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Military Guts

Doc refuses to be infected with anthrax inoculation. Here a site that advocates bombing Mexico. Que bueno! Here's a site that lists all American gun laws and explains them in English. Here refuting the lies about the so-called gun-show bill (McCain-Lieberman). Has nothing to do with gun-show loopholes, of course, just a way for the Jews to disarm more White men.

Government Education: One Big Scam

Story about scam-within-the-scam... Here Jew Rothstein rails against homework as a plot to increase inequality. Do you think he tells yeshivas to dumb down their curricula? One standard for Jews, another standard for the rest of us. Here's an online radio station we've heard is good, haven't heard it ourselves.

Animal Wars

Wars that nobody pays attention to kill off millions in Africa. Here American kids, black do you suppose?, want cop-killer to speak at their graduation.


Rameses I? Cherchen mummies here. White Chinese mummies. Notice in the caption it says it was the wool that made them believe the mummies were Caucasian. But actually the DNA, features, skin color and hair were a dead giveaway. Another close-up here. Here a mummiathon on Free Republic.

Never, Never Shall Be Slaves: Jew-Controlled Political Police Cut Website in Britain

It was "promoting racist material." That's illegal in Britain, land of the free. What's racist material, you ask? The facts about recent anti-White riots, for one thing. But essentially, anything that offends the Jew. Anything the Jew doesn't think you should hear. What was that Britain fought to protect in World War II?

Mexicans Die Trying to Break Into White Country

Let the brownies rot in the desert. Better yet, let's adopt a pay-per-pelt policy toward invaders. A civilized country would. Mexicans are biped locusts -- drive your car through any area they occupy. They destroy it, move on to the next. They can't do otherwise -- they're Mexicans. Here Jewish building collapses, killing 25, injuring 300. God weeps, our eyes are dry. Perhaps the building was built super-cheap by Palestinian slave labor. Perhaps Akmed left out a couple nails, kind of like Spitter Jesse. Who knows?

Rosie O'Donuthole: The Fat in the Hat

She came, she sat, she squashed it flat... What could possibly be more contrary to the 'lilting, irreverent' spirit of Dr. Seuss than the obese, obnoxious, tone -and everything-else-deaf Rosie? (Note: Seuss was not a Jew, though he was a leftist. If you stay away from his overt propaganda, his books are good for kids. Nothing will make kids want to kill themselves like See Jane run; Seuss is quick and light and funny, good qualities all. We need fewer leaden dunces among White people; Seuss stirs up the right qualities. Thinking tends to lead away from leftism.) Rosie O'Donnell is a fat, nasty lesbian who uses body language to force her crowd of thick-witted cows into nervous laughter. She is hypocritical beyond the bounds of decency. We don't like her. She is indeed characterized by her vulgarity. Fat, ugly and stupid is no way to go through life, Rosie.

Aryan Nations Buildings Destroyed

Better than becoming a lying, Jew-flavored "human rights" museum... More here, from AP. Here a disgusting story on White kids in Tennessee brainwashed by their teachers with Jewish mythology. I was at Auschwitz too. Weren't you? Wasn't everybody? I was gassed eight, ten! times, yet I survived. A miracle, it's!

Women and Their Studies

This is a must-read article. Women's studies, as you should know, is a political movement masquerading as an academic discipline. Where exists the feminist who prefers thinking to crying, lying and bitching? Not among the ones we've met. Women have their place, but the fact is, if we waited for women to develop civilization, we'd still be living in grass huts, as Camille Paglia observed. "I immediately realized that this was not a traditional academic environment. On the contrary, the class appeared to be a combination of romper room and an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting." ... "When a student bemoaned the evils of patriarchy, the class responded with a round of 'women's studies nods.' When the professor hastily employed the phrase 'subaltern counterpublic,' the students -- as if they knew what that meant -- offered another series of affirming nods. When the instructor informed us that, thanks to her family's frank discussions of gender, her sons put their hair in pigtails and beg to wear dresses to their elementary school, those hip to women's studies convention nodded even more fervently." The White race is disappearing because masculinity has been destroyed. Nobody wants to be a man anymore. And if he did, who would teach him? This insane sickness that has swept over us thanks to the Jewish takeover of media, government and academia is killing us. Boy children wanting to go to school in a dress is the symptom, Jew is the disease. But all the middle-class parents out there will keep shelling out the Ks so their child has the benefit of a "Duke" education. They don't care about the contents, only the name. They are being played for suckers, but they don't realize it. They pay to have their kids indoctrinated by Jews (or non-Jews with heads full of Jewish nostrums) and their own race and culture destroyed. Don't be one of the sheep, White man. And note that what I say is doubly or trebly true of girls: they are much less likely than males to see through their indoctrination. They absorb the Jewish lies utterly unaware. Some of them start to wake up from the Marxist-variant dreams in their thirties; others never do. The lesson for you, White man: kill your Jew-box; home-school your child. This is not the 1800s. We do not live in a time when you can rely upon the wider culture to inculcate your values. You have to make the way yourself, through your own efforts, and by allying with those who think the way you do. Be your own culture, White man. It all starts with killing your tv. If you don't kill your tv, it certainly will kill your children.

