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Rushdoony Obit

Note the books mentioned, worth reading...

Frat Kicked Off Campus for Five Years for Waving Flag

Five years for flag-waving, ten years for cross-burning; seven years for murder, three years for rape. Jews and the government aren't threatened by real crime, they're threatened by political opposition.

Archaeology: Texas A&M Claims Gault Site Findings Mean Rewriting History

In other words, the oldest and most extensive Clovis site will likely show that Europeans were in America before the Red Man -- who killed him off. Is it too early to demand reparations from Casino Nation?

Why Jews Are Such Whiny Bitches

Turns out the Bible is a better guide to Jewish psychology than history. Thanklessness and ingratitude are as Jewish as extortion. When the year 3000 rolls around, you can bet there will still be Jews claiming to have walked out of the showers at Auschwitz just yesterday. As Jew Finkelstein says, literally one in three New York Jews claims to be a "Holocaust survivor." Jews lack the Aryan conception of honor. What they have is an instinct for angles, for edges.

No Facts, Please -- We're Jewish

Jews don't lie. They 'reimagine,' 'reinvent,' 'rewrite.' They celebrate this quality in themselves, as this article about a play about camper Kosinski shows. And this quality explains why so many of their campfire stories turn out to be made up out of whole cloth. But God how they hate those who revise their historical imaginings in light of the facts. Them they firebomb, censor, beat up and smear. Never forget that Jews are special people -- God-chosen -- and beyond criticism. Especially when they lie about history and our ancestors, and use these lies to extort their livings. Jews are the enemy, White man.

Jews Hate Christian Theme Park

Jews fear Christian conversion like a vampire fears a cross. How odd that the people that taught the rest of the world race doesn't exist believes itself a race -- so much so that it actively discourages conversion. You can't become a Jew -- it is something you are born. Isn't that interesting? The cultural determinists nonpareil don't believe you can convert to their religion. As in everything else, they show one face when they are among us, and their true face among themselves. Here a Jewish view of Bush's move toward religious provision of social services.

Forward on Sharon

Jews are more racist and hateful than their opponents, despite their vaunted liberality. When push comes to shove, they vote for a war criminal and mass murder.

Holocaust Museum Rabbi Asked for Rich Pardon

A glimpse of the corruption endemic in the Jewish community. All they care about is money for their causes, and if you make snuff films with three-year-olds and alley cats, and kick them a share of the proceeds, you become a hero to them, because their god is money.

Mo Dees, Multimillionaire

The cons get edgy now that they're being lumped in with the Klan.

War Criminal Takes Over in Israel

Jews are the "chosen" people. They endured a horrible "holocaust" -- the worst suffering any people anywhere has ever undergone. They are the most persecuted people in history, God's victims as well as his pets. So why have they chosen a war criminal to lead them? Here find some of the facts the Jews and Sharon and ADL and Israel would rather you didn't know.

Moronic Lutherans Import Bluegums to North Dakota

Christianity has become so Judaized that this sort of multicultural idiocy has become commonplace. Just guess how Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service will react when the bushbabies start raping and murdering, as they always do.

On Upcoming Bush-Mexico Summit

More little brown ones headed this way... Here Brimelow comments on Huntington column. Here Foxman on U.S.-Israel relations.

Jews Fear German Women Rallying to Pro-German Cause

The more, the better...

Farah Criticizes Israel

Recommends Sharon apologize for yids' murderous attack on the U.S.S. Liberty back in '67. Thirty-four Americans were killed and 171 wounded by forces of the same foul country their taxes were stolen to subsidize. Yes, these Americans paid for the Jews who murdered them. Kudos to Farah, our coward of the year, for criticizing Israel openly and publicly, although demerits for saying that Pollard's release is overdue. Pollard ought to be executed on public TV, with a simultaneous announcement that not a penny more of American money will be stolen to subsidize high-maintenance Hymie. The Jew is the enemy, White man. Israel will never apologize; it is a country founded on and sustained by murder, lies and extortion. All good White men must stand against it and denounce it, and the premeditated attack on the U.S.S. Liberty is a good place to start. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing.

