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Jesse Jackson, Black Bastard

And bastard-sire.... When you get your money free by extorting White America, you can afford to pay off anybody you choose. Those who think this "bombshell" will destroy Nigger Jesse don't understand him or those he appeals to. Second report here.

German, American Leftist Terrorists

Fischer and Dohrn...

California Electric Insanity

Government is the problem, not deregulation. Mexican invasion is another problem. Brownouts breed brownouts, don't you know.

Comments on Weiss Article on Jewish Power

Mostly from brain-dead Republican types, but a couple very intelligent ones. Weiss essentially brags that without Jews, no abortion, no destruction of Christian culture, no civil rights, etc. Not everyone thinks that's an achievement.

Ashcroft, Clinton, Bogus Claims

Departing Bill takes credit for the web. Here on Ashcroft's normality. More on Aschcroft's bigoted liberal opponents. Here on Pentagon lies. Here some of the intellectual problems with MLK, the communist-plagiarist-adulterous Negro who is now the most respected figure in American history if you go by the lie-box. Here on Clinton's legacy of "bottomless and endless selfishness." Here reaction to Senate plan to bring in still more Mexicans. Here INS letter to the editor on consequences of unrestrained immigration. Here a Chinese official speaks the truth about global warming: conclusion first, evidence later. Are we freer than the Chinese?

Bring Back the Hohenzollerns?

Relative volunteers...


Good letter...

Media: CNN Cuts 10% of Workforce

Four hundred jobs axed...

New Satire on Academia

Sounds like it might be worth reading... Here many stories on Auberon Waugh, who has died.

Jews' Domination Has Made America Fairer, More Creative, Says Jew

Jew Weiss puts a positive spin on the negative change, but at least puts out some of the facts. One of the few times outside Jewish publications you'll see the issue mentioned publicly. Jewish interests do exist, they are opposed to White interests, and they are always advanced dishonestly and surreptitiously. We will take Jew Weiss here on his own terms: We both agree Jews have hugely influenced America over the last 25-50 years. He thinks the influence has made for a more creative, fairer America. We say he is wrong. In every way we are less civilized and free since the Jewish accession to power. Most Jews instinctively sense they are headed for a fall because of their actions, no matter their public propaganda, which always blames others and never blames them. We think they are right. And we are working to make it so. Jews in America are a profound collective negative, and must be reckoned with on that basis. Jew Weiss openly proclaims his intent at Harvard to tear down the White bastions that held him back. He and his Jews succeeded. Now Harvard discriminates against Whites instead of Jews. We White men must now tear not merely the Jewish bastions of power. No quarter for Jews. They must be ended in America, and in Europe. Juden 'raus, as someone put it simply and eloquently. The destruction of Jewish power must be the first goal of all politically aware people. Those who disagree sleep and think they are awake.

Conservatives Who Moved Left

Very long, scholarly article about John Gray, Edward Luttwak and others. Here ideas for new media for those of you who wish to create alternatives to the always-the-same Jewish dogmas in TV and movies and S.C. online sites.

Zimbabwe: Monkeys Howling for White Blood: Genocide on the Dark Continent

Syntactical stylings by Sam Francis...

Jews Inspire Hatred in France

Just like everywhere else.

Nazis All the Rage in Taiwan

Teens dig the swastika.... Stupid Jews don't realize that that which is outlawed inspires curiousity, interest, affection.

Hip-hopper Spews in Jewish Rag

Jewish papers love to snuffle in Black shit. Why is that? What about the Jewish mind is drawn to ordure like a dung beetle? Life among the savages. Never ask what's cooking. It might be roast thumb, or fillet of clavicle, or stewed eyeballs with a garnish of scrotum... Blacks are little more than animals, not fit to live among us.

