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The Root of All Evil

Must-read... P.C. is really S.C., and it comes out of the Frankfurt school, a group of Jewish Marxists in Germany back in the thirties. Hitler kicked them out and they fled to New York, where they set up shop as the New School for Social Research. There they created an American version of the Semitical Correctness characteristic of Jewish Marxism in revolutionary Russia, Germany and Eastern Europe. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing.

Morris Dees Fun Facts: From the Court to You...

He's the multimillionaire head of the "Poverty" center the Jews turn to whenever they compile their latest agitprop "documentary" on "hate" groups. But the record shows Dees himself is a nasty piece of work: a liar and sex freak, utterly unscrupulous and untrustworthy -- scum, not to put too fine a point on it.

BBC Is "Hideously" White, Says Director Dyke

Workaday slur of the slurrable race by its Blair-appointed director-general, who says the notoriously biased channel needs to hire more nigs, paks and gooks pronto. Still, note that in Irving's comments he has recourse to the Republicans' favorite argument, that affirmative action is bad not so much because it is unfair to Whites, but because it stigmatizes genuine black achievement. Irving is not necessarily a White racialist, although he is a hero for standing up to the Jews. He is another like Pat Buchanan in that it is easy to miss what he actually is through the fog of the media clamor denouncing him. Just because someone is denounced as one of us doesn't mean he actually is one of us. Something to keep in mind.

MTV Grandstands in Opposition to "Hate" Crimes

For 18 hours starting Wednesday night the station will run a three-hour loop featuring various "hate crimes" -- and you can bet your bottom dollar that not one segment will feature a White heterosexual male as the victim, although statistically victims are most likely to be just that. This will be Jewish agitprop at its finest. Already the network has garnered media mention and mainstream applause for this insidious bit of anti-White grandstanding far beyond the cost of whatever commercials are foregone. Here's how the real world works: MTV well knows that even the biased Justice Department figures that are the source of our data on hate crimes show that Whites are disproportionately the victims of interracial crime -- 93% is black on White. Knowing that fact, the typically Jewish producers of this kind of agitprop go out of their way to portray the exact opposite in the victims they choose to put before the drooling viewer. They have gone out of their way not merely not to distort reality but to flip it; to turn reality on its head. All to advance their Jewish agenda of breaking down White integrity and cultural cohesiveness and further their multicultural dystopia. They do this in a thousand ways. At the same time as this hate-crimes agitprop stunt, they are releasing a movie "Save the Last Dance" all about a blond White girl dancer teaming up with and falling in love with a Negro. Don't doubt for a minute that this miscegenatory and reality-reversing claptrap isn't very purposefully thought out, created and disseminated. And there's not one White in a hundred who understands what's going on. Not one White parent in a hundred who pays attention to what his kids watch, understands who produces the shows they stare at, understands the agenda they are trying to push. Self-satisfied, stupid consumers, the White race disaggregates into unthinking, all-tolerating (except the intolerant!) consumers while the Jew-garbage that produces these shows and stunts waxes prosperous and increasingly powerful. And I haven't even mentioned the new movie "Finding Forrester" about a heroic Negro hoopster who just happens, mirabile dictu, to be a great writer, too! The latest installment in Jewish Hollywood's ongoing attempt to reverse reality in a way that makes Whites hate themselves and their race and cede control to Jews and Jew-manipulated coloreds. Jews are the real haters -- and the eternal enemy, White man.

Republicans Support Gun Control

Reagan, Bush or Nixon, if it's an issue dear to the Semite, these "conservatives" who get a tear in their eye every time the Constitution is mentioned know just what to do. Another sign (for thinking people) that the government really is dominated by the Chosen. Two parties seem to contest for power, but that's not what's really going on.

British Report Claims More Women Joining Pro-German Ranks

Very, very good news, if true... Here the natural result of Boris Becker's marriage to a Negress.

Latest on Wichita

Negroes rape and murder, yes they do it every day. But don't call it a hate crime, they're just acting naturally. Don't look for the multiple-sodomy, multiple-rape, multiple murder of throwaway Whites to make the MTV "hate" crimes loop. But do remember that Black hate crimes, noxious and common as they are, are only a symptom. Jews are the disease. Without the Jewish pressure behind the "civil rights" laws in the sixties, they wouldn't exist, and Negroes would be segregated in their uncivilized communities, and would be afraid to commit crimes like the Carrs' because they'd know they'd be lynched if they did. It's more than coincidence that civilization disappeared the same time as lynching. Spoken slurs gave way to Semitical Correctness, freedom gave way to "civil rights" and lynching gave way to niggers run wild. All these are related, and all are tied to the predominant and pernicious influence of the Jew in modern America. Which is why we say: No Jews. Just right. More here.