Women, and Men

Good article. Are you free when fighting biology? Or working with it? Here on genetic inequality and the attack on Murray and The Bell Curve. Here Jewess beats the drum for single motherhood. Single motherhood has been a disaster for the recent generation. Remember the line from Fight Club, "We are a generation raised by women." Yet another product of Jewish tikkun olam remaking the world. Is tikkun olam for the better? Is America as a Third World country with mixed race children in single mother families a better America?

Red Cross Calls Israel's Settlements a War Crime

History speaks as one: Jews are loathsome nation-killers wherever they are found.

Tyrrell Jailed for 1st Amendment?

The left hates freedom, particularly the freedom of speech when used by the right.

Fred Reed Tires of America

Good column. It's time to discover a new continent, all you Columbuses out there reading this. "It isn't the country I signed up for." Nope, it's been Semitized for Jews' protection. Here latest Paglia. Here on NA activity in Canada. Here on investigation related to NA.

Jews Extort Liechtenstein

The greediest leeches in the world are at it again. By the way, did you notice the way the media acted as one in suppressing the Jewish suit against the U.S. government for failing to bomb the tracks to Auschwitz? It was either a trial balloon to gauge gentile response, or something that the Jews figure the public hasn't been softened enough to tolerate just yet.

New Zealand: Polynesian Violence Threatens Whites

Can't live with 'em, sure could live without 'em. Here a potential Republican recruit in Houston.

Israel: Clear and Present Danger

Every time the potentate of some fifth-rate country fantasizes about nukes we bomb his country into rubble, or threaten it. But the Israels have hundreds of such weapons already, and one day they will use them. Time is not on the Jews' side, and when they are destroyed they are going to go out with a bang. Israel is a terrorist state.

Beaten to Death by Mexicans

People of the sewer killed this street preacher, although the murder didn't take until several years after the '92 riots. Here Jew sniffs the wind, realizes that most Americans don't want brown invasion. He's all for it. Here on nigs with the time to riot. You're working for them, White man, that's why. Black writer blames black leaders for keeping blacks angry and resentful, but the Jew is the one who started it all. The chip on the average nigger's shoulder was put there by the Jew. Intentionally, on purpose, with malice aforethought. Sowing discord is one of Hymie's great talents. Here on a 100-year-old Cuban and his 38-year-old girlfriend.

World War II: A Taste of What They Don't Tell You

Who won WWII? The Jews... Here Japanese whine group complains about Pearl Harbor movie. More here. Nobody contradicts the official version of the "good" war, certainly not the Jews producing this movie. Here is a neat collection of German WWII propaganda, including cartoons, speeches, articles. Very interesting stuff, well put together. Here's a good cartoon on freedom of the press, showing the reality of Jewish control.

The Nazi View of Women

Speech by Goebbels, March 18, 1933... Contrast what he says with, say, the last tv Jew you heard, or Bill Clinton, or any democratic politician. "We do not see the woman as inferior, rather as having a different mission, a different value, than that of the man." . . . "No one who understands the modern age would have the crazy idea of driving women from public life, from work, profession, and bread winning. But it must also be said that those things that belong to the man must remain his. That includes politics and the military." Read this speech and contrast it with the words of any politician you've heard in your lifetime, and I doubt you will escape the conclusion that Goebbels was honest and direct where our Jew-manipulated toads inevitably come off as lying puppets. Compare here with the results of our modern, progressive view of women, as legally encoded by the Jew-feminists. Which is better?

