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California Considers Dumping SAT to Attract Stupid Coloreds's not just for the educable any more. A collection of incidents of Semitical Correctness here.

Canadian Savages' Children Run Wild Sniffing Gas

Savages aren't fit to live among civilized men.

Acupuncture Used on Iceman Oetzi

Claim that practice was invented in Orient must be rethought. Intriguing information about your Alpine ancestor, White man.

Village Voice on Pierce and Griffin's Book

Several lies in this piece, which is also noteworthy for the haunting Jewish fear that somebody, somewhere is reading something uncensored.

White Man, Wellspring of Progress

Nearly everything we have that makes our material world comfortable, that undergirds our lives and allows us to pursue our objectives, was created by a White man like the one in this story. What is the conspicuous area of success today? Computers. Apart from some Asians, the sector is almost entirely White and male. Media lies about digital divides to the contrary, that is not the result of conspiracy nor accident. The value of one J. Licklider is worth more than every ugly, ingratitude-filled feminist ever created. Licklider is the very distillation of the White spirit, the White essence we seek to protect: courteous, curious, creative, courageous.

White History: The Battle of Vienna

Keeping out the Turks...

Wiesenthal Jew Applauds German Web Censorship

The Jew says he supports freedom of speech. But this story shows how he really thinks. Note the way both Wiesenthal's Cooper and his counterpart in Germany, Friedman, both use the term "creative" misleadingly. For example, We need to be "creative" in censoring those who disagree with us. Jewish agitprop experts meeting somewhere not long ago have decided to push the substitution of the euphemism "be creative" for the accurate term, censor. Compare: "We need to be creative as an international community in how we address the issues raised by the new technology." Versus: "We need to censor globally our enemies." Jews speak in code, and to fail to appreciate that is to remain a sheep. Nearly every substantial thing they say includes terms with special or double meanings. "Civil rights" is a perfect example. Here Millard commentary on Germany and censorship.

Latest Gun Grabber Tactics

Jewish faith: no White self-defense: "Neither word nor weapon shall he raise against you."

Insanity in South Africa

Whites are passing petition around for signers to acknowledge their race's "collective guilt."

BBC on Duke in Russia

The BBC, just like PBS in America, issues government-funded propaganda, here turned against David Duke touring Russia and promoting his new book Ultimate Supremacism: An Examination of the Jewish Question.

Bush and the Right

Appointing Jews and Negroes, he has no interest in the interests of the born-again Christians whose support won him the election. Here Bush prepares the prescription entitlement. Work hard, youngsters: grandma needs her free pills. Here Jew Safire on Blacks and Bush, spreading the bad advice that they are important and must be reached out to. And chastizing blacks for staying on the reservation. Safire is pretending bilge ads that the Dems produce -- effectively blaming racist GWB for the dragging deaths -- are evil and unnecessary. The simple fact is, the average Black voter is so dumb he can hardly understand anything subtler and doesn't give a damn about voting unless scared into it. Here Bush jumps to appoint minorities.

A Real Jewish Holocaust

Over 1.3 million dead in Iraq thanks to sanctions imposed by Israel's sock puppet.

Salt Lake Olympic Committee Says No to Boyscouts

They really are everywhere...

Microfossils: Evidence of Alien Life

Found inside meteorites...

The Death of Wit

The plodding and the obvious will do for America...

Pierce: Envisioning a White World

Reforms for the post-revolutionary world...

White Men: The Most Important Thing You Will Read This Year

Understand who controls your country, and why they wish to destroy you and your race, and how they go about doing that. The most ethnocentric group in the history of the world says that your loyalty to race and nation is pathological. The Jews are intent on destroying you, White man. Nothing else is as important as your understanding that and banding together to stop it. Destroy the Jew, White man, and you are past halfway to saving your world.

Ostrovsky: How the Mossad Views the U.S.

Toychest/ATM machine...

Ayatollah: Remove Cancerous Tumor that is Israel

The Jews have taken around 100 billion -- billion -- of your money, White man. Yet you still respond like a dog when the media tell you to hate Arabs.... This "cancerous tumor," this "ugly phenomenon," this...Israel. Sounds like an ad campaign...