Valentine's Day Attacked by Jew-led Hate Women

Intelligent article by Horowitz about a new campaign to trump love and romance and friendship with bitching about evil men. Take note of what he says about true religion versus false religion. His point is that leftist, utopian movements (political religions) have always been hate-centered, focusing on identifying and destroying the enemy, as opposed to true, redemption-centered religion. He is partly right about that, and we on the racialist right must take note. As Nietzsche said, you must beware in fighting monsters that you do not become a monster. The difference between the White revolution we seek and the communist revolutions led by Jews like Horowitz is that we don't delude ourselves that we can achieve the impossible: heaven on earth. We are not Heroic Redeemers; we are land-clearers, just like our farmer forebears. We should be and are well aware that to say someone is White is not to say he is desirable or good. We know that White government is no guarantee of good government or a healthy society. Nevertheless, we do not allow that fact to blind us to the greater truth that where Jews control the government, where discoloreds are treated as our equals, good government and a healthy society are completely impossible. The Jew-provided Cult of Individualism is a snare that has already killed civilization in Zimbabwe and South Africa, and is making its way through Europe and America rapidly. True white revolutionaries focus their energy on something achievable: getting rid of minorities. Much bloodshed stands between us and our goal; much injustice, bloodshed, misery and privation. It's always that way. But better that we go through it than we devolve into a nigger- and Jew-run democracy where Whites are a tiny and strangled minority, raped and murdered in the streets, and sneered at and disrespected in the papers. Our aim is not to build heaven on earth, it is to enforce a rough, crude, but ultimately viable distinction between civilized and uncivilized, which runs along the fault lines of race. It is a viable distinction that has always been accepted by the best men our race has produced, and Jew gainsayers like Horowitz, mislead our fellow White men as they will, will not prevail against it.

Why Individualism Doesn't Work

Only the female mosquito bites. But sprays kill them all. Getting over the stumbling block of individualism is the hardest step in moving from conservatism to racialism. All you need to know is that Thomas Jefferson and George Washington only recognized individual rights for Whites -- not for Blacks. They knew that in no way are Blacks Whites' equals, and to treat them that way would be racial and national suicide. The Jewish media -- especially the "conservative" media -- spare no pains in hiding this truth from you, White man. Pierce vaunts it, and that's why he's a better man than they, and why his campaign is the one you should support. The fact that some blacks and Jews aren't bad cannot be used as an excuse for not admitting there is a Colored and Jewish Problem, and not doing anything about it. That way lies the suicide of Zimbabwe, the disintegration of South Africa.

Media Censorship and Lies: Abortion and Southern Racism

Whether or not you support abortion, the media's total ban on pictures of abortions is proof of how controlled it is. The same "strange fruit" rage stokers never televise disgusting stills of the diced womb fruit -- babes julienne -- and run, as Sobran says, from the neutral verb 'killing' in describing the "health care procedure."