Taki on Race in England

White race is limp, queer, about to disappear. All discussion of race -- by the agreements of all parties -- is illegal in Britain. Hitler shakes his head in the grave. Sodden Winnie slurps at his vodka teat, pisses himself off to sleep. Taki moves to Switzerland. Here Cincinnati will waste 1/3 million on task force to study racial problems. Guess who it will find? Everyone but violent, stupid niggers...

Big Brother: Electronic Spying All the Rage

They know who you are, what you spend, who you talk to... Here on some of the clowning preceding the U.N. racism conference. Here on queer rights versus polygamy.

Farah on McVeigh

For once the notorious suckpoop is up to some good, asking the pertinent questions about the Oklahoma bombing: Why wasn't Strassmeir questioned? Why didn't the ATF show up for work that day? Why is the government lying? Here's a good way to approach the bombing: assume the government did it, and work backwards trying to prove it didn't.

National Alliance Active in Hagerstown, York

All reporters learn at J-school that the first thing you do upon seeing a pro-White statement is call your local Jewish hate group for the interpretation. Isn't it odd that you will never see an article mentioning the National Alliance that doesn't also mention the ADL and its opinion of it? Can you think of any pro-White group contacted for comment on Jewish hate groups like ADL? But the media aren't controlled by Jews, oh no! That's kook talk!

Neo-Nazi Informer?

Correct link. Certain papers remove links after a time, so if you don't find a story, that may be the reason.

Hate Python Sups on Dusky Tot

Read this story and draw the picture in your mind, it's really rather hard to imagine. It is possible that the woman simply fed the newborn to the snake? That sounds horrible, even for a Congoid, but the alternative -- that she failed to notice a python was eating her baby, is hard to believe.


Iranian woman stoned to death for acting in porn movie. Here a vomit-inducing story about Jews and doctoring. Affirmative action and socialism have indeed made it a less attractive career attracting less competent people. It's important to be treated by someone with the correct skin color, not knowledge.

Drunk Nigger Mows Down White Kid

Informed by authorities he'd run over and killed a kid outside the St. Louis zoo, drunk nigger says 'I don't care. Where's my mom?' Meanwhile the White kid's parents were trying to arrange a meeting with nigger to tell him they forgive him. How very Chrisitian; how very disgusting. White genocide in a nutshell. Just like Reginald Denny hopping over the courtroom bannister to embrace the obese negresses who spawned his attackers. When will you learn that you are killing yourself by repaying hate with love, White man? Well, there's always the pie in the sky, eh, Christian?

Media: Southern Scalawag Succeeds Jewish Queer at NYT

The Jews have their man in Raines, who won a Pulitzer for his emetic vaporings about his black housekeeper and the racial truths she introduced him to: i.e., the horrors of civilized Whites segregating the dangerous, stupid Negroes. Raines well knows that racial inequality is news that isn't fit to print at the Times.

Film: Pearl Harbor

More Semitically Correct balderdash about history. FDR, of course, portrayed as a hero with no prior knowledge. Here interesting comments from Jew Gottfried on Horowitz and the Jewish takeover of conservatism (he doesn't describe it that way, of course, preferring to blame managerial state P.C. enforcers). Yet another reason that racialism must remain Jew-free, and make opposition to the Chosen its top priority.

Germany: Is Top NPDer State-Bought?

Report says Tino Brandt's been paid six figures, used money for rightist rallies. Interesting color WWII photos here.

Racist Snake Devours Valuable Niglet

The subtilest beast in the field...hardly! The most racist. Coiled with hate. Stop hate reptiles. This org pays nig crackies not to reproduce.

No Freedom in Romania Either

Book with "Holocaust (TM)," whatever that is, jokes withdrawn by publisher. The tender hearts of the self-chosen were hurt. They're hurt when they wake up in the morning, and hurt when they go to bed at night. And in between. And when they're cashing their extortion check. We must make it our utmost priority to see that the people of the checkbook never, never, never again have their feelings hurt. Our feelings --? But we aren't Jews. Our feelings don't matter. More here. "I express my regret for the macabre and impermissible references to Jews," Tudor said in a statement." Think about that for a moment: impermissible references. See, Jews aren't like regular people. You can't just talk about them any old way you wish. They are special people, and require the protection of special rules.

Whites Take Over Northwest?