Drudge Says Enquirer Set to Bust Nigger Jesse

Apparently ye old food-spitter left his DNA other inappropriate places besides Whites' food... P.J. O'Rourke on Clinton and his generation here. How can you tell when a Jew is lying? Ask Paul Wellstone... Here good Fred Reed article on racial management. Fred can't quite bring himself to utter 'Jew,' him being one of those courageous Southern country boys and all, but he has the symptoms down. Latest Paglia here.

Palestinians Wants Israeli Assassins Tried as War Criminals

Palestinians throw rocks, God's pets shoot them in the forehead or genitals. After all, as Jewish religion has always taught, anything you do to non-Jews is justifiable if it advances Jewish interests. Non-Jews have no rights Jews need respect. Special rules for special people. More on Chao's ties to Lippo Group (Clinton fund-raising scandal). Chao is the wife of a Republican Senator. How much more corrupt and incestuous could Washington possibly be? Here dissident Wu expresses concern about Chao.

On French Yahoo Decision

Good commentary on the unwisdom of bowing to Jewish dictates, although of course it isn't put that way... In making what offends Jews the new legal standard, virtually nothing will be allowed, as Jews are notorious for their hypersensitivity and their hatred for non-Jews. Here's an interesting rundown on countries restricting internet access.

Money: Sound or Counterfeit

Money and media manipulation are the chief sources of our woes. A good primer here from Sobran on the difference between real money and counterfeit money, as printed by the Fed Reserve. Good backgrounder/history of the corrupt Dept. of Justice. Here on Jews in Cabinet under Clinton, lack of Jews under Bush. Truth is, as Cohen hints, Jewish influence is so pervasive it doesn't matter. Everyone Bush has appointed is well immersed in Jewish ideology: warhawking abroad, welfarestating at home. Here Connerly on Ashcroft.

Hating the Confederacy, Worshipping the Fedgov

First up Reese. And here's the WT article again. And here Dionne in defense of the Establishment view of American history. Good, funny article on man-the-hunter, man-the- meat-eater. Here on the facts about environmentalism, an ersatz religion spread by the government. Good facts: ranchers brought game to Nevada; previously there was so little the Indians were reduced to eating insects. Here Horowitz on what he is now calling Politically Correct Hate Crimes -- what we at VNN call Hush Crimes. Here an Indian can see what most Whites can't. Here Cold War-communist divisions among the Jews, by Horowitz.

When Animals Attack

Workaday assault on innocent Whites by savages... '[T]he two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government," said Thomas Jefferson. Of course he never met Colin Powell or he would have changed his mind. Did you know CP was part of a blackface brigade that won an FCC license for their skin color, and immediately flipped the property to a white group to make millions? But affirmative action has nothing to do with his success, nothing at all. Keep your child away from Negroes or this might happen: A Congoid, 13, with mental age of 8, beat to death a young girl by playing professional wrestling with her.

Catcher In the Rye Out on Its Ear

Aren't any Vietnamese or Salvadorans, so it must go. Jewish author whose work has been criticized as subversive by conservative Whites is now seen as too un-multicultural for Post-America.

Help Your Kids Avoid Queer Indoctrination in Public Schools

If you won't teach your kids at home, at get them an opt-out form so they can avoid learning how to bugger each other before they leave kindergarten. That's hardly an exaggeration since some of the pirates around Tony Blair in Britain are advocating instruction in anal sex for kids as young as four. Four, for chrissakes. More on the metric martyr here. On leftist hate speech here. Here on passion. Good article on wind-chill bilge. Just like people in most offices love to imagine they are working harder than they actually are, they love to imagine they are bravely enduring temperatures that are much colder than they actually are. The American boob must be cossetted in a warm blanket of self-praise at all times. Where the hardness? Where the rigor? They need not apply in the land of self-esteem. But self-criticism and discipline remain the route to greatness, White people.

"Eastern Europeans" Nabbed in Mexico

They were apparently set for smuggling into the U.S. Are they truly Europeans, or are they Jews or Jewish gangsters?

