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Discrimination Against Whites Is Good for Them, Says Judge Duggan

Of course, it wouldn't be good if his kids were involved... Racial mess in California. Here on the "good news" about ethnic-specific websites. Not those aimed at Whites like VNN, of course. Just those aimed at Asians, Negroes and Mexican-non-Americans.

Reproduction and The Nationalist Eugenic State

The ideal is a racially homogeneous state led by a loyal elite that puts in place incentives for the better to breed and the unfit to refrain. Building our own solid White communities within the rotting system is the way to Matt Nuenke.

World History, Western Empire and Carroll Quigley

Thoughts on where the West is today... Bush already appointing statists.

Legal Problems for Spotlight Publisher

Liberty Lobby...

Chinese Making Crime Inroads in U.S. Through Ottawa

Insane, Jew-directed immigration policies reap predictable results all over North America...Here legal loophole may let crazies into Canada.

Britain: Lesbian Billboard Breaks Taboo

Another giant leap for mankind... Here Seuss redone in Latin.

Man Shot 11 Times, Survives Thanks to God

Why did God allow him to be shot 11 times?

15,000 Somalis in Columbus, Ohio

Insanity is too mild a word for this... Article written -- as always -- from perspective that it is civilized Whites' duty to go out of their way to make these savages feel at home, learn about their customs, respect their crank religions, not discriminate against them, appreciate their magical diversity. White people, our race is being murdered. You see that, don't you? Latest census data here.

Jewish Cannibal: A Retrospective

He lived, supped and slept with man-eating tribes...


New theory explains...all?

Dictator Lincoln

Tens of thousands of arbitrary arrests; hundreds of newspapers shut down; vote fraud; and the taking-over of Maryland because its legislature wanted no part of his war.

Michigan Decision Commentary

Being discriminated against is good for Whites, says Judge Duggan. Read Taki at top, then scroll to Michigan commentary at bottom... Here excerpt from Horowitz book on hate crimes hypocrisy. Here a British student's school software prevents accessing Irving site.

Latest Neo-Nazi Arrest in Germany

Stabbing in Guben on Polish border... Criticism of Israel and its ' lawless racism.' Here Rabbi, head of youth org, abuses children. At least $15.3 million being spent on San Francisco queer center.

Mugabe Recruits Youth Terror Squad

Fifteen hundred farms still occupied...

Canada: Separatism on Rise in Alberta

And here Canadian sheep ease their way into slavery through gun licensing.

Walking While White in Wichita

EAIF... Here (scroll down) some of the anti-racist garbage from the mayor that preceded the murder.

Mexican Prisoners Cost L.A. County $150m

How much in your county?

Kwanzaa Fun Facts

Made up by a Black murderer, promoted by Jews as a way to break down White cultural cohesion.

Judge Bars Irving Appeal

Is he the Galileo of our time? Are we living in a Dark Age? Here for Jewish lies, as Anti-Nazi League holds demonstration protesting vandalism that never occurred. Jewish lies about Auschwitz I: what the plaque used to say. Jewish lies about Auschwitz II: what the plaque says today. (It is in German, but it says that 1.5 million were murdered.) What will the plaque say tomorrow? Perhaps it will cite a number in the tens of thousands, and mention the heroic men including Irving whose courage put Jewish lies to flight. Here New Zealand news report on Hayward case, complete with Jewish crying at their inability to censor the official mythology of what they call the "Holocaust." We're not sure exactly what "Holocaust" is, but taking a functional approach, it seems to serve the purpose of safeguarding Jews from all criticism while facilitating the extortion of billions from anybody the Chosen point the finger at.

Heavily Hyped Jew Einstein Wrong Again

Did you know that Einstein discovered E=mc² ? You did, didn't you... How many other things do you know that aren't true?

Hatred of WHAMs at SF Chronicle

The city council is "littered" with them... Here on leftist hypocrisy re the Michigan court case that upheld the state's right to enact anti-White college discrimination. Here Hollywood writer on cultural polarization. The deep rift is between the Jewish mentality and the White mentality. Here a red-blue map of Britain, somewhat similar to the American county map that showed virtually all the U.S. outside big cities voted for Bush.

