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Libertarian Cowards Suck Up to Blacks in Stupid Press Release

Yet another in the "we know what's best for black folks" mold. Official Libt party PR spins hate crimes laws as biased against blacks, and therefore unworthy of support by the black community. But if anything, given that blacks essentially account for half of those in prison for capital crimes, the arrest disparity is probably lower for hate crimes than for crimes. Cowardly appeals to stupid blacks is never going to work. The right way is to attack the Jewish motive behind the creation and hyping of "hate" crimes. Point out that Jews are the true and original hate criminals. No Jews. Just Right. Here find plastic comments on the title-linked piece, including a letter from our editor, assuming they posted it and didn't yank it. Feel free to register and add your comments. No need to mention us; it is most helpful if you make the same points we do in your own way: focus on the enemy and his motives and on the argument: attack.

Koko's Korner: Blacks and Mexicans Tend Toward the Left Half of the Bell Curve

The problem lies not in the tests but in the coloreds themselves, as this latest news from (Nevada) shows... For those unfamiliar with Koko, he's a gorilla trained to communicate via hand signals. Koko will attend Berkeley next fall as the first non-human admitted as part of its attempt to fight "speciesism."

No Whites Need Apply

We could but don't run a thousand stories of this ilk: discrimination against Whites by big business. Just one today to remind ourselves of the workaday discrimination faced by white corporate employees. The deep meaning of affirmative action: It is a tool used by Jews to deracinate American Whites, demoralize them, and replace or supplant them with Asians and other coloreds. A similar technique was employed by Hymie in Eastern Europe following the Bolshevik-Jewish revolutions. In essence, the white nationalist intelligentsia within each of the countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, etc.) was decapitated (murdered/displaced) by Jews and Jew-directed terrorist and commissars, the Katyn massacre being the most famous example. By killing off or displacing loyal White elites, the Jews secure their hold over the populace. This is the deeper meaning not just of affirmative action, but of television's anti-world -- the Propasphere. Only that which alienates normal whites and portrays them as undesirable (slobs, rudes, overbearings, toffs, haters, yuppies, dweebs, Southern racists, German nazis, preacher-hypocrites, priest-rapers, pussy-whipped suburbanites) is portrayed. Facts are ignored. Reality is reversed. TV is truly an Anti-World, because reality doesn't serve Jewish interests: deception and lies do.

Pennsylvania: Must-Sign Diversity Loyalty Oath

McCarthy-hating yids have their own version of the loyalty oath. To be employed at this college, you have to answer questions about your loyalty to diversity and what you've done to support it.

Disclaiming Con on Lack History Month

One of the surest signs of political control lies in the freedom one affords oneself to criticize a group or person. A con writing any yid- or nig-crit inevitably spends 3/4 of his column lubricating the listener's ear with oily disclaimers to forestall the volumes of criticism he's sure will ensue in response to his milquetoast remonstrating. One of a number of reasons cons are ludicrous and ineffectual. Niggers suck. Yids suck. Mexicans suck. Boom -- you're free. That easy.

How Hymie Operates: Mista'arvim

Is your new buddy a Jew in drag, a Mista'arvim?: Jews use black Jews to "blend in" to native crowds, spot bombers. They live by the One Commandment: "Is it Good For Jews?" What about that group, that radio show, that newsletter, that website, White man? Does it pass the litmus test of "Is it Good For Whites?" Does it criticize Jews as Jews, or does it just waste your time with a bunch of stories about how niggers broke a car window last night? Are you dealing with a White Nationalist, or a mere "costumed commando?"

Jewish Segregationists

Interesting article on how Judaism is indeed a race; half-breeds with a non-Jewish mom must be "converted," and will still always be outsiders. The main point here, though, is that, unlike screwed-up, doped-up, divorced, fragmented, nigger-kissing, anything-goes Whites, Jews live by strict rules. "I remind myself that communities need boundaries and rules for marking boundaries, and deciding who is inside and who is outside is essential to maintaining communal life. Making distinctions is a central aspect of Judaism: holy versus ordinary, Israel versus the nations, Shabbat versus the rest of the week, kosher versus treif, and so on." That sounds....segregationist! Racialist! It is. They do everything they won't let us do. One standard for Jews, another standard for everyone else. "Israel versus the nations, kosher versus filth." Got that, White man?