Jews Call for Assassination of Arafat

No tolerance, multiculturalism, or gun control in Israel. Nope, that's only for the Semite-subsidizing suckers in White America. These Jews are bloodthirsty parasites, and we are fools to give them a single penny.

Jewish Agitprop Succeeds: Pro-Dixie Equals Pro-Hate

The success is evident in that the Jewish control of the media driving the equation is never discussed. Degree by degree, Jew-enforced Semitical Correctness, often carried out through organized Negroes, is enacted on formerly free, formerly civilized White America. Here a cop objects to putting queer sticker on his patrol car, and forced to defend himself in court. That's what queer tolerance is all about: forcing others to approve one's dangerous behavior. Here an Englishman is put on trial for the anti-European crime of weighing in pounds, rather than kilograms. What a world. See, if we hadn't defeated Hitler, we wouldn't be import discolored criminals and weigh produce as the authorities tell us. Comments on Gramscian revolution in America here.

Pollard and the Jews Who Would Free Him

Good article by Jew Hersh on the huge damage done by Jew Pollard, which is lied about and covered up by Israel-first-last-and-only-ers who want him free to return to the only country they are loyal to. Is a remora loyal to a Great White Shark? Only as long as it feeds him.

Happy MLK Day: Brothers Be Representin' and We Be (Soon) Reparatin'

Support Black culture. Eat a peanut butter sandwich. Stop at a stoplight. Use crack (it's a ghetto drug). Steal someone else's words and/or wife. Shoot up and get shot. It's a Black thing: it's not hard to understand. Some of the junk involved in L.A. politics here. Sing it with the robots: Diversity is our greatest strength. More on same; you have to act like a Mexican to fit in in L.A.

Judge Says New York Whites Must Cough Up for Coloreds

Trend in recent years has been to penalize Whites who have located in White areas for the schools. A liberal judge, often a Jew, declares that local school funding is unfair and unequal, so that taxes must be redistributed at the state level as the Jew-led burrocrats see fit. Yet another way in which Whites are enslaved to the Jew-nigger-Mexican alliance.

No Spartans in Wichita

Some choose courage. Be one of them... Letter to Wichita paper editors from EAIF. Here on Congoids at loose on the wrong continent.


Here's an interesting review of Taki, a genuine aristocrat who has praised Germany and the SS. One of the great flaws of America is that it lacks a genuine aristocracy, and has to make do with the lumpish likes of Bill Gates and idiot Hollywood celebrities. Honor and manners define the upper orders. It is better that the poor and stupid try to ape their betters than the reverse, which is what we have today, with people who know better and can afford better dressing and acting like scum.

Jewish Abortionists: Murdering Whites for Profit

Unlike Mengele, Jewish sadist-murderers can't even claim the excuse of research.

Here on Kamen Patent for "It"

Supposedly a guy named Dean Kamen has come up with a great new breakthrough. Is this it? More on Delta hiring discoloreds as "pilots." Something really "special" in the air. Interesting to watch this freeper thread evolve, as the Semitically Correct gerbils struggle to avoid the implications of hiring AIRPLANE PILOTS by color. See, the skyscraper doesn't come crashing down when you (wink) hire that Congoid director of diversity or human resources manager. But it does when you put the darkling in charge of a plane. This is a recipe for disaster and lawsuits, and you can bet your bottom dollar that Delta's standards will be lowered in finding, recruiting, grading, training, hiring, promoting and firing these coloreds, no matter what their PR liars and sympathetic media say. I remember years ago reading a report about lowered morale in Atlanta after they "diversified" their air-traffic center per some fed burrocrat's directive. Morale plummeted, and near-misses, if not crashes, shot up. This will be even worse. Negroes don't stop being Negroes just because you put them in charge of a plane.

Gun Rights Handbook

Some good information... "Easy Ted" Kennedy jokes here.

