture: Explanation? No. Jewish Big Lie? Yes

Hundreds of years ago, economic knowledge was scanty. People spoke in the religious jargon because it was the only language they knew. So it is today: We speak about social issues as though the Correct attitude toward biological facts can make them disappear. Cowardly con columnists tell us to "grow up" and get beyond race, as though that had anything to do with it. Having ceded moral legitimacy to the Jew-led left and acceded in its egalitarian lies about racial equality, they collect their paychecks and hop with both feet on anyone they don't feel they need to respect. But biology, race and nature exist whether we acknowledge them or not. In the long run they will out. Whether we are still around to see that day is another question. When so many solid White men are led astray by snakeoil salesmen like Horowitz with their magical "culture" elixir, it seems likely we may not. The story at the title link offers a perfect example of what I'm talking about: Jews try to lie away nigger sex attacks (at school) as a result of bad culture rather than nigger biology. That is Semitically Correct know-nothingness at its White-destroying worst. The Jews who are pitching these lies are our worst enemy, for without them we could acknowledge and clean up our black problem in short order. The Jews created the tv culture this school administrator denounces, and the Jews destroyed segregated schooling that protected White kids from drooling 70-IQ Negroes. The Jews are directly responsible for what these hominids do to White students.

Celtic Festival in Leesburg, Va.

June 9th and 10th... Might be a good place to do a little consciousness raising.

A Jewish Insider Speaks

No idea what the background is here, but worth reading... Part two here. Here Jews scream for blood.


Where Jew-led Bolsheviks murdered the elite of the Polish nation. They decapitated Poland, just as they decapitated the Baltic countries. Trust a Jew, and you may well pay with your head, White man. And, before I forget, the decapitation was not merely covered up for fifty years by the Jewish liars in the dominant media, it was blamed on the Germans. Jews are like that. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. Don't listen to what Jews say -- all you'll get is the camouflage verbiage of compassion, tolerance and diversity -- watch what they do.

Pure-D(etroit) Nigger

First, a nigger abducts a White girl. Hint to all you White moms out there. If a nigger shows up on your doorstep, call the cops. Don't let him take your daughter. Niggers aren't the friendly funky folk they show on MTV. They're beasts. They will prey on you and yours if you give them the chance. They are land sharks. Here other Detroit Negroes firebomb...again. Nigs are like that. Nigs burn, but nigs never learn. Anybody for roast niglet? Mmmm!....smells good. Get your fingers out of that, Idi!

Click Here!

Media: How Internet Is Changing Israeli Coverage

Read Fisk on the way Jews try to quash coverage of Parasite Central. And the Israeli lobby groups in the States don't know how to react. Several papers, including The Independent, have been bombarded by hundreds of letters and e-mails from supposedly outraged American "readers" - most of them from parts of the United States where The Independent, for example, is not on sale - and many of them written in vitriolic, even violent language. A number have been written in answer to an appeal from an outfit called "", which carries a series of misleading and, in some cases, untruthful statements about my own articles. As we always say, the Jews make their way by smears through the dark, because the truth is not on their side. Smearing, lying, crying -- Jews at work.

Wolfe Attacked by Dogs

Wolfe is the only famous writer who will write the negative truth about Jews. His Ambush at Ft. Bragg, which appeared in Rolling Stone a couple years ago, is the best example, although another could be found in Bonfire of the Vanities. It is interesting that the people at the bottom and top in terms of public respect -- William Pierce and Thomas Wolfe -- depict Jews negatively, as did Shakespeare. All those in the middle -- Semitically Correct Grisham springs to mind -- keep up pretenses. Getting back to Ambush, if you haven't read it, you should. He really rips into the dishonesty and cowardice and greed that characterize the 60 Minutes types who produce tv's so-called newsmagazines. By contrast he characterizes a German-American as a noble and selfless doctor.

Wogs Light Up Leeds in Premeditated Riot

Uppity boscoes need to be return mailed to the greasy Ganges.

Queer Prom

Can I bring my dog-date since there's no prom specifically for us?

Description of Burton Document on Jewish Ritual Murder

Anybody who can get the text of this document, please forward... Here a supposed or real interview with a Jew. Fiction is the truth in the lie, says Steven King, which is why you should laugh when you hear a Jew saying the Protocols are made up. Made up or real, they accurately portray the Jew and his machinations. I'd say the Protocols are every bit as real as the "Holocaust," with the difference that the Protocols aren't directed toward a sinister end. As the Jew says, there's no business like Shoah business.