Canada: Growing East-West Divide

Western separatist feeling increases...

White History: Refuting Lincoln's Claim that Union Preceded States

Comparison of Constitution with Pennsylvania's constitution... An ongoing argument less dry than it appears. Virtually all Jews, neocon, paleocon or non-con support Lincoln's side because a strong, centralized state is in their race's interests. Easier to dominate and control one big government than fifty state legislatures. That is part of the reason you never see anything negative about Washington on the national networks. Criticism of players, bills, yes, but never anything doubting Washington's institutional capacity to solve any problem the controllers and their media brethren can concoct -- health care "crisis," for example.

White Anthropology: Heyerdahl on Norsemen Settling America

He claims large stretches were settled long before Columbus, and that the Norse stayed for hundreds of years. Others say his claims must be taken with a "bucketload" of salt.

White History: The Corrupt Cripple and the War to End the White Man

How (the Jews) and FDR angled us into World War II against our and the race's interests... Per usual, less interesting than the fact that Jews/leftists angled us into both world wars last century is the fact that A) the media didn't report it at the time; and B) when the truth seeped out, nobody cared, not even the guy -- Stinnett -- who wrote the book on FDR's treason at Pearl Harbor. The American people never wanted war, the American elite, first and foremost the Jews, did. And so we had the War to Preserve Jewish Interests I and II. And today the White West is falling apart, while Israel sucks and sucks and sucks and sucks and sucks and sucks our blood and treasure. And decries as anti-Semitic those who notice the Jews' vampirism.

Stupidification of U.S.: McDonald's Ordering Keyboard

Pictures, not words. All the fault of public schools, which are geared to produce socialist groupthinkers who look to the controllers to find out who they are supposed to hate today. Dyslexia was hardly heard of before schools implemented the "look-say" method of teaching reading. People have been learning to read successfully for hundreds of years, so don't think the technique was planned to produce anything but what it does produce: illiterates. The dumber and more easily controlled the masses, the better for the government.

Ashcroft the Liberal

Horowitz makes a good case that Ashcraft is just another Semitically Correct conservative -- which is to say liberal. He has given in on the essential point that race matters. Horowitz remains a Jew leading good-natured, anti-intellectual, easily duped Republican Whites astray from their true interests. No Jews. Just right. It's not just our slogan, it's words to live by. Horowitz repeatedly talks about liberals not acting in good faith. But if they ever have, it certainly hasn't been in the past fifty years. Led by Jews, they embrace Jewish strategies, the foremost of which is doing whatever it takes to win. That's how the Jewish revolutionary precursors of these folks did business in Russia and Central/Eastern Europe, and that's how their relatives -- including Horowitz -- do it today. Horowitz has moled his way into the "conservative" camp where he advocates a variant of what he advocated as a communist.

What Really Happened to Ron Brown?

Latest here, from WND... Here on Knowlton appeal, which Supreme Court will not hear. He was the guy intimidated by Clinton thugs for being in the wrong place at the wrong time (in the park where they were dumping Vince Foster's corpse). Read Ambrose Evans-Pritchard's The Secret Life of Bill Clinton for the best detective work on the truth about Oklahoma City, Foster, Mena, Ark., and a couple other big scandals. Note his conclusions (he is one of the best reporters in Europe) about the very deep corruption of the American overclass.

The Nightingale Division

A story about rightist Ukrainians formed into army by SS and used in Eastern Europe. Now claimed survivors are war criminals living out their lives in Britain, and need to be hunted down. Nothing at all about the Jew-led communist butchers who killed more Christians in the Ukraine alone than Hitler ever did Jews. Funny how in these days of moral relativism, we are all-tolerant about everything except Nazis, stories involving which are the only place you ever see the word 'evil' used. We are preached at to be non-judgmental, except when it comes to any organized resistance to Jewish interests in favor of other interests, especially White interests. Jews have succeeded, using their media, in driving their mentality -- paranoid, ugly, parasitic and hateful -- into ours. Truly, in very real ways, we are all Jews now.