McVeigh Kill Date Set for May 16

He was part of a cell, which included an agent provacateur infiltrated by the same federal government now set to execute McVeigh. He's neither fall guy nor patsy, but it didn't begin and end with him, either. There were at least 6-8 others involved, as the feds well know but are hushing up. And, more important, the media doesn't care enough to investigate, outside of the author of The Secret Life of Bill Clinton.

More Jewish Whining, Abetted by Clinton

It never ends... Here Coulter on Clinton and potential pardon. Here Clinton panders to Black "leaders," but they laugh as he's on his way out.

Is Elaine Chao a Spy for the Chinese Communists?

Are you sure?... She gets an analyst dismissed for suggesting Chicoms are threat to national security.

Peanut Butter and Stoplights: VNN Celebrates Black History Month

There's a little Ubange in all of us... Get down, White people.

Wichita Whitemice: Pierce on the Passivity of Today's Indoctrinated White Male

The details of what happened in the Wichita hush crime are not merely sordid, they are vomit-inducing. To cite one painful example, one of the boys allowed his bride-to-be to be murdered and raped and soiled every which way by nigger scum -- without offering the slightest resistance. These weak White males are to blame, yes, and the nigger criminals are to blame, yes again, to be sure. But as always, these are symptoms of the underlying disease: the Jew. It is Jewish propaganda that allots no role for the strong White male, the Man. White males are continually indoctrinated through every form of media, in every institutional setting (government, schools), that being "sensitive" and Semitically Correct and weak and passive and accepting of one's racial guilt are the only acceptable ways to act. That road leads to death, as we see here. Folks, if some nigger accosts you, fight back. Display courage that will shine for others to admire and emulate. Do NOT get into a car with niggers. Do not go to an ATM with niggers. Do not withdraw money for niggers. Do not let niggers rape your fiance and force you to fellate your male friends. Fight, people. Fight. "It is not enough that you believe -- you must fight." Here facts on the audience going to see Save the Last Dance, which Pierce also mentions in his address: 78% female. Screwing nigs is like the lottery, girls. One in fifty chance of AIDS. And of course AIDS is only one of a large number of disgusting STDs widespread among Negroes.

Jews Promote Hatred of Pro-Romanians

Story-a-day is a tried and true Jewish technique for teaching dumb gentiles the right way to think about any given issue. It has been remarked on at least as far back as Henry Ford, whose researchers mentioned it in the remarkable work, The International Jew, which you should certainly get ahold of and read if you can find a copy. Essentially, story-per-day is Chinese water torture applied to propaganda. For example, in a single year in the '90s, the Washington Post and the New York Times published over 800 articles on the Holocaust. Think about that. Think about that for a long time. That's more than a story a day about an overblown, largely mythological detail of World War II. There is no way that happens by accident; rather it is a softening-up campaign that allows Jews to get away with their depredations and extortions while continually portraying themselves as persecuted. And not merely persecuted, but persecuted more than any other people on earth: the most persecuted people in the history of the world. It is characteristic of Jews that they cannot make their case openly and truthfully; they inevitably make their way through darkness by smears. The Jew is the enemy, White man. Here's an Arab site that will run articles critical of Jews. Check out the "" banner ad about 'racist barbecue sauce.' Hate condiments must be stopped. Refuse to spread hate, Whitebread.

Jews Concerned Others Catching On

Jews are "being slandered as money-grabbers," says Jew honcho in Germany. Jews are "special" criminals. Regular criminals know they are stealing your money, and don't pretend otherwise. Jewish extortionists want us to thank them for their predations. We are persecuting them by failing to appreciate the noble morality motivating their thievery. Here a Jew leads Texas prison break.

Click Here!

Phil Gramm Sells Out America for Tidy Profit

Asian wife on board of Iowa Beef Packers, one of biggest employers of Mexican-non-Americans in country. Judas got thirty pieces of silver. How much do you get, Phil?