Jews Attack Traditional American Culture

The Christian cowards will denounce the "secular humanists" pushing this all-too-common court case. They mean Jews, but are too cowardly to say it. They might lose their jobs. Principles are one thing, but paychecks are another. Right Christians? Right John Daugherty? Right Linda Bowles? Right Lew Rockwell? Prediction: One day the type of people filing this lawsuit will come under terrorist attack by enraged White Americans. There aren't enough FBI timeclockers in the land to protect them, as the Rudolph fiasco shows, and taking them out would make the point directly, unlike the McVeigh-government bombs that blew up the Murrah building. It won't happen today; it probably won't happen tomorrow; but I predict it's coming sooner than people think. The Jews have gone too long without serious opposition. They have grown stale and complacent, and they will overreact like you wouldn't believe when it happens. Remember, folks, there is only a very thin scum of Jews floating on top of the bubbling American cauldron. There are a few million of them; there are a couple hundred million of us. When it comes down to it, if we take care of business in our area, they'll be on the run. The German shepherds (by which I mean Whites generally and German-Americans specifically -- pull your heads out of your ass) in the cops and federal police are the real problem. If you know a cop, keep working on him, White man. Show him how he's discriminated against on the job; make the connection to larger politics. These are the people we need to get on our side. They live on the street, they see what's going on. Help them understand if they don't already. Your efforts and the ongoing niggerization of the military (already more than 1/3 minority/women) and the deteriorating street situation will tell over time. This is a long-term battle, people. If you can't contain your anger any longer, THINK before you do anything. Don't waste yourself. McVeigh, as reported here, has said that he might well have adopted targeted assassinations as his method rather than gross bombing if he had to do it over. Think before you act, White man. Here judge refuses to get in way of McVeigh poisoning.

Media: How They Lie: Jewish Liars at NYT Promote Black Reparations

Ostensibly the title link is to a news story: Calls for Slavery Restitution Getting Louder. The truth is that, as they did with the anti-White laws they called "civil rights," Jews are using their media to push their anti-White politics. They know Whites don't want to pay niggers a penny more than they already are, so they are slowly upping the pressure, a story at a time, portraying as inevitable what a couple years ago was unthinkable. There is absolutely no "news" in this story. It is published solely to increase pressure toward the day when Whites give in for the umpteenth time and buy off the niggers yet again. And notice, as we have said before, that Horowitz' anti-reparations ad had the effect of legitimizing and mainstreaming the issue although ostensibly intended to argue against what it effectively promoted. The Jews are our enemy, White man. You realize that, don't you?

Republicans: Queer-Friendly, White Hostile

We're here. We're queer. We're not just asses anymore! You can advocate the rights of homosexuals and the Republicans will support you. But if you advocate the rights of Whites, the "exits are clearly marked," as sugarwater/tent pitcher Bob Dole said. Any of you Limbaugh listeners out there hear the alarm clock? Wake up and smell the coffee mug, people -- this isn't some kind of game. You and yours are being written out of the picture by both major parties. Until you recognize that pro-queer Reps is the symptom, but Jew is the disease, and that there's no way out but through that Jew, your race and culture will keep dwindling.

Cultural Destruction

Paul Craig Roberts diagnoses our condition, but won't mention the disease: Jews. How typical. And he throws out the standard con line about modern-day brownshirts, Nazis and all that. How typical. Here on fed thugs shooting Branch Davidians. What else is government withholding in McVeigh case? Here an old one on Jews hating and fearing Prof. Kevin MacDonald. Truth hurts. Jews move to suppress.