Jews Must Have Israel to Survive, Says Amiel

Special-pleading, special standards, Special People...

Israel: Jews Hate and Discriminate Against Non-Jews

What was it Jewess Barbara Amiel just said in the Daily Telegraph? "We cannot contemplate mass population transfers and the extermination of a people or nascent state as the price for the survival of Judaism. It is not in the Jewish temperament." Gee. That's not what it says in this Ha'aretz article about how Arabs are treated in Israeli cities... "Agents of Judaization: Signs of ethnocracy are most clearly visible in the mixed cities. It is apparent not only in the oppression and marginalization of their Arab residents, but also in the use the government makes of new immigrants in these cities as tools of Judaization. In the 1950s, it was immigrants from Middle Eastern countries who were sent to the mixed cities and border neighborhoods in order to serve as a physical and geographical buffer between Arab residential areas and the areas where the ruling elite [translation- Jews] lived." I'm all confused. Any American university receiving federal funds has to obey federal civil rights law. Why musn't Israel, with its $100 billion supplied by you and me? Why are we enslaved to subsidize Jewish hatred and ethnocentrism? Ever ask yourself that, White man? Or are you too busy batting beachballs with the Republicans?

Kill the Evil Empire

Quick rundown on where American troops are stationed (139 countries total)... Here a link to a German Historical Institute in London. Feel free to email appropriate words to these misnamed members of the locksteppers guild.


A bit of history amid Semitical Correctness...

France: Camp of the Saints for Real

Boatload of stinking third-worlders abandoned on French coast. France lacks the moral courage to shoot the invaders, as Raspail pointed out three decades ago.

California: Cuckoo for Koko Standards

Animal-Americans will be represented for the first time ever next fall when Koko takes his place as a freshmanimal in the Berkeley class of 2005.

Jews Target 100 American Firms for "Holocaust" Extortion

When the media are in your grip, the other guy's always guilty. Jews are the enemy, White man. Besides the new book about IBM and the "Holocaust," there's a new book out called Backing Hitler repeating the old claim that Germans knew about whatever happened to the Jews and did nothing. Turns out Hitler had names, addresses and gassing schedules printed in the local papers, just like movie listings, in fact often adjacent to them. So feel free to indulge in the comfortable and Semitically Correct anti-Germanism, and know that you are fashionably in step with some of the most important movie stars and talk-show hosts and admakers of our times. Anti-German cues, a subset of anti-White cues, are everywhere on TV: "stupid" European oompah song (Pepsi commerical hyping rap-pop CD promotion); Etrade smart young femme fading Krause Chemical after meeting overbearing older white male; "not cool" voice over picture of German folk dancing. Nigger is cool, says Jew programmer; civilized and White is stupid and not cool and obnoxious and physically repulsive (a subgenre he's been developing recently) and possibly illegal. White male as rude-and, increasingly, repulsive have become staples of TV advertising. The guy making strange medico-facial noises while his female coworker cringes; the dweeb sneezing on the smart young negress air traveler. A bit older was the campaign where the white female professional tried to get her bags off the conveyor belt and was blocked by older white males. You know how often older white males are anxious to avoid doing anything to help cute young women. TV is an anti-world.

National Alliance Making Waves in Utah in "Hate" Crimes Debate

Slightly fewer Utah members than Utah has state legislators (104), says Billy Roper. But it's quality, not quantity that's important.

Israeli Alliance Endangers U.S.

We support parasites who are tearing our society apart. This has the added benefit of making a large part of the world hate us. If one of our cities gets anthraxed by Muslim fanatics, if you get your legs blown off by a car bomb, it'll be because Jews are more important than anything in the whole wide world. Here, Bin Laden says he'll kill Americans whenever, however, wherever he can. No problem -- the Jew who openly admits he's trying to destroy White America is certainly worth dying for. Right?

The Pardon of Jew Weinig

Yet another pardoned Pet. Here Clinton defends pet pardons. Here Khalid "Gutter Religion" Muhammad dies. He hated Whites and referred to Jews as bloodsuckers. We'll miss him.