White History: Dred Scott Documents

Find them at this online archive... Here on Anniversary of Black Like Me. A good book, gives you a picture of America when it was segregated and civilized; at least more civilized than it is now. Although that certainly is not the overt message the book is conveying (which is the standard-liberal "Oh, what a horrible racist society Whites have made, and how hard it is to be a Black man, even a fake Black man, in it..." Here on Save the Last Dance putting asses in seats. Note how much longer this story is than the brief and controlled local story MSNBC ran on the Wichita hush crime. (I should say hush crimes, because there were actually three separate incidents. In addition to the rapes/murders, the evil nig brothers murdered a female cellist a few days earlier [suppose I needn't describe her as White], shooting her in the face; and they abducted and beat the hell out of a White cashier, dumping him in a field). But none of these were hate crimes.)

Anti-Drug Insanity

Nothing succeeds like failure, see drug war... "We lose a little on each sale, but we make it up on volume."

MLK Day: Black Stupidity

Ok, it's shooting fish in a barrel, this story of a nigger too dumb to rape, but part of the reason Blacks don't belong among us is that they simply are too stupid to make good neighbors, and a civilized society keeps this Black stupidity in mind while a Jew-run society pretends "equality." Blacks are always potential dangers in the sense that a shark is. Both are impulsive and might turn on you for no good reason. They read and ratiocinate at about the same level, too. Always remember that Black IQ is a standard deviation below Whites on IQ tests, (85 vs slightly over 100), and that African Blacks are even dumber, down in the seventies (no White admixture). These are facts of immense importance, and they will not go away because Hymie down at the Post calls you a hate criminal for respecting them. No less an expert than Albert Schweitzer, who famously devoted his life to meliorating African savagery, said that to regard Congoids as our equals would only have the effect of destroying us, not helping them. And if you look around at our society, you will see that what he said is true.

White Anthropology: Tarim Basin Mummies

Read about your White ancestors who brought culture to China... Don't you agree that White culture and White people are worth preserving, even if you think we here at VNN are evil Nazis? Won't something be lost when the earth is covered with latte-colored, Jew-led apes stewing in their stinky Affenkultur? Of course, of course, of course... Power and imagination and daring are required, people, that White rule be restored, and with it civilization. We have what it takes to succeed, and we must succeed.

Read Sack's Esquire Revisionism Article -- Limited Time Only

Sack believes in the Holocaust, but he writes a fair article. If you aren't familiar with him, he is the Jewish author of An Eye for An Eye, an account of the Jewish-run concentration camps that tortured and murdered and generally persecuted untold numbers of Germans after WII. Of course, nobody's ever heard of that -- that Nazi camps were converted into communist- and Jew-run camps after the Allied victory -- but it's true. What's also true is that the Allies uprooted 14-15 million Germans and a couple million of them died in the greatest ethnic cleansing in history. Always remember that history is little but the agreed-upon lies told by the victors, and has little to do with what actually happened.

MLK Sampler

Not everybody wants to celebrate the adulterous communist, the plagiarist whose every word came from somebody else, including his name. MLK is promoted as someone noble by the same Jews retailing lies in in the media about Qwonzaaa, hate crimes and everything else. Here Save the Last Dance, with its Jew-promoted miscegenation, tops the box office, signifying brainwashed White America, because by all accounts this is one bad movie. Here savages run wild at MLK celebration in Canton, Ohio. Here Negroes act like apes in Las Vegas. Here a very good Francis article on the meaning of King holiday. (Includes link to paper on King's various untoward associations. This guy was scum par excellence.) Here a Bircher view of King and holiday.

Bertollini Beaten by Corrupt Cops

Was this a hate crime? Read and see... Here on Aryan Nations property to be sold.

Independent Virginia

Illegally annexed by feds... Comments on Mississippi flag vote here. Here on fired Mexican-with-Jew-husband/kids Chavez borking Samuel Francis. Here on FBI investigating writers for conservative magazine Insight. Here on Black cons. Here Clinton, departing, says Black felons should be allowed to vote.