Britain: Blair Will Win

So says Taki... "Never in my 35 years of covering British elections have I seen such a grinning hyena of a megalomaniac..." According to Stern, which sells more than one million copies a week, Blair's Britain is a land of poverty comparable to the Third World, with failing public services and a totally incompetent government. Not to mention race-riots and cops who scurry around trying to overhear racist conversations... It is truly sad that Britain is in such horrible condition, but the best thing we can do for it today is understand how it got that way. In no small way, vodka-teat Winnie and the cigar-chomping con pseuds who worship him over here are responsible. Too, uh, timid to play it straight on race, they've abandoned the field to the left, with predictable results. The average Brit is more concerned about a football player married to a pop singer than the lies being told by Blair's gang. The average Brit is dirty and unkempt and grossly undereducated by comparison to other Europeans. The country is horribly crime-ridden. (I live in Cadogan Square, probably the poshest square in London, yet crime in the area is rampant; I was attacked by three black youths some time ago, and Charles Glass was attacked also; there is not a single person I know who hasn't got a horror story). None of the public services work well, and public transport is the worst in Europe. Even the famous English manners are quickly disappearing. English yobs (skinheads who drink beer and whose idea of a good time is to beat up a cripple) are now the norm, and civility an almost dirty word. It's time somebody starts knocking heads in the White West, or we're going down the shithole as well as the memory hole. Here's a simple plan I proffer the British, entirely free of charge: 1) wogs out; 2) yids out; 3) gibbets for Phony Tony and his band of simpering flits. You have to clear the land before you can grow the crops.


Sobran... What is the fascination with the guy these days? But Sobran is right: look at what he said, and what he did. Not what interested Jews and Sunday School teachers lied about him. He authorized thousands of arbitrary arrests and shut down hundreds of newspapers. Critics of the government were rounded up, jailed, and tried (if at all) by improper military courts, even when the civil courts were operating normally. Thus was the Constitution minus a few provisions of the Bill of Rights, of course "preserved." Lincoln had to violate it in order to save it.

Reese on Quigley

Carroll Quigley was a Georgetown professor who taught, among others, Bill Clinton. He wrote Tragedy and Hope, which details the international Anglo-American-cum-Jewish-Wall Street elite's global plan/conspiracy to create a New World Order, in which nation states fade into insignificance and really smart people like Strobe Talbott take over the brainwork for the rest of us. The book is over 1,000 pages, but it is readable, and worth reading. "There does exist and has existed for a generation, an international Anglophile network which operates, to some extent, in the way the radical Right believes the Communists act. In fact, this network, which we may identify as the Round Table groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other groups, and frequently does so. I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for 20 years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960s, to examine its papers and secret record." Quigley, now dead, supported the conspiracy.

Shark Attacks Lied About Like Land Shark Attacks

Good shark article by Fontova. Note his point that what stats say about shark attacks, like nig attacks, doesn't capture the full flavor of reality. Many simply aren't reported... A good nonpolitical example of reality is skewed by people out to make a point: sharks aren't dangerous; or aren't that dangerous. The point here is: YOU are responsible for thinking about what you read. Not the writer, not the editor, not the wanker on the telecast -- YOU.

A Columnist With Guts

Egyptian volunteers to martyr himself in fight against Israel. How about that? Maybe it's time to develop a White Hamas, eh?

Mucho Mas, Says Hamas

"By all means" it will fight the hate state. And three of four Palestinians agree... Bad news for Jews. Good news for the rest of us.

Scotland: Six-Year-Old Accused of "Hate" Crime


Negroes and Their Apish Sexual Mores

More about brothas living on the low down... The Shower Rangers are right, eh, White girls? These niggers do make attractive partners, don't they? "I like girls. I have a girl," Tevin says with a smirking shrug. "But every once in a while, 'cause women can be very stressful, I might chill with a dude. And it's just having fun. If something pops off, it pops off. Give each other a pound and meet up later." How 'bout them niggers... But remember, brothers on the DL are just the symptom, Jew is the disease. The shower rangers at MTV laugh as they award "best kiss" to nigger-White osculation in propagandistic Save the Last Dance at their annual MTV Movie Awards show. How the Jews laugh at the misery they spread by preaching miscegenation to White girls, the prime audience MTV is directed toward. What should we do about our Jewish Problem, White man?

Zimbabwe: Top Chimp Dies

Murderous Hunzvi now pollutes hell rather than hell on Earth. While upright he led the invasion of some 1,800 working farms; the black workers of which are now sitting around sucking their thumbs, wondering what happened. Monkey see, but monkey sure can't do.

Jews: Genetically Foreign to Europeans

"Despite the Ashkenazi Jews' long residence in Europe, their Y signature has remained distinct from that of non-Jewish Europeans."

On Race Riots in Britain

Many of these young boscos say: "Why shouldn't we be here? The English came to our parents' countries without being asked, and lorded it over them, and insulted them, and milked their economies, and looted their historical relics, for 200 years. Well, now it's payback time!" Here con man Hague says discolored immigration's not a problem. Run, little man, run... Here on old man busted for sending "hate" letters. Or masterminding a nine-year hate-mail campaign. Much worse than a Yardie murder or a Paki petrol bomb. Here Jews "uneasy" about sale of letter discussing their propensity for ritual murder of Gentile children.