Check out the thinking at this new website.... Whites say No! to reparations, nigs say Gimme. Separate or die, White man. Here an L.A. Jew seeks to give illegals the right to attend college. When breaking the law is in Jewish interests, we all ignore it, or talk about inevitability. When rightists break the law -- committing acts of violence like passing out brochures -- it's years in the clink. The Jew is the enemy, White man. It's one standard for him, another for you. Whites are second-class citizens in America because of the Jews. They like it that way and will never change unless we make them. Here on the latest college affirmative-action challenge. Jews support discrimination in favor of Jews, in favor of Negroes and Mexicans, and against Whites. Jews are the enemy, White man. Do you realize that?

Click Here!

Reno Run for Florida Governor?

Shivers pondering run for governor. Here on riots in York. Thirty-two years ago. Nigs riot yesterday in Seattle and Cincinnati but the Jewish media would rather drone endlessly about riots that happened decades ago. Jews like it when Whites are beaten up and killed by Negroes. They love to see White women pulled out of cars and smashed with bottles. They laugh inwardly when White stores are trashed. Their hatred of Whites is all over tv, but you office workers, forwarding your billy-bob joke e-mails making fun of White-trash in West Virginia never pick up on it. The media, the Jews who control the media, figuratively shit on you around the clock and their pleasure is doubled because you never even notice.

Cornell Niggers: Stupid, Violent and Filled with Baseless Pride

We are the truly stupid ones, White man, because we refuse to throw off the Jewish masters who are committing genocide against our race by forcibly integrating it with chimps like these Cornell "students."


The reasons Judeo-government is against it are the reasons you should be for it. More here.

Jews Contra Conservatism

They denatured conservatism and will do the same to racialism too. Are you listening Jared Taylor? Jews go by various names, but the only one that means anything is 'Jew.' Here on the Jewish genocide against the White race.

More on Jewish Inquisition in Canada

Mullins, etc...

Austria: No Making Fun of Jews, Says Judge

Jews are special people who need special rights. They aren't subject to criticism like the people they criticize...and hate. One standard for Jews, another standard for everybody else. The Jew is the enemy, White man.

White Pride? Where?

It has been killed off by Judeo-government agitprop. White girl thinks her people have nothing to be proud of -- compared to Redskins! This has nothing to do with God, the flag, and the Constitution, people. This is the result of a race war in which only one side is fighting. Here on "hate" music. What is "hate" music? It's music Jews want you to hate. What are "hate" groups? Why, they're groups Jews encourage you to hate. Jews are the real haters, White man. There is no way out but through the Jews. Here read about a Jew trolling the Internet for boys. Here you can read about your tax dollars at work building military compound for noxious Hebes. $266 million of your money that Hymie can torture and murder his enemies in peaceful comfort. What could your family have done with that money, White man? Why should the Jews be allowed to profit off the sweat of your brow? Is that fair? Goes on around the clock... Here Memorial Day thoughts. Did we fight WWII for this? Is our Shower Ranger dictatorship preferable to Hitler's White Germany?

America's Spoiled-Rotten Negroes

A very long article makes some good points, but the writer doesn't think as deeply as he imagines.

Mexico Declares War on U.S.

Brown invaders given survival kits by government. Ours or theirs? Either is plausible. The United States used to be a civilized country. Now it's a Jewish sewer. Here on spy Hanssen. Here a globalization story. Displacing Whites with Asians and Mexicans. Whites are being phased out by the Jew-controlled elite.


By omission: article about failure to hire black chemistry profs nowhere mentions how many there are in the country. More lies here, that one in every 100 White British is directly descended from an Asian or African. Here a paper up for sale on Jewish ritual murder. More here. Here an attack on pro-Whites in Scotland. Government by Jew for benefit of coloreds...

You Too Can Become a Holocaust Survivor!

It's this simple!... Jewish cards. Oy!, offputting, it's... More on Anne Frank. The "Holocaust (TM)," whatever that is, perhaps a Jewish social disease.

McVeigh Skeptics

Good questioning of government lies...

Whites in Ancient Asia

More evidence, no matter how misrepresented, that Ayrans were at the bottom of what we think of as civilization.

Global Investor: Nationalism Ain't Dead

Yggdrasil mentions an interview with an investor you can read here. Nationalism and tribalism remain the most powerful forces. No matter how many lies little Jackie Backslap and his beyarmulkah'd buddies tell, that will remain the truth.