Understanding Hannukah

In no way is it comparable to Christmas. Rather, it is a celebration of Jewish racism, Jewish supremacy and Jewish separatism.

On Homer

Aspiring novelists can benefit by studying him... Any youngsters out there who can write a Turner Diaries for the new generation? Let VNN know... The death of here. Here on Plutarch.

Zimbabwe: Black "Resentment"

The lying Associated Press Jews use the term 'black resentment' where they'd use 'white hatred' were the colors reversed. "There's no law here. Our community is dying," says White man. Read your future in Zimbabwe, White American and White European. All that is necessary for savages and the Jews who champion them to triumph is for White men to do nothing. Blacks are incapable of civilization, and it is suicidal to pretend they are.

End the Zionist Conspiracy, Says Saddam

It is official Jewish policy, supported by Hymie at State and Hymie at the New York Times, that we should starve Iraq until a few hundred thousand babies are dead. What? That already happened? Then we'll just keep on keeping on. How much hatred of America is building up around the world because we allow our country to be run by Jews, the original hate group? Here Jews fear Colin Powell won't warmonger against Israel's enemies as much as they'd like.

Scum Invades Europe

Camp of the Saints evident in this report. Here Taki on the end of Britain, and Europe.

Slashdot on Nazis on Napster

TechTV ran a show today on "cybercrime," including a profile of Alex Curtis' legal problems and website. Matt Hale was interviewed. Predictable treatment.

Sam Francis: "It's Race, Stupid"

Complete cover story in this month's American Renaissance. Good data argument proving that racial pandering doesn't work for Republicans. The implication is that, as we always say here at VNN, open, pro-White identification and advocacy is the only solution.

Debate: Will Pandering to Blacks Help Republicans?

Between Semitically Correct Negro Watts and paleocon Jew Gottfried...

Christmas Among the Negroes

Demographics is destiny? Latest collection of Semitical Correctness here.

Canada: Parti Quebecois Gives Hearing to Man to "Explain" Jew Comment

The assumption is that anyone criticizing Jews is morally guilty, and must explain his reasons or be cast out of civilized society as an anti-Semite. All this guy said was the obvious: that Jews whine about the "Holocaust" as if they've suffered more and worse than any other group. Now his career is on the line. That's the power of the Jewish media at work, yet there are still those who claim that Jewish media control is a myth.

Swiss Extradite Claimed False Witness in '94 Argentina Jewish Center Bombing

Many aged Jews who tortured Whites in the Ukraine and Russia in the 20th century die peacefully in their beds in Israel. No one takes your tax money to hunt them down and put them on trial. Instead, they take your tax money to subsidize these Jewish mass-murderers.

Ruby Ridge Appeal to be Held in San Francisco

Question is whether FBI murderers can be sued like normal murderers. So far judges have decided that as employees of Divine Authority -- fedgov -- they are a class above normal people.

Now It's Liechtenstein Jews Seek to Extort

The greed of the Jews is one of the marvels of the world. Andorra beware!

Germany: Jewish Leader Concerned...

...that some Germans still react naturally to Jews. Don't worry Korn -- your propaganda has proven effective: only 15% of Germans hold "anti-Semitic" views, whatever those are. Is the man who plucks a leech from his thigh an "anti-parasite"?

Bush's Defense Pick Pleases Our Jewish Masters

Tel Aviv approves, and that's all that matters. Here argument over McVeigh's execution request.

Jews and Your Freedom

Why do the Chosen have an instinctive urge to suppress your speech and grab your gun? Can we continue to afford to allow Jews the right to live among us, given the costs?

Italian Commie Paper Blown Up

Il Manifesto apparently bombed by rightist, himself injured in the blast.

Bush: Clinton Lite

Anyone over 25 who thinks the Republicans are conservative has trouble assimilating evidence.

Evans and Irving

Article and comments...