Chuck E. Reese: No Racists Here, Boss, Just Us Waterbugs

Semitically Correct conservative Charlie Reese denounces liberals and racism. He accurately defends Southern Partisan as an anti-racist magazine. Here's Chuck in full throat: Southern Partisan, like all the good people in the Southern movement, hates racism. Racism provides ammunition to those who are anti-Southern bigots. It makes it practically impossible to defend the good parts of the Southern heritage, such as respect for liberty and the Constitution. Actually, Chuck, Jewish control of the media, not racism, is the problem.... It seems biological facts are as hateful to Christians and certain Southerners as ever. The Southern cause will fail, just as it did the first time. The White cause is the only cause with a chance to succeed because it is built on a solider, surer basis than class or region. It was, after all, famous Southerner Thomas Jefferson who said: [T]he two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government. By Waterbug Charlie's reckoning, that makes him a racist. And unfit to join the Southern Cause, or even write for Southern Partisan magazine. But he's more than welcome in our White Cause. Does anyone else appreciate the irony of a professional corn-pone, ostensibly fact-respecting, humble, down-home, country boy like Reese running away like sixty from inconvenient racial facts that his grandaddy believed, even as he claims he's upholding tradition? What changed, Chuck? Did the facts about race change? Or did the opinion of the "respectable" crowd you belong to (deny it as you will) change? Maybe you're a little more progressive than you'd like to think, old boy. The lesson for white racialists: Do not be fooled (as with Pat Buchanan) into thinking that all men who oppose the same things we do are on our side. As the U.S. darkens into South Africa, Charlie Reese will go down with the ship of fools, the individualist dinghy, just like all the rest of the con Beanbaggers, remonstrating and drawing his paycheck til the very end. All we Whites must hang together, or we will all hang separately, just like Ben Franklin and the old flag said.

Jewish Bombers Anxious Over Bush

Not sure how easily they can manipulate him into doing Israel's bidding... Maybe one of these days one of the millions of Muslims Jewish immigration policy has let into the country will saltshake a few anthrax spores over New York City, that the Chosen can taste the results of their warmongering. I wonder how the average White's perception of Jews would change then. Would he still be too dim to see through the media propaganda (anti-Arab) sure to ensue that Jewish hate, reflected in their control of foreign policy, was to blame? How many people hate you, White man, because of the actions of the Jews who control your country?

Reagan and the Hollywood Communists

Interesting article by Jew Radosh for Jew Horowitz. But note the way that Jews always hide the Jewish nature of communism in America. Without Jews, none of the forces Reagan contended with would have existed, let alone been powerful. Radosh won't say that because he is a Jew, and those are his people. Almost everything you read, hear and see from Jews is the same way: they take great pains to keep from you any knowledge of the true nature of their group. They are not like you and me, and it is a great mistake to think they are.

Rich-Clinton Connection

Corruption wherever you look... Second report here, with photo of Hillary and Denise. Here Jerusalem mayor urged pardon. Jewish corruption is everywhere. Here in Britain, Blair crony.

The Squalid Jew Soros

One of the architects of globalization, he would destroy your country without a second thought.

Germany: The Disgusting Crap You Can See

Unlike Finkelstein's book, the thesis of which was discussed on a TV show that never aired... Now is the time on Sprockets when we puke...

On Genetic Modification of Humans

It's coming by 2020, some say...

Hypocrites We Hate

Rosie O' "Where Donuts Go to Die" Donnell... Super-sized-leather-pants-wearing/animal rights-defending no-gun-yammering/bodyguard-arming two-ton, two-tongued, four-mouthed four-flushing Über-Hypocrite.

On Profs' Bad Writing

It's badder than bad...

Curtis Refused Bail

No trial date yet, apparently...

Completion of Theft of Aryan Nations' Property

Goes to the Keegans, helped in their bid by the heroic Kool Moe Dees...

New AmRen Out

Read page one online...

Bush to "Expand" Race and AIDS Offices

Conservative suckers are fooled for -- what is it now? -- the five hundredth time? You can be a conservative, or you can do something effective. Open, pro-White advocacy is the only solution. Real politics begins by focusing on the Jew at the root of our problems. The rest is game-playing. Here conservative Ashcroft attacks guns, pushes "civil rights" and ramps up the drug war. There is nothing wrong with genuine conservatism. Ashcroft and Bush are not true conservatives. However, that is the name the world knows them by, and that is the name we must deal with now. Suffice it to say that for now, as these two stories and the last sixty years bear proof, conservatives are not merely not resisting the overthrow of White civilization, they are aiding the Jew-led left in bringing it about. Abandon conservatism, those of you with heart and head. Your race is what matters. Support the National Alliance and genuinely alternative media.

Jews at NYT Celebrate the Destruction of Leicester

Worth registering (if you have to) to see the photos. Leicester is on the way to becoming Britain's first minority-majority city.