Anti-Germans Teem in Cottbus

Well trained, they be...

Jews at NYT Encourage European Racial Genocide

The hate-driven Jewish racists at the New York Times never tire of encouraging Whites everywhere to commit racial suicide by opening their countries to the Third World. They have never published a single piece encouraging their brothers in Israel to do the same. That makes them the racists. Them the haters. Them the pushers of genocide. We must never forget that Jews are the disease, White man... More response to Sailer's banning at Free Republic.

Jews: The Chosen Hate Group

Arch-Arab-hater Kahane's son and wife murdered, Jews howl for revenge. Let's call it the hate that hate produced (the Arab hate, that is), just as we would if we were propagandist-liars such as Mike Wallace at Sixty Minutes.

An Uncle Abacus Classic: Screamin' Jay Hawkins and the Fifty-Seven Niglets

Read about this now-dead ape and his proliferating progeny...

White Unity?

Prickliness and paranoia pose problems...

In Cold Blood Times At Least Three

More on the Carr brothers and their string of murders... Here on the woman cellist murdered. Heard anything about this hush crime on the Jew-TV networks? Why do you suppose the Jews are withholding the information? Perhaps they don't have time amidst all the stories about racial profiling. Here a judge refuses to put a skinny White drug "criminal" in jail for fear he'll be raped by Negroid gentlemen, like at least one of the Byrd-draggers was.

More on Gramsci and the Culture War

The intellectual origins of the Kulturkampf... Latest Pierce here.

Jewish Hate: NYT Agitates for Discolored Europe

The NYT is owned by White-hating Jews. It is edited by same, along with a goodly number of queers. And its foreign correspondents hate nations other than Israel that try to maintain racial and cultural integrity. As always, the Jew is the enemy, White man. He speaks to you with forked tongue, and you heed him at your peril.

Washington: Part of Why It Must Be Destroyed

It can't be reformed, it won't go away. The only solution is, to amend something Al Davis once said: D.C. must go down, and it must go down hard. Long train of abuses, no sign of stopping...

Smoking Is Cool

The proper goal of life is not its extension. Those, in Balzac's words, 'afflicted with the mania for perpetuity' are dunces and usually nagging, bitchy, bossy creeps. Smoke or don't smoke depending on your taste, but don't lecture anyone else about it. A couple facts, just FYI: Smoking lowers, rather than raises, health costs; and it is unlikely to kill you.

Sack Published in Esquire: Revisionism Goes Mainstream...

Hard to believe, but Jewish author/journalist John Sack -- An Eye for an Eye -- has a nine-page article on revisionism published in the February Esquire. Sack's famous suppressed book talks about the horrors visited on ethnic Germans and others after WWII by communist torturers, many of them Jews. It's the kind of thing that is never talked about, the atrocity that dares not speak its name. Are you aware that some 14-15 million Germans were physically uprooted and terrorized and ethnically cleansed after WWII, with the grinning help of conservative hero Churchill? And that perhaps 2-3 million of these Germans died? Who remembers these people? They weren't Jews, so nobody makes movies about them or sets up Holocaust centers. Jewish hate is one of the prime movers of the global media/political culture, and it is one of the prime goals of VNN to impart that lesson.

Immigration Up 43% Since 1990

Undesirables, too -- Mexicans and Filippinos and other Third-Worlders. More than a quarter of all California residents are foreign born. These immigrants are on average stupider and poorer than natives. Why are they allowed to come here? Because they supply cheap labor and serve Jewish political interests. The more numerous and clamorous the sub-groups competing for political power, the easier it is for the Jews. A strong civilized White culture makes Jews a conspicuously weird minority, makes them stand out. In a cesspool, they become much harder to spot. British report here.

Jewish Hypocrisy and Israel

At all costs, Israel must stay Jewish, say the Jews. Thus, Israel's racist Law of Return applies only to Jews. Arafat thinks it should apply to the descendants of the Arabs dispossessed and driven from their homes by Jewish terrorists in the founding of Israel. Jewish racists like the writer here don't like that idea. Rather, they only like that idea applied to your country. These Jewish racists denounce you the American for wanting to keep your country White and civilized. They push legislation such as the 1965 Immigration Act that opens the gates to the Third World, destroying our physical stock and cultural integrity -- but advancing their interests. Yet another reason Jews are the enemy. Physically repugnant hypocrites describes Jews collectively about as well as anything. They are very dangerous people, and we suffer by allowing them among us. It truly is nice to see the Jewish murderers and hypocrites and parasites struggle to cope with one camel-faced raghead. Our props, as the Negroes say, to Arafat.