Berkeley President Proposes Doing Away with SATs

Let's face it, says Richard Atkison, "If Koko the gorilla can't pass it, how fair can it be?" Atkison heads up a new committee at the once-proud institution called Educating the Ineducable, which is perhaps most famous for the words of Dr. Sheila Wu in its report Deconstructing 'Education': "The very idea of education presupposes that someone knows more than someone else. We don't believe in that sort of racist inequality here at Berkeley."

Judeo-Feminist Attack on Marriage: 'Marital Rape'

Ever whittling away at normality, our old pals the Jews... Jews anywhere threaten Whites everywhere.

Nine Israeli Soldiers Won't Be Shooting Any Kids Today

Who says we never report any good news? Here U.S., Britain bomb Iraq.

Jews Still Angry Traitor Wasn't Pardoned Along with Swindlers

Now that's chutzpah. Note how the entire Jewish community pulls together as one in trying to free its most precious resource: its crooks. Here some good Cockburn commentary.

Clarence Thomas Counsels 'Fortitude'

Nothing wrong with his words, but we are well past the time when calls for us to come together as Americans can work. We have been permanently alienated by the destruction of the civilized social sphere by activist Jews and their television, and the influx -- due to Jewish pressure -- of millions of featherless bipeds with nothing in common with the Whites who created the country. Fortitude means respecting and repeating the wisdom in Thomas Jefferson's words: [T]he two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government.

INS Speeds Criminal Aliens to Voting Booth

It's good for the Jews, so who cares what the law says...

Jews and Republicans

Here Jews do what they always do: try to squeeze the maximum benefit for their race out of any situation. Shouldn't be hard to do with today's bought-and-paid-for Republicans. "The new Bush administration has said the right things about support for Israelís security. At the same time, it has indicated determination not to become overinvolved, which will be welcome news to some pro-Israel forces." Let's translate that for our readers; "Saying the right things" means that the U.S. will continue to provide $5 billion dollars a year of tribute to Israel, along with goy- American cannon fodder. "Becoming overinvolved" means telling Jews they shouldn't use our money and weaponry to commit genocide on Arabs, and that they should not sell our sophisticated technology to the Chinese. Keep paying, goy, and keep your mouth shut too, or we'll call you an anti-Semite. Such a deal, it's! Here Horowitz, the Great Misleader, calls Dems racists.

Jews Control Washington

Very good Raimondo column, with extensive links to Rich stories proving just how widespread his network ran, just how deep the corruption he engendered spread, and just how closely he operated with the Israelis dictating to Washington. Here reaction by alternately retarded and disingenuous freepers.

Western Canadian Revolution?

Good article on similarities in motives behind American Revolution and building Canadian anger.

Darkies Protest Harvard Prof

Mansfield said black influx led to grade inflation...

MTV's Jackass Imitators

Kill the Jew in your house, White man, or your kid will end up like this. It's a sad day when teens are too stupid to think of their own stunts and wind up injuring others duplicating those of professional morons at Rothstein's channel... Here a savage ref stabs White coach.

New Tool Prevents Filtering, Judeo-Governmental Censorship

Don't let God's Pets control what you and your family read...

New Book Gripes Too Little Done for Chosen in WWII

Jews are never satisfied. The U.S. Army fought its way across Europe in a racially fratricidal war, and supposedly "liberated Jews." Jewish response? Smear book on the Army. "Prominent military leaders such as Mark Clark, George Van Horn Moseley, George Patton, Truman Smith, Albert Wedemeyer and Charles Willoughby, among others, combined social Darwinism with many of the same stereotypes about Jews that were promoted by European anti-Semites." Judging by this endless Yiddish biting-of-the-hand-that-feeds-you, they were on the right track.

Jews Divided Over Faith-Based Initiative

Their age-old tack of trying to illegalize Christianity in public having succeeded, the lure of more government-stolen money under their control is causing some Jews to rethink opposition to church-filtered welfare.