Jewish Hate Group Allowed to Indoctrinate Police Nationwide

Largest distribution of "hate" crimes card yet, in Massachusetts. Soon to be distributed across the South. These cards are designed by the Jewish hate group ADL to result in higher penalties for White heterosexual males, whom the Jewish hate group considers the enemy. The ADL has been convicted of paying a San Francisco cop for information -- it is not only a Jewish hate group, it consists wholly of Israeli fifth-columnists and spies. Think of it this way, if you wonder who really runs this country: the Christian coalition is hassled by the media for passing out non-partisan voter guides in its own churches, while the Jewish hate group ADL is applauded by its brethren Jews writing the hate papers for indoctrinating the very police it bribes to steal information for its spy network spying on -- you reading this. The Jews are the haters. The Jews are the corrupters. The Jews are the crooks. But most important: The Jews are your enemy, White man.

Apartheid Bible

Here on an odd South African issue...

Pro-White Grabbag

Very long page filled with highly interesting excerpts instructing you in the Struggle. If you can, think. If you can't, find someone you trust, or watch TV and believe the opposite...

Were Chinese Among Mexicans Shooting at Border Patrol?

Some eyewitnesses say they were...

Hatred of Whites

It's widespread in this country, thanks to Jews in media, government and academia. Here a White girl's view. Here on demographic change at a Portland mall. Review of the " HateWatch" site, a pro-Semitic, anti-White Jewish hate site. Concealed carry close to passing in Michigan.

Irving Criticized by Fisk

Fisk is a brave reporter for London's The Independent, reporting on Israel and the Middle East. Here, however, he gutlessly distances himself from Irving. Note, though, what he says about the Jewish pressure levied on newspapers that report factually on the yids' doings. No criticism, please -- we're Jewish. Here Israelis admit carefully planned murders. No gun control or diversity or multiculturalism for Jews in Israel -- that's for you goyim saps.

Canadian Supreme Court Rejects Zündel Appeal

Every flea-ridden third-worlder gets to be a Canadian citizen, but not Ernst Zündel. That's how things work when Whites allow Jews to rule their countries. Jews are the enemy, White man.

Bush II: Just Another Statist

More programs, more spending, more socialism, more Spanish, more ickuns invading...

Freepers and Trained Dogs: Is There A Difference?

Noble freepers quick to leap to their fav forum's defense when it's labeled anti-Semitic by an idiot female columnist for an obscure paper. Note the slavering pleasure the respondents take in the speed with which they tattle to Big Daddy (Jim Robinson) the minute an "anti-Semitic" -- whatever that means -- post appears. The U.S. will make a very nice police state for just that reason: the urge to rat on others is particularly strong in this country.

Drug-Resistant Malaria: Immigration's Coming Gift

It's not just drug-resistant TB anymore... Note that West Nile Virus is predicted to spread across the U.S., just like Mexicans and Africans. Dengue fever has also markedly increased on the U.S. side of the border, as filthy browns bring it with them as they invade our country. Note how the article blames imaginary "global warming" and barely mentions illegal invasion as spread causes.

Hollywood without Actors?

The Internet as full-scale movie-delivery mechanism is still a ways away, but technology's ability to revolutionize movie production is already here.

De Benoist on Nazism and Communism: Review of the Black Book on Communism

Free pdf download catalogs the way leftist intellectuals pretend there was something noble about the ideal that killed 100 million.

Jews Trying to Think

Hilarious interview with Peter Singer, the pets' rights nut.

Jew Criticized in Germany

Bridge named for head parasite Bubis; pro-Germans object...

U.S. Election 2000

Text of Gore's concession. And Bush's speech here. Potential cabinet here. Farah rips Bush liberalism about Social Security and public skools.

Judge Upholds Anti-White Racism: "It works"

Whites may be legally discriminated against in Michigan.

Problems Between EU and Nato

Disagreements over defense force....

Mugabe: Fight Whites

He told those at his party convention they must continue to strike fear into the heart of the white man -- our real enemy. This is the inevitable result of pretending Negroes are our equals. Black rule is inevitably corrupt and based on hatred of Whites. It can't be otherwise.

South Africa Opens Jewish Museum

Mandela praises Helen Suzman and other Jews for helping destroy civilization. Blacks and other minorities are tools for the Jew to pry open White society and thereby murder it.