Sleep with Apes, Wake Up with AIDS

Here's a little fact Jews left out of Save the Last Dance. One in every fifty American nigs has the AIDS virus. So why are the Jews at MTV encouraging you to fuck them? What should be done about Jews that encourage the physical destruction of White females? Any ideas? Here find some of the anti-White hate rap Jews promote as worthwhile music for Whites to listen to. Why do Jews hate whitey so much? Why are Jews beyond criticism? Here's something the Jews won't let you hear about: five rapes, four murders, fifty-eight charges -- and no hate crimes. Here freepers struggle to understand Wichita hush crime coverage without making mention of Jews. And more details here.

Haider Visited Russia, Investigated Planes for Military

Prepare for Anschluß...

Chinese 'Snakehead' Ships Fishhead-Eaters C.O.D. to Your Country

May be extradited. Don't hold your breath... There will be a huge price to be paid for infiltrated Chinese nationals. Note that the Chao Bush would appoint has ties to the highest level of Chinese government, which is surely behind the Gooks overrunning Canada and the United States. Here on divide between Mexicans and Negroes in L.A. and the country. Diversity is our greatest strength. If you repeat that loud enough and often enough with your eyes closed it will come true.

Number of Pro-German Web Pages More than Doubles to 800

Officials at the state censorship office (named, after Orwell, office for the protection of the constitution) are worried...

Leftist Censorship

The real haters, the real censors are the ones blowing smoke about tolerance and diversity. As always, they are led by Jews. Here on a new invention, claimed to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Hoax? Here on Republican appeasement. Here thoughts on noise. Along with its kaleidoscopic imagery, TV's technique for numbing and dulling the brain.

"Conservative" Phil Gramm Calls for Legalizing Mexican Invasion

Married to a non-White, Phil Gramm is a nation-killer. American citizenship isn't worth much if Mexicans can claim it. There is no difference between the "staunchest" "conservative" and the wildest liberal. What matters are: Is this person pro-White?; Will he criticize Jews? Those must be the litmus test. No one in Congress can pass it. More on Reps reaching out to minorities here. Here Jew attacks Ashcroft, others for pro-South comments.

Don't Fly Delta If You Value Your Life

Delta has formed a partnership to train "multicultural" pilots. That's a strong hint to you the traveler to stay the off their airplanes. Diversity has already caused huge problems within air traffic control, where incompetent minorities are promoted beyond their abilities. Just imagine the caterwauling when the first incompetently piloted plane goes down, as it surely will. Perhaps this is all a ruse by the lawyers...

Eating Out in Denver?

May want to get a shot against hepatitis spread by Mexicans Jews let in. Diversity is our greatest strength, it sure is. Anyone who denies it should be jailed for hate crimes. Here Brach's closes Chicago candy plant, sends 1,000 jobs to Mexico and Argentina. What a deal. The south sends us its scum, and we send it our jobs. Commentary on our insane Mexicanization here.


Commentary on the hush crime. Here on Black female crime. Here review of MTV's miscegenation propaganda.

Germany: Lower Saxony Goes After Pro-Germans

They will be counseled into hating their country, like all good people... German view of Russia's economy and German investments here.

Britain Imports Colored HIV-Positive Nurses

No threat, say authorities...

Zimbabwe: Campaigning Among the Lions

Witchcraft, sorcery, torture, barbarism -- Africans are savages. Here on the Zimb's economic problems.

Mad Scientists Create Freak Monkey

Playing mix 'n' match, they decide to corrupt a noble simian line with DNA du jellyfish.

White Anthropology: Swiss Find Moss Shoe

5,000-year-old insole... Here on mysterious wood circle in sands at Norfolk in U.K.