White Students Harassed in Seattle

This happens all the time, but the Jewish media don't report it. They like to see White kids harassed. Never underestimate Jewish hatred of Whites. Here's the truth, in the words of a White kid: "[Racism at our school] is not racism like white towards black but blacks toward white," one student wrote. "We are referenced as 'white kid' or 'white trash.' We don't pay attention to this [but] if white people call black people 'niggers' we get beat up. I think it's SICK!!" Another student wrote, "I don't see any white kids harassing black kids, but I do see it the other way around. No racial comments, but they'll jump in the faces of white kids, trying to scare them. Then they laugh about it." Note that this article appears not in the big-time Seattle papers but in a small one.

Suicide Bomber Improves Israel

It is nice to see the Jews reaping what they sow, and no matter what the media say, blowing up Israelis to protest their racist genocidal campaign against Palestine takes courage. The fewer, the proud, the Chosen... Who knows, perhaps the world has been spared a White-abortionist or two, a swindler or two, a Dershowitz, a Schumer, an earlocked-ratling brood sow.

Canada: Jews and the Trouble They Cause

They can't even run their Inquisition correctly. What a curse it is, White man, to allow Jews to live among us. How much trouble they bring us. How bad they are for our nation. How much things will improve when we are rid of them. In Canada, Jews deport without hearings or any legal procedure Whites they don't like. They prevent people from reading books Jews don't think they should read. They work hand-in-glove with non-government Jewish hate groups to smear people and stop them from speaking at shows. Freedom or Jews -- that's your choice, White man. Jews are congenitally and culturally constituted so as to be incapable of living in peace with their neighbors.

German Celebration in Cincinnati

To accompany an article on the German celebration the paper prints a photo of a colored and his crawdad. What could be more German than that? Will his brethren disrupt the proceedings and reduce attendance from years past?

Des Moines: No More Diversity, Thanks!

Diversity is a great weakness, that's why the media perpetually describe it as "our greatest strength." If something's true, you don't have to puff it all the time. Anway, at the title link, Iowa residents show they're a lot smarter than their governor, Vilsack, who has called for the wholesale importation of Mexican weeds. It is simply incredible the way the idea has become second-nature to us that there is something wrong with living amongst White people, or wanting to. This is one of the strongest signs of the power of the Jew-controlled media to instill hatred of Whites even among Whites. Do the Jews who produce the tv shows and your local paper ever worry about Puerto Ricans living around Puerto Ricans and not being exposed to diversity? Of course not. This is a one-way street. Jews are psychologically disordering White people by excreting hate on them through the media, the government and the schools. The Jews are committing genocide against the White race. Here's what the traitorous mayor says: Des Moines Mayor Preston Daniels was somewhat surprised by the poll's findings, especially considering how few minority residents live in the suburbs. "We have to continue to indicate to the public that our community can and should be more diverse and that it will add significantly to the dynamics of our city and our state," Daniels said. This is, quite literally, insanity of the emperor-has-no-clothes variety. When the White race is dead and buried, a curious few intelligent coloreds, perhaps putting together a museum display, will read words like these and reflect on the mass insanity that overtook the White West, terminally ill with the Jewish disease... The Jew is your enemy White man. Fighting the Jew is real politics. Listening to Rush, writing letters to your Congressman is bean bag. Join the National Alliance, and work with others in your area to reclaim the country for Whites. It's entirely legal, and it's worth doing, if you want your children and their children to have a future in this country. Here on SPLC and FAIR doing battle. Note that FAIR is run by a Jew and doesn't believe in discriminating against non-Whites when it comes to immigration.

Media: Godard Pans Hollywood

"I don't think his films are very good," he says of Spielberg.

That Damned Elusive Monkey-Man!

Oogadoogadooga, we are most certainly going to zero in on this hirsute beast and enmesh the scruffy scofflaw in the coils of Indian justice. Would you like a flower?


The man and his meaning for our times. Here read his Politics and the English Language. "The whole tendency of modern prose is away from concreteness." All of you who write us how wrong we are to use 'nigger' (which bothers everybody else but you, as you always tell us) ought to keep that in mind. We will stop using 'nigger' when niggers stop existing. Neutral "black" and abstract "African-American" fail to convey the stinking reality that is the 'nigger.' There is no substitute.

Jews: Scams on Top of Scams

Nazi insurance settlment commission has spent $30m, disbursed $3m. Jews can't even extort honestly. Jews are the enemy, White man.

FBI Wants List of Site Visitors

We pay for these feebs to spy on us. Fred Reed on the electronic cage we're being locked in.