Jews Fear Church-State Link (Outside Israel)

This parasite-cry is never going to end. President Bush wants to give money to charities other than Jewish ones! The world is doomed! It's perfectly OK for the United States to support a Jewish nation-state to the tune of $5 billion a year, but one penny going to Chritian charity? "It's frightening," said Rabbi Sherwin Wine, the founder of the first Humanistic Judaism congregation in Farmington Hills, Mich. "I don't recall in my lifetime any government that has been so openly and explicitly in favor of combining religion and government." Not even the government of Israel? Jews constantly pretend that they're torn apart by internal feuds, disappearing through intermarriage. BS, we say. Don't be thrown by the phony "religious Jew/secular Jew" dichotomy they keep insisting on. A Jew is a Jew. Threaten one, they respond as one. What should you do when someone threatens your race, White man?

Online Books

Rare works of White nationalism available for free download: These are a few of the books you can't read. Now take in the big picture with the online cover of the latest Village Voice. This is approved reading: Puff Daddy, a Bill of Rights for Black Men, batterers' rehab, "charismatic cuntism." This is what the German meant when he said: When I hear the word 'culture,' I reach for my gun. Jewish culture is a styrofoam cup of cold coffee and cigarette butts thrown in your face by a state-subsidized maniac.

Haters Block Pro-Hungarian Rally

Nationalist sentiment growing all over Europe...

Australia: Anti-Semitic bombing?

Police investigate...

Anti-White "Hate" Crimes Debate in Texas

Mixed opinions...

'Nig-nog' Gets British Teacher Suspended, Possibly Fired

The natural reaction of attempting to educate the ineducable...

Jews Cry About Shooting Range Next to Camp

Why not just declare Earth a Holocaust Memorial Planet and be done with it?

Lott Ponders Monument to Negroes

By their fruits ye shall know them...

Klan in New Zealand?

Signs of activity in Christchurch...

New York Times in Cahoots with Yahoo

One-stop shop for lies and censorship...

ADL Puts Squeeze on Reich Toiletries Supplier

Procter and Gamble latest to come under ADL extortionists' whip...

Latest Stats on "Hate" Crimes

More than a million interracial crimes each year, over ninety percent of which are black on white. Maybe ten thousand "hate" crimes each year, most of which are graffitti or other harmless incidents. Which gets the hate coverage? Who gets the jail time?

Mexican Says 'Nigger'

Professional white-hater and turd-pride pol Cruz Bustamante, (name stolen from a Tijuana donkey-show senorita), makes a Barney-Fag slip, deeply wounding tender sentiments of thronged j-bunnies.

No 'Judeo-Christianity' for Jews

The term was concocted for fools to sucker them into believing Jews and Christians share interests. They don't. And the Chosen are well aware of it, if the Christian fools aren't, sending trained personnel, as this story shows, to fight the slightest trace of Christianity. Here Hollywood Jews promote their anti-Christian movie Chocolat as Oscar material.

Rich Pardon: How the Yids Work Behind the Scenes

Salon turns up email details... Incestuous bed of rich yids in D.C., New York, Israel and Democrat elite, all conspiring against your interests, White man... Note that moral fraud, professional camper and lachrymose poseur Elie Wiesel is implicated in the corruption. These Jews really have a knack for intrigue, don't they? Government is just another criminal gang, as these emails make clear, and to look at it any other way is a tremendous mistake. A mistake that the bosses count on in keeping you enslaved, White man. They whip out the flag and wave it and laugh while you put your hand over your heart and tear up. Here Jews wonder whether Rich pardon came at cost of same for Pollard, their beloved traitor. And he really isn't a traitor: that's the point: he's a Jew out for Israel and Jewish interests, just like the other Hymies. Here Clinton sought $25m from Denise Rich.

Zimbabwe: Genocide in the Offing?

Used to be 250,000 whites in Rhodesia; today there are fewer than 70,000 in Zimbabwe. Individual rights in colored-majority countries is nothing but a euphemism used by white Semitically Correct cowards to disguise white genocide. Thus, the international media Jews push it nonstop. Whether it's "individual rights" "equality" or "democracy" being pushed, there's always a skull on the bottle for you, White man. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing...