Iraq Ready to Liberate Palestine, Says Hussein

Israel, our great friend and democratic ally, has made us enemies innumerable. We are tied to its Jewish racism and insanity, and one day it will drag us down, just as it is dragging down Israel. Under Jewish pressure, American borders have been opened to the Third World, including so many Arabs that they now outnumber Jews in America. Many or most of these hate Israel, and we are probably going to feel the effects of that hatred on our own soil. Yet another way in which God's pets do us dirt on our dime. Yes, every penny of Jewish insanity and anti-White hatred is subsidized by us White taxpayers. Here Syria's Bashar comes out against Israel, for Iraq. The White West is forgetting that not everybody in the world is driven by materialism; some people still believe in a cause. Thus it is a perpetual mystery to us why Arabs won't just make nice with God's special blend and do what our lordly State Department Jews tell them. The proper course for the U.S. is to cut off all economic and military aid to Israel and renounce all treaties under which we are committed to any aspect of that country's defense. Let the Jewish haters go it alone, and see how far it gets the parasites when they are forced back upon their own resources rather than the host's. The Jews are nothing more than racist-socialists; they are parasite nazis; at least the real Nazis did it all on their own dime.

Negroes and Education: They Go Together Like Oil and Water

Education: It' a White thing you wouldn't understand. Too funny for anyone who's lived in our capital. Here Seligman comments on Political Correctness. Here on Linda Chavez, her Jewish husband and kids, and the NYT.

Gypsies Denounced As Thieves

Quite rightly. It is pretty hard to hide one's own nature, or one's group's nature, for very long. The world finds out. Here a cop writes a column warning readers about Gypsies and their proclivity for theft. Now expect great hue and cry about "racism." Cop spokesman says maybe cop columnist should have called them 'itinerant con artists.' Now that's funny... This is a good non-Jewish example of how different peoples come to be disliked or looked down on because of their behavior, not because of prejudice on the part of those they live among. Yet to observe simple facts gets you ostracized where it doesn't get you fired. Such is life in a "free" country.

No Smoking at Home, Says Hollywood

The denizens of West Hollywood will just have to find something else to put in their mouths. More on Yahoo caving in to Jewish hate groups. Interesting comparison of beers here. Beer snobbery is the illusion that one beer tastes different than another. (From Mencken's, Love is the illusion that one woman is different from another.) The fact is that most beers, like most women, are mild variations on a theme.

Communist Holocaust Page

Apparently set up by a Jew, who refrains from mentioning the Jewish genesis of communism, this is nevertheless an excellent source of information about the worst system White men ever suffered under.

Russian Debt Converted to German Equity

Germans acquire Russian equity, as nation struggles to remove $14b debt.

Online Cuts at News Corp

Proves harder to make a buck with online news than people thought... George calls it quits after losing JFK Jr and tens of millions.


They prove they love the environment by starting fires. The federal government burned down Yellowstone; does that qualify?

Censorship at "Free" Republic: Jim Robinson Strikes Again, Hoo-yah!

He banned Steve Sailer's article which bespoke the obvious and statistical truth that Republicans ought to court Whites rather than coloreds. This is exactly why conservative opposition in this country, as stated in our own Jack Halliday's Blackout, is fake opposition. It has no guts, no essence, no will -- it is all remonstrating and walking backwards. It resolutely refuses to do what objectively is required to win. VNN repeats: open, pro-White advocacy is the only solution. Here read Freeper responses, note that most argue that it's Robinson's site, so he can censor as he pleases. Which is obvious, and not what Sailer's arguing. The average person, the average Republican, very much accepts the terms of the debate as they are laid out in the media: all Whites are morally guilty and need to prove their moral bona fides. Anyone questioning the rules by which politics are rigged in this country is questioning authority, which they dislike much more than their ostensible opponents. That is why the Bushes will patronize niggers and la raza, but froth hatred on upright and forthright David Dukes. Here's the article itself, which we have posted before but is worth rereading.