The End of Britain

The elites lost their nerve. That's what always kills great countries. The elite need to accept the fact and lead -- not pretend to an equality that has never existed. The exalting of the inferior over the superior is for Christians and Jews and other low folk; better to look up and live up to the best you can find. Here Britain gears up to release crime figures broken down by race. As in America, the left will use the figures to argue against profiling and White racism, while normal people will see that there is no way the two races, equally free, can live under the same government.

Coloreds Extort $65m from Alabama

We could fill VNN with this sort of story, but we choose just to throw one in now and again to remind you the cost we pay for ignoring Jefferson's truth that allowing Blacks to circulate among us is to commit racial and civilizational suicide.

Rolling Stone Kills Rock Dead

Cat-box journalism, says Stipe...

Complete Letters of Oscar Wilde Out

Including 300 never published... Here on new Hazlitt.

Fascinating List of People Assumed to Be Jewish, But Who Aren't

Who says we never report any good news? Also note, as you read through this, how little of what you read you can believe. The Jews at "Jewhoo" claim Michael Richards, Ben Affleck and Sandra Bullock are not Jews. If link fails, cut off tail and just go to, and look under miscellaneous.

Electronic Pearl Harbor

The government is looking for excuses to prevent you from writing and reading what you want.

Me the People

The triumph of individualism and its side-effects...

How the Jews Butchered Romania Under the Communists

They will do it to Americans too, if they get the chance: speech codes and "hate" crimes and gun confiscation are first steps to torture and reeducation by political commissars. Nothing the Nazis did matches the horrors perpetrated by Jewish communists throughout Eastern and Central Europe. That is a truth that no American teacher will dare tell you. You have to read and discover it for yourself. No Spielberg will ever make a movie about the Jewish torturers in Romania, or the Jewish commissars in the Ukraine who starved millions of Christians to death. Jews will lie that these things never happened, and when forced to admit they did, blame others. Failure to realize that Jews are the enemy is your death sentence, White man. To allow Jews to roam freely amongst us is to court dangers most of us can hardly imagine -- spelled out here, in this translation of a book by a Romanian who suffered through them (note that Birchers bowdlerized all references to Jews). All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. There is no museum dedicated to preserving the memory of the horrors Jews have visited on the White race, but that doesn't mean that there shouldn't be, nor that the horrors didn't exist, nor that they didn't outweigh by orders of magnitude anything the Whites ever did to them. Christians especially ought to read this: see how those Jews you defend so myopically really feel about you, and how they treat you. Everybody knows about Pavlov and his dogs; few know that his techniques were applied to Romanians and Russians and other Whites under Judeo-Bolshevik control in the form of "unmaskings" aimed at destroying human personality and incorporating the broken being into the Jewish slave state.

Pearl Harbor Lesson: Government is the Enemy

I'm from the government -- I'm here to steal your money and kill you.

Wichita Whites Buried

The funeral and the reaction of the Whites, good Christians all, is truly sick.

Race-Baiting Works

The average savage has a borderline retarded IQ. Given that fact, how is he supposed to respond to any political appeal beyond vote for me and I'll give you money? The average welfare Negro doesn't have the smarts to comprehend where his money comes from. The Negroes you see on TV literally don't understand that money comes from private earners -- they think it comes from government. That's part of the reason Blacks don't belong in the same country as White people.

Clinton in Esquire

The disgusting specimen as shameless as ever...

Agitprop: Controlling the Symbols

Why the removal of the Southern flags matters...

Residency Eased for Non-Americans

By Clinton...

Latest on Skunk Evans, Jew-Bought Prof

Spreading stink wherever he waddles... The skunk is motivated by malice.