Sharon Hankerin' for the Dark Meat of Condoleezza

Oy, what a world!

Discrimination at Michigan

Academics solidly in favor of discriminating against Whites. Court will decide. Here a black academic sticks up for the truth. Note the funny way the reporter refuses even to concede the possibility of the well-known genetic truth that blacks are less intelligent than whites. Here a good sample of anti-white hatred rampant on campuses, this time in the form of a "white," possibly Jewish, lecturer delivering a harangue on the evils of white folk. Here a collection of recent S.C. incidents.

Idaho and Butler


Finkelstein Tells Germans to Resist Extortion

Good advice... Second report here. Holocaust not unique, concedes Jew historian. Here on upcoming world conference on racism.

Swiss Publish Account Names

Latest twist in extortion scandals...

Movies: Haven Spreads Hatred of Whites

New movie coming out about Jewish refugees that nobody wanted. More interesting would be a movie about why they weren't wanted, but examining Jewish behavior, interests and attitudes is "anti-Semitism." Only Jews are allowed to question interests and sniff at motives. Here an interesting Jewish site: browse through it and see why Jews are our most dangerous opponent: intelligent, careful and intent on their own ends. Here on movie about a Jewish-American Nazi.

1 Billion Americans? It's Possible

Read Taki on Popper Ted Kennedy, then McConnell on immigration as the source of California's electricity problem. There were only ten million people in California mid-century; now there are 34 million, headed toward fifty million in another twenty years. And everybody acts like it's inevitable. Here a report on what it costs us to surround ourselves with Mexicans. Here Farah provides room for a Brown to protest letting cops help out the INS. He would prefer Whites continue to pick up the bill for his discolored buddies invading us from Mexico.

Australia: One Nation Says No to Immigration

"Zero net basis..."


She speaks of 'sanctimonious, genteel feminists who operate by clique and think good intentions trump sleazy means.'

Bush Appoints Wolfowitz

Jew is strong supporter of Iraqi genocide; number two at Pentagon...

Ancient Jewish Lies, A.K.A., the Old Testament

Exodus? Archaeological evidence says it never happened: The Jews never were in bondage in Egypt, never wandered the desert. Just didn't happen. Israel is founded on lies.

Not All Germans Indoctrinated

Some withstand the constant barrage of Jewish agitprop about German history...

On Lincoln's Ethnic Cleansing of the South

Scorched earth tactics and swaths of destruction...

The Attack on Guns: Curtailing Supply

Nothing left to defend yourself against the Wacomeisters...

Latest on Alex Curtis

Bail hearings...

The Decline of Albion

From the sick race described here are drawn the heads of our august American universities. Thinbloods they are; liars and sappers and fake-grinners and back-stabbers, and everything that is worst about the WASP and the academic is contained in them. White liberals, English, American, otherwise, are one of the most dangerous and disgusting spectacles on the current scene. It is the eternal duty of the true elite to keep us focused on the real problems at hand and not to lie about or ignore reality.

How the Jews, And One Jewess in Particular, Destroy Canada

They censor, they smear, they sue, they let in aliens with Ebola (turns out it wasn't Ebola -- this time). In short, they are as destructive and self-righteous as Jews anywhere. First, read how the Jewess, with the overwhelming support of Canadian Jews behind her, supports open borders to bring in niggers and other Third-World colored refuse to destroy the civilized White majority. This is how Jews act always and everywhere. They are vermin, and must be destroyed before they destroy us. A Canadian reaction to Caplan, from a guy the yids love to sue.

Click Here!

Jews, The Abnormal Americans

As the Jewish in-house survey shows, Jews have nothing in common with real Americans. They are a race of anti-Whites: they share Susan Sontag's opinion that "the white race is the cancer of human history." Yet despite hate speech like that, she's published all the time in leading papers. How do you figure? Could anyone describing Jews as "cancer" get a word into the NYT edgewise? Of course not! That's why VNN exists. To settle the score... And that's why our motto is and remains: No Jews. Just Right. It is time for Jews to relocate to Mercury, or some other hospitable place.