Click Here!

Taki on Snowmen and PC

Some good comments.... Here an article on the competing ideologies struggling below the political debates in the paper. Changing culture by changing consciousness -- changing the values and beliefs of the mass of people until a cultural revolution is effected. That goes back to Gramsci, who spoke of the 'long march through the institutions,' and it is indeed what is going on today. Of course, the role of the Jews in effecting this transformation goes unmentioned by this Jewish writer, a second-thoughtser, just like Horowitz (and writing for Frontpage). Here piece on Dems playing race card. Very effective, as WSJ notes. So why would they stop playing it? They won't and rightist timidity and demographics of discoloration enhance its appeal. White politics is, in the long run, the only winning approach for the real right to take. On Ashcroft here. More on race and Ashcroft here. Political debate in this country proceeds on the basis that Blacks and Whites ought to be able to get along. That runs against evidence and the wisdom of our betters. But the mainstream right treats those racial differences it chooses to acknowledge as products of bad raising or culture. Always something that can be changed. And it treats those who acknowledge the truth -- that those differences are inbuilt and unchangeable as moral lepers. People who need to "grow up" and "get beyond race." By growing up they mean trimming your arguments to please your publisher. That's what mature and morally whole people do. It's a neat and reinforcing cycle. They provide harmless quasi-intellectual entertainment for the right half of the bell curve, get paid for it, and think themselves responsible and high-minded. Beneath the surface the facts they ignore are just as true as ever. Here is a very decent piece of political analysis by Michael Lind, conservative turncoat.

Wichita: No Info for Public

Hush crimes must be kept from the public, which must intone along with the rulers, "Diversity is our greatest strength." Here are the pictures of the brothers and the White kids. What soft, cherubic things, these gentle whitemice are.

Insanity at Temple

Christian protests anti-Christian play, gets sent to asylum. Sowell offers a different view on the Hillsdale scandal. Here Asian student fined $6k for racist email. Threats by Whites typically produce higher fines and longer sentences than acts by Blacks. Nigs rape and murder with abandon, but White racism is the real problem. That's the price we pay for Jew-controlled media.

Klan Leader Extorted by SCLC

Another crooked judge gives the richest "civil rights" group a ridiculous reward.

Guns: Two Cases Blaming Manufacturers for Criminals' Actions Thrown Out

Here on the Martinez murders in Massachusetts and gun control. More on the global criminal court here. Here a compilation of Colored-on-White crimes.

How to Cut Jewish Censors Off at the Knees

New software disables Jewish internet censorware...

Israelis Want Hundreds of Millions On Top of Annual $2 Billion Military Aid

They're gearing up for their latest anti-Arab campaign, and they'd rather Whites pay for it than God's kittens.

Yggdrasil: Significance of the Non-Existent Chambers

Don't miss this Ygg work explaining the significance of revisionism. There is wisdom in his piece, so read it slowly, and think about what he is saying.

Germany: CSU Wants Tighter Asylum Rules

Number of asylum requests dropped below 80,000 for first time since '87. Here are all the recent articles the FAZ has published on bans, marches, neo-Nazis, etc. Puts the whole of last year's pro-German activity in perspective.

McConnell, the WSJ and Jewish Hypocrisy

The Jews who run the Wall Street Journal have no problem with Israel preventing Arabs from swamping and denaturing their illegitimate country, only with Americans, French, English and Germans -- Whites -- doing so. Jewish interests only are worth protecting as such, and Whites who wish to maintain racial hegemony and cultural integrity are to be denounced. McConnell thinks things may be changing, however, as recent editorials have refrained from sneering when mentioning those who describe the profound negatives of recent immigration. McConnell is more than a little naive. Even after being fired by Semites and Semitically Correct "conservatives" for very mild comments about the downside of Puerto Ricans, he seems to think his persecutors could come around.