Mexicans Pollute North Carolina with Rubella

N.C. has "more than half the cases nationwide," according to this report. And it comes straight from Mexican-non-Americans who are let in that agribusiness profits stay high and Jewish political interests are advanced. America as a country doesn't exist anymore. Any country that doesn't guard its borders against undesirables like Mexicans is biding time until collapse. Here on rotavirus among Salvardorans. Is that here too? Guess who pays to immunize all these creatures?

Jews Pule for Pollard Release

Jews say that charges of double loyalty are "anti-Semitism." What about single loyalty? They have not demeaned themselves well, to go by George Washington's test.

Whites and Republicans

Roberts on Reps chasing minorities, ignoring Whites. Here mocking of Reps' weakness in giving Dems equal committee seats. Just like the Wichita whitemice, the Reps are going down without a fight. Here on the feminization of America. Here criticism of left. Here Rockwell with typical article on Chavez controversy. Why do cons never tire of proving what's obvious? They write as though the world is dominated by a referee who's going to come down and set everything aright. "It is not enough to believe -- you must fight." Who said that? How does it apply to our present situation? All these con columns assume there is a mass of people that just needs to be exposed to the facts to come around to the con way of thinking. But more than a few weeks of reading political columns persuades anyone with half a brain that the left is dishonest and interested in winning and nothing else. This doesn't need to be proved. The left doesn't need to be rationally countered, it needs to be fought.

Jews Press for Censorship in Italy

Court rules websites breaking Italian law may be shut down. Not clear how that is to be accomplished. Here on Euro Army threatening NATO. Here German leftists remove David Irving's name from museum. (Auf Deutsch)

Jew Kessler Advises Outlawing Cigarettes

Where Jews roam free, White freedom soon disappears.

Hundreds of Thousands of Gun Criminals at Large in Canada

Where Jews are allowed into politics, gun control inevitably follows -- everywhere except Israel, where gun ownership is practically mandatory. Did it ever strike you as odd that news reports regularly show private Israelis roaming the streets with submachine guns, whereas the American, European or Australian brethren of the folks hyperventilate at the thought that normal Whites like you owned such guns? On guns and race the Jews are complete hypocrites: what's fine for them they deny to you, White man. That's part of what being God's pets is all about. In Canada guns are all but illegalized, and new measures taking effect January 1 have created a class of several hundred thousand criminals. Why is the Canadian government afraid of private citizens owning arms? Because it is made up of leftist Jews such as the immigration minister, who floods the country with disease-ridden Third-Worlders normal White Canadians don't want anything to do with. Have you noticed that no matter the country, Jews are always at the forefront -- often found -- the movements to tape White mouths and take White guns? If you don't accept our truth that Jews are the enemy, ask yourself how would they act any differently than they do now if they were...

Vicious Queers Spew Hate on AOL Honcho

AOL is Semitically Correct as they come, however founder Steve Case recently gave $8 million to a hard-core church. Now a fag-rag has outed his gift and is spewing details of Case's private life. Typical of the lack of dignity, the disordered hate and the visceral repulsiveness of organized queerdom in America. It should be noted that without the active support of the Jew-dominated media, they wouldn't be able to caterwaul and prevail politically as the one percent majority. I have never heard one homosexual accept responsibility for contracting AIDS. Have you? Kudos to Joe Farah for courageously taking on the homosexual lobby. Would that he would exhibit similar courage in attacking the most dangerous and hateful minority of all, instead of carrying water for it. We have to name our enemies publicly and stop tergiversating and remonstrating like Republicans. We have 100 years of proof that these people don't fight fair, have no concept of fairness, no idea what it means, no interest in it. The Jew-led left, readers, is fighting to win, and it will use any tactic that furthers its goal. It is essential that you understand that, and that we do whatever it takes to stop them. It is simply a fact that dirty tactics can only be beaten by dirty tactics. The Jews have played their dirty game for decades with no opposition, but I predict they are going to get the opposition they deserve, and that there won't be many of them left when it's over.