One Witness Left Against Curtis

One quit; one's teamed with rabbi and government, weeping and recanting. More here.

Click Here!

Understanding Jews

To whites yids say: Use those contraceptives. Get that abortion. Wipe yourselves out. Here's how the Chosen live: "Be fruitful and multiply -- 14 times." "The three refrigerator-freezers are packed." One standard for Jews, another for everybody else. Here on what Jews do while you're working that third job at 7-11 to make ends meet, White man. Here on Jewish double standards: against any mention of Christianity within five hundred yards of a government building; in favor of federal support to Jewish day schools. In the Jews' own words: "Jewish leaders, who have long insisted that an impregnable church-state wall is necessary for Judaism in America, are now saying that Jewish continuity in America is threatened without government funding for day schools." Hymie speak with fork-ed tongue, White man. Nothing like him for double standards. And Jewish media control gives this Über-hypocrite the ability to manufacture a consensus reality that points the spotlight anywhere but on Hymie himself. One standard for Jews, another standard for everybody else. Here a Jewish obit, in which lineage is traced back 300 years. Can you do the same, White man? Then how do you expect to beat the yid? Read this obit very carefully, and understand what a deeply intelligent, long-sighted and dangerous enemy the Jew is, and why all myopic focus on niggers and Mexicans is beside the point. They are nothing compared to Hymie. Anyone who keeps careful track of his line for hundreds of years and is focused on our destruction bears very close watching. These people are the most poisonous of poisons.

Jews Work Together

Jews know how to gather their forces. Not like us; we're "Individualists." Every White man has his own web site and his own one-man organization, tooting a very small horn. Idiots. Here, Jews use the Web to connect 189 small federations together into one great big powerful one. Smart! They know what's good for Jews. Unity. Do you know what's good for your race, White man?

Jews Raise $1.6 Million

Besotted with alcohol, carbohydrates and stupid man's pride. That describes all too accurately all too many White men these days. Contrast with the networking Jews in this article, and it's not hard to see why they're winning.

Disgusting Yids Mutilate Babies for Profit (Abortion, Circumcision, Public Schools, etc.)

Figuratively and literally, as the linked picture shows, Jews are bloodsuckers. Why circumcise? It's a yiddish barbarism for which no sound moral or medical reason has ever been advanced. Just something thoughtless sideways-looking middle-class folk were duped into adopting last century. Now we know better. Let the brothers-of-the-cut continue their disgusting practice. Leave them alone in their sordidness.

Jews Condone Theft

Tikkun olam in action! Repairing the world one theft at a time! ADL spreading Jewish ethics, as we see in Rich, Pollard cases! Awards prizes to thieves! ADL teaches black he was wrong to stop shoplifters, right to steal his employer's food and give it away himself "for a good cause!" Just like the New Square Hasidim stole $40 million with their phony "Hebrew school" -- for a good cause! Sole tenet of Jewish morality: that which benefits Hymie is good. That which doesn't is bad. Yet another reason we say No Jews. Just Right.

Jewish Immigration Hypocrisy

Any featherless biped makes an American; only properly trained and acculturated Jews make Israelis. One standard for Jews, another standard for everybody else.

Palestine News

Non-Jewish source... Islamic resistance site here. Hizbollah here. Our enemy's enemy... New computer game called " Stone Throwers" created by Arab. Professional Pets boo-hoo about it here.

Gunnin' for Irish

They turn 'em in, get slaughtered. Just like you're being prepared for, White man. Don't be suckered by paper and promises. Guns aren't for shooting ducks, they're for shooting Kennedys and their ear-lisp-whispering Jewish-faggot lawyer-advisers.

Zimbabwe: Jungle Politics to the Fore

Not even the pretense of legality maintained any longer. Back to the jungle for the savages and Whites caught in the undertow. Listen to the sounds of silence from the one-man, one-vote libertarians. How fareth the individualist ideology in Harare today, blind men?

Feds Seize Baptist Church

Nobody murdered yet...

Friends of the British National Party

Photos, here too....

Mexicans, Blacks Attack White Men Defending Women

Dirts taunt women in bar, nearly kill white guy who defends them...

Reactions to Wichita Hush Crimes

Interesting responses....