Reaction to Canadian Gun Grab

Many owners don't like the new registration and won't comply. They are correct. The White West needs Jew control, not gun control. Guns preserve safety and civilization. Jews destroy them. Perhaps one day the Jews who spearhead these and other anti-White measures will themselves be registered, ennumerated -- 'controlled.' Which Jews in Congress -- and there are more than ever before -- wouldn't deprive you of your right to armed defense, if he or she could? Nary a one. Which wouldn't outlaw VNN if he or she could? Nary a one. Which wouldn't leave the borders open that every brain-burrowing parasite-infected Guatemalan might show up to cough TB on your family? Nary a one. Jews are the problem, Jew control is the answer. Roughly 75% of American Jews live in and around ten big cities. Every time they propose new ways to curtail our freedom, we need to make counter proposals. Maybe we need to levy a special tax on Jews, since the results of allowing them to roam among us are so destructive. Perhaps $5,000 per Jewish head per annum would be appropriate, as we Whites are taxed to support every family in Israel that amount each year. Gun control is the symptom, Jews are the disease, White man. Every major Jewish group supports a ban on private gun ownership, achieved by incremental laws, just as every major Jewish group would ban VNN and other pro-White information sources, achieved by incremental laws. Just as they already have in Europe and Australia, where it is impossible for White men to defend themselves legally. They haven't succeeded here yet, but they have made inroads. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. Jews plus time equals White slavery.

Yahoo Starting to Cave

Bowdlerstein says "hate," Yahoo! jumps! Jew Cooper at Wiesenthal says the shift in policy is a good first step, but should also be adopted in its online clubs, too. What other ethnic hate group has the ability to get every other group to jump through its hoops? And has the media power to persuade the public that anyone commenting on this pressure is hater and kook? The urge to censor is as Jewish as the urge to extort... What is it about Jews that they can't thrive in an arena where others are free to criticize them? What rotten secrets are they hiding? Second report here.

Negroes, Lawyers Kick Off Microsoft Extortion

They want $5 billion... In recent years Gates has donated millions to give scholarships exclusively to coloreds. Seems like appeasing the Affen hasn't done him any good. Here are the savages at work slaving and enslaving in the motherland. The two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government.

Rewriting History in South Africa

Among the new elite, African-flavored lies are preferable to stories about SA's White founding and the Great Trek. So children will be taught lies. Note that Johannesburg is up for renaming. As the Africans have destroyed it, it is appropriate that it take on a name that reflects the barbarism of the colored majority. Here on pro-homosexual education in California, and ways for parents to opt out. Second report here. Here on "gay"-straight alliances, also aimed at promoting homosexuality, not tolerance of it. And here on what happens to 14-year-old boys who touch girls: it's a felony. Yet another reason to homeschool.

Capitalism and its Problems

Review of new book by D'Souza... Here's a good rebuttal of some of the claims made by anti-smoking heroes. Here on the motives behind " public transportation." Here on why beer is good for you.

White Separatism in the White House

Sobran on Lincoln's real views about race: Ship 'em back. All of them. Here on the reasoning behind the Senate and Electoral College. Here on leftism and Hollywood, with the Jewish angle actually mentioned. Here on our enslavement to the Tax State.

Southern Partisan and Ashcroft, Francis and Others

This article is filled with words like "caught" and "whistle blown" -- ways of linking (a notorious and notoriously meaningless term leftists use that means guilt-by-association, which scarifies them as 'McCarthyism' when the right does it) conservatism to racism. That is, if you talk to a magazine the left doesn't like, you are a racist. That simple, that stupid, that effective. There's a black humor to this for those of us openly racialist. To us it is obvious that most of the grey men, let alone the Ashcrofts, aren't racist, and that this is their besetting flaw. But among the left, long used to channeling all opposition into a handful of "hate" catagories, perception has diminished.

Wichita and Reaction

Collected at New Nation News...

On Brainwashing and Mental-Control Techniques

Ways in which humans may be manipulated by pols, lawyers, preachers, salesmen...

On Hunter S. Thompson

Persona versus reality...

On Operation Keelhaul

Stalin's infamous murder of Europeans repatriated by Churchill and others.

"Diversity" is Great Weakness in Trinidad and Tobago

Just like everywhere else, hence the need for the Controllers to lie that it is our greatest strength. The Jew-run media advance lies and suppress the truth about race and racial-cultural differences. And all their lies tend flow in the direction of advancing Jewish interests. Here again is Calabro's EAIF letter to the media re the lack of coverage of the Wichita murders. Here Reese on Baldwin and other pseuds. Here on Kwanzaa, creation of FBI stooge. Here the Dutch just say yes to legal murder. Here P.C. Roberts on Republicans' lack of convictions. Here Dee Dee Myers, drunk driver and ex-liar for the Clintons describes Hillary's character. Here read about some of the garbage going on at the you-funded U.S. Holocaust Council, where Jewesses such as Susan Estrich cavort on your dime. Here Ashcroft blasted for ho-hum words in Southern Partisan.