Quotations on Jews

Some interesting statements on Jews and their influence on history.

Exhume the Kennewick Men: Diffusionists, Semitical Correctness and Petroglyphs

Mark Twain had the right idea: Indians are nasty things. The attempt to dress them up as close-to-the-earth spiritualists is as ridiculous as putting a dress on a cat. Here the original article on diffusionists: the name given those who say the earliest Americans may have come from Europe, not Asia. Here on epigraphy -- ancient writings -- and what it reveals about the origins of the earliest Americans. Increasing numbers are saying they came from Europe, not Asia. Again note that there is nothing in history, anthropology, archaeology that isn't lied about by the left to gain political advantage and deracinate you, White man. Finally, here on the racial struggle, including Kennewick Man dispute, settled by the archaeological equivalent of book burning: dumping 500 tons of soil on top of the area K-man was found to ensure no further discoveries. Fear of the truth, in other words. Redman activists, Jewish professors, the U.S. government are all working together to quash the truth for fear of the political implications of the lies the latter two have been retailing in public schools for the last half-century. Five hundred tons of soil on your ancestor is the symptom, White man. Jew is the disease. Last is great article filled with damning quotes from government and Jewish profs alike. They can't handle the truth, as they are well aware. So we need to shove it down their throats.

EAIF to Demonstrate Outside San Francisco Chronicle

Good stuff. Any of you readers in the area, get out there and help Calabro and his European- American forum. And send us a report on how it goes. If you've never done it before, you'll learn something about the way the world works. Sitting behind a computer is one thing, the real world is another. Get out there and demand that White rights be respected. Public orating, public willingness to fight to defend one's ideals is necessary for triumph, whatever the cause.

National Alliance Battles in Staten Island

Jews gear up for hate campaign against free speech. The Jews call everyone else haters because they are the real ones. They are the most intolerant people on earth, for all their prating about "civil rights," which really means the right to live in accordance with what liberal Jews deem acceptable. Judaism is totalitarianism, and Marxism sprang directly from it. Whenever one hears a Jew speak in public, one is reminded of the old quotation: The louder he spoke of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons. Any budding satirists out there? How about a show about Jews along the lines of one of those nature documentaries on cable. Could be quite effective; make a great hour-long video suitable for public TV, which is what the title link brouhaha here is all about.

Ebola in Canada

Sing it with the other lemmings, as we go off the cliff: diversity is our greatest strength! More here. A Jew is in charge of Canada's immigration ministry. Jews are killing us, White man. We need to turn the tables on them.

Elie Wiesel: The Jew at His Most Repulsive

Saw this guy speak once. He is ugly, has a truly disgusting and Jewish manner, and exibits a moral preening and hypocrisy-beyond-chutzpah regarding Israeli treatment of non-Jews that is most instructive. Here Hitchens gives him his due. How far the right in this country has fallen that something like this could never appear in one of its publications (now that the Jew-cons have taken over), only in the old commie rag The Nation. Must-read, people... When you remove the lies, the hypocrisy, the incredible and shameless aggression -- what is left of the Jew? The swindling instinct and little else...

ADL's 1999 Congressional Statement on Hate Crimes

Read the vermicious knids as they attack your race. The Jew is the enemy, White man.

Henry Ford on The Jewish Problem

This is what was being written back in 1922. Note that Ford was eventually silenced by the forces he contended with. Today the Jewish degradatory spirit presides, as you can see in the speech and behavior of the average American. Contrast Ford's spirited opposition to Jews with modern-day Farah's suckpooping for Sharon. Note how neatly he evades any mention of the numerous atrocities carried out by or permitted by the Jew: exactly the things he'd place front and center where the "terrorist" Arafat is concerned. One standard for Jews, another for everybody else, thanks to the good work of humble (Arab) Christians like Farah.