Driving the Shamrock Out of Southie

Aging Irish being harassed by Boston Housing Administrators, enforcing the diktats of their new colored clients.

Attack on Sociobiology

The same people who destroyed the idea of race among "educated" Americans by infiltrating academia and spreading their lies are now attacking recent findings in biology, genetics and sociobiology that demonstrate that people are far more programmed than these Jewish cultural-determinists can stand. Man is not plastic, cannot be molded in line with the theories of Jewish revolutionaries. Jews do what they always do when their ideas run aground on reality: scream for suppression.

Wallace on the Fraud, Sham and Lie of "Civil Rights"

A reminder of just how firmly the Jews have their grip on the national throat. Civil rights? No. That's a Big Lie, of which the Jews are the master. The reality is that the civil rights act made a federal crime the customs, beliefs and traditions of civilized America, and so paved the way for the destruction of the Schaffenkultur and its replacement with the Affenkultur. There is no way out of our present predicament. No way out but through the Jews. America will be free only when the Jew lies dead at her feet.

Bush Loads State with Chosenites

They'll be looking out for your interests, White American. Ha! All the brouhaha about no Pets in Bush's cabinet, here's the quiet bottom line... Here some names of the Pets stuffing Clinton's pockets... More on Denise Rich here. More on Wiesel-Rich connection.

Jews Are a Race, Not a Religion

One proof is that there are Jewish diseases. Have you ever heard of a Catholic disease? A Protestant disease? A Buddhist disease? Of course not... But you have heard of a black disease (sickle-cell anemia). Well, Jews are like blacks -- a separate race. Know your enemy.

Why Jews Are So Obnoxious to Those Around Them

Read it here, as put in the concluding paragraph: Being God's "Chosen people" means nothing less than being his partner in the creation of heaven and earth. How would you act if you believed such about yourself and your people? You'd be offensive, arrogant and self-righteous: you'd be a Jew. Yes, the Jew is "partner" with God; sort of like one of those law firms that points the reparations-seeking nigs toward the deep pockets. The Jews exhibit in spades what the Greeks called hubris: excessive, unwarranted and foolish pride. And hubris leads to destruction. It's coming, Jews.

Yid Swindlers Plead Guilty in "Holocaust" Reparations Scam

Jews are extorters. They are parasites. They are liars.

Holocaust Museum Head Begs Rich Pardon as "Godlike Act"

Fouler than foul are the Jews. Here a remarkable WSJ piece on the sleazy yid rabbi puling for the release of arch-swindler Marc Rich, writing to Clinton that freeing this yiddish criminal would be "one of the most Godly actions that anyone can ever do." This is the definition of hutzpah. By their fruits ye shall know them, says the Bible. By that measure, Jews are special-pleading scum; working their extortions and horribly destructive politics and cultural upheaval wherever their foul tread lands; disturbing the peace, spreading cultural pollution; swindling; lying; extorting -- and all of it on your dime. And notice that all of this is provable in an average day's take of news stories in a media already heavily controlled by Jews out of which is filtered no doubt thousands of their pernicious buddies' crimes! They are a race of vermin most foul, and they should not be allowed in our countries. Jews anywhere threaten whites everywhere. The Jew is the enemy, White man. Just read through the stories in today's feed, and try to draw any other conclusion than that Jews are scum. Extorting, lying, swindling, cheating, special-pleading, perverting, polluting, parasiting, nation-destroying scum. There is nothing too low for them to engage in if it fills their coffers and furthers their interests. They follow only One Commandment: Is it good for the Jews? That is, quite literally, the only thing they care about. They should be driven out of America and anywhere Whites exist, just as our forebears drove them out. Parasitic scum, let them get for once what they deserve.

Under Jewish Pressure, Italy Extends Web Censorship

Jews forge latest link in chain to bind the white man's mind. Judge agrees, thanks to Israeli's suit, that country can ban access to foreign sites that contravene the nation's anti-defamation laws. The Jew is always free to criticize you, White man. But you are never free to criticize the Jew. His laws -- passed by our traitorous white politicians -- see to that, whether in Italy, England, or Germany, as the next story shows.