Britain: Town Council Bans Blackface

Workaday censorship... Here a list of the most offensive words in Britain. Notice that nigger and Paki have moved up since 1998 -- a reflection of increased Semitical Correctness, perhaps?

Government Versus Parents

It hates religion, it hates homeschooling, it hates fathers. All three threaten it. Here on Mississippi flag battle. Here an excellent story on the software and machines that count or miscount the votes. Great proof that advocates of democracy aren't in the slightest interested in the one absolute assumption it's based on: accurate vote count. Criticism of Lincoln here. Nig vandals caught on tape trashing Forrest statue. Foreign commentary on Mexicans in America. Here commentary on new Showtime series glorifying sodomists.

Debate Over Evolution Heats Up

Darwin foes winning people over... On art and sexual selection here. Thoughts on T.S. Eliot here. Here on Chopin and Poland.

Savages on the Rampage in France

All you Semitically Correct Europeans who think America has a "gun problem" or a "culture of violence" are now learning to your sorrow that our real problem is racial -- just like yours. Where savages spread, so do disease, pestilence and destruction. And the Jews' papers lie about it all. That's why we say, Blacks are the symptom, Jews the disease.

Female Columnist Criticizes Nigger Jesse

What's going on with the waterbugs? Calling Jesse a nigger and openly criticizing the U.S. as a Jew-puppet state (Reese below)? All that is necessary for Jews to fail is for White men to do something.

"Our government appears to be the Captive of the Israeli Lobby"

Waterbug Charlie Reese dives under the waves, saying, "The truth is, I fear, that Palestinians won't get their independence until Americans get theirs." Jews are the enemy, White man.

Interview with Hippler, Maker of The Eternal Jew

Fritz Hippler is still supports Nazi ideals, and says anti-Semitism is a natural by-product of the urge for a cleaner, better Europe.

Jews and Child Molesters: Natural Allies

Jews who attack any Christian praying anywhere as anti-Constitutional go to court to protect child molesters sued by parents of boy they molest-murdered. Jews prefer child molesters to normal White people, and think they should enjoy superior rights to White people because they are a weird, alien minority -- just like Jews. Note that cases with a far more tenuous connection to despised groups were used by hate groups like the SPLC to bankrupt and destroy pro-White organizations -- but here the Jews combine with the pedophiles at NAMBLA to prevent White parents from obtaining justice. As always, the Jew is the enemy, White man. There is No Way Out But Through the Jews.

Niggaz at Harvard

Which is the bigger joke: the rappers at the conference, or the morons who invited them? Niggers suck. Jackass academics who invite them to conferences doubleplus suck.

Black versus Yellow

Multiculturalism makes this kind of conflict inevitable.

On Tyranny

Use the word 'freedom,' and people don't mind tyranny -- too impercipient to recognize it.

Hollywood and Religion

Interesting article that neatly avoids blaming Jews for producing anti-Christian hate movies. Indeed, author goes out of his way to praise them. Here on decline in literary world. Here on the significance of Bach.

Los Angeles to Break Up?

Multiple cities might be in the offing...

Germany Forging Huge Pact with Russia

Takes on debt for stock in major companies... Interesting that we see German motives and financial interests discussed openly, but nary a word about the Jewish oligarchs who have dictated Russia's economy in the post-communist era. Every other group's interests are fair game -- but Jewish interests, oy, it is anti-Semitism to bring that subject up.

Campaign Against Free Speech: German Supreme Court Says Foreigners Can Be Busted for Internet Opinion

If a German reads your naughty thoughts over the Interet, you are guilty. (auf Deutsch) Here American Feebs place keystroke tap on mobster; warning: your pretty-good-privacy may not be good enough. Here Töben may return to Germany for retrial.

Thousands of Guns Disappear from Australian Armory

Self-defense is not a valid reason for owning a gun in Australia, according to the government.

Romania: Tudor Gets 33%, Claims Foul Election

Vote fraud?...

Latest from Zimbabwe: White Farmer Murdered

Mugabe holds on, attacks critics...