People Smuggling

Big business in Mexico... Again, this is war, whether we realize it and react or not.

The Mess at Brown

Horowitz properly points to the Cossetted Negro, encouraged in every whine and crime. He doesn't point out that there is no biological way the Negro can take advantage of the "equality" his betters insist he possesses. Horowitz is correct in his analysis, but wrong in thinking things could be otherwise. Either White standards or Negro standards prevail. There is no third option. We live in a country where Jewish Big Lies have thwarted the natural order. Horowitz is part of the problem because he pretends with a changed culture everything can be taken care of. Negroes will suddenly start studying and shutting up and succeeding on standardized tests. That won't happen. What will happen is, Negroes will continue to breed and spread, putting more areas of formerly White America off limits to civilized White people. And people like Horowitz will continue to rant, collecting donations from Whites too dim to see that his solution is bogus, no matter how apt his diagnosis.

Killer Mousepox



Not everybody likes Irving's book. More dislike here.

Canada: Action Photos of Jew-Stooges

You pay the taxes. Hymie calls up the secret police and tells them whose house they are to ransack. The Jew is the enemy, White man. The (Canadian branch) yids don't want Eustace Mullins to speak, so they have their government-trained stooges go out and harass the show organizers. Here on other dirty Jews, traditional enemies of the truth.

National Alliance in Red Deer: Posters Are Completely Legal

Still, note what a cop says: "Obviously, we are interested in identifying and speaking to the person who is distributing this in Red Deer," says a constable. Why is it obvious that police would pursue someone who's not committing any crime? A Brave New World!

Advice for Women

On lesbians, feminists and good-looking women...

Catholic League Attacks Sumner Redstone for Hate Film

Of course the Catholics are right, but they ought to remove the beam in their own eye: sponsoring thousands of illegal invaders; hiring thousands of priestly pedophiles. Religion is not the appropriate basis for attacking the Jew: race is.

Home-Schooling Beats Judeo-Schooling Every Time

You are interested in teaching your kids. The Judeo-government is interested in indoctrinating them. Here Aryan Nations "compound" may be burned instead of made into human rights center. More here. Isn't it odd that a Boston paper wouldn't dream of printing anything about, say, the White-hating nigger who murdered Kevin Shifflett, or the Wichita Horror, but speculates at length on a nameless building in rural Idaho. Here smoke Smokey shoots Cin-jig yid- style. Here on the little jig that could...shoot his teacher. Apes belong in Africa. America for Whites. Here a thick, intellectual but decent piece on immigration.

Radical Shit

The Jew-led left are the intolerant haters. And they are greedy, money-loving hypocrites to boot. Here Cockburn on Vidal and McVeigh. Here on the rest of the world, sick and tired of the Jew-controlled, murderous U.S.

Aschcroft: ADL-Approved

Conservatives are fork-tongued cowards. As this LAT article shows, Ashcroft has advanced every single item on the liberal "civil rights" agenda. Whether it's Ashcraft encouraging discrimination against Whites, or Gilmore in Virginia hastily rescinding boilerplate praise of European-Americans, nobody has any excuse for thinking that Republicans defend the White race. Republicans are not the answer, Republicans are part of the problem. Here Berkeley takes a step toward increased discrimination against Whites, while half-wit coloreds cheer their applause. Here Bushy Jr education plan will allow queer elementary-school teachers to beat prisoners with leather whips if they can't dress a banana in under three seconds. Home-school your child, White man. Otherwise don't complain if your kid develops the brains of a nigger and the morals of a bathhouse queer.

Zionist Lackeys Want to Melt Wax Arafat

This is ridiculous. Maybe they could replace it with a wax diorama of a Jew shooting a baby.

Russian Sex Trade

Big business.

White Pride: Celtic Festival

Near Frederick, Md... White pride girl here, by Tsun. Here National Front activities in U.K. Here British interracial crime stats. Here on FBI. Here on Semitically Correct prosecution in York, Penn. Here it's Hiphop Appreciation Week, sponsored by Jew Schumer. Here an anti-racism festival in England. Same globe, same garbage. Here on AIDS on the lost continent.

New R.P. Oliver Articles

Posted by Kevin Strom, thank you very much... Here's one from the old Liberty Bell, about anti-White commissars in Oregon. Here on the hallucinatory drug of Christianity, and its effects on White South Africans.

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