Hayward Case: New Zealand University Refuses to Revoke Thesis

They wanted to strip an earned master's. An investigation was launched, and the Jews were denied their latest attempt to discredit anyone criticizing their hateful race. Title link is to working party's report. Here find executive summary. What happened was, God's pets got mad because someone wrote a thesis insufficiently worshipful of their heroic and God-selected brotherhood. This caused their community great distress, like when country X will only cough up two billion when they want three, so they appealed to have the paper burned and the degree revoked. Jews are like that. Fairness is foreign to them. Angling, smearing, lying distorting -- these Jews instinctively do understand. And practice. This story is essentially what Orwell was describing in his 1984 where the protagonist was engaged in rewriting history to suit the needs of the current bosses. All history must be rewritten in line with today's Jewish interests, truth be damned. Note that even though the working party refused to accede to Jewish demands, it still harrumphs about Hayward's thoroughly researched conclusion that "the weight of the evidence supports the view that the Nazis did not systematically exterminate Jews in gas chambers or have an extermination policy as such." How about that? A guy spends years researching -- and the working party concedes his research was thorough and impressive -- and he finds NO evidence. Again, I say, How about that? Could the Jews be lying about such a big thing as the Holocaust? Is there anything they don't lie about? Does it serve their interests? Does it make them money? Do they obtain political advantage from it? Of course they are lying about the Holocaust. Of course they are. Their urge to censor and suppress is not out of respect for the truth -- it is out of fear of the truth. Odd that the working party goes to great lengths to praise the research that went into Hayward's paper, but then criticizes his poor judgment in drawing conclusions. That's very suggestive. It suggests to me that the reviewers suspect Hayward's conclusions are correct, but are afraid to say it. They figure they can buy off the Jews pressuring them by agreeing that its conclusions are wrong, while refusing to rescind the degree. Well, some guts are better than none. The inescapable aftertaste of reading about the Hayward case is that Jews dirty whatever they come in contact with.

Click Here!

Gun Registration in Canada: New Year Makes Thousands of Criminals

Just as in the Turner Diaries: the Jews have put across laws that force gun registration, and effectively make criminals of tens of thousands who refuse to comply. An honest government doesn't need to register guns. A Jew-run hate government does. The Jew is the enemy, White man. His goal is to advance his hate group's interests by taking your gun and taping your mouth. He will lie in his Jewish way about what he is doing, but don't be fooled. His security lies in destroying you, and yours in destroying him. We don't need gun control in the White West -- we need Jew control. When Jews propose gun registration, we should counter-propose Jew registration. Guns protect our freedoms. Jews take it away. Jews are very dangerous objects, and clearly we need to know who they are and what they are doing. Anybody for Jew control? In Canada in ten days there will be tens of thousands of criminals -- all eligible for five years in prison. That's what happens when Whites cower like sheep and let the Jew run things. The Jew is the enemy, White man, and don't be misled by any fake conservative who tells you otherwise. Try to find one Jew in Congress -- and there are more Jews there than ever -- who doesn't support gun registration leading to confiscation and outlawing. Find one who doesn't support outlawing criticism of Jews -- "hate crimes" law, speech controls, etc. Schumer? Feinstein? Boxer? Wexler? Wellstone? Feingold? You can't. Jews are your racial enemy, White man. You have been indoctrinated by government, education and media not to see that point, but it is true.

Jewish Racism: Shoot-to-Kill in Israel

They're murdering the people they stole their land from -- all on your dime, White man. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. Here Iranians just say no to Israel.

Latest on Web Censorship: German Sites Moved to U.S. Servers

No freedom of speech in Germany, still a bit left in the U.S., at least until the Jews can do away with the first amendment, which they are trying to do, although trying to disguise it. Nearly 800 sites have moved, according to this report. In response the German high court has claimed foreigners posting material illegal in Germany are guilty of transgressing German law. The Semitically Correct puppet government that runs the Fatherland is also trying to smooth the way for global illegalization of material the Jews don't wish you to read. A list of Jewish journalists here at Jewhoo!, a site that lists prominent Jews. Matt Drudge is listed as a Jew. Many people you might not suspect -- Connie Chung, for example -- are Jews. Here an FAZ report on the right and the net in Germany, with commentary on European censorship. Here Yahoo contests French ruling in U.S. court. Here Germany's internal security gestapo tells Bertelsmann to stop Napster from allowing people to listen to/exchange pro-German music.