When Animals Attack

Sometimes it's crocodiles. Sometimes it's niggers. Niggers are dangerous to children and other living things. The Jews who pollute your TV with images of blacks-n-blonds, that most natural pairing -- those Jews are lying to you. It could be your daughter next who ends up dead in some Ohio nigger's trailer.

Move to Criminalize Beliefs in Australia

Making "racism a criminal offence" is an option for a bill expected to be introduced early next year in Victoria. Early draft of the legislation was expected to outlaw racism in the home. The Jews push toward the final frontier of White elimination: no White symbols (traditional flags, gestures), no pro-White words (hate speech), no White self-defense (no guns) leading to the ultimate: No White people. Jews, the 2% majority, are committing genocide against the White race.

Pearl Harbor: Approved Myths Only Need Apply

Dissent from orthodoxy at the cost of your reputation: Here the story of the attacks on Charles Beard, a good liberal scholar who, when he dissented from the Official Lies about the Pearl Harbor attack, became the target of ridicule and derision among his former compatriots. But the truth remains the truth: FDR tricked the American people into WWII. Food for rumination on the meaning of the term "free society." Man isn't designed to be free; he must have his orthodoxy, and he must vent his aggression on those who run afoul of it. Interesting point: History teaching as a profession was essentially closed off to dissenters by the end of the "good" war. Which is exactly the reason sites such as this exist: people who ought to be in journalism, in history-teaching, in liberal arts have been pushed into different fields because there is no way to make a living going against the Establishment's line. It is time for a new Establishment to take its place.

Click Here!

Morris Dees: Hater Profiteering from Anti-White Racism

A good column speaking out against hater Morris Dees and his hate barrators at the Southern Poverty Law Center. Dees has helped destroy free association and other genuine civil rights, all while furthering his intense hatred of the White race. He has grown rich off Semitically Correct hatreds fostered by the Jews who control the media in this country, in Europe, in Australia, and probably in Greenland.

Teaching Chastity is Unconstitutional

The only view that's acceptably within the separation of church and state is that young women ought to be promiscuous and miscegenatory -- the Semitically Correct religious view. This sort of garbage is the direct price we pay for allowing Jews in this country. No Jews, no junk like this -- corrupting and perverting your sons and daughters, White man. Every parent in this country with a TV and with kids should spend a whole day -- literally, 24 hours -- and watch MTV. Because that's what's training your kids. Get rid of the Jews and every other problem in this country becomes 50% smaller. They are the root of the evil. The Jews are the enemy, White man. And all that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. Do something.

Is the Sawed-Off Peanut a Jew-Baiter?

Spike Lee, like any normal Black, is sickened by Jews' neverending two-slaves-in-a-pod tales of woe and civil-rights brotherhood. Blacks are stupid and violent, but the average Jew is a far more disgusting specimen than the average savage. Here a Shlomo in full cry because Lee correctly observes that Jewish liberalism is a fake: it masks the pursuit of Jewish ethnic advantage.

Who Shot That Palestinian Kid?

One of the ancillary goals of VNN is to encourage those who have brains to think skeptically about what they read -- even when they are reading VNN. This is a story that goes on -- at very extended length -- to make the best case it can that the murdered 12-year-old was shot by the Palestinians, not the Israelis. Now, believe me, that is entirely possible. What's also possible is that Arab-Christian and Jewish suckpoop nonpareil Joseph Farah is getting paid your tax money (recycled through Israel) to spread Zionist propaganda. I'm not saying it's so -- just like Joe's Semitically Correct stooges aren't actually claiming that the Palestinians murdered their own boy -- I'm just suggesting it as a very real possibility. Let's just say that WND has a big staff and operates in the red, and its editor is a known Jewish toady, even at the expense of his own ethnic and religious groups' interests. I'm just laying it out there for your consideration. You may remember, perhaps a month ago, his column we linked to discussing anti-Semitism in brochures spread out on some table at a college. That gained Farah much publicity, and apparently he now has a column in some Israeli paper. When Jewish groups shout down or prevent heroes such as David Irving from speaking, Semitically Correct Joe, the Jew's best friend, sits on his hands and tells his writers to do likewise. The thing to remember as you read the daily news and commentary is that there is no truckling too low for the Christian conservative.

Germany Dominates Within EU

Just say no to the superstate.