Saudi Press Blasts Clinton for Pro-Israel Bias

Thanks to our subsidization of the nasty little hate country, we Americans are now hated by most of the worlds billion-plus Muslims. Here WND's Farah's pro-Jewish propaganda pays off. Here's Waterboy Joe's latest philo-Semitic propaganda on why Israel is owed everything, and Arabs -- like him -- nothing. Here Raimondo on Blair and Britain and tomatoes.

Bush's Race-Pandering Counterproductive

A black commentator writes the truth, that Bush doesn't need Negroes and shouldn't pander to them. Of course, his words will have no effect on the leaders of the other Jew-controlled party. Note that Williams is taking his ideas directly from Steve Sailer at VDARE. Sailer pointed out that focusing on White voters to the point of effecting a mere three-point swing in their votes would have produced a Bush landslide. He said that in the article that got censored by the Cowardly Lion at Free Republic.

McConnell and Reaction to Wichita Hush Crime

"Forgive them, father, for they know not what they do" -- No!: "Execute them, father, for they know exactly what they do." Yes. Again, the key here is to remember that as nasty as the crime itself, the media suppression of the facts is a thousand times more important and significant.

Big Lies

It ain't what you don't know, it's what you know that just ain't so... Here Sobran imparts wisdom: the official version, the accepted story is often simply untrue. Einstein did not invent "E=mc²"; Shakespeare did not write the works attributed to him; the "Holocaust" is mostly a myth. Think about that for a moment. If the authorship of the most celebrated works ever written is wrong, how many other "certainties" are bogus? Demand evidence before you give assent.... Some interesting questions and answers here.

How Fundamentalists Think

Interesting commentary on Christian views of "The Rapture," subject of upcoming film. Insight into fundamentalist mentality, including view of Jews. Apparently many of our neighbors believe they are in imminent danger of being sucked up to heaven to enjoy the spoils with the rest of the virtuous minority.

Whites Vs. Asians at UC-Davis

At least somebody is fighting back... Nothing wrong with being White.

MTV Opts Not to Celebrate Bush Inauguration

Be sure to watch its anti-White "hate" crimes loop tonight. Prize to anyone who spots a White, heterosexual victim. (You won't.) Note that MTV is owned by a Jew, Sumner Redstone (born Murray Rothstein). Its parent company is Viacom, which owns Simon & Schuster, which just gave Hillary Clinton an $8 million advance to write a book. It all fits together very nicely.

Jews Call for Total Split from Scouts

Good news...

Politics of Personal Destruction

Ponte defends Chavez, which is wrong, but makes very good points about the Dems' play-to-win tactics. Between the lines you can get a sense of the Jewish hate that drives the left. Lots of utopian drivel, too, in that Ponte proclaims that the left is extremely worried about "strong women" (most tiresome phrase) such as Chavez who show la raza la luz, and make staunch Republicans of Spanish-speakers everywhere. Yes, the left is very afraid of this, sees it as a real possibility. That's why it's so urgently advocating border control. Such ludicrous thin hopes sustain many a political commentator such as Ponte. Indeed they must, since to speculate that Mexicans will never become conservative and shouldn't be let into the country is verboten in the controlled media. That's the reason anything you read in the newspapers sounds forced, implausible. It never touches the essentials because it can't. The price of being published in the paper is avoiding arguments that might threaten Jew-led leftist interests.

TV: Shit, and Little Else

Fox has much to be proud of... When TV isn't lying that Whites are the source of all evil, it's encouraging cheating. Here review of Frum's book on the 70s.

Big Media Pulls Back from Web

The web is best used by sites like VNN that put out news you can't get in the print world. The big media companies are finding that retailing their lies online as well as on pulp is expensive and not profitable, so they are reducing web work to a supporting role. Disney Internet Group, for example, has 3,000 workers, and lost $217 million over the last fiscal year.

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