Afraid to Use the Word Christmas

Brimelow's contest to find the most outrageous example... Here on Kwanzaa, a holiday made up by a savage intellectual who was given to murder and torture before he went all highbrow.

Germany: Army-Brat Stone-Droppers Convicted

Led by Black, they get about eight years apiece. For killing two and injuring four.

Blacks in Britain

Only the terms are different in Britain: 'race row'; 'nig-nogs' -- but the essentials remain the same: Blacks are violent and stupid, and their presence in the country is undesired by anyone outside the Jew-led left, for whom they serve as a tool to safe-crack White civilization. Jews make excuses for their crimes and throw a fit whenever someone speaks up about the problems they cause, and start throwing around accusations of racism. Here the left whines piteously because a cop who used the phrase "black bastard" is reinstated. The left cares far more about suppressing civilized Whites by dictating their speech than it does about crimes committed by its own charges. That ought to be a clue to their motives, if White people thought. Here trouble for "conservatives" for telling a horrible racist joke: What do you call three dogs and a blackbird? The Spice Girls...

Canada: Accusations Fly When Someone Fails to Bow to Holocaust as Worst Thing in History of Universe

God's pets don't like anybody mocking the greatest sob story ever told. They don't like the separatist movement in Quebec because White solidarity threatens Jewish intersts -- makes it more difficult or impossible for them to work their guilt-based extortion scams. What kind of God would choose the Jews? Only the God of Bad Taste. How can anyone respect a God who looks at an ugly, lying shithead like Alan Dershowitz and sees 'good people'? Alan Dershowitz is a cheapjack little shylock who probably keeps his Simpson blood money in a velcro wallet.

Review of American History X

Hollywood distorts reality to smear pro-Whites...

The Early Germans

Interesting article on German museum and our early ancestors...

Jerk-Job Media: Horowitz Brags About All His Readers Who've Slapped Hillary

He's laughing up his sleeve at his sheep-readers, who can't discern his true motives.

Connecticut 51st Militia

Media report, quoting SPLC...

The German Holocaust: Ethnically Cleansing Czechoslovakia

The German Holocaust was worse that the Jewish "Holocaust" -- more damage was done to more people, and fewer of them deserved it. One small lesson here. If you don't know what we mean by the German Holocaust, ask yourself why that is...

Rap and Crime

Blacks can't meet basic legal standards, let alone civilized standards. Black music is one of the more effective tools the Jews controlling the media have to break down White society and corrupt teens and twenties. Rap is used by the Jews behind MTV to encourage promiscuity and miscegenation and monkeylike behavior among Whites. Demand better of yourself and your family and the Whites around you than rap can offer. Here we see a soi-disant rap producer convicted of three murders, six rapes. It all no good, G...

Colored Aliens Spread TB to Real Americans

The media is at pains to misrepresent the real situation, which is considerably worse than they portray it: because of Jewish ideologues, you pay to import people who infect you with their drug-resistant diseases. Jews are destroying your society on your dime. The Mexican alien sitting on the bus next to you coughing drug-resistant tuberculosis into your air is the symptom -- the Jew who put in place the policy that allows him to invade your living space is the disease. Here on immigration fraud: the savage who served as Hillary's poster child, claiming her privates were scheduled for the chopping block if she was shipped back to the jungle, is revealed to be a fraud. Don't doubt that Hilly knew this going in.

No Agreement on Amount Jews Will Extort from Austria

Good to know we have U.S. civil servants working on it, though. Again -- Jews use your money to hire professional thieves to steal money for Israel. You pay for your own dispossession, White man, courtesy of the Jew the media encourages you to look up to as moral exemplar. The truth is that the Jew is the enemy, White man. Here the leeches cry that Austria isn't offering enough money. Here savages, probably aided by Jewish lawyers, successfully shake down a clothing chain.

Jews to Blame: Salvadoran Street Gangs Spread Over Long Island

Salvadoran street gangs are the symptom, White man -- Jews are the disease. Cut off the Jewish head, and the body of aliens dies. The Jews who would destroy White America must be destroyed themselves.