Czech Sentenced and Fined $50k for Publishing Book

He printed the first complete, non-screwed-with volume of Mein Kampf in Czech, and this was his reward. Where Jews are permitted to roam freely, freedom departs. The Jew is the enemy, White man. Are books banned because they are false, or because they are true?

On Houellebecq's The Elementary Particles

Novel by French author attacks hippies and extreme individualism...

Pinochet and Leftist Lies

Double standards isn't a strong enough term to explain it...

Review of Irving Case

From a Swedish paper (English or Swedish)...

Latest from Occupied France: Black November for Revisionists

Speak the truth, go to jail. Speak the truth, get beaten up. Speak the truth, get sued by Jewish hate groups. Speak the truth -- no room for it in France or Europe, these days.


A short story about a normal man estranged in a strange land... by Alaric.

Jewish Anti-White Hate Takes Form of Indoctrination in Lies About Black History

Yet another reason to keep your kids out of Jewish public schools...

NYT Jews Concede: No Hitler Elimination Order

Driven by paranoia, megalomania and intense feelings of inferiority, the Jews nevertheless aren't up to arguing that Hitler ever signed anything calling for their elimination. According to Goebbels, Hitler said: "The Jews should for once get to feel the anger of the people." He was referring to Jews such as Mad Albright, scumbag Sid Blumenthal, Alan Dershowitz, Gloria Allred, etc.

Jewess Reporter Got Irving Talk Canceled

Jews will continue to triumph as long as White men do nothing.

Were Jews Gassed at Auschwitz?

Could this be a Big Lie, of which the Jews are the international masters? Well, one way to look at it is that they lie about everything else... The evidence (or, the evidence of lack of evidence) in this letter is another.

Sexual Differences Between Men and Women: A Primer

The truth they didn't teach you in junior high because they were teaching you its opposite.

The Christian (WND) View of Zimbabwe

The Christians at WND, per their Jew-toadying leader Joseph Farah, put their heads in the sand and pretend that Zimbabwe's problems are political, not racial. The truth, for those who respect reality, is that to say Black rule is to say misrule. Zimbabwe cannot be civilized with Blacks in power. The Whites ought to band together and do whatever they need to to seize control of the country. Note that Mugabe was trained by Jesuits and studied economics in college. Poof! goes up in smoke. Note the woman's remark near the bottom that her group trying to help endangered Whites get out of Zimbabwe can't get newspapers in the UK to publish their ads -- more examples of Jewish censorship and anti-White hatred. And here's an interesting comment from one interviewee: "I predict you will see Mexicans killing whites in Texas, Arizona and California. Then you will see it happening in Australia as well. It's already happening in South Africa under the communist ANC, as well as in Kenya." Here's contact information on helping the endangered White rhinos.

Gore's Last Stand

Either he concedes or goes after the electors. Horowitz here.

Blacks and Jews and Republicans

Jewish neocons are full of airy lies that the Reps must continue reaching out to discoloreds to stay the majority party. The truth is that all Republicans have to do is pay taxes and die. The sooner they die the better. Open, pro-White advocacy is the only way out. Part two here.

JDL-KKK Set to Clash in Skokie

We'll see...

Jews Working Through UN to Ensure Global Semitical Correctness

States must not tolerate racism, and criticism of Jews is racism and must be banned. All criticism of Jews is on its face illegitimate.

Mexicans Aren't Americans

One hundred million of them in Mexico, 18m in the U.S.

Stalled Evolution?

Humans evolved, but lately we seem to have shifted into reverse...

Latest Holocaust Franchise Picks Architect

It's the gift that keeps giving all year 'round...

Latest on Quebec and Secession

On Bill 99...

EU: Does Defensive Force Herald Rise of US-Challenging Superstate?