Australia: Dirts Spread Typhoid

Just like they spread TB in the States...

New Zealand: Licensing Imaginary Guns

While bongo rapists run around crazed in the streets, New Zealand manfully copes with the real problem: kindergartners playing cops and robbers. And hits on a brilliant innovation. We don't make this stuff up folks, just report it.

Migration Flows Unmake the West

Stop immigration, encourage White reproduction. Those are the solutions. Here on Jews migrating to Israel from the former USSR. Nearly 900,000 have done so in the last ten years. Of course, no mention of the horrors these Jews and their forerunners visited on ordinary Russians and Ukrainians, only of the reprisals from the Nazis and locals. Being Jewish means never having to say you're sorry. Always Chosen, never guilty is the theme of Jewish self-reflection, such as it is. Here Jews from South Africa, Zimbabwe, faced with the deterioration of their African countries thanks to anti-White pressures levied by their Jew-fellows, retreat to the safety and superior education of Israel. Whites can't do that because White solidarity is racist. And where would you run anyway, White man?

Canada: Leftists on Heritage Front

No comment.

Technological Incursions

Less and less public space isn't monitored in one or multiple ways... Here on "terrorist" groups and their high-tech hijinks. Second report here. The ulterior motive behind those "releasing" this information is softening the public up for greater government control of the internet. Third here. CIA is greatly worried about "extremist groups" using the net. Who's an extremist? Anyone opposed to the biggest gang of all. Here Waco aftershocks, as one of big brother's henchmen pleads guilty.

Racist Jews: Ben-Gurion

Read his words on this site dedicated to Israel's soldiers. Those who espouse the same views with White substituted for Jew are the type of people the FBI likes to question. One standard for Jews, another for everybody else. What if we enslaved Israel to the tune of $100 billion, forced it to accept diversity and multiculturalism and preserved White racial heritage here? Why do we accept the reverse? The Jew must be destroyed, White man. Here our Patriot missiles we paid for are shipped off to defend the parasites in Israel.

American Jews Seen as Strategic Asset by Israel

There is no loyalty to the host country among Jews. Only to Israel and their race. It has been the same in every country the Jews have settled in. They work to feed themselves by weakening the dominant majority, usually causing its downfall or their own expulsion. The same thing is at work in America. They hate and fear the White majority, fill their papers with "whitebread" and similar putdowns, their movies with disgusting and dangerous miscegenation, all while elevating the "N-word" to the holiest of Unsayables. That which reduces the status of the White, that they are for. That which elevates the Useful Colored they support.

The Difference Between Whites and Jews

Jews destroy America with colored immigration -- Whites say not a word. Jews encourage White girls to screw niggers with poison prop like Save the Last Dance -- Whites do nothing. Wal-mart is rumored to sell a globe printed with Palestine, not Israel -- Jews respond vociferously. You will have all the rights and freedom you care to defend, White man. And that works in reverse, too. Jews tend to win because they are more aggressive. But there are more of us, and we need to attack them the way they attack us. In fact we need to attack them even harder.

One-Third of Black Queers Have HIV

More than half of the 40,000 new HIV infections each year are Blacks, says CDC. Save the Last Dance? Or, Save the Last Hospital Bed. Here one in ten urban queers has HIV. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Backgrounder: Tikkun and the Politics of Meaning

Here a decent explanation of 'Tikkun,' which shorn of the Jewish self-praise (Our Duty to Fix the World) is essentially Jewish-flavored mystical socialism. It is a justification for Hymie's eternal drive to screw up everything in the name of his superior ethics and specialness. It is hard to get across, because most choose to disbelieve, that Jews really do see themselves as Superpeople sent here to save the human race. Was America broken when Hymie set to work? Or is it broken now that Hymie's had his way? Here on JDL principles. Not all Jews are as aggressive, but most believe the same thing: that they are victims "in every generation" of powerful forces that rise up to destroy them -- yet are destroyed in turn. Thus empowered by his delusion, Hymie is quick to strike the first, second and last blow. And yet never sees himself as the aggressor; is constitutionally unable to see himself as the offending party. And when you combine this inbuilt paranoia and hostility and conviction of superiority both mental and moral (Tikkun), you have the explanation and recipe for a Jew: the perpetually aggrieved and sinned-against aggressor of extraworldly moral grandeur.