Banned in Germany

For those who think Germany is free and democratic since we defeated the Nazis: a list of all the things you can't do/say/read/listen to in today's Deutschland. And the Jews are working on infecting China too, as a story below shows. Here on fights at pro-German march. Here Semitically Correct attacks on yet another academic (auf Deutsch). Irving fights.

One Nation

Doing well these days...

Israeli Nukes

Long paper... Rest assured, if the yids ever go down, they'll take the rest of the world with them. That's how they are.

Jews Whine that Russians Are Awakening to their Pernicious Influence

Apart from swindles and whines about "anti-semitism," there's not much left in the internal Jewish publications. Crooked crybabies, they are. Here's how the Jews think. If you pardon a Jewish swindler it's an act of God. If you catch a Jewish swindler it's anti-semitism. As always, one standard for Jews, another for everybody else.

Redstone, Jew Media Elite Seek to Get Noses Under Chinese Tent

There are three billion Asians, and two billion in the MTV generation, and that's who we're after, says MTV/Viacom's Murray Rothstein (Sumner Redstone)... If the Chinese allow these monstrous yids purchase, they will destroy China just as surely as they have destroyed the West, with their melange of get-em-through-the-groin miscegenatory multiculturalism. Here sleazy pets fight over porno domain names.

Shifting Power in Europe

Germany looks to Russia...

"Sir" Spielberg Suppresses Anti-British Film

One hand washes the other.... Steven Spielberg, bought off with a knighthood, returns the favor by shit-canning a film that might have been "embarrassing" to the British Labour government...

Frontpagemag Promotes Reps Reaching Out to Queers

Beware the Jewish pied piper, White men. Only those preaching against the Jew and in defense of the white race are worthy of being followed.

New Square: Yid Parasites Live Off the White Host

The definition of tyranny is being taxed to subsidize points of view you disagree with, said Jefferson. What about being taxed to subsidize huge and growing colonies of people who hate you and wish you were dead? The foul yids of New Square -- famous home of the swindlers pardoned by Clinton -- get 8A subsidies to the tune of $800 per month per household. Straight out of your mouth, White man, to support Hymie and his quick-growing brood of earlocked ratlets. But when you call these parasites parasites, why, that is anti-semitism. It must be clear that anti-semitism is a good thing. Note that the freepers are afraid to comment on this rank yid corruption. Only two peep up, and they don't say a word about Jews, mentioning only Democrats. Imagine the outcry if the Amish were running scams like the yids do. But instead the Jews in the Eastern media cover up for their coreligionists... Here ADL chimes in on IBM and Holocaust book. Paving the way for reparations from now until eternity. How much longer can we tolerate a Jewish presence in America? Here more Jewish suing for reparations; this time Jews driven out (possibly) of Arab countries last century. Why is it Jews have been driven out of every country in which they've crawled into? Why, the problem is with the other guy, says Hymie -- not with me. Even though the other guy is Englishman, Arab, German, Italian, Swiss, Frenchman, Russian, Turk. How odd is that? Surely the world has never known from hatred such as this?

IBM and "Holocaust"

As if by miracle, a book appears and newspapers around the globe begin to focus on the Jews' latest extortion target. Funny how that works. Don't listen to anybody talking about ZOG conspiracies and Jewish media control. That's kook-talk. Reuters report here.

Hillary Precipitated Waco Murders, says Tripp

Foster was horrified; she didn't care a bit. Tripp also says that sex with Monica was more child abuse than anything: She was "21 going on 14 on a good day." When you have utterly corrupt leadership -- applauded by a corrupt press -- sellouts like that in the following story are the inevitable consequence.

February 16: The Day Bush Sells Out America

Bush meets with the Mexico's Fox this Friday. Expect him to sell out your country, and with a wink and nod agree to the open borders Fox favors. This will precipitate the final collapse of the U.S., although how long it will take remains to be seen. Soon enough we will all be living like South Americans: bars over every window, metal replacing glass, walls topped with barbed wire, embedded with broken glass. All to keep the rabble at bay. And if there's one product Mexico can supply ad infinitum, it's rabble. Essentially what will happen at the meeting is that Fox will ask if he can sweep the dirt out of his house onto our clean street, and Bush will say yes. Despite everything you hear, there is nothing the slightest bit difficult about the immigration "issue." Big Jew and big business want the country filled with brown scum for political advantages and low wage costs, while civilized people recognize that brown scum is undesirable and want it kept out by whatever means necessary. With smooth dissimulating words, Bush will do just what the multicultists and multinationals want, just as he did in Texas. Here on internal Mexican problems.