Mexican Invaders Spread TB

Mexicans are dangerous to human beings and other living things... Here a student spreads TB in Toronto. Here on Chinese gangs entering U.S. through Canada. Here on Alzheimer's breakthrough.

Pro-Germans March in Dortmund

Haters try to attack them...

ADL's Censorware: Coming Soon to a School Near You

Good article on the Jewish hate group's attempts to get the government to install its censorware -- HateFilter -- on government computers, and persuade the government to get private citizens to use it too. The anti-White software is already used in 15,000 schools and libraries and universities. Rare article, in that it includes criticism of the hate group ADL. The truth is that the ADL is a Jewish hate group whose mission is to serve as Israel's agent in the U.S., protecting its interests at the expense of American freedom. It is obscene that a Jewish hate group, Israel-first spy group and proven subverter of the police should be allowed to censor what White children read. Jews make lousy Americans, and they will countenance anything that destroys White America if it furthers their interests. Don't allow them near your child or your police force, White man. Note that hate group ADL will not provide its blacklist of websites to the public. All in a day's work defending civil rights.

Boortz Criticizes Wiesenthal

A hate group is a group hated by Jews. Just as an "anti-Semite" is someone hated by Jews. Good article here criticizing Republicans as too nice. Weak might be apter, but the point is well taken. Interview with Linda Tripp here, some light on the Clintons. Advice to Bush to lash out, not reach out will doubtless go unheeded. Bush picks liberal Brown lawyer.

Race Problems in Britain

Just as in U.S., cops becoming corrupted by presence of colored minorities. Here we see Jews using Negroes as the lever to destroy White British society, just as in America.

NA Distributes in Colorado

At U. of Colorado, Boulder... Second report here.

On the Westerns of Karl May

One of the most popular German writers ever, he wrote stories of the American West featuring Old Shatterhand.

White Archaeology: Domesticating Horses

Whites were the first to figure out how to bit and ride them...

Millionaire Actress Worried Bush Might Cut Aid to Her Family

Sarah Jessica Parker, Jew... Salon cuts jobs: 25, 20% of its force. An interesting sign that profitability for online mags is harder to achieve than many originally thought.

Texas Pushes to Reinstate Anti-White Discrimination, Fed Judge Gives Go-Ahead

Like California, the powers that be in Texas are anxious to get back to shafting White males in favor of discoloreds.

Conservatives Never Learn

Self-help guru Tony Robbins used to repeat as his mantra: To do the same thing over and over again and expect different results is the definition of insanity. Yet that is exactly what conservatives do. And that is why even when they apparently win -- the Bush election -- they still lose. America grows less conservative, more liberal and nobody who might threaten that trend is allowed to play in the media or the professional political parties. Rather, he is consigned to the fringe as a "hater." And that explains why any real change is impossible except through a highly unconservative revolution: a pro-White Ian McKinney.

Presence of Jews in U.S. Physically Endangers White Americans

Jews who control U.S. foreign policy have started so many wars in our name -- created so many enemies -- that they have made the possibility of foreign attack -- whether nuclear, chemical or biological -- much greater than it would have been if traditional Americans ruled the country and followed the founders' wise policy of non-entanglement, a new report implies. Jews have also imposed a heavy burden of disease on their undeserving White neighbors by pushing through open-borders immigration laws which result in the steady influx of coloreds bearing drug-resistant TB, gonorrhea and West Nile Virsus, among others. Jews are your enemy, White man. They endanger your life and threaten your kids' future -- all while calling you the hater.

Violent Clashes as Haider Meets Pope

Of course, those protesting Haider and his pro-White policies aren't the haters, just Haider.

Condoleezza Trained by Mad Albright's Father

Jew Korbel her 'intellectual father,' she has said.

Klan Leader Jailed for Gun Possession After Skokie Rally

What happened to all the Jews and other haters who attacked the Klan? A couple misdemeanors...