A Slice of Japan

An odd article that conveys some of the weirdness of modern Japan.

Negrotopia: the New South Africa

Some comments on the stabbing/mugging of a young woman... Joburg used to be a great city, but now it's fit only for tumbleweeds and savages. The White tide has receded, and all that's left is black and rank; the fest'ring primeval barbarism; the apen articulations of bushmen. It is a vicious, hate-filled lie that Jews spread, that blacks are equal to Whites. The conclusions in this article are inevitable. "[T]he two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government." It doesn't matter how many cogent liars like David Horowitz deny the claim, it is true. You can keep moving away from the problem, whether physically, or by voting Republican, White man, but in the end, it won't work. Open White racial identification is the only solution. Interesting: note that the White population of South Africa is contracting toward the Cape -- where Whites first set foot. Encampments are being built that serve as forts, essentially -- outposts of civilization in the midst of the apen jungle. And none of this may be mentioned per the dictates of God's pets controlling the media and your mind and your children's minds, White man. That is why we continue to repeat, the Black is merely the symptom -- Jew is the disease.


Here on TVA, a Stalinist public works project, and its portrayal by Hollywood as something noble.

One of Nine Americans Is Brown

There's a Hispanic boom north of Boston, and just about everywhere else...

Judaism, Hate Religion

Read the Talmud -- if you can find it. An excellent commentary on how Jews oppress Whites, all non-Jews...

New Millenium, Same Old Witchhunters

Crick, discoverer of DNA, mentions genetic racial differences in a lecture at the home of the "free speech" movement. Semitically Correct pout and walk out, horrified at racism and sexism. Calls soon follow to prevent further lectures. Meet the new millenium -- same as the old one. What's the difference between a Berkeley liberal and a Victorian? One is a repressed prude, easily horrified, with a stick up her ass. The other lived in England a hundred years ago. Here Irving fights on against the global Jewish conspiracy and hate campaign to smear and silence him. Here some of the workaday idiocy that results from our prudish refusal to confront the truth: the great fake puzzlement over why Jawon just can't read as well as Johnny. Note the blatant lie in this Jewish newspaper report: "Further research [inspired by The Bell Curve] has discredited the theory of innate intellectual differences [between the races]." Rarely is Jewish media lying so blatant as this, which is of course the exact opposite of the truth. Innate racial differences in intelligence have been known for hundreds of years and are accepted among academics, however reluctant they are to raise the truth publicly. Few can see it, but this sort of statement is exactly equivalent to earlier centuries' search for witches or belief that the earth is flat. The difference in intelligence between Blacks and Whites is just as real and inherent as the difference in skin color. Indeed, skin color is merely the token of a thousand differences we aren't allowed to acknowledge these days. If Jews could lie that there is nothing innate about skin-color differences, they would.

Pro-Germanism Not Just for Beer Halls Anymore -- In Champagne Milieu Too, Says Jew

Could this threaten the flow of Jewish extortion money? The Chosen worry...

Clinton Signs U.S. on to Global Criminal Court

Surrendering sovereignty... Imagine Chinese finding American soldiers guilty of war crimes. Kind of like Nuremberg... He's also considering freeing Jew traitor Pollard, the Benedict Arnold the disloyal Jews want freed.

Prussia Returns?

Rexamination of the old state in 'Prussian Year 2001'... Here CIA report on global trends, including rise of international gangs, declining power of governments.

American Catholics Cravenly Apologize for 'Racism' and Other Horrors

Following the pope's example... If the Church was wrong about slavery then, how does it know it's not wrong about diversity now? Is it not true that the Church claims to defend timeless and eternal truths that nevertheless change with political fashions? Making it a man-made rather than God-ordained institution like any other?

Fusion, Not Fission: The Machine That Could Change the World

Clean energy, as much as you want...