American Arrogance

Reese notes that our self-importance has grown, while our achievements have diminished. Speaking of arrogance, here ADL says Jews must do more to combat anti-Semitism among Arabs, who are mad that yid-sharpshooters are snipering their Palestinian rock-throwing kids in groin and eye. But of course these are Jewish murderers. They are special. They are not to be judged by the canons of ordinary mortals; no; they are partners with God in building heaven and earth. Partners, for chrissakes. God never heard of the Peter Principle, apparently.

Libertarians Attack Lincoln

Almost daily attacks on Lincoln have become the rule at Abe deserves them, but would be nice if the libts'd turn their firepower on the yids in front of their face once in a while instead of digging through history for villains. What's funny is that the libts, like missy here, point out that Abe believed in racial inequality, was a racist, and that that makes him the equivalent of David Duke. Of course, they can't produce any evidence to show he was wrong, but they aren't above making points that will score with the liberals their every argument shows they are in thrall to. Yet another reason why libts never make any headway: libertarian courage. Here Raimondo's view of good news sources on the net. Note that Free Republic is being sued by a couple big lib papers for illegally posting copyrighted material. More Lincoln revisionism, as Rockwell's Dieteman takes on McGurn's Caesar-worshipping Semitically Correct Jew-tool response to an earlier article critical of the mass murderer. Here Mencken on the Big Lie of the Gettysburg Address.

When Animals Attack

Sometimes it's crocodiles. Sometimes it's Aztecs.

TVs Burned as 'Epicentre of Evil'

Who can blame the burners?

Alice Walker Attacked By Daughter in New Book

Nobody hates like lovers of humanity; no one is as vicious as an anti-racist; no one as callous as the "victim of abuse." Here funny piece on breakup of nutty Hollywoodians.

MacDonald's Doesn't Respect Character of Local Community, Say Jews

That's what Jews say in Israel. They speak out of the other side of their mouth in your neighborhood, where they are always pushing to expand filthy minorities via light rail, buses, section 8 housing, anything they can do to shit in your nest. One standard for Jews, another for everybody else.

Genome Research Made Public

Bad day for racists, says Jewish scientist, since 99% of human genes are the same. Keep that in mind, next time you see a nig pack walking down the street. Kind of makes you wonder what's in that one percent. And there's also the fact that we share over 98% of our genes with chimpanzees. Sounds like bad news for anti-racists to me.

Diversity is Our Greatest Strength: Female Circumcision in America

Africa is messed up because of Africans, not because there is anything inherently wrong with the continent. And those Africans are equally capable of messing up America. They are savages. They do not belong among us. Here hundreds of thousands to be wasted on disgusting statue commemorating Negroes in America.

Carville Spreading Poison in England

Helping Phony Tony get reelected...

Falwell Suckpoops Sharon

America is in thrall to Israel, and Christians leaders such as Falwell are the reason why. Israel is not our friend. It is not our ally. It is our parasite. It is our enemy. It accepts this sort of Christian abasement because of the goodies that come with it, but don't think for a moment Hymie isn't laughing up his sleeve at your mind-boggling credulity, Christian.

Racak Massacre a Lie

Yet another revelation about the nonexistent genocide that was put forward as the rationale our criminal bombing in Eastern Europe...

New Book: "IBM and the Holocaust"

It never ends with the yids. Anyone who supplied the Nazis toilet paper must pay reparations.

Latest on Curtis

May reapply for bail...

On Clinton and the Globalist Views of the Sixties Nuts

Interesting commentary... Tsun here.

McVeigh Wants Public Execution

Read his letter through this link...

Man Beats Up Cougar with Lunch Pail and "Six Good Punches"

Inspiring story...

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