Britain: From Gibbon to Gibbons in Three Easy Centuries

England imports colored "teachers" from Africa... Here in U.S., nigs begin to heat up campaign for reparations. Here Reps raise questions about NAACP's tax status. Homeschooling resources here. More useful information here. Homeschooling is one of the best things you can do to protect our race. Not only does it keep your kids' minds clean, but it hurts the NEA, the Democratic Party, and the Jewish controllers. VNN will keep linking to sites and groups that have good things to offer your kids. You are responsible for making the culture you want to live in. When you read VNN each day, you choose to let into your mind something that has not passed first before Jewish eyes. Can you say that about any other media you read/heard today?

Jew Scum: Lenny Bruce

At once vulgar and insipid, it's Lenny Bruce, the Jew. The carper who can't be criticized. The iconoclast of thinnest skin.

Ten Years for Cross-Burning

Average time served for murder conviction: seven years; rape, three. Where do you think this guy will be in ten years?

The Decline of the Elite

Good Murray piece. Read between the lines and ask yourself which group promulgated the code that replaced the White man's code with the ghetto nigger's.

Latest Alien Invasion Folly

There is something positively weird about White America's urge to commit racio-cultural suicide. It simply cannot all be explained by Jewish intrigue and big business wage interests... Here Britain and Italy say they plan crackdown on aliens.

The Demonization of Earl, #350a

Good Southern-flavored denunciation of the fedgov's war on the White man. But note, the word Jew never escapes Dr. Hill's lips. He fails the litmus test. It is interesting that the Southerners who are at pains to tell us about the heroism of their confederate ancestors are so shy when it comes to mentioning the Jewish role in bringing about the conditions they deplore. Like Christians focusing on the politically safe "secular humanists," they continue to generically berate northern liberals or media. Neither of which will get the job done. That which does not target the Jews as the first source of the problems that ail us is idle remonstrating. Aggression in politics usually wins, and that is why the Jew-controlled media consistently slant the news to foment nigger rage and White guilt. One thing you can do in your daily life to help is to aggressively defend Whites and the White race whenever it is put down. That includes blond jokes -- the one stereotype, you'll note, that isn't based on truth. Niggers do steal. Mexicans are, well, Mexicans. But blondes, aside from a few bottle-manufactured actresses, aren't dumb. The jokes find their source in pure ethnic aggression; the same spring as the now ubiquitous slur whitebread.

The Controllers

Europe wants everyman to have an ID, like U.S. Social Security. Originally SS was never supposed to be used as an ID, and indeed SS cards used to have words printed on them to that effect. That was propaganda, however. What was intended, just as with bogus civil rights, was the system we have in place today where you can hardly buy a pack of gum without producing it. Raimondo very good on the complete Jewish hypocrisy on diversity and multiculturalism, which are always Iron Laws for whites in America and always out of the question in Israel. Without Jewish control of the media, this hypocrisy would be exposed and we'd quit subsidizing the Jewish haters' home colony. Here good article on Hitler and propaganda.

Israel on Verge of Picking War Criminal/Mass Murderer Sharon

All the details here... "Our forefathers did not come here to build a democracy but to build a Jewish state." In other words, these Jew hypocrites want a state free of Arabs, just as the Germans wanted a state free of Jews. One is the greatest evil in the history of mankind, and the other deserves more than the $100 billion subsidy it has already received. Jews are parasites and hypocrites; their actions and words prove it.

Powell: U.S. Will Remain in Balkans for Years

"No exit date..."