Flag Removal in St. Louis

Democrats and Dems Lite are not on the side of Whites. Many Whites recognize this. Most don't. And here, for those of you who don't get enough Semitical Correctness in your everyday lives, is a site that surely vies for the most S.C. site on the 'Net. There's nothing like being lectured on cultural relativity by a woman named "Three Rivers" whose ancestors could whip up a mean plate of acorns and crickets... Here on the kid attacked for Confederate flag on book cover. Cowardly White suck-up pols make these attacks inevitable. Pro-White politics is the only way to go. The Reps and Dems are controlled by Jewish money, and they are willing to sacrifice every last White man to preserve their positions. Here on pro-White activity in Utah.

Poland, Jews and WWII

Comments on the brutality of the Soviet invaders. And here, read why the world knows the Jew as a parasite disloyal to the host nation: The Poles watched the Soviet invaders with a mixture of revulsion and fear. Not a few of us cried. But as disconcerting was the emergence of a local Jewish militia which was friendly to the Red Army and had made its apperance even before the enemy had marched in. Armed and organized its first task was to arrest the students and Boy Scouts who had been posted as guards and who carried old carbines in some cases taller than them. The Jews roughed up the shocked youngsters who had considered their captors as friends and classmates, before turning them over to the Soviets from whom they had prior directions. What was the fate of those young Poles? In many cases torture and death. This Jewish militia would help carry out the Soviet's dirty work during their occupation. My family would fall victim to them. Naive White Americans reading this should realize that the same thing would have happened in the U.S. if the Soviets had invaded. And that Jews today are a fifth column for the New World Order, which they think they'll run. How come we never read about any of these Jew-perpetrated horrors in Judeo-government schools? Because the ideas that the nitwit elementary teacher puts into the ears of your kids, traced back far enough, originated in some Columbia Teachers College ideologue, probably a Jewish one. Notoriously stupid education majors are nothing but repeaters and amplifiers for dangerous nostrums received from on high from the alien. The Jew is the enemy, White man. Home-school your kid. The Jew-fed public "school" indoctrinators will train your kid to hate your heritage; only you can ensure that doesn't happen. Interesting links to Polish history here. He mentions a book: Paul, Mark. Neighbours - On the Eve of the Holocaust: The Polish Minority and Jewish Collaboration in Soviet-Occupied Eastern Poland, 1939-1941. Toronto: PEFINA Press, 2001. Sounds interesting. It is very difficult to get hold of books criticising Jews, because system gatekeepers -- booksellers, librarians and publishers -- tend to weed them out.

The Jew-Instigated Ukraine Famine

Lots of talk about Anne Frank. Hush-hush when it comes to the horrible crimes perpetrated by the Franks. Do you know who Lazar Kaganovich was? Do your kids? Teach them about the Jew who murdered literally millions of Ukrainians. You can bet your Judeo-government "school" won't. Here a Pole refutes the lies of an American Jew about Jewish-Polish relations. Jews truly are, as Schopenhauer said, the great masters of the lie. It doesn't matter what field either, whether it's Boas lying that race doesn't exist, or Gould and Lewontin lying about IQ and evolution, Jews always lie, and they always lie in the direction of Jewish interests. Allowing Jews to remain in White communities is to leave a disease untreated and expect not to sicken, White man. Should we do something about our Jewish Problem now? Or should we wait until they round us up and shoot us like the Poles at Katyn?

Horiuchi Can Be Prosecuted, Court Rules

Just maybe... Here all the Time stories you want to read on The Invasion and our non-border, which it celebrates as 'Amexica.' Here MSNBC repeats lies about Pearl Harbor, mentions that the heroic-nigger, a Hollywood standard, has no basis in history. It wouldn't be Hollywood or network media if they told the truth, now, would it? Here UCSD pre-meds help preserve the health of the next generation of border-jumpers.

South Africa: Nigs Murder Eight More White Farmers

Whites should band together and retake power. Here on some of the horrors inflicted by Zimbabwe chimps. Zimbabwe is now falling apart, and the papers still publish stupid articles asking how it could happen to one of Africa's "most promising" countries. The answer is that blacks are incompetent to do anything but jump up and down and eat grubs. Playing government with them is a deadly game. Evolution has left them fit for tramping grass, little else.

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