Pearl Harbor: FDR Knew; New Jew Movie Covers It Up

You'll be hearing lots of hype in coming days from the Jew in your living room about the upcoming movie on Pearl Harbor. The guy who wrote the recent book, Stinnett, here confirms that FDR and Navy intelligence knew about the attack beforehand because they had led Japan to commit it. But they withheld the info from Kimmel and Short, the fall guys for the corrupt pols. Will Jew Bruckheimer, producer of the movie, include that information? "Bullshit," he responded when asked about it. Jews are like that. The Jew is the enemy, White man. Negroes are the symptom, Jews the disease. Mexicans are the symptom, Jews the disease. Here historian Jew Greenberg lays down a fusillade of historical lies to prevent Americans from learning the truth about Pearl Harbor. The Jews have an interest in propping up the official lie because their ilk was foremost in angling us into WWII in order to destroy Germany against the wishes of the vast White majority. Perfect example of how the 2% majority -- the Jews in media, Hollywood and academia -- work as one to lie about your history, White man, and you use for their benefit. They are betting that you are too stupid, lazy and docile to do anything about it. Are you? The truth is that Judaism is an anti-gentile hate religion; a conspiracy of highly intelligent parasites. Here is the truth that Stinnett discovered about the sleazy liar FDR.

Hate Crimes and Hush Crimes in South Carolina

Is it really the Notherners that trouble you, Southern man? Or is it the niggers like the one in this story? Here " conservative" writer warns against drawing obvious conclusions about race and liberal judges. Have to stay in the safe center like good losers, never doubting motives even when they are obvious and unconcealed.

Bundestag Approves NPD Ban Appeal

All three bodies of the German government now behind ban: Budestag, Bundesrat (made up of reps of states, or Länder) and Cabinet... Here FAZ brags about the stability of German democracy.

World Jewish Congress Asks Interpol Not to Seize Jew Billionaire Crook

A federation of parasites, are Jews. Chant with me now: "The leeches/United/Can never be defeated!" Here, mostly auf Deutsch, a German discussion of David Irving and a brief response (he wasn't invited; rather a Jewess FAZ reporter "explained" him in the fantastic psychiatric terminology her race prefers to reality). Find out why we call him "der ewige Jude." Here on Finkelstein's book.

Pierce: Conditioning for Death

Education: lemmings-in-training...

Vampires and Communism

Very good advice and information here. Read and learn, people. Make your own culture.

How Gore's Colored Minions Nearly Stole the Election (Assuming They Haven't)

When you let Mexicans and Negroes vote multiple times and illegally, Gores are the result. Apparently White civilization is going to go down without a murmur because Whites are too 'decent' to protest. So embarrassing to cause a scene, you know. That's exactly how Jewish scum, which doesn't mind making a scene, is emboldened to triumph.

Nigerian Savages Beat Up 'Witch' for Stealing Penis

And these monkeys are allowed to vote when they immigrate to your country...

College-Think and Bradley Smith

Title is staff opinion in Missouri. Here is opinion from North Carolina State. Note that the editorial staff says Smith "uses evidence" to deny certain "aspects of the Holocaust." Of course, what those pinheads writing the editorial actually know about the "Holycau$t" could fit on the pin, while their opinion about what they know couldn't fit in a pin factory. You almost get a sense that using evidence is being used as evidence, if you will, against Smith. Everybody knows the truth is just a matter of interpretation, so what's evidence got to do with it? More here on reaction of Jewish groups to attempted ad placements. Where Jews go, freedom dies.

France Must Return "Holocaust" Artworks

Not doing so quickly enough, according to the Jews. Here Volcker will see that Swiss extortion money flows smoothly to parasitic Jews. Here Hymie seeks to dictate to the Pope. Here a teen goes after a Jewish graveyard. It sure is remarkable that in country after country the locals can't stand Jews.

Jews Try to Suppress Free Speech in South Africa

Muslims ask to be allowed to criticize Zionism and Israel. Jews don't believe criticism of Jews should be legal. After all, they are God's pets, it says so in the Talmud. So any criticism of them must be illegitimate and grounded in "hate." Jews never hate, they just spread sweetness and light.

Latest from Romania

None of us has any real idea what's going on here, so read this report very skeptically, with all its hatred directed toward Tudor.

Niggers Successfully Extort Coke

Not the last suit, but this one collected just under $200 million. Note that Coke has a $1 billion diversity campaign already underway, whereby discoloreds and women get special preferences that White males don't get.

Germany: Furniture Advertiser Narrowly Escapes Jewish Censors

He named his chairs and couches 'Adolf' and 'Hermann' and barely escaped the law. That's how it is in free and democratic Germany. You can do anything that doesn't offend Jews or their puppets running the country.