Gook Murders German, Media Applauds

Finally they are "fighting back." Vietnamese don't belong in Germany. Here British court makes stupid ruling stopping deportation of coloreds to France, Germany because they might be forwarded from there to their real homes, somewhere in the third world.

Jewish Greed

A synagogue sues its members over late dues. Jews love money like some people love their children. Jewish cannibal? We don't know for sure Nathaniel Bar-Jonah is Jewish, but we're betting that way.

Cons Whine About Being Called Haters by Indiscriminate Wiesenthal

The Jewish haters at the Wiesenthal Center have put out a new CD called Digital Hate that essentially labels as a "hate group" any group that isn't explicitly Jewish and leftist. The cons are up in arms and considering legal action, while the pernicious yids are backtracking and double-talking in that Jewish way of theirs. Classic response: Asked what criteria are used to determine what defines a "hate" site, Wiesenthal Center spokesman Rick Eaton said: "That's not a question I can give you an answer to." I can Rick: Any site your Jewish bosses think poses a threat to their interests.

Music Control in Britain

He who steals the money from the listener calls the tune. A British confirmation of trends described by Friedrich Hayek in his Road to Serfdom. Where the government rules, low quality ensues.

Genetic Redistribution: New Mission for the Welfare State?

Gene control is a fitting complement to the gun and speech control favored by egalitarian tyrants and pseudoscientific social engineers. A review of From Chance to Choice by our eugenics writer, Matt Nuenke.

South Africa: Breakdown

Big surprise that 70-IQ savages can't sustain civilization. Good history of Mandela included; dim-witted socialist terrorist, essentially. Without the Jewish papers' multi-decade campaign to undermine resistance, South Africa would remain civilized. But there's no reasons Whites can't band and retake the beloved country.

Negroes on Murderous Rampage in Wichita

Multiple murders, shootings of innocent Whites by Congoids. Don't watch for it on the nightly news with Jew Koppel or that maniac gibbering about frogs and side pockets. [T]he two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government. You know who said it. You know it's true.

Australia Worried about Military-Rightist Connections

Story relies on weasel-word "linked."

Jewish Mafia Owns Half of Russia

Fraud carried out by Russian Jews is big business -- in the billions -- in America. Guess who pays for these foul Jews' Medicare and other scams? That's right, White man -- you do. And get to read all about the "Russian" mafia that's responsible, with nary a word breathed to the dupes that it's the kosher nostra at work.

Do-Nothing Conservatives: Cowards and Remonstrators

Even a miscegenating National Review writer married to a Chinese admits that it is absolutely guaranteed nothing truly conservative will occur under Bush. Things will just get worse at a slower rate than they would under Gore. Conservativism is not the answer. White racial identification is. Your skin is your uniform, White man. Do you think the Negro, the Jew, the Mexican gives a damn about your interests? Every piece of evidence on this page refutes the idea. So why do you care about his? Or feel the need to pretend you do? Old people who think we all ought to pull together as unhyphenated Americans need to pay attention: we are past the point when that will do any good. We don't even speak the same language, and haven't for years.

Aldous Huxley

Good review of the man...

Haider Courts Nothern Italians, Tells Country to Cut Immigration

Denounced in leftwing media...

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Professional Hater Morris Dees

His anti-White hate mail has netted him and his hate group over $120 million.

Justice Jew Waxman Advances Claim: Guns for Militia Members Only

The court laughed at the Jew -- this time. The Jewish-controlled fedgov is your enemy, White man, because the Jew is your enemy.

Britain: Roadside DNA Tests in Near Future

You give them a snip of hair or bit of saliva, they run electronic check back to national DNA database. Sound good?

Mexican-Carrying Tuberculosis Invades the U.S.

Courtesy of the libs, the Jews, the WSJ editorial page and other asylum candidates... When it comes to spreading disease, diversity truly is our greatest strength. "Immigrants" -- illegals aliens -- are six times as likely to be TB-positive than Americans. Proper immigration policy: ship the sewage back to the sewer. It's time for Mexican-American War II. There is no problem in America so bad that the addition of Mexicans can't make worse.

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