Online Right-Wing News Sources Grew Greatly in 2000

First up is the Jews' own Joe Farah, who sees God's hand behind the success of WorldNetDaily. It makes sense that God would choose a philosemitic website since he also chose Israel. Just stands to reason... Here Horowitz brags about website growth. We at Vanguard News Network can also say that we have enjoyed a pleasing and constant growth in readership since our inception August 9, 2000 -- and look forward its continuation in 2001 and beyond. As always, true to our slogan No Jews. Just Right., we will continue to criticize the Jews controlling these and other media sources, and continue to deliver the news and views that deal with the real issues from an uncompromisingly pro-White perspective.

Mexican Intelligence

What are Mexicans doing in Aurora? Besides this?

Letter to Wichita Mayor from Pro-White

Locals doing all they can to make the multiple rape-murder a hush crime... Here latest from William Pierce, What We Can Do, including commentary on murders and the action of the White victims.

On Lack of Critical Culture

Note the use of the term 'jaytalking,' perhaps not applied as we would, but very apt in these times, for it gets at not just all the stuff the leftists would tape your mouth against, but the middle-class mind with its horror of alles un-tablemannerly. Who breathes free?; who laughs now?

On Willa Cather

Good article about a great writer. She hated Freud and Marx and Roosevelt, and like most great artists has been called anti-Semitic. In recent decades the feminists have tried to claim her as one of their own, but the truth is (as this reviewer points out) she was completely misogynist: "If I see the announcement of a new book by a woman, I - well, I take one by a man instead . . . I prefer to take no chances when I read." Here on rap and Eminem, in particular. I think it is a mistake to describe Eminem as a wigger. He may be technically a White acting Black. But he has simply taken what Blacks do and done it better himself (a White exhibiting impressive technical skill -- in this case in the manner of impersonating a rap nigger). Eminem exemplifies White superiority: the White man, when he turns his mind to it, makes a better nigger. True wiggers are suburban kids trying to act tough but coming across pathetic. This is partly their fault, partly their parents' fault, but mostly the Jew-run public schools' and media's fault for inculcating self-hatred in Whites by teaching them their race is not the highest flowering of the human species but guilty oppressors. Marshall Mathers is one part a result of that teaching and one part an outgrowth of the discolored Detroit disintegration he grew up in. When you have a country filled with niggers, and nigger "culture" is glorified, then naturally many Whites are going to emulate niggers. And, being not niggers but Whites, they are going to be better at it. The truth is that Eminem is not a wigger, he is a nigger.

Roman Oddness

Here on Sade. And here on false claims about the latest peace proposal in Middle East and why the Palestinians refused to go along with holding the summit. Here insanity from Christian Arab-American Joe Farah. He tells Israel what to do, tells it to remember that it's not just another nation like any other -- it's got God behind it. Christians will believe, say, do anything, as long as they can escape responsibility by claiming God's will. Does Israel torture people? Well, it's not just another nation, it's a special nation. One might even call it a "chosen" nation. So it's entitled to do whatever it needs to defend itself, even though it runs counter to laws and practices we Christians advocate everywhere else. "I believe because it is absurd," said a famous Christian. Well, by their fruits ye shall know them... Note that Farah keeps up on his site, WND, the report suggesting that the 12-year-old kid was shot by the Palestinians. Every other story comes and goes quickly, but that story has staying power. It would be interesting to know whether Joe is really as disinterested as he claims when it comes to the Middle East. Does he receive money for the column for the Israeli paper he writes? Are any Mossad stipends involved? Is the Mossad, is Israel, directly or indirectly supporting WND with grants originating in normal White Americans' wallets? And remember, Joe, I'm not saying you're taking money from the Israelis, just speculating. Just like you're speculating that the Palestinians murdered one of their own kids. Of course, being unspecial people -- unlike the Chosen -- that's just the kind of thing they'd do, isn't it?... Here a nice comparison of C.S. Lewis and Baum, author of Oz books.

The Drug Warp

Busting Robert Downey Jr. on a tip from a helpful asshole. Why do so many Americans exhibit the mentality of slaves? Taki on cloning here. Here on anti-Yellow hate crimes perpetrated by Negroes. Here Jew Jacoby on hate speech and liberal double standards. This is the guy that got suspended for four months for recycling a column (not his) of patriotic balderdash... Bergman denounces films, won't make any more.

Spielberg to be Knighted by Britain


Jewish Hate Group Claims It Was Cyberattacked

By anti-Israelis... Here Jewish museum under attack in Romania by men asking, Where's the fat?

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