Britain: Nig Majority in Not-Distant Future

Next stop septic isle...

Pro-White Rightists Receive Bequests from Boston Lawyer

Good news for the National Alliance, Ernst Zündel and others. Jewish hate groups are shocked and discouraged by the news. Decent people don't associate with Jews, because Jews are the enemy, White man.

Race Brawl at School

Note how the reporter carefully avoids giving you a clear picture of what happened. Probably the discoloreds started it; at least that's the way to bet. Here on trial of man accused of killing two anti-racist skins. Here a heroic Jew attacks a racist. You can bet this didn't go down the way depicted in this Australian report. Here on planned KKK march for Skokie. Enough of this '70s retro junk.

INS "Tightening Security"

Any report like this you read is feel-good lies designed to divert your attention from the fact that the border is uncontrolled and anyone with a modest effort can get in. Note the figures.

America: The Principled Amish

They just say no to "Social Security" (already got it, no thanks) and child labor laws. The Jew-controlled government is the enemy, White man. Big Government, Big Education, Big Media and most of all the 2% majority are the real threats to our White freedom and our White civilization and our White race. Long report on Take Back Vermont movement here. Here on Christian music, thriving outside the Propasphere. Life is what YOU make it, White man. YOU are responsible for yourself: what you eat, drink, say, read, think, murder and write. YOU are responsible for the state of your community. YOU are responsible for your kids being brainwashed by Jew-indoctrinated teacher-morons infesting public schools. YOU are responsible for what they listen to. Not capitalism, the system, or anything else. Enemies exist, primarily the Jews, but it is in your power to resist them and forge your own way. Bush behavior here. Here comparison of today's right to those who made the American Revolution. Here a simple online poll showing that people oppose the Mexican invasion. Here on Gore, Bush and American anti-intellectualism.

Curtis Denied Bail

He could be a "danger to others," says judge, trying not to laugh... Curtis faces three counts of "conspiracy to violate civil rights," a greasy and meaningless charge, and each count brings a potential ten years in prison with a $250,000 fine. All for leaving a snakeskin in somebody's mailbox. Oh, and a cake with a balloon. And -- maybe -- some spraypainting. All that can net Curtis thirty years in jail and a $750,000 fine. It's a free country, of course, just don't say anything that offends Hymie. Hale on cable in Ohio.

Jewish Hate Group Defeated in Nebraska

Nativity scene will be displayed, to chagrin of Jewish hate group. All that is necessary for Jews to fail is for white men to do something. Here it was four lawyers who decided to show some spine. The vermicious knids quickly backed down. The Jew is the enemy, White man.

Jews Help Negroes Shake Down Yet Another Company

Case gets tossed out of court, but, an urban delivery service, still comes up with $125k bribe to appease niggers and Shylocks.

Paul Craig Roberts on White Dispossession

Great analysis of the problem, but he fails to mention Jews as the cause. Only "feminists" and "affirmative action." Here PCR maunders on about Whites reduced to minority status in both England and the United States. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the best minds being afraid to criticize the Jews who are responsible. Unfortunately, the WASP elites in both countries have suffered a failure of nerve. The solution is something cruder and stronger bubbling up from underneath, willing to take us where even intellectuals like PCR know we need to go. We are approaching the day when it will be decided by blood whether Jews or Aryans call the shots in the civilized world. (Which is the same as calling the shots for the globe.)

Barzun Interview

Just like PC Roberts, Barzun is great at describing symptoms, but shirks from identifying Jews, the root cause. Still, this is a don't-miss. This guy is over ninety and still sharp; his books are excellent, so check out his new one.

More on Lubinskas Article

Read the bottom third, which is new... Keep in mind the big picture, people: None of this raucous debate would be taking place if Jews were subject to criticism like everybody else. As it is, all the public cons and libts and fakes are running around like headless chickens squawking about who're the real nazis. Stupid, pointless, but perhaps people will get so confused they give up on labeling. All you need to know is that the Jew is the enemy, White man. See how he sows dissention among us? Of course, criticism of Jews is not allowed at "Free" Republic. Maybe that's the reason we need something like Free Republic in the first place...

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