How the World Works: Banking

Inflation is theft. Governments central banks with money-printing license endue/Political control and government enrichment ensue. The power to tax is the power to enslave. All you have to do is imagine that you had the power to counterfeit -- LEGALLY -- to understand what the brouhaha over the Fed Reserve is about. Money control is second only to media control in empowering the Jew over the White man. Link is to an interview with a goldbug.

Pardoned Swindler Rich Also Israeli Spy

The story gets better and better... Here funny story on Jewish producers sucking up to the Unabomber, hoping for exclusive interview... Here review of Horowitz on Republicans. They don't win because they don't fight. What we can take from him is the need always to be the aggressor, defining the debate and not letting up for an instant in criticism of the Jews. Because there is no way out but through the Jews, White man, and that's the part Horowitz won't tell you. But on tactics, he is sound. His tactics, our ends.

Jews and Child Porn (Brazil, California, New York, Russia, Italy)

Since the story of the recent Jew kiddie-porn bust in California has been hushed up, here's a Jew sex-offender classic... (Scroll to bottom.) Second report here. Note that the consul was quickly hustled/fled back to the mother country. Here on Jewish child molester who retained teaching job. Here LoBaido on decline of West as on display in red-light Amsterdam.

Turn in Armed Neighbor, Collect $500 in NYC

Just like in the old USSR, reporting on your parents and neighbors is encouraged by the corrupt state. Here a crime story. Here on racial correctness in medicine.

On Jewish Antipathy Toward Non-Jews

Racist quotes from Zionists from founder on down... Here a Jew preaches arrant lies about Krystallnacht. Good example of the way Jews think. They have hated all outsiders for so long it has almost genetically queered their ability to see things as they are. They are mad people who cannot be argued with, only fought and defeated. They are not fit to live among us. Here Hitchens on Jewishness. Here Horowitz on reaction to Bush's faith-based initiative. Good criticism, although he evades blaming Jews -- pointing to 'secular radicals' -- and pretends that Jews are commanded to love non-Jews, when, as he well knows, their books are full of admonitions to the contrary. Non-Jews exist to be used by Jews, and for no other reason.

On Thought Memes' Transmission

Thoughts as viruses, and how they spread through society...

Working Mothers Hurt Kids' Education

It's better for mothers to stay at home with their kids; high taxes serve the dual purpose of enriching the state and destroying the family. No one has the time or energy left after working to live -- just watch TV (which reinforces the gov's message) and go to sleep for another day of same old, same old.

Australia: One Nation Set to Surge?

Pauline Hanson (good photo with article) stages yet another comeback in Feb. 17 election in Queensland.

Germany: Cabinet Appeals to Ban NPD

All the articles you want to read about the potential ban available through this FAZ link. Essentially the "democratic" Germany haters want to ban genuine friends of Germany, including skins and NPD. They want to ban all pro-German political groups and censor any pro-German sentiment off the internet.

Italy: Mussolini in TV Fight

Sparring with femi-communist...

America: Hate Crimes Policy at UCLA

Discriminating against Whites in admissions doesn't qualify. Here site for Jewish marines. All two of them. Savages at play in D.C. This is a pitiful story of how screwed up and stupid savages really are. Exactly why Thomas Jefferson observed that allowing them to range freely among us would be the suicide of the nation. Here for info on Nordic Fest 2001, held in Powderly, Kentucky over Memorial Day weekend.

Denmark: Teen Arrested for Killing Black

May be extradited to Norway...

Governments Attack the Net

Political control must be had at the cost of your freedom. In Britain, cops have wide leeway to read your private email. In France, Yahoo was banned from selling anything the Jews disliked. In Germany -- well, it would be easier to list what is legal than what isn't. In America, Jewish hate groups working through the U.S. government promulgated a law requiring that any government computer (in library, school, etc.) install their approved controlware. As always, opposing child-porn, drugs, or whatever handy excuse is thrust out front as the ostensible "need" for these rules; as always the real motive is control of the thinking minority -- keeping the White man Semitically Correct by preventing his listening to those who have rediscovered freedom.

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